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June 14, 2018

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Island Moon

Three Chords and the Truth Rockers go traveling…

By Ronnie Narmour

And I ain’t joking… My old friend Joe King Carrasco was in town this weekend, performing at the Back Porch. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock in Dumas, you probably know of Joe King and most likely have seen him perform somewhere on the globe in the past 30+ years. There was a time he owned Austin, when the punk scene was going great guns and all the cool kids were slam dancing at Raul’s and Club Foot circa 1980. Joe’s own brand of New Wave was his Tex-Mex version, Nuevo Wavo, that Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers were doing. Joe was on Joe King steady rotation on Carrasco with Roy MTV for a while with Hollingshead on a Christmas video he congas played the did and was running with the big boys BackPorch last back then. I once Saturday. saw him take a stage dive off a huge stage at a concert at Austin’s Auditorium Shores, playing to thousands of people, and then crowd surfed to all the way to Riverside Drive and back, all the time playing his guitar. It probably took twenty minutes that he was out there riding their outstretched arms. I’ll never forget it. JKC is a pioneer of the Texas Music scene and a vital part of its history. I have been friends with Joe King and his brother and nephew, Tuckers 1 & 2 of Texas, Oregon and Nicaragua, for many years, but that’s a whole other story. These days JKC lives in both Puerto Vallarta and Austin, and has his favorite clubs that he likes to play. We’re lucky the Back Porch is one of them. On the way into Texas from Mexico last week, Joe saw a skinny brown dog hiding under a truck at a P-Mex gas station in Conception del Oro near Nuevo Laredo. He said the temperature was literally 110° and the poor dog looked hungry and miserable. Joe already had his three dogs in the van or he would have grabbed her then.

There has been a lot of activity in the PA Rocker’s camp of late. The Rockers, of course, are a Winter Texan/Native Texan hybrid band that is a favorite of Winter The PA Rockers Texans and play Woodie Lawson, every Wednesday Bob Reed and Steve at Bernie’s in the Goldstein rock out at months when their a show in Westcliffe, native homeland’s CO. are frozen solid. The Rocker’s founder, Mark Munson, passed away this year at his home in Minnesota. Mark’s wife Barbara Munson hosted a celebration of Mark’s life recently with all the Rockers and their wives and friends traveling to Minnesota to attend. After Mark’s send off, they all headed for Westcliffe, Colorado where Rocker front man, Bob Reed, lives and had organized a concert for the Rockers to play while they were there. Some of our native Texans (Woodie Lawson, Steve Goldstein and Rusty Hicks) got to go up north in a reverse Winter Texan/Summer Northerner exchange program. They sent back pics with some 30 people holding up Island Moons. I think Woodie raided the news stand at the IGA before he left. This sounds like one epic trip. I should get Steve Goldstein to write me up a little travel log of their escapades.

Scattered shots… It was a fun weekend around the island with the great Joe King Carrasco leading the charge. Joe had Chanklas drummer, Roy Hollingshead, playing congas with him. Meanwhile at Shorty’s, Justin Estes and Nikki Cody Angel played the Back Gil were setting the place Porch last Friday. on fire, when I went by there. I also caught some of Ty Dietz’ show at Giggity’s with Starlite and the Moonbeams’ leader, Rudy Llanes, playing lead guitar. Also I caught one set of Cody Angel’s show at the Back Porch. Cody is a former islander surfer blues kid that just happens to be a monster guitarist and became a monster pedal steel player. Usually Cody shows up with a three piece blues show but he went Southern rock on us with some Austin players behind him this time.

DO NOT MISS LIST Joe King Carrasco is a dog’s best friend. He always carries dog food with him when traveling through Mexico to feed the homeless and abandoned dogs. To say Joe has a soft spot for dogs is an understatement. He started a nonprofit dog recovery organization called Viva Perros that raises money to help homeless and abused dogs get the medical care they need and find good homes. He generously gives the proceeds from his merchandise sales to nonprofit rescue groups such as the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch (that’s our pals Tony and Cousin Nancy), Austin Pets Alive, Casa Lupita in Nicaragua, Barrio Dogs of Houston and the SPCA of Puerto Vallerta. To make a long story short (too late?), Joe couldn’t get this homeless dog at a gas station in Mexico off his mind, so he went back and recued her and brought her along with his other three dogs and his band to his gigs in Texas. He named her Ginger. He had her with him in Port A. During his adventures along the way, he ran a continuing video on Facebook, his last entry he made was with Ginger from the beach in Port A. I plan to load up on merch the next time Joe King is in town. That’s one man with a big heart and I ain’t joking.

The Free Beer Band had Preecher Williams on drums and Russell Edge on guitar this week at Giggity’s.

Ty Dietz with Rudolf Llanes on lead guitar played Giggity’s last Friday.


LIVE MUSIC Free Beer Band every Thur. 7-10 Chanklas this Friday 9-1 Toman Brothers this Saturday 9-1 Antone & All Stars every Sun. 9-1 Open Jam every Mon. 9-1 Paul Taylor & Victoria Majors every Tues 7-10

Stevie Start this Wed. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

The Toman Brothers will play Giggity’s on Saturday.

Hamilton Loomis will play the Back Porch on Friday.

will bring their best country and classic rock to Giggity’s. I love the Toman Brothers. They are the perfect bar band. Also on Friday, the Third Coast Theater will have a song swap with Larry Joe Taylor Michael Martin and Davin James, folkwill play Shorty’s rocker Michael Martin on Saturday. (San Antonio, T) will play Shorty’s and the Powell Brothers will play the Back Porch.

On the horizon…

Nikki GIl and Justin Estes played Shorty’s last Saturday. Coming this weekend… There are many things I love about summer. I love that watermelons are only $1.99 at the IGA right now. And I especially love that Selfie will play every Thursday night at Shorty’s until Labor Day. On Friday, the Chanklas bring their island vibe to Giggity’s, Magnus is at Shorty’s, Jonmikael Mertz is at Treasure Island and one of Houston’s finest bluesmen, Hamilton Loomis, will play the Back Porch. On Saturday, the great Toman Brothers (San Antonio, TX)

Briefly, I see some good shows coming up. Keep an eye out for shows by Gary P. Nunn, Mike O’Neill, Big Joe Walker, Mark McKinney, Todd Dorn, The Dirty River Boys, Matt Hole, The Independent Thieves, James The Dirty River Boys Little and Larry Joe Taylor. That ought will play the Back to keep you busy for Porch on June 29. a while. Be safe out there. ♫♪♫ And, that’s the truth ♫♪♫

Live Music Tonight Thursday, June 14 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Cody Sparks @ Back Porch Selfie @ Shorty’s Mike Williams and Denny Larkin @ The Gaff Cody Sparks @ Back Porch Christian Colbert @ Angry Marlin Falco & the Wolf @ Rockit’s Robert Ray @ Brewster Street Friday, June 15 Chanklas @ Giggity’s Magnus @ Shorty’s Jonmikael Mertz @ Treasure Island Hamilton Loomis @ Back Porch Stevie Start @ Angry Marlin Messer @ House of Rock Audiobox @ Rockit’s Cruise Control @ Brewster Street



132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront

Selfie Every Thurs 9-1 Magnus June 15 Michael Martin June 16 Red Giant June 22 Selfie June 23 Independent Thieves June 29

Saturday, June 16 Toman Brothers @ Giggity’s Hyde After Nine @ Treasure Island Powell Bros @ Back Porch Michael Martin @ Shorty’s Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Larry Joe Taylor & Davin James @ Third Coast Jam Band @ Angry Marlin Splendiferous @ Rockit’s Grupo Frackaso, Cesar K-Oso @ House of Rock

OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas

Sunday, June 17 Mike Williams (brunch), Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s

Expert Computer Repairs

Monday, June 18 Open Jam w/ Ray Summy @ Giggity’s Behemoth @ House of Rock Tuesday June 19 Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s Open Mic w/ Rev Matt @ House of Rock Wednesday, June 20 Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Firedancing- Stella Moon @ Bron’s Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Damon Scott @ House of Rock




Saturday, June 23 Selfie @ Shorty’s Todd Dorn @ Giggity’s BELT SANDER RACES @ Gaff Big Joe Walker @ Back Porch Mark McKinney @ Treasure Island Dave’s Duo @ Angry Marlin Timeline @ Brewster Street Cruise Control @ Rockit’s San Juan Underground @ Vino Mio Bad Chords @ House of Rock Sunday, June 24 Mike Williams (brunch), Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Monday, June 25 Open Jam w/ Ray Summy @ Giggity’s Tuesday June 26 Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s Open Mic w/ Rev Matt @ House of Rock



315 N. Alister (361) 416-1020


Thursday, June 21 Capt. Legendary @ Back Porch Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Selfie @ Shorty’s Tommy Schaefer @ Angry Marlin Sean McConnell @ Brewster Street Flatbroke @ Rockit’s

The Gaff Now Open!

Friday, June 22 Gary P. Nunn @ Back Porch Mike O’Neil @ Giggity’s True Country @ Treasure Island Red Giant @ Shorty’s Stevie Start @ Angry Marlin Seattle Rising @ Brewster Street Another Level @ Rockit’s Cream Cheese Accident @ Vino Mio Jam Band @ South Texas Ice House Rated R @ House of Rock

Wednesday, June 27 Jimmy Willden @ Giggity’s Firedancing- Stella Moon @ Bron’s Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Thursday, June 28 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Austin Meade @ Back Porch Selfie @ Shorty’s Josh Abbott @ Brewster Street Flatbroke @ Rockit’s Friday, June 29 Dirty River Boys, Zach Nytomt @ Back Porch Drugstore Cowboys @ Treasure Island Matt Hole @ Giggity’s Independent Thieves @ Shorty’s Oddfellas @ Rockit’s Riptide @ South Texas Ice House Five Card Draw @ Brewster Street Saturday, June 30 Scarecrow People @ Treasure Island James Little @ Giggity’s Larry Joe Taylor @ Back Porch Ty Dietz @ Shorty’s Jake Ward @ Brewster

Belt sander Races

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