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 Social Media and PR Strategies Midterm Yo Soy Andrea Gonzalez


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Audience Analysis

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Communication Strategy

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Social Media Strategy

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Tools & Tactics

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Client Business Overview

Yo soy: an underground supper and events club started by Mickey Corona and Brian Riggenbach, which invites guests to partake in: n 

Mexican infused cuisine

n  n 

live music cocktails

n  Socializing

Yo soy hosts events every month, allowing their guest to try unique and appetizing 5 course meals, inspired by Mexican rooted cuisine. Aside from hosting supper events, they also provide customized catering. Yo soy has been in the food and restaurant industry for about 5 years.

+ Current Business Position  Variety if different competitors Underground Supper Clubs

Tex-Mex Restaurant


-Neuvo Leon (Pilsen)

-The Stew Supper Club

-Chiliam Balam (LV)

-Sunday Dinner

-Mi Tierra (LV)

+ Competitor Overview: Supper Clubs X-Marx The Stew Supper •  Focused on elegant cuisine •  Aimed at those with fine •  Use Facebook as their only form of taste •  Utilize Social Media social media (twitter, facebook, wordpress, email) •  Interact with their •  Lack intimacy users often •  Does not have social aspect to their suppers like Yo Soy

Sunday Dinner •  Uses social media and email •  Through personal invite only


Chapter 2: Discovery

Defining the problem

Summary of client needs: n 

More exposure


Stronger social media presents


Increase in social media interaction

Business goals n 

The client desires to better utilize social media tools in order to gain exposure in their underground supper business, in hopes of opening a restaurant in the Lakeview area of Chicago.

Success criteria n 

Success is measured through the amount of social media followers and friends, amount of tickets sold, and growth of venue sizes.


Communications audit

Yo Soy is communicating to their audience the message of being able to experience trying new, culturally infused food while being taken into the lively atmosphere of socializing and live music. They are communicating their message through: n  Social Media (Facebook, blog/site, instagram, twitter) n  Newspaper articles n  Word of Mouth n  Email blasts to mailing list Main Forms of Usage: Twitter: promotes their Instagram page. Facebook: main form of Social Media in gaining reach of a larger in audience. Used for promotions and some interaction. Instagram: more personal form conveying their message utilize social media often: n  promote their events n  post their dishes n  document the events


Chapter 3: Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: n  Utilize their Instragram page in a way that promotes their personality and food. n  Singer/songwriters come in and play during dessert n  Both owners try to interact with their guest as much as possible, creating an intimate ambiance n  Utilize a cocktail hour in order to have guest interact Weaknesses: n  Needs a better hold on their Twitter account n  Would help if their blog/site were used as a platform to other social media networks n  Needs to interact more with guest on facebook by creating post that will peak interest (Ask your audience questions on their favorite dishes/cuisine/desserts to gain input) Opportunities: n  Able to gain reach through many different demographics and psychographics (LGBT, food lovers/explores, “hipster”) n  Be one of the only Mexican Inspired Chicago Supper Clubs n  Has a good internet following Threats: n  Lack of exposure n  Different range competitors


Analysis To increase opportunities and strengths and decrease threats and weaknesses, it’s important to not only examine the competition but also focus on gaining exposer online. They should use social media as a platform to inform other of their existence, seeing as they are an UNDERGROUND supper club.


Chapter 4: Audience Analysis

Overview of current audience Demographics: n 

Male and Female


Ages 25-45


Mix of races/predominately white


College Graduates/ Professionals


Lives in the Northside/Lakeview area (depending on events)


LGBT community


Identification of audience Day-in-the-life of a Yo Soy guest: n 

Susan is a 29 year old DePaul graduate in PR. She currently works in an in-home PR firm, but hopes to work at an agency one day. She is single and lives by herself in a loft style apartment in Roscoe Village with her dog, Ralph. She’s an avid foodie and blogger, always posting her meals on Instagram. She also has a weakness for wine with her meal. She enjoys trying different dishes from different cultures and appreciates live music, but not so much in a concert setting.


Social Technographics profile

The typical profile for out audience would be spectators, who watch and read what happens on social media and joiners, who have just started to join social media.


Identify audience action goals n 

goal of the customer is to: n  n  n 

Gain awareness Partake in supper and events interacting socially online (commenting or sharing on their social media)


Chapter 5: Communications Strategy

Key message Key message n 

Yo soy strives to be the only underground supper clubs that provides an overall socializing and lively experience through their live music, cocktail hours, involved cooks and owners, all while creating delicious gourmet Mexican infused dish.

Supporting messages n 

In comparison to other competitors, Yo soy is the only one to use different methods of interacting during their suppers. They have created an experience instead of just being a supper club.


Chapter 6: Social Media Strategy

Business Goals The client desires to better utilize social media tools in order to gain exposure in their underground supper business, in hopes of opening a restaurant in the Lakeview area of Chicago.

Key social media objective: n 

Based on the clients goals, they are trying to pursuit a talking and listening objective, based on “Groundswell”.

Definition of key strategy By interacting more with their audience they will: n 

create a personality for their brand


gain information on how their costumers act and what they want

By using the listening objective, they can also find information on their competitors. Using social media, they can monitor their competition and interact with their guest, adding on to the intimate atmosphere of the supper events.


Chapter 7: Tools and Tactics

Current Key Tools Currently, Yo soy is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their blog as tools in social media. Most of their interacting, followers, and promoting is done through facebook because it has the largest amounts of followers. They use their instagram to post pictures of their food, guests, and events as well as promoting future suppers. The Twitter account is mainly used as a platform to their instagram page. New Key Tools : n 

Business Pinterest: Post recipes, pictures of food


Groupon: creates exposure and promotes


Yelp: promotes feedback and gives information


Chapter 8: Metrics

Quantitatively and Qualitatively Measurements of Success A method of measuring success include: n 

More user interactions (more comments and likes)


Increase in followers


Amount of seats sold


Increase in exposure online through followers on different platforms


Positive feedback from comments (create the “want” to comment)


Ask guests at their events for information on how they learned about the supper

If successful, it would cause more posting on social media sites other than Facebook, such as their blog and Pinterest, while still engaging on Facebook with their audience. Posting on Instagram of engaging moments during the event. It would also mean more releases of coupon through Groupon.


Indication of Risk Risks Include: n 

Lost coupons on Groupon due to lack of customers


Social media overload: too much at one time can be annoying


Opportunity to expose negative feedback form customers

Reduce and Respond to Risk n 

Plan far ahead with Groupon and only release a limited amount


Spread out what days you’ll be on a specific social media page

+Chapter 9: Conclusion Statement of Need and Business Goal By interacting more on social media, and listening to what your costumer is saying about the business, there are more opportunities to learn and gain research from the conversations. Because the age range falls into a spectator techographic profile, its important to post interesting and appealing things on social media. By using sources such as Pinterest and Groupon, there is a chance of exposure increase.


Vision statement of success Yo Soy hopes to open a Mexican infused restaurant that will provide an entertaining experience, a night of socializing, and unique taste-filled food.

Yo Soy  
Yo Soy  

A social media strategy for the underground supper club, Yo Soy.