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VISIT A LOS ANGELES CHIROPRACTOR TO GET RID OF YOUR BACK PAIN Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches or joint pain? Chiropractic care may be the answer to your prayers. Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Dean Goodman, D.C., has had tremendous success in helping patients heal naturally with chiropractic care and specific exercises that correct the cause of their neck pain, back pain and joint problems. Poor posture, improper or insufficient exercise, stress, and bad diet can all contribute to the damage that our fast-paced lifestyle inflicts on our health. Dr. Goodman has developed a multi-faceted approach that helps his patients to regain and maintain their health naturally. Chiropractic involves hands-on manipulations of the spinal column and other parts of body. Chiropractic is based on the theory that disease originates from disruptions of the nervous system. Misalignments of the vertebrae (subluxations) and imbalance in the postural muscles of the neck and back disturb the normal functioning of the nervous system. Most people who go to a chiropractor are seeking relief from neck pain, back pain and headaches. Chiropractic treatment often reduces or eliminates pain, restores mobility, and, in conjunction with strengthening exercises, can produce long-lasting good results. There is substantial evidence supporting the effectiveness of spinal manipulation for relief of certain types of back pain. Proper alignment, joint mobility, core strength and postural awareness are the pillars of musculoskeletal health. Dr. Goodman teaches his patients to cultivate an awareness of good posture. Good posture--both sitting and standing--is a comfortable, relaxed, and balanced state that energizes you. Not only to you look better but you feel better. Balancing your head over your spine and hips conserves energy and enables you to walk with a spring and lightness to your step. Good posture is essential for physical and mental health. Santa Monica Chiropractor, Dean Goodman, DC has successfully treated thousands of neck and back pain cases for patients from the Greater Los Angeles area. His success as a competitive long-distance

runner makes him particularly adept in caring for the casual and serious athlete. He combines physical therapy and gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments to help his patients regain and maintain optimum health and fitness. In his 29 years of active practice he has incorporated a balanced approach that includes nutritional guidance, weight loss, strength training, massage, yoga, Pilates, and acupuncture. In both his personal and professional life, Dr. Goodman embodies the holistic approach to natural good health. Visit : West Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Dean Goodman, D.C.

Visit A Los Angeles Chiropractor To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain  

This piece of write up details about Santa Monica-based Los Angeles chiropractor, Dean Goodman and his practices. Dean Goodman teaches his p...

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