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Co-Chairs 2002 Spring 2002—Casey Wilson ‘04, Mike Foote Summer Intern—Aaron Gaines, ‘03 Fall 2002—Lindsey Davis ‘03, Elizabeth Rosen ‘03

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programming, as well as gathering all the mentors in the area for weekly activities. There have been several successful barbeques at Elm Street, to give the mentors and parents a chance to get to know each other. During the fall the UVM DREAMers organized a huge Chili CookOff that raised over $1000 for their program. UVM DREAM is also planning and fundraising for their first high adventure this summer, and has planned a great recruiting process for the Spring Semester. UVM DREAM is a wonderful addition to the DREAM family and it will be exciting to see what they can achieve in 2003!

The Lapans! The Lapan family has lived at Elm Street for two and a half years, and all of their three children are in DREAM. “It’s exciting for them to be considered really special by someone other than their parents,” says Karen Lapan. “When Katie was in the school play, sure, she wanted her grandparents there, but she hounded me to have her mentor come.” In the context of her family’s time at Elm Street she adds “You see the kids interacting more positively among themselves [because of DREAM].” DREAM also has a community-building effect, observes her husband, Richard. Through his participation in DREAM organizational meetings, “I’m getting to know some of my neighbors that I didn’t know before.” They are both looking forward to working with the DREAM mentors for years to come.

UVM DREAM Has Its First Full Semester! From KeepDREAMing, Fall 2002 By Lindsey Davis, ‘03

With new families from Elm Street involved in UVM DREAM and a new group of dedicated students wanting to make a difference, 10 mentors grew to 25, 15 kids grew to 36, and UVM DREAM began to expand in countless ways. From our kickoff barbecue at Elm Street to the culminating semi-formal dance, the second season of our program resulted in success. DREAM’s biggest event of the semester was the Musical Fruit, or chili-cookoff. The cookoff fundraiser drew in tons of students, musicians, chefs, and participants from UVM and from around the Burlington area. Despite the hurricane that happened to show its face that evening, an enormous slip n’ slide saved the day and with the help of some tarps and a band that would not quit, there were nothing but smiles through the torrential downpour. Matching new partners during this past term was extremely successful and everyone got to know everyone else much better than before. The kids got to play in the gymnastics room, take over the racquetball courts and play in the ice skating rink on Fridays while during the week mentors planned fundraising activities, community service, had troubleshooting meetings, and tried to work out the details of High Adventure. Towards the end of the semester, UVM’s theatre department invited several of the younger children from Elm Street to take part in their annual play, The Toys Take Over Christmas. With help from mentors and parents, the children attended practices throughout the months of November and December and put on amazing performances as Santa’s elves and dancing fairies. Incredible support from their parents and other Elm Street families made the entire experience amazing. Now, with High Adventure planning in full swing, the beginning of the ‘Chill’ program where Burton will provide equipment for a group of kids and teach them to snowboard over several weeks, and other committees working hard on upcoming events, it is certain that second semester will be even more exciting than the first! 13

The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  
The DREAM Program, Annual Reports, Annual Report, 2002  

The DREAM Program's annual report!