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Issue 1 Spring

If you get it, you get it

Welcome to the square mile, after mile,

after mile,

Monaco - 5 nights on a private yacht What’s it worth to you? Safari with Orient Express, Botswana 7 secluded nights in a 5-star Lagoon Villa in the Maldives with Taj Exotica What’s it worth to you?

Packages worth up to £10,000

How to buy an Aston Martin

Every bid wins! On over 50 secret lots this season

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

for under £500

Will a bid get you liked?

Charity Auction

Maldives Week

for St. John Ambulance Two nights at Le Sirenuse Positano


last one went for £109

The last 50 iPAds

Went for an average of £23 each

A private Maldives island resort at Cocoa Island. Bidding right now

RANGE ROVER Bids invited from £1



“Tell them I’m in a meeting”

What’s it worth to you?

Seven nights at Sofitel So Mauritius What’s it worth to you?




Contents Things to have

Hello and welcome to the new look The auctionaire. You may have previously received this either because you are a top VIP customer using us regularly, or because you have just had your first winning bid. Whichever it is thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the contents. Inside you will find some of the auction offerings available right now, as well as some of the items we have coming up this season. You can now view our upgraded website at, with its wider dynamic format, new logo and colour palate as well as the new exciting range of items you can bid for (some of which are on these pages). We do hope you like it, but whatever your thoughts, we would welcome your input. You can comment via our Facebook page, on our FEEFO rating system or just reply to one of our emails and tell us what you think. We have recently been considering how best to deal with email communications. About a third of our users regard what we send as part of their digital life and ask us to accelerate the information flowing via Twitter, Facebook, email and so on, even if they only occasionally respond. The other two thirds tell us they would like more control of what they receive, but many are not clear on how to do so. Starting next month, we will be sending you a regular link to your personal “control panel” that will let you decide events you would like to receive invitations for. You will be able to change it as many times as you like. So please do make use of this, especially if you feel we have not been getting that quite right.


Check out the collector watches by Girard Perregaux, the iPads, iPhones, SLR Camera, designer jewellery and more.

How to win an Aston Martin for less than £500 12 See the bidding guidelines and tips on the inside back pages. We try to set out some of the best bidding strategies. Then go to page 12 to see the Aston Martin going to the lowest unique bid.

Bejewelled 13 We have uncovered an extraordinary source of wonderful, very high grade jewellery. So if you need to dress to impress any time soon, a few strategic bids could enable you to invest in some proper rocks at half the price that ordinary mortals would have to pay…

Be really, really spoiled


So here are the details of your VIP code benefits for this season.

Try the astonishing 5-star Ananda spa high in the Himalayas overlooking the Ganges, the Maharaja Express or your own yacht charter off Monaco. Bid for charity and just chill in Le Sirenuse, which we think is one of the best hotels in the world.

• FREE entry to all High Bid auctions, which could save you as much as £400 • 15% off entry fees to the Low Bid auctions, which could save you as much as £200 • and extra 10% off all “Buy One Now” purchases, which could be worth as much as £10,000

How about a strenuous trip to Everest base camp? The Botswana safari with Orient Express. Or the famous Royal Tour of Nepal?

To use this just enter the VIP code: AIRE313* when you bid or buy. We will also be running a series of charity auctions this year, so please look out for the invitations and bid generously if you can. Finally, as a bit of fun, we are running a series of free to enter auctions this season where every bid will win no matter what you offer. Just visit and click on the “Zero Entry Fee” category to find them. So I hope you enjoy our offering and may we wish you good luck if you do decide to make a bid. Now onto whats on offer!

Remember how Auctionair works? Just name your price with a simple online sealed bid. You won’t see what anyone else offers. Nor will anyone else see your bid. ...and also High Bid auctions Charity auctions The highest bid wins at the given date and time There are frequent charity auctions where the - plus any bids above that day’s “Secret Win Price”. proceeds are donated. Low Bid auctions The lowest unique bid will win, once the pre-set number of bids has been placed.

Sale of unclaimed winning bids Previous customers will have first right of refusal to take up bids other people turn down.

All bids are non-binding You don’t have to go ahead with it if you win.

How many people use Auctionair? Well we have just over 1 million bids on our database made by around 140,000 customers. The top 3,000 customers have spent over £7m with us, because this is a way to connect directly to the manufacturer or property owner and then benefit from very favourable pricing over many years thereafter.

Entry Fees There are normally entry fees to make bids. However, in the Private Auctions, to which only previous customers such as you are invited, there is no entry fee. *Valid to end September 2013



Seven nights at Sofitel So Mauritius

For your inner fashionista Designed by the well-known Thai architect Lek Bunnag with decoration by award-winning fashion designer Kenzo Takada, the super-stylish Sofitel So Mauritius should appeal to your inner fashionista. Sitting on the southern coast of Mauritius, set amidst lush vegetation, a turquoise lagoon, and a quietly flowing stream, this chic boutique hotel nestles comfortably on the edge of the Indian Ocean. On offer is a Suite Prestige. There are fab restaurants, a great spa, excitement like sailing or kite surfing and, the local 18 hole course at Belle Mare is only 2 minutes away.

Packages worth up to £5,000 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



High-end home entertainment system

Canon Camera

Sound and style

Technology usually the preserve of professional cameras

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 8.

Canon EOS 650D digital SLR camera.

Worth up to £900 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid Bids invited from £1

Worth up to £699 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid Bids invited from £1



For the price of an Apple



64GB Wi Fi 4G iPad 4 with retina display.

The new 16GB Apple iPhone 5.

Worth up to £659 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid Bids invited from £1

Worth up to £499 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid Bids invited from £1



Mini Cooper S

Range Rover Evoque

Choose a Cooper?

Range Rover for £65?

The last twenty one Mini Coopers we sold went for an average of £64 each. The highest of those went for £126 and the lowest was £5. So how much do you think this latest one will go for? This time, when you win, you can decide between a Cooper S , a Coupe JCW or a Cooper S convertible, depending upon which one of the three suits you best.

Rarely is it you encounter mountains, mud baths, sand dunes or Las Vegas on the typical school-run – but for nothing more than attention-grabbing, driveway-enhancing, unequalled four-wheel-credibility – and the satisfaction of owning one of the most critically acclaimed vehicle debutants – can you really afford not to bid? The last one went for £65. How much for this one?

Worth up to £23,795 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid Bids invited from £1

Worth up to £30,195 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid Bids invited from £1



Aston Martin

Rocking Horses Rock On!

Life in the fast lane

The famous Stevenson Brothers have been skilfully making rocking horses since 1982. We think that each one should be seen as a collector’s work of art. During the past 30 years the Stevenson Brothers have lovingly crafted over 8,000 rocking horses. Each one has been handmade in their workshop in Kent, the old fashioned way, using only the finest materials and with astonishing attention to detail. We are delighted to support a great British business and feature one of their products here.

Elegant design, beautiful natural materials and superlative craftsmanship are defining qualities of an Aston Martin. Sophisticated engineering and exceptional performance make the V8 Vantage a consummate modern sports car that can be enjoyed every day. If you make the lowest unique bid on this it should be yours for under £500. Do you think that might be worth a try?

Worth up to £3,578 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Worth up to £84,995 What’s it worth to you? Goes to the lowest unique bid



Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Diamond cluster pendant Bursting with light and vitality, this diamond cluster pendant is a twinkly bundle of diamond splendour perfect for brightening up an outfit.....and a day! This precious and simple pendant is circular in shape and contains 19 small brilliant diamonds (totalling 0.23ct) surrounding a stunning 0.54ct brilliant diamond in the centre.

White diamond and platinum Elegance and sophistication

Worth up to £6,200 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Flagged by 16 brilliant diamonds set into this platinum ring sits a single D colour SI clarity round diamond. Mixing traditional design with modern, this gorgeous ring is the perfect addition to the hand of that special someone.

Worth up to £11,397 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Sparkling solitaire diamond earrings set in 18ct white gold Get her heart pounding with a beautiful pair of 0.20ct diamond earrings from the exclusive Gavin Mack fine jewellery collection. The solid 18ct white gold studs are made for pierced ears and the claw setting has a classic mount with four ‘claws’ cradling the diamond securely. Yes... we thought it rather sounded like you too.

Worth up to £800 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Platinum and octagon sapphire and diamond cluster ring There is nothing quite like a sapphire. Apart from a sapphire surrounded by 18 diamonds that is. With a total of 0.28ct of brilliant diamonds surrounding the 2.24ct sapphire, this is sure to get you noticed – it really does have that ‘wow’ factor.

Worth up to £10,155 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



Girard Perregaux

A beautiful classic timepiece

Elegance and purity of style

This, the Vintage 1945 Small Second 25880, is a modern take on the Girard Perregaux Art Deco style watches from 1945. The generous dimensions give it a strong yet understated presence, while its curved shape makes it comfortable to wear. This one features Arabic numerals, a ‘railway’ minute track and a subtly concave second dial at 6 o’clock. This pleasing symmetry, the guiding principle of Art Deco, gives the design balance, lending it that understated air which is emphasised by the attention paid to each and every detail.

If you climbed into a time machine, went back 200 years and went off to find a skilled watchmaker, he would understand the mechanism and could fix or service this watch. So this beautiful engineering covers time in several ways. Girard Perregaux is a movement maker with 220 years of rich history behind it, allowing it to produce some of the world’s most sought after and collectible pieces. This, 1966 49538-52-231-BK6A with its elegant thin case has all assets of beautiful watchmaking within it. Composed of 287 parts, with 44 jewels, it has a 40mm face with a sapphire crystal case back, automatic movement and 46 hour power supply and has been entirely developed and produced by Girard Perregaux manufacture.

Worth up to £7,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Worth up to £24,000 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



Made-to-measure suits by On the cuff

one of London’s finest tailors

Suited and booted by a celebrity tailor

Tok Tokkie beetle cufflinks

On offer here is a made to measure suit by one of London’s top tailors. With the assistance of highly-skilled tailors, you will have the opportunity to select the style and cloth of your suit, in order to express your own personal taste and style... of which we know you have plenty.

The term “tok-tokkie” is a common name for all beetles which produce a “tokking” sound when tapping their abdomen against the ground. Native to Africa, these interesting creatures will look superb on your cuff.

Worth up to £1,600 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Hoxton London sterling silver and onyx rectangular stripe cufflinks Stand out from the crowd with these Sterling Silver and onyx rectangular cufflinks - the perfect accessory to match your unequivocal style.

These solid silver tok-tokkie beetle cufflinks have a small domed oval spring link fitting, are handmade in the UK and have a sateen finish.

Worth up to £220 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Worth up to £125 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Hoxton London sterling silver and marcasite pyramid cylinder cufflinks Hoxton London - a name synonymous with London fashion - create their cufflinks using the very best traditions of British craftsmanship to produce pieces that have a modern, classic feel.

Hoxton London sterling silver and turquoise rectangular cufflinks Crafted from sterling silver they are topped with turquoise at their centre. They are the perfect accompaniment to your wrist.

Worth up to £125 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Worth up to £220 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



Jorg Gray

Wear them out Bulova Accutron Gemini Men’s Watch Worth up to: £595 Goes to the highest bid above £395

As worn by Barack Obama It doesn’t come with bodyguards (or Air Force One), but this Commemorative Edition Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph Watch, as worn by President Obama, is a great collector’s item that should be nice and secure sitting stylishly on your wrist.

Worth up to £260 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50

Bulova Accutron Kirkwood Men’s Watch

Bulova Accutron Gemini Men’s Watch

Worth up to: £895 Goes to the highest bid above £50

Worth up to: £695 Goes to the highest bid above £50

Bulova Accutron Kirkwood Men’s Watch What’s it worth to you? Bulova Accutron range gives us a fresh and bold take on contemporary watchmaking with the Kirkwood Collection model or the two Gemini Men’s watches shown here.



Great little gifts by Babette Wasserman

“Put on your red dress baby...”

Chessboard cufflinks Worth up to £39

Glitter Chameleon hoop necklace in champagne

What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £1

Worth up to £130 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50

Crystal bead bangle Worth up to £146 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50

A long luxury weekend in New York What’s it worth to you? Three New York nights at the legendary and newly refurbished ‘The Taj Pierre’ hotel.

Crystal pear earrings

Dragon link necklace

Worth up to £59

Worth up to £410

What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50

What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50



Carrol Boyes salad bowl

Knomo luggage and bags Spacious and beautifully proportioned

Salad in style Salad bowl – Man base with powder coated bowl in black by Carrol Boyes.

Worth up to £472 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50

Melissia Cross Body Bag

Kampala leather laptop handbag with iPad pocket

Worth £100 What’s it worth to you? Bidding now £60

Worth £275 What’s it worth to you? Bidding now £132

Marseille carry-on wheeled trolley Worth £235 What’s it worth to you? Bidding now £105

Knomo slim (medium) laptop sleeve strap

Rubi dome zip top leather bag by Knomo London

Worth £55 What’s it worth to you? Bidding now £33

Worth £235 What’s it worth to you? Bidding now £115



Grandfather Clock Contemporary heirloom to last generations Based on the finely proportioned clock cases of the 1700’s with a wickedly modern twist, this Grandfather Clock is made by skilled craftsmen in Derbyshire. We think it is a wonderfully British piece which delivers a timeless beauty, but it also makes you smile because it is very cool. It comes with an English oak cabinet inside and your own personalised family crest (or similar) presented in the back panel. The casing is made from high quality LM4 metal and further extensive personalisation is possible.

Worth up to £19,400 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Chaise Longue Pure indulgence Lukasz Opalinski, won the “New Designers” award for this interpretation of the chaise longue at the Design Exhibition in Islington. ‘Indulgence’ was described by art critic Robin Dutt as “a futuristic sculptural masterpiece… breathtakingly beautiful, but also functional… a paean to the power of nature”. A limited edition of nineteen in highly polished aluminium will be produced. Sixteen have already sold, so we are delighted to offer the chance to bid for one of the last ones. This is a rare opportunity to invest in a stunning work of art.

Worth up to £47,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



The Lodhi, Delhi, RAAS, Jodhpur and the Serai, Jaisalmer

India’s finest The Lodhi is one of the hottest and most exciting properties to open in India, perhaps ever. Whilst according to Condé Nast: “A stay at RAAS is a study in the evolution of Indian hospitality - a shift from the excessive to the optimal”. The Serai, a luxury desert camp and spa, has 21 large canvas tents set on thirty acres of a hundred acre estate of indigenous desert scrub in the Great Thar Desert. Quite simply, this is like no camping trip we have ever seen! On this astonishing and life changing tour, you get to stay at all three… Really, what more could you ask for?

Packages worth up to £3,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



10 nights at the

7 nights at Cocoa

Ananda Spa

Island, Maldives

After your ten nights at the Ananda

Simplistic elegance and understated luxury

You will no-doubt be unrecognisable - and, as hard to imagine as it is, looking and feeling even better than usual. Ananda Spa sits in the Himalayan Mountains overlooking the Ganges River - a sacred spot and the perfect site for a wellness retreat… And if the magnificent landscape isn’t enough for you, this 5-star resort also resides in a palace estate, the former residence of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal. Along with luxurious Raj-era décor, tantric art and spa cuisine, you’ll find The Wellness Centre. It is staffed by nutritionists, physicians and spa therapists who use a combination of traditional Indian and modern Western techniques, many of which incorporate Himalayan spring waters.

Cocoa Island by COMO is an intimate private Maldives island resort. White sandy beaches and turquoise waters are paired with the resort’s simplistic elegance and understated luxury. Try customised cruises to neighbouring islands and beaches; private dinners at secluded locations; yoga, diving or snorkelling; and we expect you to have adventures you’ll never forget.

Packages worth up to £9,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Packages worth up to £7,000 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



7 Nights on the

Trek to Mount

Maharajas’ Express, India

Everest Base Camp

Relish Royalty, spirituality and wilderness

Because it’s there!

Visit the Taj Mahal, spot the elusive tiger in Ranthambore National Park and soak up the spectacular regal heritage of Rajasthan. This journey really will leave you with everlasting memories of a remarkable land.

Why on earth would you bid for a 15-day, grade four (strenuous) trek to Everest Base Camp at Kala Pattar? Perhaps because it’s there?

Packages worth up to £10,600 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Packages worth up to PRICELESS What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



10 nights at Taj Exotica, Maldives A gorgeous getaway We’re offering you (and that rather nice friend of yours) the chance to spend ten secluded nights in a 5-star Lagoon Villa perched over the serene and welcoming waters of a tropical lagoon. After all the dazzling sea, sand, sky, bath tub and swimming pool, you can then retire to the Jiva Spa featuring all sorts of pampering, such as yoga, Tai Chi and meditation classes.

Packages worth up to £6,800 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



6 Night Safari with The Royal Tour of Nepal

Orient Express, Botswana

Unique 10-day trip of a lifetime

The ultimate safari with the leaders in luxury

“Hike” through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world while other people carry all your stuff… and stay in some of the most astonishing places you are ever likely to see.

We’re not just spoiling you with unrivalled Orient Express luxury - we’re spoiling you with variety on this African safari of a lifetime for two people... You’ll fly into Botswana - where your adventure awaits - and spend six nights at three different Orient Express properties, each more prestigious than the last and each staying in a luxury tent on a full board basis. Transfers and helicopter safari are included.

Packages worth up to £6,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited

Packages worth up to £10,000 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



Imbali Safari, South Africa Luxury awaits you in the African bush We’re spoiling you for choice with this five-night safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa... You can choose to spend two nights at Hamiltons Tented Safari Camp, two nights at Hoyo Hoyo Tsonga Lodge and one evening at Imbali Safari Lodge, with complimentary transfers included - or stay at one of the luxury properties for the full duration of your stay... And you’ll have two safaris per day - where, in the safe hands of the experienced guides, you’re likely to encounter all kinds of animals, including Africa’s ‘Big Five’ - lions, leopards, rhino, elephants and buffalo.

Packages worth up to £5,000 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



Nick of time, Monaco “Sorry darling, we just can’t do it – we are on the yacht off Monaco that week…” This lot is for up to eight of you to have an exclusive five-night charter of the Monaco based Nick of Time, looked after and pampered by a fabulous crew of three… Mmmmm... another day in paradise. What to do? Find a hidden inlet and dine on deck, courtesy of the personal chef? Nip ashore to mingle with the stars? Or just sip bubbly in the on board Jacuzzi whilst watching the sun sink below the Med? Nick of Time is a beautiful Maiora 24S. Her outdoor spaces are especially good for a 24m yacht, with three very different dining areas: inside, outside on the main deck and on the fly. Nick of Time has four comfortable cabins, two doubles and two twins. She has a crew of three, including the captain, the cook and a deckhand. The winning bid will secure exclusive charter for five nights and will board at Cap d’Ail Port where she is moored and if you wish you can plan your own itinerary. Your mooring fee is included, but you do pay in addition for food, drink and fuel used (details on website). If you win the bid at a good price, spread among six or eight guests, this extraordinary extravagance is no such thing for a luxury holiday of this kind. Well worth a bid!

Packages worth up to £21,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50



Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi in Italy Exclusive, tranquil, quintessential Italy An exclusive hotel of just eleven bedrooms, the historic ‘Borgo’ is sheltered by the ancient perimeter walls of a castle and set in a breath taking garden regarded as one of Italy’s best. And we aren’t the only ones to think the garden is rather wonderful. The grounds are part of the Italian national circuit Grandi Giardini Italiani. With a crafty bid here, you could be taking in all this rare beauty while you luxuriate in an Executive Junior Suite, filled with beautiful antiques. We have also included a delicious bottle of Prosecco with our compliments. Treats are also in store for you at Il Ristorante del Borgo famed for its outstanding seafood, wild mountain meats and funghi, glorious pastas, and cave-aged cheeses. Meanwhile, the hotel’s well-being area beckons with its pool, sauna and that thoughtful one-hour Thai massage we have included for you and that lucky person you have invited along.

Packages worth up to £2,500 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited



The Charity Auction Le Sirenuse, Italy

Three night stay in one of the world’s best family owned hotels Bids donated to St. John Ambulance Foundation Set some seventy metres above the bay of Positano, Le Sirenuse is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, with a view which once seen, will never, ever be forgotten. Named as one of the 10 best European hotels by Travel & Leisure and one of the top 10 hotels in Italy by CondÊ Nast Traveller, this exquisite family owned property has picked up award after award for excellence over many decades. We say the Michelin-starred La Sponda is one of the great eating places in the world with Mediterranean inspired cuisine based on local, ultra-fresh ingredients.



Le Sirenuse, Italy (continued) The pool terrace is full of lemon trees and flowers. Lunch is usually served at the bar tables, overlooking the sea. The Champagne & Oyster Bar is filled with roses and frangipane flowers and the Sirenuse Spa, itself an oasis of calm, was designed by Gae Aulenti. Your spoiling break should do you the world of good – but you’ll also be helping others because the proceeds of this lot will be donated to St. John Ambulance. So do well, by doing something good.

Packages worth up to £2,000 What’s it worth to you? Bids invited from £50



Facts & Tips

Facts & Tips

What we do

How the company makes money

Auctionair is in the business of building long-term customer relationships in an online environment.

This comes partly from entry fees, but the majority of our revenue comes from selling products to

As a result of the bids they make, we enable our customers to benefit from very favourable deals.

winning bidders at prices in excess of the cost, just as a retailer does. We negotiate favourable prices from the suppliers because of the added value we provide.

Our Mission To put the fun back into shopping.

How long have we been going? Over 10 years.

The problem we solve Luxury products and services frequently face the dual challenge of needing to find new customers and/or needing to

Please rate us (but we would like to hang on to our 99%!)

discreetly sell their excess inventory. From our rural offices in south Warwickshire, we offer our growing community

We have recently launched a new independent customer rating system, operated by FEEFO. Whenever anyone

of loyal customers the chance to help them do this.

makes a purchase from us, FEEFO send them an invitation to comment and rate our performance in their independently hosted and public forum. This has been a very useful tool to help us uncover weaknesses in our

So do people really save? In the High Bid auctions, the last 7,000 winners saved an average of 52% off established retail prices and 1 in 4 entrants have a winning bid. In the Low Bid auctions, where 1 in 58 people win, there have been over 1,000 sales of cars,

system and learn more about what our customers really think. Next time you buy, do please respond to FEEFO and tell us what you think. As we go to press, we enjoy a 99% customer service rating from 265 customer reviews.

technology, fashion and luxury gifts at an average 98% discount. 25 cars have sold for an average of £63 each. The

New free to enter competitions

last was a Range Rover for £65. The cheapest ever was a Mini Cooper S for £5. On all these, the company made a 33%

Throughout 2013, we now run weekly competitions for a wide range of Auctionair-sourced products. For example,

margin, generated from the gross entry fees.

this week, as we go to press, we have been giving away 25 of these Q2 Tip & Tilt internet radios by free to enter Low

There are 1.2m bids on the database. This amounts to cumulative offers of nearly £225m (for products with a full

Bid. One in 12 people who enter will win. It’s completely FREE to enter, you don’t need your credit card and you are

retail price of around £800m).

not committed to anything.

Why do customers use this?

The best way to hear about the competitions is to Like us on Facebook. Otherwise you can find them on our site, or

It is an entertaining way to get exceptional prices on products not normally available at a discount.

Why do suppliers use the service? It generates promotion and attracts new customers, they can discreetly move inventory without the sale price or the volume being visible to the market.

just look out for the occasional email invitations.

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