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Dartmouth College—Armory Square DREAM Section 2 In the late spring and early summer, having an overwhelming number of “extra” mentors, the Dartmouth DREAM program approached the Armory Square housing complex in Windsor, Vermont, managed by Marken Properties. Excited at the prospect of starting a DREAM for Armory Square families, the resident service provider helped make the initial contact with the parents. By the end of the summer, the new Armory Square program found itself 25 children strong and enthusiastically backed by the parents. The first culminating experience for the program occurred at the end of the summer as the group joined the Templeton program and headed off to Six Flags Great America. Following that event, the fall term kicked off strong by solidifying a dedicated group of mentors. Near the end of the fall, the group began to consider the first summer High Adventure program for the Armory Square children. Armory Square DREAM is looking ahead to tackle a number of potential future obstacles, including securing a better transportation system (Armory Square is about twice as far away from Dartmouth as Templeton Court) and strengthening its Local Advisory Board to handle the bulk of the coordination between mentors and families.

Profile: Brad Bate Co-Chair Brad Bate, a Dartmouth ‘04 majoring in environmental studies has been the co-chair of Armory Square DREAM for the past two terms. Armory Square DREAM is exciting because it's still evolving. After only three terms they have a group of over 30 children, and this list continues to grow. Brad says that “finding mentors for everyone is sometimes a challenge, but it's extremely rewarding to witness a bond form between a child and a mentor, and to see the excitement of the children as they arrive for another Friday of DREAM.” As the program continues to grow and become better established at Armory Square, the mentors hope to become more involved at the level of the community. Armory Square DREAM is more difficult because the distance the mentors have to drive to Windsor (25 minutes each way), but they have an amazing group of mentors, and Brad says he is ”excited about the possibilities for the future as others take roles of leadership and help take the program in new directions.” Brad says he participates so actively in DREAM for “the smile on my partner's face, the excitement of the kids as they arrive at Dartmouth on Fridays, and the parents telling us that their kids start asking on Monday whether it's almost Friday yet. I believe that we've got a great thing going with DREAM, and that we're truly fulfilling a need within a community, within families, and in the lives of children. “ 16

The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!