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February 16, 2017

Backwater Adventures By Joey Farah

including trout reds sheep head and drum. Sometimes sand trout and whiting are in the mix as well. Finally the days of drifting and working structure with soft plastics are so much fun keeping limits is not a problem. This week me and two clients easily caught 150 trout in a half of days’ time all on soft plastics. James, Joe and I had a blast remembering old fishing and surfing stories, listening to the radio and pitching plastics. That’s a great way to score fresh fish relax the stress off and learn a few new tricks. The magic water depth for numbers

Farah’s Fishing Adventures Well, we are still waiting for our first big spring bull tide. This last full moon and west winds dropped the tide out to its lowest of the year, when it came back up trout and drum flooded the back bays along with millions of shrimp and small baitfish. Now with this last front the tides have receded again, and I am expecting another push of fish to come in as soon as the southeast winds blow the tide back in.

Big monster drum have been all over the entrances of the Upper Lagoon and Port A. With this mass of baitfish and game fish come the perch and hardheads as well. Using larger baits that keep the perch from picking you clean increase your odds of hooking up with one of these giants. Whole or half Boxes like this have been the norm. Call for my last min open days for a great discount. of a blue crab, and sea lice are the top producers. They live shrimp but keeping baited is still 3-5ft but the biggest trout have been in 2ft hooks can be a challenge. I’ve been running or less. These fish are wise and very sensitive to to the south and dropping monster boxes of pressure. These are perfect conditions to float fish every trip. We are upswing a combination on them in my shallow water skiff throwing of techniques to catch a wide variety of fish. top waters, or Wade fishing. The importance The black drum have been migrating in along of getting to quiet water will rise as the months the gravel bottoms and feeding heavy along go on and we get a lot of fishing pressure in the rock structure in Baffin. We are drifting the bay. As boaters keep an eye out for wade the shallow areas down south with shrimp fishermen they seem to pop up quickly in front and popping corks and catching everything of you blending into the grey water and skyline. As soon as the tides do return look for the action along both the PACKERY and Port A jetties to explode. Limits of sheep head and pompano are on the way. Increase success by concentrating your fishing around the high tides. These fish will pull out into the Gulf at low tide. Shrimp squid and fish-bites are popular but the best bait is the ghost shrimp. These are not sold but have to be sucked out of the sand with a special tube. Stop by the Ace Hardware on both ends of the island to get one. Many anglers don’t know the meaning to all the flags flying at the marinas . White-shrimp Yellow- croaker Red- crabs Blue - perch A few others but pull in and get you some! I still have some open days I’d like to fill, if you have been putting off your break out fishing trip to entertain guests or customers, or looking to catch some fish and improve your fishing knowledge give me a call. Joey Farah 361-441-8145

Sheila from MO visited this week for some Texas sun and fishing fun. We had her limit of black drum then stopped off at my secret spot for some tide runner trout.

By Jay Gardner


On the Rocks

Well it’s that time of year folks: its’ time to suit up, show up, and get it done. Next week is the (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) the 22nd Billy Sandifer Big Shell Clean up. Y’all come on down to the Malaquite Visitors Center (VC) between 7:30 and 8am on Saturday, February 25th and help clean the beach. Free entry to the Park. Yes, we know it’s the same day as Mardi Gras. The Clean Up is the same Saturday every year; Mardi Gras moved. My float this year will be my non-decorated Chevy as Tyler, Augs, Patrick and myself lead a parade of volunteers down to the 15MM and work our way back north towards the chili-cheese dogs and pizza. We’re doing things a bit different this year, and I’ll explain it when we get down range.

you happen to make it out to the Packery Channel reef (MU-775) and catch a red snapper with a tag in it, please remember to treat it gently, note the number on the tag, and release the little guy. The researchers didn’t tag any legal sized fish anyway, so you should be

Isac Feb. 21st Next Tuesday (Feb. 21st) the formal TIRZ Committee meets to decide the fate of three key projects on the Island; the potential funding of the Park Road 22 bridge, the Packery Channel monitoring contract with Blucher, and of course my favorite, the “six-pack” items. Last time Mobi-mats being used in SPI all three items wound up as the same agenda item, and since one was tabled, they all three were tabled. releasing all tagged fish. When you do catch Hopefully whoever puts the agenda together one of Kesley’s snapper, make sure to contact this time doesn’t do the same thing twice, her at or 361-825although I’m assuming that all three will pass. 3071 and let her know that you caught and Unfortunately I will be in Houston and won’t released one of her “subjects.” be able to attend the meeting to give public Talking about the weather, it’s been the typical comment, although I urge some of you out there back-and-forth as old man winter goes through to do exactly that. his death-throes before what passes for spring

Beach Mats Speaking of the six-pack projects, one of the recommendations that both the Water shore and Beach Advisory Committee (WBAC) and the ISAC made was to use Mobi-mats to provide ADA parking access to the jetties. I was down in South Padre last week checking out a couple of projects, and we walked over one of their beach access roads, and lo and behold, they were using Mobi-mats for vehicular access. They work like they are advertised, and the City is happy with them. The sand typically gets soft and thick around this time of year, as well as in the middle of the summer, and I’m sure that there are people out there that will happily make use of the improved access.

Offshore It’s looking like there might be a weather window this weekend for offshore fishing. If

around here kicks in. Spring is typically more like “pre-summer.” The approaching southeast wind will bring all of our migrating birds back through our area as they head north for nesting season. Just this past Sunday I had a black and white warbler in my bay tree in the yard. They are some of the first to show up, and it won’t be long now. After this recent front, we’ll have southeast winds until what looks like this coming Tuesday/Wednesday, where we get just a little north winds. This will cause a small fallout for a short period, so be ready. Get those feeders up, and don’t forget the hummingbird feeders. While there are more blooms on the railroad vines at the beach than there were last year, it’s still going to be slim pickings for the little guys. Drop me a note at for more details, and I’ll see y’all next week On the Rocks.

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361-651-BOAT W W W. W A Y P O I N T M A R I N E . C O M

3033 S. Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi, Texas (Between Kostoryz & Ayers)

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Creating Dreams for Island Homeowners

12. Negri of the silents 14. Peon

Saturday Feb. 18

36. '90s N.Y. Philharmonic conductor 37. One chanting

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Port A Citywide Garage Sale Keep Port Aransas Beautiful and Parks & Recreation

43. In 44. Slopes feature 45. Real card, in more ways than one 46. Hi-__ graphics 47. Bilko's mil. rank 48. Flock members 49. Zola novel 53. Kind of suit or bar 54. Author LeShan 55. River isle 56. On Soc. Sec.

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Community Center-KPAB/408 N Alister (M), Parks & Rec/739 W. Ave. A (B), 118 W White Ave (B), 186 Beachwalk Lane (B), Aransas Princess/720 Access Rd 1-A (B), 373 Marina Drive (M), 378 Blue Heron Dr (M), 328 Ashby Lane (M), 513 Bralley Drive (B), 1104 Sea Secret (B), Amano/1812 Hwy 361 (B), Salt Grass/1726 Hwy 361 Ste K (B), Beach & Sta�on Pub/235 Beach (B), 728 La Juana Ct (B), 108 N 11th St (B), 726 S 10th thru Bron Cart Drvway (M), 865 Oceanside Dr (B), 309 E Ave E, Dunes Condo/1000 Lantana (B), Sunrise Co�ages/301 E Ave C #7 (B), 321 Gulf, 124 Gulf St (B), 402 S Gulf St (B), 415 E Ave G (B), 607 S Gulf (B), 513 Lighthouse Channel, 529 Lighthouse Channel (B), 622 Sandy Lane (B), 437 Lantana (B), 2412 S 11th St (B), 220 E Oakes (B) 537 E Oakes Ave, 603 E Oaks (B), 124 W Oakes (B),612 E Cotter (M), 1111 Whispering Sands (M), 1825 Palisades (M), 1824 Palisades (M), 523 Lantana (B), 247 W Roberts Ave #4 (B), 413 Ruthie Ln, 612 Lantana Dr (B), 316 Ave A, Marina Beach RV/241 W Co�er #23 (B), 476 Bahia Mar (B), 512 Aransas Channel (M), 417 E Ave B (B), 137 W White (B), 434 S 9th St, Islander/602 S Alister (M), 215 6th St/mul�ple (B), 512 Lydia Ann Channel (M), 2606 S. 11th #14 (B), 1413 Sea Secret (B), 688 Morgan Cir (B), 625 Pelican Cir (B), 304 S. 6th Street (B), 3752 Pelican Point (M), 315 Cut-Off Rd/mul�ple (B), 315 Cut-Off Rd Apt 111 (M), Roberts Pt Park Pavilion (B), 301 JC Barr Blvd Floa�ng Dock 3 (B).

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February 16, 2017

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Island Moon



Townhouse Development on Granada Drive Receives Zoning Approval

The Corpus Christi City Council on Tuesday approved a zoning change for SuperElite, LLC clearing the way to move ahead with a 27-unit single-family townhouse development at 14836 Granada Drive, on the northeast side of the fingertip, called the Villas of Padre.

The zoning was necessary, according to city records, in order to allow a Planned Unit Development on the site. The property is described as being Padre Island-Corpus Christi, Section D, Block 1, Lots 33 and 38, and the Villas of Padre lot 34R, located on the northeast side of Granada Drive and west of Leeward

3.) Building Height: The maximum height of any structure on the Property is 45 feet. 4.) Parking: The property must have a minimum of 73 standard parking spaces (9 feet wide by 18 feet long). Parking is prohibited within the private street and pedestrian walkways. 5.) Setbacks and Lot Width: Minimum rear yard setbacks for all lots shall be five feet. Minimum width for townhouse lots shall be 16 feet.

surfaces constructed within the required open space must be constructed of pervious material. 7.) Private Street Access: The 2-way private access drive shall not be less than 24 feet and shall be striped or marked to indicate “Fire Lane/ No Parking.” 8.) Pedestrian Access: Sidewalks shall be constructed and maintained as identified on the master site plan. 9.) Dumpster Screening: A minimum six-foot tall screening fence shall be constructed, The purpose of this item is to allow for the development of a 27-unit single-family development. According to documents filed with the city: “The subject property is located within the boundaries of the Mustang Padre Island Area Development Plan and is planned for Multifamily Residential uses. The proposed rezoning to the “RM-AT/IO/PUD” Multifamily AT District with an Island Overlay and Planned Unit Development Overlay is consistent with the adopted Future Land Use Map and the Mustang Padre Island Area Development Plan.”

maintained, and remain in place around a dumpster placed in the street yard. 10.) Time Limit: Construction of the development shall commence within 24 months from the date this modified Planned Unit Development ordinance is approved by the City Council.

There are approximately 6,000 plus bills filed each Legislative Session. Since the Legislative Session is only 140 days long, not all of these proposed laws can be voted on. The legislative process is highly dependent on committees to ensure that legislation makes it through the process in an orderly manner. In brief, a House Bill or House legislation is read on the House floor then referred to an initial committee. The committee then holds a hearing and votes on whether or not the proposed legislation will proceed to one of the Calendars committees. The Calendars committees have a similar process. If the legislation makes it out of those committees, then the legislation will go to the House floor for an official debate and vote. The Texas House of Representatives’ committee appointments for the 85th Legislative Session were recently read into the House of Representatives’ official record. Speaker Joe Straus assigned all the Representatives to 40+ committees ( committees/). The Representatives will serve on their committees until December 31, 2018. I was appointed to three committees this Legislative Session. Speaker Straus reappointed me as the Chairman of the General Calendar committee. I was also reappointed to the Criminal Jurisprudence committee, but as the Vice Chair rather than as a general member. The final committee I was appointed to is the County Affairs committee as a general member. Each committee is highly active and has a variety of duties. The Criminal Jurisprudence committee is made up of seven Representatives. This committee examines all proposed legislation that creates, addresses, or amends criminal law, prohibitions, standards, and penalties. Other matters of concern to the Criminal Jurisprudence committee include: probation and parole, criminal procedures in the courts of Texas, alteration to the Penal Code, and any legislation that affects the Office of State Prosecuting Attorney or the Texas State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision.

SECTION 2. The Special Permit granted in Section 1 of this ordinance is subject to the Owner meeting the requirements of Exhibit B and the following conditions: 1.) Planned Unit Development Guidelines and Master Site Plan: The Owners shall

Speaker of the House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) has announced committee assignments for the 85th Legislative Session of the Texas House of Representatives, reappointing State Representative Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) to the powerful Calendars Committee.

develop the Property in accordance with The Villas Planned Unit Development (PUD) Guidelines and Master Site Plan. The development of the Property is to consist of 27 townhouse units and common area amenities. Page 2 of 3

Send letters and photos to editor@

Best Cities to be a Real Estate Agent

“Chairman Hunter will continue to provide strong leadership in a very important role. The Chairman of the Calendars Committee needs to have an open and respectful relationship with other legislators, and that’s why Chairman Hunter is the right person for the job,” said Speaker Straus. “I am honored to be appointed as Chairman of the House Calendars Committee by Speaker Straus. It is a great position to hold for the State of Texas as well as our South Texas region. I look forward to working hard this legislative session,” said Rep. Hunter. Hunter will lead the committee designated to determine when and how legislation will be considered by the Texas House of Representatives. Hunter was also named as Vice Chairman of Criminal Jurisprudence and as a member of the County Affairs Committee.

With total home sales expected to grow modestly in 2017, following a banner year for the housing industry, the personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017’s Best Places to Be a Real-Estate Agent. To determine best markets for realtors, WalletHub’s analysts compared 150 of the largest U.S. cities across 14 key indicators of a healthy housing market, ranging from “sales per agent” to “annual median wage for real-estate agents” to “housing-market health index.”

Best vs. Worst Oxnard, Calif., has the most homes sold in the past year per real-estate agent, 114.09, which is 14.2 times more than in Houston, the city with the fewest at 8.05. San Francisco has the highest median house price, $799,600, which is 18.9 times higher than in Detroit, the city with the lowest at $42,300.   Bakersfield, Calif., has the highest annual median wage for real-estate agents, $89,890, which is 4.2 times higher than in Laredo, Texas, the city with the lowest at $21,060.  

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I was also appointed to the County Affairs committee. I previously sat on the County Affairs committee during the 83rd Legislative Session in 2013. The nine Representatives appointed to this committee are charged with considering all bills pertaining to counties. This includes any bills that propose alterations to the Commission on Jail Standards or counties’ organization, creation, boundaries, government, finance, and the compensation and duties of their officers and employees. Additionally, all legislation that proposes revisions to regional councils of governments, multicounty boards or commissions, relationships or contracts between counties, and/or establishes districts for an election of governing bodies will be referred to and voted on in this committee. There are two committees that manage the calendar of the House of Representatives. There is the Local and Consent calendar and the General Calendar committees. I serve as the Chairman of the General Calendar committee; which handles proposed laws that affect the entire state. This committee has a total of fifteen members who are responsible for deciding the calendar for the Texas House floor sessions. The General Calendar committee considers proposed legislation from both the House and Senate. The House of Representatives daily calendar can be found at If you have questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this week’s article, please do not hesitate to call my Capitol or District Office. Please always feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or issues regarding a Texas state agency, or if you would like to contact my office regarding constituent services. As always, my offices are available at any time to assist with questions, concerns or comments (Capitol Office, 512463-0672; District Office, 361-949-4603).  - State Representative Todd Hunter, District 32  Rep. Hunter represents Nueces County (Part). He can be contacted at todd.hunter@house. or at 512-463-0672

Members Appointed State Representative to New Committee Todd Hunter for Ports, Innovation Reappointed and Infrastructure to Calendars House Speaker Joe Straus’ this week announced the appointment of 11 House Members to the newly created Select Committee on Texas Committee Ports, Innovation, and Infrastructure:

From the zoning documents

2.) Dwelling Units per Acre: The density of dwelling units on the Property shall not

By Todd Hunter, District 32

exceed 11.49 dwelling units per acre.

6.) Open Space: The Property must maintain a minimum of 30% open space. Any


Texas House of Representatives Committee Appointments

Oxnard, Calif., has the lowest real-estate job density, 1.28, which is 19.7 times lower than in Orlando, Fla., the city with the highest at 25.16.   Sioux Falls, S.D., has the lowest unemployment rate, 2.3 percent, which is 4.5 times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 10.40 percent.   Henderson, Nev., has the highest home turnover rate, 9.87 percent, which is 4.9 times higher than in Detroit, the city with the lowest at 2.00 percent.   San Francisco listings have the fewest days on the market, 47, which is 3.4 times fewer than listings in New York, the city with the most at 162.   Yonkers, N.Y., has the highest average ratio of home sale price to home list price, 2.03, which is five times higher than in Fayetteville, N.C., the city with the lowest at 0.41. Corpus Christi was number 91, but Padre Island and Port Aransas were not singled out and were included in the Corpus Christi number.

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The House is divided into 38 standing committees and 2 select committees for the 85th Legislature to accommodate for the high volume and complexity of the legislation at hand. Committee assignments are made by the Speaker of the House. Todd A. Hunter was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on August 26, 1953. He attended the University of Kansas and Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. Hunter has practiced law since November 1978 and is currently a partner of Hunter, Barker & Fancher, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Todd and his wife, Alexis Taylor Hunter, have three children: Todd Jr., Michael and Christina. In 2016, Representative Hunter was elected to his 9th term. His key issues are Windstorm, Cruise Ship Development, Water, Workforce Development, Anti-Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. Hunter has lived in the Coastal Bend since 1978 and has served as a State Representative for Nueces, San Patricio, Aransas, Calhoun, Jackson and Refugio counties.

Free Wine & Soft Drinks

361-949-1794 Mon - Sat 9:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m • Sunday 11 a.m - 5:30 p.m. 14493 S. Padre Island Dr., Unit B Next to Padre Pizzeria

PROCLAMATION APPOINTMENT OF SELECT COMMITTEE ON TEXAS PORTS, INNOVATION & INFRASTRUCTURE  Pursuant to Rule 1, Section 16, House Rules, I, Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, create the House Select Committee on Texas Ports, Innovation & Infrastructure.  Texas ports connect to global markets across a vast array of industries. The advent of “megaships,” expansion of the Panama Canal, and Mexico’s project to reform its energy sector are transforming global transportation networks and markets. To ensure Texas is able to take full advantage of these innovations and other economic opportunities presented by its ports, the Committee shall review Texas ports’ infrastructure including inland borders and border ports of entry. The Committee shall also analyze changes to the global trade landscape and the preparedness of Texas ports and border ports of entry to capitalize on those changes. Further, the Committee shall identify the nearand long-term challenges facing Texas ports and border points of entry and propose solutions to address those needs.  This committee may request the assistance of other committees in obtaining information.  The committee shall have 11 members.  The following members are hereby appointed to the House Select Committee on Texas Ports, Innovation & Infrastructure.  Deshotel, Joe, Chair Paul, Dennis, Vice-Chair Faircloth, Wayne Goldman, Craig King of Uvalde, Tracy Morrison, Geanie Oliveira, René Ortega, Evelina “Lina” Phelan, Dade Roberts, Kevin Rodriguez of Bexar, Justin

Trust Pad re

Islan da

nd P


100 colors of SNS Powder gel 300 colors of Powder

Text of proclamation:

On Padre Island Since 1994. Locally Owned by Island Resident

Bill Schroeder 15481 SPID Just past Whitecap on Right


A ra


s’ O ldes t

The Pest Control Professionals Islan OVER 30 YEAR EXPERIENCE dB ase dP est Con trol Com pan y.


Residential and Commercial Services Termite * Ants * Rodent * Critter * Roaches * Spiders * Fleas

A 14

February 16, 2017

Island Moon

WINT E R T EX A N R OUND-U P ! Letters from Frostbite Betty

Upcoming Fun for Winter Texans! City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department

Port Aransas Art Center 361-749-4158

323 N. Alister, Port Aransas, 361-7497334 www.

Dance Night Tonight, Thursday, Feb. 16, 6:30pm, at Community Center, 408 N. Alister St. Come dance, learn a few steps, teach a few steps, socialize and partake of refreshments. Everyone welcome, no partner needed…we wing it and have fun and a little exercise. Free, No Dance Night on Feb. 23.

Tuesdays Drop In & Draw -Pat Donohue 9:30am-12:30pmCost:$20.00 non-members $18 Members Come, learn to draw or improve your skills, you will have a great time! Bring your drawing supplies. (First Tuesday is portrait drawing if you don’t want to do a portrait you may bring something else if you wish).

So, well, here in Frostbite Falls it’s still winter. Snowy. White. Cold. What do we do when it’s the same every day? (If we don’t flee to Port A...)  Well we go after the fine points-think Fargo accent here. 

We’re Having Fun Activities Tuesdays, 2pm, at Girl Scout hut in Parks & Rec building, 739 W. Ave. A, on corner of Cut-Off Road. Supplies provided. WHF is learning how-to or not-to make or do something. Doesn’t always work, but always fun! 2/21: Shell crafts, 2/28: Beignets. Everyone welcome. FREE!

THURSDAYS--SOFT PASTELS- LAURA GRIFFITH- ~ 9:30 am -12:30 pm-Cost: $20.00 non-members\ $18 members Learn this very fun and artistic medium. Laura has a great lesson plan each week or complete something of your own. Use our pastels to get started if you don’t have a set and consult instructor about proper paper.

Well Bert it’s a bit warmer today, don’tcha know.

Pastime Matinee Wednesdays at 2:30pm. Feb. 15 at Community Center, 408 N. Alister. FREE movie, popcorn, drinks. Dances With Wolves. Citywide Garage Sale (see ad in this issue) Saturday, Feb. 18, various times, sites all over town & in Community Center. Call Pam 7494158 or for information. Maps will be ready for pick up 9:30am, Friday, Feb. 17, or can be emailed by request at email address above. Go With The Flow Fridays, 4-5pm, offered by Parks & Rec at PACT Theater, 2327 Hwy 361. Balletic dance/movement class to ballet music using T’ai Chi plus simple ballet floor movement. It will improve posture, mood, balance & flexibility plus strengthen feet & ankles. Wear comfortable clothing, ballet slippers, jazz shoes or go barefoot. No socks. Class size is limited. Call Sally Jo, 361-2717765 to sign up. $3 per class. Birding on the Boardwalk Guided birding tour for anyone, novice to expert, every Wednesday, 9 am, with local guide Nan Dietert at Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center at end of Ross Ave. FREE! Winter Walking Tours Fridays at 3pm. Mission-Aransas Reserve partners with P&R for 1-hour, 2-mile nature walks in the Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture, weather permitting. Meet in Preserve at the end of Port Street. Bring binoculars, camera & water. Wear walking shoes, sunscreen & mosquito spray. Spring Forest Qigong Saturdays at 9am. Relax, just do it! Suzanne McCann leads a moving meditation in the outdoor pavilion at the Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture. A great way to start your day! Class will move to Girl Scout hut if weather is too bad. $3/ person! Beach Walk Join guide Eliesha Barr on Port A’s beaches to hunt for treasures! Meet on Friday, Feb. 24, at 9am under purple pennant near Horace Caldwell Pier at end of Beach St. FREE! Pickleball Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 1-3pm (organized by Bill & Laura Arvold), a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis & table tennis can be played at the Community Park Inline Skate Rink at 700 Clark Pkwy, off Ross Avenue. The rink is marked off for the correct size, allowing three teams to play at a time. If you have equipment and know how to play, the rink may be used any time it is not in use. Know how to play but without equipment, check out equipment at Community Pool (when open) by showing a Driver’s License. For information, contact Pam at 361-749-4158 or pamg@cityofportaransas. org or Laura Arvold FREE Port Aransas Community Pool - Open Swim Tuesday through Sunday 1-5pm. Lap Swim/Exercise: Tuesday through Friday 8am5 pm, Saturday & Sunday noon-5pm. Water Aerobics: Tuesday-Friday at noon & Deep Water Aerobics: Tuesday-Friday 11am. Total Body Aquacize: Tuesday-Friday at 9:30am and Saturday at noon with AAAI Water Aerobics instructor Sally Jo Bartlett Interval Training At Port Aransas High School, 100 S. Station St, upstairs in 2nd floor foyer. High Intensity Interval Training offered at 6:30am on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Beginner-Moderate Level class at 5:15pm. Intensity Training in short spurts, all ages/levels. Work at own pace. Cash/ check to COPA. $3 a class or $30 for 15 classes by certified instructor Karen Decker (361-9030901). Cash or check to COPA. Open to men & women. Bring mat & water. Mommy & Me Workout Class Tuesdays, 5:30-6pm, Port A High School 2nd floor foyer, $3 drop in or prepaid $30 for 15. Bring mat. Burn calories & meet other moms. Fast paced/ low impact featuring Barre ‘type’ movements with parent & child. Questions? Karen Decker 361-800-1759.

Port A Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center 403 W. Cotter, Port Aransas, 361-749-5919 Whooping Crane Festival Registration Now Open Registration is open for the annual Whooping Crane Festival scheduled for February 23-26, 2017 in Port Aransas, Texas. The festival is open to birders, photographers, families, and anyone who loves the outdoors and nature-related activities. For more information and online registration, visit

Wild Horse Saloon 212 Beach Ave. Port Aransas TX FREE-- Texas hold ‘em poker tournaments @ 4:00 Wed-Sunday, W/daily food and drink specials. 


Ya then Betty, it’s a little cooler ... Just look at that wind blowing the snow around, will ya, then? Looks like we might be drifted town for some beer and watch the game some, ya?  If I can get there. 

FRIDAYS -Beginning / Intermediate Watercolor - nancy buskey / Kay Barnebey 10am-1pm . Cost: $25 Come, learn to paint or advance your painting skills with great instructors. Class is also taught by Nancy Buskey. Supply List available, the A/C has paints and brushes you can use to get started. Thru-March 13MONDAYS--SOFT PASTELS- DONNA GARVEN ~ 9:30 am -12:30 pm-Cost: $20.00 non-members\ $18 members Learn this very fun and artistic medium. She will have a lesson plan each week or complete something of your own. Use our pastels to get started if you don’t have a set and consult the instructor about proper paper. Easy Coil Baskets Judith DeShong Hall Workshop Dates: February 20 Time:2-4 pm COST:$50 includes both Pre-pay by Feb. 9th Dakota Rogers-2017 Calendar -Saturday February 18th 10am-12noon Cost: $29 Brenda Staresnick –Sketchbook Journaling– Workshop March 25 Time: 10-2pm Cost:$30 + Supplies Pre-pay by 3/18

The Gaff 323 Beach Avenue, Port Aransas Monday night cribbage tournaments at the Gaff. People need to sign up before 6 pm  Play starts at 6. There is $5 fee with money paid to first 3 places plus Gaff pizza certificate for high hand of the night.Chicken poop bingo is the first Saturday of the month at 4. Beltsander races are the 2nd and 4th Saturday at 3.

Port A Glass Studio 600 Cutoff Road, Port Aransas Port A Glass Studio & Art Gallery has expanded its fused glass workshops this year and has added Glass Casting, Small dish making, Intro to enamel on glass as well as Dichroic Jewelry, Garden Stakes and intro to Reactive glass. Evening and weekend workshops have also been added to the schedule.  Private parties for small groups can be arranged as well. Call 361749-6358 or see for more information and an online calendar.

Uffda. There’s a trendy name for it now, Hygge, a Danish word meaning oh-so-warm-and-cozy. Really, the New Yorker wrote it up recently. And our tourism bureau is pumping up the idea for why you would come visit here when the weather is sketchy and the locals have cabin fever. It’s a city folks romantic version of living here in the backwoods for one week of winter. Only.  in, ya? Snow’s going from there to over there, Bert says. Gonna end up somewhere.  Hey we got a little sun out, its looking like there, eh? I don’t know but what I might make us some cookies, seeing it’s kind of an indoor day. That’ll warm up the kitchen nice. We could get those neighbors over?  Oh, well, Betty, now that’s real nice but I think I might just be wanting to into

But then, really, it is cozy. No better environment for crafting, reading, going to the Y. Making stuff to sell all summer. Skiing, walking, sledding. Watching the snow fall is oddly engaging. Ha, listen to me. Cabin fever, it true. Be well y’all. We love you. Stay cozy.  Betty and Bert

BINGO Packs Them In

Great Crowd Starts the BINGO Season

By Brent Rourk

The hot numbers were rolling last Thursday evening at Schlitterbahn as the Kiwanis of Padre Island BINGO at the BEACH began their 7th season on the Island. Over 40 BINGO players went home with cash or door prizes from the evening’s fun at the ‘Bahn’. A large crowd enjoyed 10 games of BINGO and a special intermission heart throb who sang a couple of Elvis and Tom Jones classic tunes. Schlitterbahn has ample parking and is providing two bars and a special menu for BINGO players on Thursday evenings. John Vaughn of the Kiwanis of Padre Island noted, “We had a wonderful crowd this past Thursday evening playing Bingo at the

Beach. There were players of all ages, locals and Winter Texans having a good time for a worthy cause. Funds for this Fundraiser go to other children’s activities and causes and to other charitable organizations. I look forward to seeing everyone again this Thursday and every Thursday thru March 9th. We will have many door prizes again this week and several surprises. Thank you to Brent Rourk for making our Bingo games FUN.” BINGO games begin at 7:00 PM on Thursday evenings, but officials recommend that players get there early to get a beverage and a delicious meal prior to the BINGO games. Kiwanis of Padre Island donates all proceeds from the six BINGO events to children’s causes in the Coastal Bend.

University of Texas Marine Science Institute Port Aransas 361.728.1025, 855 E. Cotter Ave, Port Aransas 361.728.1026 Clams, Snails and Estuary Tales 2/2/17 – 2/23/17: Public Lecture Series – The Marine Science Institute hosts a popular public lecture series on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.), Marine Science Education Center, 855 East Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas. All lectures are free and especially prepared for the public. 2/23/17 “Defining the Quality of Cranes through Facts, Lore and Fanciful Tales” by Dr. Liz Smith* and Betsy Didrickson, International Crane Foundation (* speaker) 2/3/17 - 2/24/17: Nature Walk - Come explore The Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture on a free docent led nature walk. This Port Aransas Preserve has over two miles of hike and bike trails (crushed granite and boardwalk) and encompasses 1,217 acres of land. Offered Fridays at 3:00 p.m. Tour starts at Phase I pavilion at the end of Port Street, past the ferry. 2/2/17 – 2/28/17: Wetlands Education Center Tours – Did you ever want to visit and learn about a marsh without getting your feet wet? Join us on a free guided tour Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m., Marine Science Education Center, 855 East Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas.

JELM January Calendar of Activities

A long table of BINGO players enjoy the evening

Community Presbyterian Church 129 S. Alister, Port A, 361-749-5321, jelm@ Monday: Aerobics, Mahjongg, Beginning Line Dance, Intermediate Line Dance, AA Meeting, Prayer Shawl Needleworks, Learn to Crochet Tuesday: Body Toning, Quilting & Sewing For Charities, Beginning Tai Chi, Yoga, Advanced Paper Cutting, Advanced Tai Chi, Opry Jam, Advanced Watercolor, AA Meeting, Trip to San Antonio, Silk Tie Purses, Stained Glass Class Wednesday: Aerobics, Scherenschnitte for Beginners, Spanish, Yoga, Mahjongg, AA Meeting, Drawing, Spiritual Sharing, Bible Study Thursday: Body Toning, Creative Writing, Beginning Line Dance, Yoga, Bible Study, AA Meeting, Two Sisters Crafts, Wuilting, Needleworks, Pinochle, Quilting, Crafts, Trips Friday: Aerobics, Mahjongg, Cribbage, Tai Chi, Yoga, AA Meeting, Hand & Foot, Siameese Mahjongg, Opry Jam, Abundant Aging Support Groug Saturday: Tuna Does Vegas, Crafter’s Sale, Goldwing Express Shows

Winter Texans, this is what you are missing. International Falls, MN this week.

February 16, 2017

A 15

Island Moon

Police Blotter

NAS Corpus Christi Hosts Air Show April 1-2 The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will roar back into South Texas the last week of March to headline the 2017 Wings Over South Texas Air Show aboard Naval Air Station Corpus Christi April 1-2. “We are planning a full day of events for both Saturday and Sunday,” said Capt. Steve Banta, commanding officer, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. “And, we are holding the air show over the water once again this year! “We view our bi-annual air show as a base-and-community event,” Banta added, “celebrating the continued partnership that we have enjoyed for more than 75 years.”

Thieves stole two skateboards from a garage on Cabana North this week, including the one shown here. Sneak thieves seeking crimes of opportunity are an ongoing problem on The Island.

Porker on the run! A pot-bellied pig was found about 3:16 a.m. Wednesday at a gas station in the 600 block of South Padre Island Drive, near Old Brownsville Road. According to a police news release, the pig appeared to be a pet and it had injuries on its back. The pig was friendly and was kept in the area until Animal Care Services arrived. If you are missing a pig call 361-826-4630. And remember, for the record, as they say in Lonesome Dove, Uva uvam vivendo varia fit!

Island Police Calls 13500 block SPID (JFK Causeway) Noon February 5 Damage to vehicle other than collision 13300 block SPID 2 a.m. February 2 Burglary of a motor vehicle 14400 block Commodores 6 p.m. February 14 Burglary of a motor vehicle 14300 block Cruiser 5 p.m. February 4 Credit card abuse 14200 block SPID 4 p.m. February 9 Driving while license suspended 100 block Zahn Road 9 p.m. February 10 Hit and run investigation 14800 block Dasmarinas 7 p.m. February 9 Theft $750-$2500 15000 block Aquarius 3 a.m. February 13 Possession of a controlled substance/ Failure to stop at sign/No driver’s license/ Possession of drug paraphernalia/Vehicle impound 15200 block Caravel 10 p.m. February 8 Assault with injury/Interfering with emergency call/Assault 14100 block Whitecap 1 a.m. February 11 DWI 15200 block SPID 1 p.m. February 12 Reckless damage or destruction/driving while license suspended 15200 Windward 9 a.m. February 12 Assault 15200 block Cane Harbor 10 a.m. February 12 Criminal trespass 13900 block Fortuna Bay 11 p.m. February 9 Criminal trespass with a deadly weapon/criminal mischief $100-$750/ Unlawful carrying of a weapon 15400 block Cruiser 10 p.m. February 9 Illegal dumping under 500 pounds 15600 block SPID 8 p.m. February 11 Burglary of a vehicle

All branches of the armed services and the air station tenant commands will be represented at the air show as well as numerous civilian performers. “The line-up is falling into place as acts are signed and commitments made, and we’re glad the Navy’s Blue Angels will headline the show,” said Lt. Cmdr. Dave Hunt, air show coordinator. “Once again, we have the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights jumping into show central, as well as other military and civilian acts that will delight the young and old alike!” On both days, there is free admission and free parking. NAS Corpus Christi’s Main Gate (South Gate) will open at 8 a.m. Visitors will be directed to parking adjacent to the NASCC seawall. Guests may also purchase preferred seating and tickets to the Wings of Gold VIP Chalet later this month. For more information, follow us on Facebook at “Wings Over South Texas Air Show” or website or call our information line (361) 961-0033.

Annual Texas Abandoned Crab Trap Removal Dates Set for 2017

Don’t let a romance scam break your heart—and wallet By Kelly Trevino Regional Director, Corpus Christi Better Business Bureau February is a season of love. And while many people successfully find love online, Better Business Bureau serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin warns of online dating scams that could cost you your hard-earned money, all in the name of love. Called “catfishing,” the scammer builds a relationship with you and eventually gains your trust. Scammers typically create fake profiles on social media sites, dating sites or apps using pictures of real people and then assuming a false identity. After a few days or weeks of back-andforth messaging, the scammer starts asking for personal information or money. In some cases, the scammer resorts to extortion and threats if you don’t pay them money or help launder money. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), romance scams conned victims nationwide out of more than $200 million in 2015. In Texas, of those who reported this scam, victims reported losing $260,850 to BBB Scam Tracker last year. Most victims reported being contacted via email and sent money using a wire transfer service. To avoid any heartbreak, BBB warns of these red flags in a catfish scam: Pressure to leave the dating site. The scammer immediately suggests moving the conversation to text message or your personal email. Also, watch out for profiles that message you immediately after being matched, mainly on dating apps. Hasty expressions of love. They express instant feelings of love, although they have very little knowledge of you. Change of plans. They make plans to visit, but are unexpectedly prevented by a traumatic event or a business deal gone sour. Some may say they’re out of the country for business or on deployment.

Between Feb. 17-26, Texas coastal waters will be closed to crabbing with wire mesh crab traps to facilitate the annual volunteer crab trap cleanup. Any traps left in bays - including traps tied to docks - will be assumed abandoned and considered “litter” under state law. This allows volunteers to legally remove any crab traps they find.

‘Can’t Take it With You’ will play at PACT on February 15, 17, 18, 22, 24, 25 at 7:30 PM and on February 19 and 26 at 2:30 PM. Entrance is $17. This memorable 3 act comedy, written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart and originally performed on Broadway in 1936, chronicles some of the adventures and personalities of a zany New York family.

Volunteers are needed to assist in the coast-wide effort to remove the numerous traps that have been lost or abandoned since last year’s cleanup. To facilitate volunteer trap removal efforts, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will provide crab trap drop-off sites at locations in each major bay system along the coast from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Feb. 18, weather permitting.  Additionally at all sites, dumpsters or collection areas marked with banners will be available to receive traps for the duration of the closure.  Volunteers may focus their efforts on Feb. 18 or work at their own pace anytime during the closure, but traps cannot be removed prior to Feb. 17 or after Feb. 26.

PACT is encouraging actors to audition for the murder mystery ‘Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad’. Auditions will be held Sunday, February 12th at PACT at 1:00 PM and again at 4:00 PM (one day only.) The play will require young adults to assume the roles of prom kids and

All other legal means of crabbing will not be affected during the closure period for wire crab traps. For more information, contact your local TPWD Coastal Fisheries office or Zack Thomas at (512) 389-8448 or

Charter Boat Owners and Operators Wanted for new location on Packery Channel




Floating Cabin Repairs Large Boat Slip (22’ x 40’) available good for either repairs or rebuilding

Located under the JFK bridge on Packery Channel Call for lease terms

Packery Flats Marina


What can we fix for you today? Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone Repair, Web Design, On-Site Services, Remote Support AE Tech Services 1220 Airline Rd Corpus Christi, TX 78412 361-452-1066

Never wire money. It is difficult to get money back from people who may be misrepresenting themselves once it has been sent through a wire transfer service. Put safety first. Avoid putting too much personal information on your dating site or social media profiles, such as home address, work information or phone number. Also, avoid giving personal or financial information to online love interests, as it could be a phishing or identity theft attempt. Take the time to research individuals. If you see any red flags in your communication with someone, search his or her name through search engines and on social media sites. Copy and paste portions of your emails into search engines to see if they have been associated with scams. Kelly Trevino is the regional director for the Corpus Christi/Victoria area of Better Business Bureau serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin. Kelly is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. You can reach her by phone: (361) 945-7352 or email: ktrevino@

Also Seeking Actors for Play Port Aransas Community Theatre (PACT) continues to entertain the Islands with fabulous upcoming entertainment. Mark your calendars for the a few fantastic plays.

To participate, volunteers may pick up free tarps, gloves, trap hooks and additional information at their local TPWD Coastal Fisheries field stations. TPWD requests that volunteers who remove traps record and submit information about the number of traps they collect as well as documenting any sightings of diamondback terrapins.

For those in search of love online, BBB offers the following tips:

Upcoming Plays at PACT

Each February for more than 15 years, countless volunteers spend 10 days on the water along the Texas coastline searching the bays for abandoned crab traps left to foul shrimpers’ nets, snag anglers’ lines, “ghost fish,” and create unsightly views. To date, they’ve hauled off more than 32,000 of these derelict traps.

The Coastal Conservation Association Texas, Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program, Galveston Bay Foundation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are providing continued support to the crab trap removal program. Numerous other organizations and companies also are volunteering their services.

Requests for money. They make multiple requests for more money, and may even test you and ask for a little at first, and then continue to ask for larger amounts. In some cases, the scammer sends you money and requests you transfer it to another account. If it’s a sudden major expense, that’s a red flag. Don’t wire money if you’re asked to cover travel costs, medical emergencies, hotel bills, hospital bills for a child or relative, or visas and other official documents.

By Brent Rourk

also mature adults to assume the roles of school teachers, a coach, a principal, and more. A classic ‘Who Done It’, this play promises to engage the audience. Denise commented, “Come solve the mystery at Mayhem High School. Take a step back in time while enjoying 80s music. Relive your past prom while you enjoy a fabulous play.” Denise Keller will be directing this play which will be performed on March 3 and 4 at 7:30 PM and March 5 at 2:30 PM. Admission is $10. E-mail Denise for more information at PACT is located at 2327 State Highway 361 Port Aransas, TX 78373. Call PACT at 361749-6036 for more information. For ticket information and purchase contact http://www.

February 16, 2017

A 16

Island Moon


10 Tips to Get the Right Boat Loan How do you get the right boat loan for your new or previously owned dream boat? Here are 10 tips from Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). 1. Check your credit: Before applying for a loan, ensure your credit report is accurate, and get your current credit score. The closer to 700 and higher, the better the rate you’ll get. A free copy of your credit report is available annually from each of the three national credit bureaus at To get your credit score, first try checking with your credit card issuer or bank you do business with. If it’s not provided, you will need to speak to a credit counselor, use a fee-based service or purchase it from the credit bureau. More at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 2. Find the right loan type: A fixed-rate, fixedterm, simple-interest loan is the most common. This offers the same monthly payment for the life of the loan. Variable rate or hybrid options may offer a combination of a fixed rate for a few years then a variable rate. With interest rates forecasted to rise in 2017, the appeal of variable rate loans may increase. Don’t forget to ask if there are prepayment penalties for paying off the loan early. 3. Compare loan rates: Generally, rates are lower and available loan terms are longer for newer boats and larger loan amounts. However, each is dependent on a variety of factors including model year, loan amount and down payment. Be prepared for lenders to require larger down payments, have higher rates and offer shorter terms on older boats, especially those over 20 model years. There could also be a .25 percent rate difference between some consecutive model years, so be sure to talk with your lender and understand their rate and term structure. 4. Don’t be fooled by ads: You may see rates advertised as low as 3.99 percent, but there usually will be some small print that could make that loan less attractive. For instance, the

rate might only be fixed for a few years or the loan period might be only seven years. 5. Get pre-approved: Ask if you can get preapproval, or if your lender allows you to start the underwriting process before you have a signed sales agreement. This may save some time. 6. Consider a HELOC: Thinking of using a home-equity line of credit (HELOC) to buy your boat? This might work if you have equity in your home and you plan to pay the boat off while interest rates remain relatively low. Unsecured loans (loans not secured by your boat) are also an option for well-qualified individuals. 7. Explore tax benefits: A boat can qualify as a second-home loan interest deduction if it has a berth, head and galley, so buying a boat just large enough to have these features could offer a tax advantage. There’s an overall limitation on the second-home deduction. You can only deduct two homes, and it can’t total more than $1 million in loans. If you count the HELOC, the threshold is $1.1 million. 8. Get it surveyed: So you’ve secured the loan and found the boat you’ve wanted. Hang on! While you might think the boat is perfect, hire a qualified marine surveyor to inspect the boat to ensure it is in good condition and you won’t have any unexpected repair bills. A list can be found at Also, many lenders will require a marine survey. 9. Ask about closing costs: As with any loan, there are some fees involved – sales tax, processing fee, and title and registration fees are common. Check with your lender to find out what to expect. 10. Calculate your monthly payment: Wondering how much of a loan you can afford? Check the BoatUS online calculator at BoatUS. com/calculator to compute monthly payments. Your lender will also review your debt ratio and other criteria.

Schlitterbahn Announces Spring Break Schedule The Schlitterbahn waterpark thus week released its schedule for Spring Break 2017. The front section of the park will be open daily March 11-19 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day of Spring Break.

Get your fresh shrimp off the Pollyanna

All of the rides in the park will be open including the Boogie Bahn Surf Ride, Buccaneer Bay Kiddie Pool Area, Skyblaster Uphill Water Coaster and Kristal River will be open along with Bob’s Cabana Bay Pool/Swim Up Bar. They are also offering Stay & Play Packages include overnight accommodations.

Jan got some ultra classy new patio furniture courtesy of Old Salty. If you see Dale trying to load up any further spools, please call Jan at the Moon. She’s pretty sure their side yard looks like Sanford & Son are living with them.

It was a bit cold for camping on Feb. 4, 2011. Photo by Steve Coons

The Island Moon provides this space for Island organizations. If you are a member of a club and want to get the word out about your events and/or projects send them along and we will get them in. Be sure to include a brief description of what your organization does and a contact person for those interested in joining. Send the info to and we will include it. Or call us at 949-7700. Padre Island Antique Classic Car Club (PIACCC) is open to all vehicles 25 years and older: Antique, Classic, Roadsters, Hot Rods, etc; who would like to meet to plan meetings, socials, rallies, tours, car shows on and around the Island. Please contact for information on the upcoming meeting. Please include your contact information and the type of car owned.

residents of North Padre. We hope to enrich our members through social activities and community involvement and we have A LOT of FUN in the process. We have monthly luncheons (2nd Friday) along with groups of bunco, bridge, spades, craft club and book clubs. We also have social events throughout the year including a monthly “Happy Hour” where the guys join in. We enjoy raising money for scholarships for local graduating seniors as well as other worthy causes in our community. We would love for you to join us and see how PIE can be part of your life. For more info please contact our membership chair Jaki Boyd @ 533-0854

Island United Political Action Committee: Maximize representation of Corpus Christi residents on Padre and Mustang Islands in area government by promoting and supporting, by the endorsement process, proactive and unified voting in non-partisan races and other issues and referendums put to public vote. Meetings are open to the public. IUPAC meets meeting the 2nd Thursday of the month from 6:00 PM Kiwanis Club of Port Aransas. Kiwanis 7:00 PM at Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood meet at Noon each Wednesday at Stingray’s, Grill. Board President - Brent Rourk, Phone 401 Beach Ave., Port Aransas. For more 361-244-7603 e-mail: information please email portakiwanis@gmail. POA - Padre Isles Owners Association. com. The Association’s primary responsibility is to Padre Island Ukulele Club – We meet maintain the Common Areas, assess and collect every other Tuesday night! Call or text Danny the annual fees and provide information and Salazar at (316) 877--‐7071 for the next assistance to property owners. .. Membership meeting date. Beginners Workshop: 6 to 7 PM in PIPOA is automatic for anyone acquiring and Open Jam: 7 to 8 PM. All Skills levels record legal title to any property within Padre welcome. Location: Island Joe’s Coffee and Isles. Their office is located at 14015 Fortuna Gallery, 13919 SPID, right here on the island. Bay Drive on The Island. (361) 949-7025, A $3 per person donation covers the workshop, materials and the open jam. Loaner ukuleles available at no extra cost. RSVP online. ARK – Animal Rehabilitation Keep. Located in Port Aransas the ARK is affiliate with the University of Texas at Austin Marine Padre Island Yacht Club – is Science Center. They handle the rehabilitation welcoming new members. We have of most species of wildlife in the area with an Boat slips available now for members. emphasis on marine animals. They care for Contact Ralph Ferges, rferges@ about 1300 animals each year, including about for slip rental information. 300 sea turtles and more than 100 species of Check us out as every Friday Night is Happy birds. If you find an animal in peril they can Hour from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. Contact help Tony Amos is the Director. 750 Channel David Satterwhite, Rear Commodore in charge View Dr. Port Aransas. 361 749-6793, 361 of Memberships, 442-7638. to attend. Padre Island Yacht Club (PIYC) members enjoy small boat Poker Runs, Cruises Island’s PIPPs Chapter of Corpus Christi to area restaurants, Progressive Dinners, Red Hat Society. In 2004 a group of Island 4th of July Boat Parade, extended boat ladies got together under a Palapa and founded cruises to Palacios, TX. South Padre Island, the Padre Island Palapa Pals (PIPPs). Our only Ingleside, Rockport, Fulton, and other areas. rule is that there are no rules! We are all about PIYC hosts The La Posada Foundation, fun and friendship. We meet once a month for whose mission is to gather toys and other lunch and various fun outings from cupcake donations for the US Marines “Toys for making to CPR. Tots” campaign through The Annual La ISLAND ROVERS: Walks every Saturday Posada Parades and the Scuttlebutts La 3 miles or less along the beach, depending on Posada Kick-off Party and Auction. peoples fitness and desires. When: Saturday, Please come, join us! Check us out for a at 9am at the Padre Balli Park Office South Friday Night Happy Hour! of Encantada, in the parking lot between KIWANIS Club of Padre Island. Kiwanis the office and the RV park. No competition, meets at Veranda Restaurantat Schlitterbahn at just conversation and healthy fitness. For Noon on the first and third Wednesday of the information see the Facebook group “Island Rovers” month. Padre Island Rotary Club. Padre Island Rotary Padre Island Book Wine & Spirits. This Club. Of the things we think, say, or do…..Is it is the Island book club. We meet the first the TRUTH?....Is It FAIR to all concerned?... Wednesday of each month at Island Time Sushi Will it Build GOODWILL and better Bar and Grill at 7:00 pm. Wonderful group of FRIENDSHIPS?....Will it be BENEFICIAL ladies that like to read, love socializing with to all Concerned? If you can meet this 4-way the girls and drinking wine! Come out and join test the Padre Island Rotary is looking for you! us we would love to have you! Contact Linda We meet the second and fourth Walsh, or 361-445Thursday of each month at the Veranda 7999, or just show up! Restaurant Schlitterbahn at 5:30 pm. Island Emmaus reunion is open to anyone Contact is Linda Walsh, Secretary, lawalshva@ that has been on a Chryslis or Emmaus walk. or 361-445-7999. Please join us on the 4th Tuesday of the month Island Strategic Action Committee. Is a at 6pm at Island in the Son united Methodist 14-member committee which meets at 5:30 church located on hwy 361. For more p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at information call Eileen Moeller @ 830-708the Comfort Suites on Windward Drive. The 8367 or committee’s purpose is to advise the Corpus Parrot Heads of Port Aransas - is a local Christi City Council on matters pertaining chapter of the Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc., to The Island. All meetings are open to the a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose public and the public is invited to address the is to assist in community and environmental committee during the public comment period. concerns and provide a variety of social Padre Island Business Association. The activities for people who are interested in association is a not-for-profit organization the music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical whose primary purpose is to advertise and lifestyle he personifies. Founded in 2009, the promote Padre/Mustang Islands, Flour Bluff club motto is “Partying with a Purpose’’. To join and Corpus Christi while advancing the or ask questions go to portaransasparrotheads. interests of the business community. It is com or  email or call   Deno “Moon Dog” managed by a 9-member board of directors. Fabrie, President at 361 749 0256 or dfabrie@ A membership luncheon is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at The Veranda starting The Schliterbahn Women’s Golf at noon. Mixers are held on the 3rd Tuesday of association meets every Saturday at 9 AM the month. The association annually has two for a friendly round of golf. All skill levels are fundraising events – Taste of the Island in the welcome. Call Fran more information: 361fall and a Wine Tasting in the spring. 877-2551 P.I.E. Padre Island Enrichment Club is a ladies only social club open to all owners/

Upcoming Activities:

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14813 S.P.I.D.  Corpus Christi, TX 78418  (Next Door to Island Wash)  Salon: 361‐949‐4890 


February 16, 2017

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LOST GOLD AIR FORCE RING Our dear friend Jack – a retired A.F. pilot and ex Mayor of Staples Minn. has lost his gold Air Force ring that he has had for over 50 years. His ring was lost last Friday If you have found it please call: Dave 360-320-8844 Sea Horse Condos

Open Support Meeting

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Corpus Christi Will hold its open general meeting February 16, 6:30 PM at Bayview Gymnasium, 6629 Wooldridge Rd. Speaker will be Chris Muse, Program Director of the new Gulf Coast Behavioral Clinic on Rodd Field Rd. Free. Refreshments. For more information, or call Jim at 281 300-3837

Help Wanted ISLAND FITNESS Hiring for Part Time Front Desk Position Call 361-949-3298

Taking Applications Mon-Sat 10-2 For Full Time Positions Looking for energetic, positive, and outgoing people with good customer service skills and friendly personality for phone & counter sales along with gift store sales, cleaning, outside duties, & bait duties. The position requires working all weekends and nights. Sales experience preferred & knowledge of the fishing industry is a plus. Inquire in person only at: Deep Sea Headquarters 440 W. Cotter Port Aransas No phone calls please ISLE MAIL & MORE HIRING FOR FULL/PART-TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE POSITIONS Must have good customer service and computer skills. Contact : Scott 14493 SPID Ste. A 361-949-9325 Also have positions available at our Port Aransas Store

A 17

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Is alcohol causing a problem in your family? Try Al-Anon Al-Anon meets at 7:00 pm Sundays at Padre Island Baptist Church Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support At Al-Anon meetings An Al-Anon group meets each Thursday at 7:00 PM at Island in the Son United Methodist Church 10650 Highway 361 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS The Sunset 7 AA Meetings are held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 PM at : The Presbyterian Church On the Island 14030 Fortuna Bay Dr. In addition AA Meetings are held at 8 AM at The Pavillon on the Boardwalk Near Padre Bali

National Alliance On Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Offers free support groups locally 1st and 3rd FRIDAYS 7 to 8:30 PM at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, 5830 Williams St.. Individuals in recovery meet in the youth activity building and families of loved ones with mental illness meet in satellite bldg. #1. On 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAYS 6 to 7:30 PM individuals in recovery meet at the Family Counseling Center, 3933 S. Staples, room 218. No registration – Walk in – 18 and up Web: Questions: or Call 281 300-3837

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February 16, 2017

Three Chords and the Truth Scattered shots…

By Ronnie Narmour

Thanks Woodie… Well, I gotta admit that I’m scrambling to put this one together. I was a little under the weather last week and had to rely on my pal, Woodie Lawson, to help me cover the weekend shows. Woodie is a great guy, a great musician who plays in a bunch of local bands (Bad Buoys, Todd Dorn and the Sea Drifters, PA Rockers, Tr i g g e r fi s h ) around here and not a bad photographer either. So I Woodie Lawson, cub wasn’t able to reporter get my tired old body out and about when it was go time but Woodie assured me that all the shows he covered were top notch, and trust me… I trust his opinion. So thanks Woodie for bailing me out. I do appreciate you.

Although Woodie caught the lion’s share, I was able to catch some of Ulrich Ellison and

The PA Rockers pack the house at Bernie’s every Wednesday. Catch them while you can.

Upcoming shows… Ulrich Ellison and Tribe played Giggity’s on Friday before embarking on a six month tour of Europe. Photo by Woodie Lawson Tribe’s show at Giggit’s on Friday. This is the hardest working band I know. They’ll be back at Gigg’s at the end of March and then it’s off

Ruben and the Rolling J’s played Giggity’s on Saturday. Photo by Woodie Lawson to Europe until October. I looked at their tour schedule and it’s massive. Ulrich has just put out a new CD that he is very proud of. It has a

Billy Snipes and the Rasta Cowboys ripped it up at Shorty’s last Saturday. Photo by Woodie Lawson

Simon Snyder played the 361 Bar last weekend. Photo by Woodie Lawson

Free Beer Band Carol Elliot (5-7) Bubba Westley Tod Dorn Antone & the All Stars Open Jam w/Selfie Paul Taylor Band

Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21

722 Tarpon, Port Aransas, TX

With this coupon Offer Expires2/28/17

Thursday, February 16 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Lela Caldwell @ Drop Anchor Blue Water Highway @ Brewster Street Somethin’ Silky @ Rockit’s Open Mic w/ Rev. Matt Martinez @ House of Rock

♫ ♪ And, that’s the truth ♪ ♫

132 W. Cotter St. Port A On the Waterfront


Saturday, February 18 Todd Dorn & the Sea Drifters Selfie Feb. 18 @ Giggity’s Ty Dietz Feb. 25 Uel Jackson (3;30) @ Drop Stevie Start Mar. 24 Anchor Selfie Mar. 10 James Little (acoustic) @ Wild Horse Ty Dietz Mar. 11 Steve West @ 361 Bar Chanklas Mar. 17 Selfie @ Shorty’s Metal Shop @ Brewster OPEN Till 2am • 823 Tarpon St. Port Aransas Street Spendiferous @ Rockit’s Children of Bodom, Havok @ House of Rock Dan Sullivan, Eric Erdmann, Brendan Mayer @ Third ull ar rill Coast Theater


Sunday, February 19 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s FEA, Go Betty Go, Switchblade Jesus @ House of Rock Monday, February 20 Open Jam w/ Selfie @ Giggity’s

Catering for any Occasion Closed Monday 222 Beach St. Port A (361) 749-0022

Bay Fishing on the Island Queen II


is probably best known for penning “Don’t it Make Your Brown Eyes Blue” (which he actually wrote about his dog. I fist met Richard years ago when Lighthouse Rick insisted I meet them at Shorty’s, back when Shorty’s had a juke box with CD’s in it. I joined Richard at the juke box and watched him play about 20 songs by various artists that he wrote. He’s an impressive fellow. I’ll never forget at one show he did with LJT when Larry Joe gave quite a lengthy introduction to one of his songs and when Richard’s turn rolled around, he said, “I wrote this next song during Larry Joe’s last song.” This will be a good show. And if you are a country music fan, you have three excellent shows to choose from this weekend. Bubba Westley will play Giggity’s on Friday with his full band, James Little is at the 361 Bar and Todd Dorn and the Sea Drifters (San Antonio, TX) will play Giggity’s on Saturday. Also on Saturday, Uel Jackson (Comfort, TX) will play the Drop Anchor and trop-rocker Dan Sullivan will play a “Pirates and Poets” show at the Third Coast with Eric Erdmann and Brendan Mayer. That will be a Parrot Head fave. That ought to keep you busy for a while. Be safe out there.

SELFIE FEB. 25 Friday, February 17 JOHNNY KISER FEB. 26 Richard Leigh & Larry Joe Taylor @ Third Coast Theater DAVIN JAMES MAR. 3 Carol Elliott (5-7) @ SCARECROW PEOPLE MAR. 4 Giggity’s Tiki Room MARK MONACO MAR. 10 Uel Jackson @ Wild Horse CHRIS SAUCEDO MAR. 11 Bubba Westly Band @ Giggity’s James Little Band @ 361 Bar Robert Earl Keen @ Brewster Street Out of Bounds @ Rockit’s Scarecrow People, Arcade Hustlers @ House of Rock


Buy 2 Entrees and get one FREE APPETIZER

The big show coming up this weekend is the Robert Earl Keen show at Brewster Street on Friday. Keen didn’t play is usual Christmas show this year and I’m sure this performance will be well attended, to say the least. Robert Keen is a huge favorite in Corpus, I guess partially because he never could stay sober on the Corpus Christi bay. He is one of Texas’ elder statesmen and one heck of a wordsmith. He pretty much personifies Texas music. Another high profile show this weekend is the Richard Leigh and Larry Joe Taylor show at the Third Coast Theater. I’ve been to a few of these through the years and they are pretty much hilarious. Taylor needs no introduction Larry Joe Taylor and around here, he pretty much Richard Leigh will play coined “island the Third Coast Theater on time”. Leigh is Friday noted Nashville songwriter who has written a tow sack full of song recorded by the likes of Crystal Gale, Reba McIntire, Mickey Gilley, Barbara Mandrell, Steve Warner, Don Williams, Kathy Mattea and The Dixie Chicks. He

Robert Earl Keen will play Brewster Street Ice House this Friday.

Live Music Tonight


picture of a vicious looking dog on the cover. Not sure what that’s all about. Everyone in the band are all such sweethearts. The band always stays at my house when they hit the island and I was able to have morning coffee with them and I must say, they are delightful, not to mention extremely motivated. I always like to mention that Ulrich has two masters degrees in music from U.T. Austin. Impressive. And elsewhere, Woodie was able to get pics of Ruben & the Rolling J’s, Billy Snipes and the Rasta Cowboys, Antone and the All Stars and Simon Snyder.


Get ready… We are officially slipping into season. The first clue is that I now see bands on the Back Porch calendars coming in. General Manager, Lee Harper, and the guys over at the Porch have been busy all winter putting new finishes on all the tables and stools and even rebuilt the floor behind the bar. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. I ran into Lee the other night and you could see the excitement bubbling inside him. That boy is driven and there’s not a doubt in my mind that this is going to be a stellar season over there. Check out their ad for upcoming bands. Another barometer that season is on the way is that Spring Break is only a month away. Let that one sink in. That means bye bye Winter Texans, hello drunken idgets. I’ve really enjoyed our Winter Texans this year and will miss them. Some of the braver ones will hang around as late as April, but usually when the rates start going back up, the exodus begins. I encourage everyone to catch some of the Winter Texan friendly shows while you still can: Carol Elliott, PA Rockers, Silver Coyotes. It’s all about to change. We didn’t have much of winter to speak of this year. We had a handful of cold days and some cool ones and a bunch of windy ones… really windy. But it looks like it all eyes forward for a beautiful Spring. I especially look forward to SandFest on April 21st. There are beautiful times ahead in the next few months. Pack up your sweaters and savor it. This is our time.

A 18

Island Moon

4 Hour Fishing Trips Fun For the Whole Family Includes Rod, Reel, Bait & Tackle Ice Chests Welcome Children 1/2 Price, Senior & Military Discounts

136 COTTER (361) 749-6969

Music Lessons * Guitar * Voice * Piano * Performance * Songwriting Call Carol Elliott (361) 537-1863



Lela Caldwell 5:30 on Thursday Uel Jackson 3:30 on Saturday

All-You-Can-Eat Specials Thursday - Sunday

Daily Happy Hour Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials

361-945-9595, 118 Cut Off Rd., Port Aransas

Wednesday, February 22 Billy Snipes @ Giggity’s Bubba Flex @ 361 Bar

Friday, February 24 Carol Elliott (5-7) @ Giggity’s Tiki Room Billy Snipes & the Rasta Cowboys @ Back Porch Richard Tondre (6-8) @ 361 Bar Ty Dietz Band (9-1) @ 361 Bar Duke E. Brown @ Giggity’s Jerry Diaz @ Shorty’s Cruise Control @ South Texas Ice House

Saturday, February 25 Dennis Davis (1-4) @ Giggity’s Selfie @ Back Porch Red Giant @ Giggity’s Ty Dietz @ Shorty’s Cruise Control @ Rockit’s Sunday, February 26 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s Johnny Kiser @ Back Porch Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Haphdunzn, Get Cryphy @ House of Rock Monday, February 27 Open Jam w/ Selfie @ Giggity’s Corks & Cookies @ House of Rock, Red Legs, Golden Meanies @ House of Rock Tuesday, February 28 Paul Taylor Band @ Giggity’s CC Songwriters @ House of Rock Bubba Flex @ 361 Bar Wednesday, March 1 PA Rockers @ Bernie’s Jim Dugan @ Giggity’s Thursday, March 2 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s Friday, March 3 Carol Elliott (5-7) @ Giggity’s Tiki Room Davin James @ Back Porch Bad Buoys @ Giggity’s Red Giant @ Shorty’s Hard at Play @ South Texas Ice House Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Saturday, March 4 Scarecrow People @ Back Porch Ruben & the Rolling J’s @ Giggity’s TBA @ Shorty’s Rich O’toole @ South Texas Ice House Bart Crow @ Brewster Street

Tuesday, February 21 Paul Taylor Band @ Giggity’s SWMRS, Frights, Turnaways @ House of Rock

Thursday, February 23 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s PA Rockers @ Bernie’s Josh Ward @ Brewster Street Oddfellas @ Rockit’s Open Mic w/ Rev. Matt Martinez@ House of Rock

Spendiferous @ Brewster Street Five Card Draw @ Rockit’s Scarecrow People, Arcade Hustlers @ House of Rock

Sunday, March 5 Antone & the All Stars @ Giggity’s



315 N. Alister (361) 416-1020

treasureislandporta 21 & Up

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Monday, March 6 Open Jam w/ Selfie @ Giggity’s Tuesday, March 7 Paul Taylor Band @ Giggity’s Hell Yeah, Sons of Texas, The Crowned @ Brewster Street Wednesday, March 8 Stevie Start @ Giggity’s Thursday, March 9 Free Beer Band @ Giggity’s

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