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If you never take it seriously you never get hurt Today is Jane's birthday She is 18.

Jane doesn't do that and that's why she can't buy beer. Today, though, she can but the guy at the cash register is really stoned out and doesn't ask for her proof - just her money. Jane asks him if he wants to see her proof. He thinks she is under age and maker her put the beer back.

She comes out crying. I have to go in and buy the beer. -Sue Sipos The kids named Jane aren't the brightest Si hacer falsos statements es lo de hoy Si viajaran al pasado dejarĂ­an que un maestro los siguiera a ustedes y a sus amigos y les tomara fotos? Yo no, y es por eso que ahora no estoy en las portadas de los discos de Dinosaur jr o de The thrills

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