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March 15, 2018

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Island Moon

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

Spring has broke… Spring is most definitely in the air. I made a quick trip to San Antonio and saw lots of bluebonnets starting to peek through. I took the Spring is springing. dogs for a long Photo by Lisa Mejia walk in beautiful Torres. Brackenridge Park. It was nice seeing all the families on weekend outings with kids and dogs, and ducks and egrets along the river. Very serene and wholesome. When I got home it was a different story. The expected mayhem of “Spring Break 2018” had reared its ugly head. Rankin called Tuesday morning and asked me to make a beach run, take some pics and scope out the progress of the beast known as “Spring Break 2018.” I started at the jetty and noticed nice sized crowds but nothing huge. By the time I got past Beach Marker 30, where the bollards end, the police presence and crowds had swelled drastically. I called Dale who grabbed his Channel 3 News camera and met me at the golf course. At marker 34 we encountered this year’s version of the “Festering Den of Sin.” There were over a thousand kids…

There goes Dale.

Going. maybe more. It will have its own zip code by Saturday. With NO hesitation, Rankin dove right into the middle And he’s gone. and stuck his microphone in their faces, asking, “Where y’all from? Where you staying?” That got an immediate rise out of, well, all of them. Basically, they all started circling Dale, yelling, waving and flailing around to get on camera. It was one giant photo bomb in a mosh pit pulsating with half naked 20 year olds. At one point, all I could see of Rankin was his camera waving in the air, swallowed up by a sea of people. The camera kept getting smaller and smaller and eventually all I could see was the camera and NO Dale. Rankin could have orchestrated a mass revolt if he’d wanted. These kids were ready for anything. I hope you caught his Island Report on Channel 3 News, Wednesday at ten. It just felt like anything could happen at any time from any direction. It was intense and a little sleazy. I’m sure glad there were so many cops there. I can’t imagine what debauchery would be going on without them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they

don’t bring in the National Guard before it’s all over. I say that every year. I guess if anyone still had doubts that Spring Break wasn’t going to happen this year, rest assured these kids are gonna keep coming, come hell or high water. It’s a rite of passage.

All You Can Eat FRIED FLOUNDER Everyday 11-7

Knuckleheads on parade. South by Port A… Spring Break isn’t the only constant in March. The South By Southwest Music and Film Conference and Festival in Austin is also in full swing with over 2,000 official performers from 63 countries. I was involved with SXSW back in the 90’s when I lived in Austin and worked at Antone’s Record Label. One of the founders of SXSW, Louis Meyers’, desk was right next to mine and I remember when they were just getting going. Suffice to say, it got going. It is now the largest Justin Stewart and James c o n f e r e n c e Derkiits will perform at of it’s kind in South By Port A in Austin the world and a huge boost this weekend. to the Austin economy. This year, a dear friend of Port A who lives in Austin, Justin Stewart, has put together a program with three showcases he’s calling South By Port A. Justin is affiliated with a conservation group called The Creek People ( He had this to say, “The truth is Austin loves Port A and saw an opportunity to reach out to our sister city in recovery. I had the idea to reach out to local songwriters because they are the storytellers. What Homes for Displaced Marlins has done to help hold the Port A community together is beautiful and rare.  It›s going to be a tough couple The James Little Band of years for will play at Giggity’s on Port A artists and whatever Saturday. we can do to encourage their work is well worth it” The money raised from the showcases will be donated to Homes for Displaced Marlins. Representing Port A and Corpus will be Carol Elliott, James Derkits, Jim Dugan, Roy Hollingshead, Billy Snipes and Justin Estes. Also on the

Guy Forsyth played Sam’s in SA last Saturday.


Free Beer Band Every Thurs. The Groove on Fri James Little on Sat. Antone & the All Stars Every Sun. Open Jam Every Mon. Paul Taylor Every Tues. Magnus on Wed. 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

While I was in San Antonio last weekend I got to see the great Guy Forsyth from Austin. I represented Guy when he first came to Austin in the 90’s and recorded for Antone’s Records. Clifford Antone encouraged me to book him. The first time I heard him sing was at Billy Blues in S.A. where Sam’s Burger Joint is now. Coincidently thats where Guy was playing last Saturday. When I booked him at Billy Blues I had him opening for Gatemouth Brown, who was only a GRAMMY winner and living legend. It was like, “ok kid, let’s see what you got.” When it came time for Guy to go on he came walking in from the back of the room singing a booming blues song a capella. It blew our hair back. I’ve been a fan ever since. At this show he had his new wife, Jessica, singing, and she too is a force to be reckoned with. Also, while in S.A., I ran into Chuck Berry who’s now working at IHOP on Broadway. (He’s actually a nice waiter named Aaron.)

DO NOT MISS LIST It’s going to be a busy, crazy weekend in Port A. Everyone is loading for bear. On Thursday, homeboy Jered Clark will be playing the Back Porch and the Free Beer Band are at Giggity’s as usual. On Friday it’s the Groove at Giggity’s, Selfie at Shorty’s, True Country at Treasure

Port Aransas Construction Est. 1999



(361) 453-0147

Thursday, March 15 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Jered Clark @ Back Porch Dead Boys @ House of Rock Parker McCullom, John Bauman @ Brewster Street Flatbroke @ Rockit’s Melissa Ann @ Scuttlebutt’s Dead Boys, Bomb Hoarder, Dirty Mike @ House of Rock . Friday, March 16 The Groove @ Giggity’s True Country @ Treasure Island Captain Legendary @ Back Porch Hannah Wicklund & Steppin Stones @ House of Rock APEX @ Rockit’s Splendiferous @ Pelican Lounge Chris Saenz @ Scuttlebutt’s Fist Full of Metal @ It’ll Do Saloon Hannah, Wicklund, High Divers @ House of Rock Seattle Rising @ Brewster Street Saturday, March 17 Cody Johnson, Kyle Park, Koe Wetzel @ Concrete Street Dave’s Duo @ Treasure Island Cody Bryan @ Back Porch James Little @ Giggity’s Oddfellas @ Executive Surf Club Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Clarissa Serna @ Rockit’s Beards on the Bay @ House of Rock Chris Hayes @ South Texas Ice House Philip Graffiti Band @ Pelican Lounge Michael Burtts @ Scuttlebutt’s Holiday Beach @ It’ll Do Saloon Cody Johnson & Friends @ Concrete Street

Monday, March 19 Open Jam @ Giggity’s Michael Burtts @ Scuttlebutt’s Tuesday March 20 Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock Aaron Jacobs @ Scuttlebutt’s Wednesday, March 21 PA Rockers @ Bernie’s Magnus @ Giggity’s

The Gaff Now Open!


Charlie Hagar and the Captain Legendary Band will play the Back Porch on Friday. Island and Captain Legendary at the Back Porch. Saturday is also St. Patty’s Day and there will be a pub crawl starting at the Gaff at 11:00 AM, then heading to 361, Shorty’s, Flat’s, Back Porch then back to the Gaff. The VFW used to do the pub crawl every year. I’m glad the Gaff stepped up. Also on Saturday, Giggity’s will be celebrating their fifth anniversary with the James Little Band. Plus Dave’s Duo will be at Treasure Island, Ray Summy will be at Shorty’s, Cody Bryan will be at the Back Porch and a ton more stuff all over the place. Be safe out there, and this time I mean it. BE CAREFUL. It’s knuckleheads on parade at every turn. ♫♪♫ And, that’s the truth ♫♪♫

Live Music Tonight

Sunday, March 18 Antone & All Stars @ Giggity’s CC Songwriters @ Executive Surf Club Damon Ballweg @ Pelican Lounge John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s

Expert Computer Repairs

True Country will play Treasure Island on Friday.

Scattered shots…


bill Saturday are such heavyweights as Patrice Pike, Wayne Sutton, Adam Carroll and Michael Fricasso. The showcases will be held at Fast Folks Cyclery I ran into Chuck Berry at in downtown the IHOP in SA. Austin on Thursday and Friday and the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection on Saturday. Their goal is to raise $5000 for the Displace Marlins fund. I’ve been asked to introduce the performers.


The Frights @ House of Rock Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club John Eric @ Pelican Lounge Tony McClure @ Scuttlebutt’s


MAR 15 MAR 16 MAR 17 MAR 23 MAR 24 MAR 30 MAR 31

132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront

Selfie on Fri. Ray Summy on Sat. 72nd Anniverxary April 14th Todd Dorn, Ruben Limas, Independent Thieves OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas


at Trinity By the Sea Trojan & Ave E. (512) 914-8846 PORT A. PROUD

Thursday, March 22 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Fortunate Youth, Ballyhoo, Tatanka @ House of Rock Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Executive Surf Club Cody Canada, Kody West @ Brewster Street David Martinez @ Rockit’s Magnus @ Scuttlebutt’s . Friday, March 23 Chris Hays @ Giggity’s Johnny Kiser @ Back Porch BELT SANDER RACES @ Gaff Matt Hole @ Executive Surf Club Los Tigres del Norte, Siggno @ Concrete Street Somethin’ Silky @ Rockit’s Flow Tribe @ House of Rock Chris Saenz @ Scuttlebutt’s Zack Walther @ Pelican Lounge Edison @ It’ll Do Saloon Scarecrow People @ Brewster Street Saturday, March 24 Todd Dorn @ Giggity’s Sefie @ Shorty’s Mark Monaco @ Back Porch Kash’d Out, Tunnel Vision + @ House of Rock Timeline Journey Tribute @ Brewster Street Cruise Control @ Rockit’s TJ Bruscoff @ Pelican Lounge Michael Burtts @ Scuttlebutt’s Viral @ It’ll Do Saloon Kash’d Out, Tunnel Vision, Serenation @ House of Rock Sunday, March 25 Antone & All Stars @ Giggity’s John Eric @ Scuttlebutt’s Monday, March 26 Open Jam @ Giggity’s Billy Snipes @ Scuttlebutt’s

Treasure Island


FULL BAR OPEN AT 3 EVERYDAY 315 N. Alister (361) 416-1020


Belt sander Races

Tuesday March 27 Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock Aaron Jacobs @ Scuttlebutt’s Wednesday, March 28 PA Rockers @ Bernie’s Jim Dugan @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Damon Scott @ House of Rock John Eric @ Pelican Lounge Michael Burtts @ Scuttlebutt’s

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