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May 17, 2018

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Island Moon

Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

Time to dance… Our supposed “quiet before the storm” never happened. You know May, the “our time” time when the weather is nice and nobody is here yet. It’s been really busy around town and the beaches have been full. Lots of people fishing. Charlie Kahn at Rebel Charters told me they’re bringing in lots of big ones every day. The weather has been perfect, if not a little on the hot side, which is good for business. From the “Just to State the Obvious” department, I heard our local weather man, Maclovio Perez, actually say, “it’s now summer and will be hot for the next five months.” Thanks Mac. What would we do without you? Even though the calendar gives it another month our ten minutes of spring is over, the weatherman said so. It will be in the 90’s every day now. Every-single-day-will-be-in-the-90’s-now. My friends Robin and Johnny over at Texas Red Golf Carts loaned me and Rankin a cart the other day so Dale could do one of his Channel 3 News “Island Reports” on all the golf carts and golf cart rental places in Port A. We spent the entire day going up and down the beach and all over town with his big camera, taking video and putting his story together. It was great fun. The beach is great. Everything feels right. You can quote me on this, “It’s going to be a busy, busy summer season.” There’s not a doubt in my mind. Harvey be damned, it’s time to dance. Memorial Day is only a week away. We are now officially inside the “hundred days” of tourist season, where we have limited days Robin at Texas Red to make the big Golf Carts. money to survive the skinny days of winter. Let’s rock.

Golf cart & fire dancer magnate… While Rankin and I were loose on the streets of Port A with this golf cart theme going, we went by Bron’s place on Avenue G, since he’s the uncontested Golf Cart Magnate of Port A. At least he has the most carts and they seem to be everywhere on busy weekends. Bron said he took a hard hit at his place from Harvey but he’s fighting his Dale Rankin and Bron way back and has Doyle talking about actually expanded golf carts. his compound there on Ave. G. He’s got a little concession stand going with shaved ice and wine margaritas, plus he’s added a little outdoor stage and has been having live music on the weekends along with Stella Moon, a local fire dancer. We listed his shows in the LIVE MUSIC TONIGHT box. Bron has had an obsession with fire dancers ever since he got to know some authentic, native fire dancers on his travels through Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam. He’s been talking about bringing a troupe of real deal fire dancers over from SE Asia for a while now. I’m confident he can do. He says these guys are the best in the world. You heard it here first.

Scattered shots… There were lots of great shows last weekend. The James Little Band played the first installment of the City of Port Aransas’ summer concert series, Sunset Sounds, last Friday at the Patsy Jones Ampitheater in Roberts Point Park. That’s where Rankin should have been looking

The James Little Band played the first installment of this season’s Sunset Sounds last Friday at Roberts Point Park for golf carts. It was like a drive in movie on with a live band and golf carts. James had a big band going and they sounded great. Sunset Sounds presents shows once a month through October and will have The Patrons in June, Jesse Stratton Rudolf Llanes with in July, Ken Morrow in August, Executive Starlite and the Steel Band in Moonbeams played September and Jody Giggity’s last Friday. Hodges in October. Also on Friday, the great Mike Blakely (Marble Falls, TX) brought his authentic Texas cowboy show to the Back Porch. As fabulous as Blakely is, it just wasn’t the same without Larry Nye picking the bejezus out of that Martin. I also got to enjoy Mike Blakely played part of the Starlite the Back Porch last and the Moonbeams Friday. show at Giggity’s with the talented Rudolf Llanes. They have a good strong R&B/blues thing going and it sure gets the girls wiggling. Also, our old pal Stevie Start was playing the porch at Shorty’s on Saturday. Stevie tells me he’s going to be spending his weekend on Padre now. He’s landed steady gigs at the Angry Marlin and Docs.

DO NOT MISS LIST Coming this weekend… On Thursday the 17 , the Parrot Heads are throwing a party with JD Edge (Nashville, TN) performing. Edge is a fiddle playing front man who plays a blend of country, blues and southern rock. On John Admundsen Friday, Americana will play Shorty’s on artist Mario Flores Saturday. and the Soda Creek Band (San Antonio, TX) will return to the Porch and country superstar Travis Trit will play the American Bank Center. On Saturday, John Admundsen will play Shorty’s. My mentor, Clifford Antone, always told me to give the young guys a shot. Young Zach Coffey will Mr. Admundsen is play the Back Porch Port A native. He was on Saturday. a Marlin. His parents, Chris and Lisa are fine people and own a very nice restaurant. I heard him play at the Monday night jam and he held his own. He plays a scorching blues guitar. Let’s give him a shot. Also on Saturday, th



Free Beer Band every Thurs Chanklas this Friday

Toman Bros. this Saturday

Antone & the All Stars every Sun. Open Jam every Monday

Paul Taylor every Tuesday Magnus this Wednesday 722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

Larry Joe Taylor will played the Back Porch on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Photo by Miles Merwin. Zach Coffey will play the Porch and the greatest bar band in a 200 mile radius, the fabulous Toman Brothers (San Antonio, TX) will bring their Gary Stewart meets Eric Clapton JD Edge will play a show to Giggity’s. Parrot Heads Party at Also on Saturday, Shorty’s this Thursday. the local Episcopal

The Toman Brothers will play Giggity’s on Saturday. Church, Trinity by the Sea, will be hosting a Festival for the Heart from 10 AM- 2 PM at the church on Trojan Street. There will be lots of activities and live music from Carol Elliott, Billy Snipes, Ken Barnet, Denny Larkin and James Derkits.

Memorial Day… I don’t know much but I do know that you can set your watch EVERY year to 9:00 on the Saturday night before Memorial Day and Larry Joe Taylor will be playing at the Back Porch. Something would be terribly amiss if he wasn’t. I’ll talk about these show next week, but keep an eye out for Landon Bullard, Selfie, Mark McKinney, Aaron Watson, Pat Green, James Little, Passing Strangers, Michael Martin, Ruben Limas, True Country, Cruise Control, Jeff Plankenhorn, Vibe Factory and the 13th Annual Art Fest benefitting the Port Aransas Art Center will be held on the 26-27. The Songwriter’s Showcase was usually on the Monday following Art Fest but has been moved to October and will be held at the Tarpon Inn. Did you get all that? Be safe out there. ♫♪♫ And, that’s the truth ♫♪♫

Mario Flores will play the Back Porch on Friday.

Live Music Tonight Thursday, May 17 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s

JD Edge @ Shorty’s Amos burrialo @ Bron’s

Upon a Burning Body, Columes, White Noise @ House of Rock Mike Ryan, Shotgun Rider @ Brewster Street JonMikael Mrez @ Rockit’s Friday, May 18 Travis Tritt @ American Bank Center Billy Snipes @ Shorty’s Mario Flores @ Back Porch Red Giant @ Treasure Island Chanklas @ Giggity’s Johnny Kaiser + Stella Moon @ Bron’s Born of Osiris, Fit for a King, Gideo, Currents @ House of Rock The Damn Torpedoes @ Brewster Street Another Level @ Rockit’s Saturday, May 19 Jonmikael Mrez @ Treasure Island John Admundsen @ Shorty’s Zach Coffey @ Back Porch Toman Brothers @ Giggity’s Festival for the Heart & Soul @ Trinity by the Sea Justin Estes, Stella Moon @ Bron’s Hip Hop Hooray @ Brewster Street Splendiferous @ Rockit’s Sunday, May 20 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s The Green, Raging Fyah, Iya Terra @ House of Rock Monday, May 21 Open Jam @ Giggity’s Tuesday May 22 Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s Underoath @ Concrete Street Open Mic @ House of Rock Wednesday, May 23 Magnus @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Firedancing- Stella Moon @ Bron’s Dirty Heads @ Concrete Street Damon Scott @ House of Rock


MAY 18 MAY 19 MAY 24 MAY 25 MAY 26

132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront

JD Edge Billy Snipes John Admundsen Selfie

May 17 May 19 May 20 May 24 Antone & the Allstars May 25 Michael Martin May 26

OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas




Saturday, May 26 13th Annual Art Fest @ Port A Art Center James Little Band @ Giggity’s BELT SANDER RACES @ Gaff Passing Strangers @ Treasure Island Larry Joe Taylor @ Back Porch Michael Martin @ Shorty’s Timeline @ Brewster Street Cruise Control @ Rockit’s Sunday, May 27 13th Annual Art Fest @ Port A Art Center Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s True Country @ Treasure Island Ruben Limas @ Shorty’s Inna Vision @ House of Rock Cruise Control @ Back Porch Theory of a Deadman @ Brewster Street MEMORIAL DAY, May 28 Open Jam @ Giggity’s

Expert Computer Repairs


MAY 18 MAY 19 MAY 25 MAY 26 MAY 27

315 N. Alister (361) 416-1020


Tuesday May 29 Paul Taylor @ Giggity’s Open Mic @ House of Rock Wednesday, May 30 Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Firedancing- Stella Moon @ Bron’s Open Mic @ Executive Surf Club Butcher, Babies & Nonpoint, Damon Scott @ House of Rock Thursday, May 31 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Cody Bryan @ Back Porch Flatbroke @ Rockit’s Friday, June 1 The Groove @ Giggity’s Starlite & the Moonbeams @ Shorty’s Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Clarissa Serna @ Rockit’s Saturday, June 2 Jim Dugan @ Shorty’s Aloha Dave @ Giggity’s William Clark, Jake Ward @ Brewster Street Bubble Puppy @ Rockit’s

Thursday, May 24 Landon Bullard @ Back Porch Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Selfie @ Shorty’s Shattered Sun @ House of Rock Saul Padron @ Rockit’s

The Gaff Now Open!

Friday, May 25 Jam Band @ Giggity’s BELT SANDER RACES @ Gaff Vibe Factory @ Treasure Island Antone & the All Stars @ Shorty’s Mark McKinney @ Back Porch Aaron Watson, Pat Green @ Concrete Street Jeff Plankenhorn @ House of Rock Seattle Rising @ Brewster Street Another Level @ Rockit’s

Belt sander Races

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