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PARELLI NATURAL HORSE-MAN-SHIP REGISTRATION FORM Please read very carefully. You will only need this form to register for all of the Clinics, Workshops or Focus Groups that you intend to participate in at Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre for 2011

Name:_______________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________ City___________________Province________ PC:___________ Phone:__________________


Email:________________________Savvy Club#_____________

I am registering as a (circle) : Participant Auditor




○ Principle to Purpose - May 21/22 ○ Carrot Stick Riding - July 30/31 ○ Trail Riding Retreat - October 1/2 Workshops - $195 +HST



A non-refundable 50% deposit or payment in full is required

○ Can-You - May 23 ○ Trailer Loading with the 7 Games - July 29 ○ Introduction and Development of the Canter - August 1

to secure a position when submitting this registration form. Balance is due 30 days prior to the event date. The fees that are charged on this form include the clinicians fee plus facility management and do not include board or feed.

Please review and initial each of the following Parelli Event Rider Guidelines, sign at the bottom and return with your payment and signed Release Forms ___A Rider at a PNH Event is required to bring an accommodating horse that they feel extremely comfortable riding in a group at a walk trot and canter (depending on the prerequisites of the course). Please do not bring an unstarted horse or a horse that has not been ridden in a long time. If you are not comfortable to do this when it is time to ride, you will be asked to take your horse out and only watch. No refund will be given. Stallions are not permitted. Individual situations vary, so please pass on any special request to Judy Griffiths (the event host) for consultation with the instructor.

___We suggest that those under minimum age of 18 audit rather than ride. Approval from the instructor could be granted through the PNH host. If the youth has been an active students of PNH or has achieved Level 1. ___ Do not change rider or horses during the PNH Event. If a rider or horse becomes unable to complete the PNH Event another person should not step in, and likewise, a different horse should not be used for the remainder of the PNH Event without the permission of the Instructor. No refund will be given but clinic fees may be rolled over to a future course in 2011.

___ “Principle to Purpose”, “Carrot Stick Riding”, “Introduction and Development of the Canter” and “Trail Riding Retreat” have prerequisites for riders to participate. After reading the course outlines and you are unclear of what these requirements are, please contact Ron & Karen Pyne at (613) 359.6114 or

Focus Groups - $100 +HST

○ Saddling and Mounting Savvy - May 20 (am) ○ Stick to Me/Driving - May 20 (pm) ○ Horsemanship Goal Setting - May 24 (am) Discussion Groups - no charge

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Trailering Myths - May 21, 8 to 10pm “Tie One On” - May 23, 7 - 9pm Share Your Best Remedy - July 29, 8 to 10pm Photonic Therapy TM (Red Light ) - July 30, 8-10pm Parelli Saddle Test Drive– Aug.1 , 7 - 9pm Natural Hoof Health - TBA

Private Lessons with Ron Pyne - $115 per hour (includes HST)

○ May 24 9am 10:30am 1pm 2:30pm 4pm - circle one ○ August 2 9am 10:30am 1pm 2:30pm 4pm - circle one ○ October 3 9am 10:30am 1pm 2:30pm 4pm - circle one semi private lessons $65 (per person), group $50 (per person) Private Lessons with Judy Griffiths (OnLine Levels 1 to 3 ) - $55 per hour (includes HST)

○ Available anytime, please call to book semi private lessons $40 (per person), group $28 (per person) Audition Filming - $ 50 per hour (includes HST) (mapping, DVD formatting, music and information package)

○ May 20 ○ July 29

May 23 Aug.1

Auditing - $40 per day (workshops /clinics)

$20 Focus Groups

I have read, understood and agree to participate within the guidelines presented on this form.. If under 18, the parent must read and sign the above, after consultation with the instructor, indicating his/her acceptance. Signed:_______________________________________________ Date:________________________ (Signature of Parent/Guardian if a minor)

Registration Form  

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