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Lift, Tighten, and Smooth with the Brazilian Butt Lift Forget face lifts or boob jobs – the latest cosmetic surgery must-have is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, women across the country have a heightened desire for a nicer derrière. However, few women want to add extra bulk to their body. What’s amazing about the Brazilian butt lift is that instead of using implants, this popular procedure involves fat taken from the tummy and elsewhere and transferred to the buttocks. You literally have the ability to re-proportion your body- smoothing out the areas that bother you and using that fat to create the shape you’ve always wanted. Does it get any better than that?

According to the Association of Plastic Surgeons, last year some 13.8 million cosmetic operations were carried out in the United States. The most popular surgery was breast enhancement, followed by nose jobs, liposuction and face-lifts. However, more and more of those surgeries were performed to lift, tighten, and round the backside. The number of buttock enhancements surged, with 38 percent more this year than in the same period in 2010. Named the Brazilian Butt Lift in honor of gorgeously endowed South American women—the fat transfer for a curvy, taut Brazilian buttocks is the perfect minimally invasive surgery for quick, natural results. A fat transfer to the buttocks can be performed by itself or during other body contouring procedures. The procedure uses your own fat tissue taken from other places in your body, often the abdomen or other troublesome places that could use some reducing. The fat is injected above, below, and into the gluteal muscles for a smooth, curved look that improves the tightness of the skin around the buttocks, lifting away any wrinkles or sagging that has occurred, while providing a full, attractive backside. The Brazilian buttocks lift procedure reveals a very natural and healthy appearance, attractive both in and out of clothing. Some may wonder why to get a fat transfer instead of buttocks implants. A fat transfer enhancement to the buttocks is preferred over implants for several good reasons. Implants are usually made of silicone and when they are placed in the buttocks, they can shift position, seldom become infected or uncomfortable, and need to be removed. Using your own fat to give you the Brazilian buttocks look will not only look more natural, it will feel more natural. There are also fewer cases of fat transfer complications than in cases of implants. Plus, the Brazilian buttocks lift is much less invasive than an implantation technique, which will leave a much larger scar than a fat transfer procedure.

Overall, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an amazing way to create the body shape you want, without undergoing very invasive surgery. To learn more about achieving the derrière you’ve always wanted, contact Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today.

Brazilian Butt Lift  
Brazilian Butt Lift  

Lift, Tighten, and Smooth with the Brazilian Butt Lift