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Title Page Video Interview - Silvas 39 Video Interview - Hapag Lloyd - Global Special Cargo 39 Africa Shipping Gate Transported A Second 1... 40 Caucastransexpress Handled A Mul mod... 49 Four Gantry Cranes were Loaded in Oita Japan... 49 220 Tons Transformer Is On The Move By BATI... 50 FCI Loaded their Last Shipment of 2020 at Rouen 50 Hacklin Logis cs Created A Special Solu on ... 51 LTN Handled a Regasifica on Skid for an LNG Pow... 51 Comark Shipped 90mt Evaporators From Centr... 52 Delpa Shipping Shipped A Helicopter Via RORO ... 52 Logis cs Plus Shipped BOPs, Catwalks And Coil... 53 New Member Represen ng China (Shenzhen) ... 53 New Member Represen ng Italy – Zaninoni IFA SpA 54 NTC Logis cs Delivered 11 Sets of WTG from India... 54 Talk about Heavyli ing – VTG Rail Logis cs Transported... 55 Video – Alpha Projects & Logis cs Delivered Vital Ship... 55 Wintop Heavy Li Shipped Stranders from Shanghai... 56 Wintop Heavy Li Shipped Twin-Strew Extruder Cargo... 56 Wintop Heavyli Shipped 2 x 95mt Breakbulk Pieces... 57 Interview with Zaninoni - Italy 57 Video – The Rigging Co Performed the Trucking and... 58 Announcement – The Official Reopening of Seaborders.. 58 HHLA Handled Oversized Cargo in the Caucasus 59 Logis cs Plus Inc Starts the Year Strong in with Project... 62 mv AAL Shanghai at Port of Rijeka Loaded the Last Lot... 62 New member represen ng Nigeria – Ruach Africa Solu... 63 New member represen ng Norway – SHIP-LOG AS 63 Sparber Group Handled Project Cargo from Spain to... 64 Sparber Group Shipped 56mt Wind Energy Cargo from... 64 The Rigging Co Completes Aerial Li ing Works for... 65 VN Projects has been Offering the Installa on of... 65 Wintop Heavy Li Shipped High Precision Compact... 66 Wintop Heavy Li Shipped Plas c Injec on Molding... 66 Zaninoni Shipped a 48mt Heat Exchanger and 18mt... 67 BATI Innova ve Logis cs has Loaded Flatracks and... 67 Comark Moved 15 pieces of Heavy Press Machines... 68 DT Project America Moved a 107T Rotor from Algeria... 68 DT Project America Handles Solar Projects Throughout... 69 Höegh Autoliners Transported Trams for the Mauri us... 69 Mercomar Transported a Caterpillar Engine 3616 along... 70 Video Interview - SeaWorks BV - Netherlands 70 Video Interview - Steveco Oy - Finland 71 Interview - Fevzi Gandur Shipping Agency – Istanbul... 71 New member represen ng Bangladesh – Kaizen Global... 72 Shin-Jo Logitech Collaborated with Alfayha Shipping... 72 STACKS Announcement – South Africa Agent for... 73 Tschudi has been Discharging Train Sets for DSB... 73 VN Projects is Currently Handling 11 Sets of WTGs in... 74 Oceanic Projects Shipped 12 x 40’ Flat Racks from... 74

Title Sino Projects is Performing Movements Amidst... Video Savan Logis cs Profile – Dry Port in Laos Jeena & Company Handled the Sea Import Clear... Logis cs Plus Transported a Variety of Cargo by... Sino Projects Loaded Breakbulk Cargo at both... Wintop Heavy Li Shipped Road Rollers, Sprink... Interview - Get Shipping - Mauritania Zaninoni Handled Giant, 6m Diameter Wedding... Zaninoni Loaded an 83mt Waste Heat Exchanger... Gruber Logis cs Handled a 120mt Locomo ve... Gruber Logis cs Managing Every Step of the Tran... Zuhal Shipping Shared this Video of Vehicle Ship... Aqua Global Logis cs Handled a Time Cri cal... Carmelo Caruana’s Latest Project & Break Bulk... Delpa Handled Two Wind Turbine Projects via... Project FPS Handled the Unloading & Spo ng... Sparber Group’s Bilbao Project Cargo Team... Tera Projects Handled the Transport of Oversized... Tera Projects Received Oil and Gas Reels in Pasir... Video – Comark Shows an Example of a Detailed... Video – Drone footage of M-Star’s Gas Module... VN Projects is currently handling 60 units of... VTG’s German and Russian Project Logis cs... Message from COSCO Specialized Carriers... Alpha Projects & Logis cs Arranged for Another... Alphatrans Competed the Delivery of Crane... Comexas Group Handled a Drill Rig from Papua... Interview - Manuport Logis cs - Chile DT Project America Handling Oversized Freight... Lobo Logis cs Transported these 7 Meter Long ... Logis cs Plus Handled the First Shipments of a... Sparber Group Transported Project Cargo from... Special Heavy Load from Madrid, Spain to Liver... Höegh Autoliners Completes its First Carbon... IOL Logis cs Delivered 2 x 30 mva 39 ton Transfor... Video – NTC Logis cs Recently Used their Wind... Video Interview - Protos Shipping - Canada Video Interview - Atlas Heavy Transport - USA QAS Charter Arranged an Urgent Cargo Charter... QAS Charter is Handling a Series of Flights Trans... CTE was Awarded a Project in Turkmenistan... Savan Logis cs Welcomes a Delega on from the... Tera Projects Loaded a 144 ton ABB Transformer... Wintop Heavy Li Shipped High Precision... Wintop Heavy Li Shipped an Injec on Molding... Video – VN Projects Transpor ng Heavy Oversiz... Fox Brasil is Experienced in Flat Rack Container... Video – Alpha Projects & Logis cs Moved Marble... Projects FPS Handled the Total Logis cs for... Soil Purifica on Equipment Carried by Wintop... Table of Contents Page 01


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Title Interview - Project One Logis cs - USA Wintop Heavy Li Performed an Ex-Works Ship... Video – Comark Project Logis cs Shared this Project... Sparber Group Transported 76 Ton Rail Equipment... Logis cs Mates represen ng Japan has re-joined CLC... New Member Represen ng Mauritania – Get Shipping... New Service Provider – Port of Grenaa Delpa Shipping Delivered a 63mt : 4.65m High Reach... NTC Logis cs is Proud to Play a Role in Hydrogenizing... 2HL Completes the a 1500km Delivery of 300+ Contai... Comexas Shipped Some Brand New Tipper Trucks from... DT Project America Highlights their Strengths in Han... Gruber Logis cs Transported 20 Modules, Totaling... Get Shipping Successfully Performed as Agency, Cust... Member Name Change – Visa Global Logis cs is now... New Member Represen ng Vietnam – Karl Gross... Projects FPS Moved a Yacht from Singapore to Male... Video – Comark Project Logis cs Handled a 75t Drill... Video – Power Press Engineers (Part of NTC Group)... Video – Sparber Group Shipped 44 Packages Totaling... Wintop Heavy Li Shipped 1587 cbm of Project Cargo... Interview - R-Logis c - Monaco Comark is Suppor ng an EPC Project in Zagreb, Croa a... Cory Logis cs Recently Arranged a Special Project Cargo Liburnia Loading 3x128mt Transformers + Accessories... NTC Logis cs Chartered an Aircra of COVID-19 Relief... Pan Logis cs Handled 5 Units Scrubber Parts from... Projects FPS Moved OOG Cargo from Port Klang to... Sparber Dominican Republic Handled 4×40’ Flat... Tera Projects Moving Monorail into KL City Centre Video Interview - Port of Södertälje - Sweden Video Interview - Port of Umeå - Sweden ALS Opera ons Team Moved 2 Large Caterpillar Scissor Caucastransexpress Moved 60 FTLs in Under 3 Weeks... ES Logis cs Delivers 3.5 Million Essen al Pharmaceut Gruber Logis cs the First Company in Europe to Plan... Jeena & Co. is Super Proud and Grateful to Make a... Kodan Solu ons Shipped Locomo ves from India to... NTC Group’s Engineering Solu ons (PPE) Installed 24... Pan Logis cs Handled Transformers and Accessories... Project FPS Handled Customs clearance, Transport... Robinson Group Transported Windmill Towers Bound... VN Projects Handled the Logis cs for 25 Sets of Wind... Wintop Heavy Li Shipped an Industrial Boiler from... Zaninoni Handles More Heat Exchangers Des ned for... ATN performed grounding and unloading of 55 TEU’s... Impressive floa ng wind power flagship ready for... M-Star Projects (Herfurth Group) Moved a Pyrolysis... Navex – Empresa Portuguesa de Navegação Handled... NTC Logis cs Handled a Giant Power Generator Stator...

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Title Sparber Group Transported 33 Pieces Totalling... Sparber Transported a Wind Energy Piece from... New Service Provider - Steveco - Finland American Export Lines is now SHIPIT Logis cs ATN Handled the Import of a Helicopter via... New Service Provider – Chr.Th.Boe & Son Port of Södertälje and CLC Projects Mee ng... Sparber Group Transported Cooling Towers on... Video – Atlas Heavy Transport (Service Provider... Video – Logis cs Plus Inc Handled a Converter... Video – NTC Logis cs Carried One of the Longest... VN Projects Deployed a Boom Crane to Install... Video Interview - Catoni & Co. - Georgia Video Interview - Cory Brothers - UK A Hold Full of Heavy Cargo for Malta, Handled... ACE 54 CEO, Philippe Somers, Shares Thoughts... CLC Projects Chairman met with Port of Grenaa... Comark Performed a Survey Report on 15 x 40 ... Comexas Shipped a Tank via RORO to Mexico FREJA Managed the Transport of Two LNG Tanks... TransOcean Shipping and Gruber Logis cs... Höegh Autoliners Recently Assisted Mar n... Video Introduc on to CLC Projects Network Video Interview - Unimasters - Bulgaria, Romania In July Casper Chartering Loaded Project Cargo... ISS-Global Forwarding in Cape Town Handled... Liburnia Loading a Major Project for the UK... Lobo Logis cs and Embassy Freight Singapore... Logis cs Plus Inc. Shipped ~30 Units and 2,000... New Service Provider – Westdijk Sweden Ocean7 Projects MV Atlan c Dawn Loading Big... Projects FPS Shipped an 80 Ton Transformer... PT Silkargo Indonesia Handled the Delivery of... QAS Charter Arranged the Charter of a Saab 340... Sino Projects Handled Mul modal Transport of... Some Interes ng Cars Handled by Aqua Global... Sparber Delivered Very Special Equipment from... Tera Projects Handling an 11m High, 257ton... Uni-Freight Logis cs Discharged Breakbulk... Uni-Freight Logis cs’ GWO Cer ficated Riggers... Video – An overhead view of Atlas Heavy... Video – Liburnia Mari me Safely Delivered a ... Video – Procam Group Unloading a Metro Using... Video – TetraSpar Demonstrator Le the Port of... Video – VN Projects Transported the Complete... Video – VN Projects Transported Wind Turbine... CLC Projects Mee ng with Mr. Ali Raza - COSCO... CLC Projects Mee ng with Mr. Ajish Venugopal... CLC Projects Chairman with Mr. Murali - MBM... CLC Projects Mee ng with Mr. Niroshana - Zuhal... Table of Contents Page 02


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Title CLC Projects Mee ng with Mr. Andy Hall of Fagioli... CLC Projects Mee ng with Mr. Shankarraman KS of... CLC Projects Mee ng with Mr. Lauri Heiliö of Wiima... CLC Projects and Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab at Port of... CLC Projects Chairman met with Mr. Romain... CLC Projects Chairman met with Chris an Cauchi... CLC Projects Chairman met with Mr. Darin Zahra of... CLC Projects, OCEAN7 Projects and PT Inter Orient... CLC Projects Chairman met with Mar n Bencher... CLC Projects Chairman met with Tschudi Logis cs... CLC Projects Chairman met with SHIP-LOG A/S in Den... ALS Performed an Industrial Reloca on of a Furnace... Video Interview - Liburnia Projects & Chartering... Video interview - Port of Grenaa, Denmark Interview - Westdijk - Sweden ATN Handled the Import of Another Helicopter to... Clearance & Delivery Executed by Aqua Bahrain on... Cory Brothers Project Department Shipped a Sprayer... Breakbulk Shipment Wai ng for Loading Onboard... MCS Monaco Moved Big Units for a Bridge Project... More than 5000 frt Intra-med Cargo Carried out by ISS... Mul modal Delivery of Astra Zeneca Vaccines from... New Member Represen ng Chile – Manuport Logis cs Premier Global Logis cs Loaded a 105MT Reactor... Video – Sparber Shipped 33pcs – 1827cbm – 773mt... An Update on Afghanistan Customs and Logis cs... CLC Projects met with Service Provider TSA Agency CLC Projects met with Service Provider Port of Umeå CLC Projects met with TSA Agency Sweden CLC Projects mee ng with COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers CLC Projects mee ng with Almroths in Sweden CLC Projects and ac ng CEO of Port of Södertälje Caucastransexpress Performed a Successful Heavy... Vote for member Ba Innova ve Logis cs in Heavy... New member represen ng USA – Project One Logis cs FREJA in China Carried-out Another Project Transport... NTC Delivers the HULKS of Wind Industry Pan Logis cs Completed an Airfreight Opera on from... Pan Logis cs Completed a Door Delivery from Gonen... Sparber Group Moved this Project Cargo from Barce... A Casper Chartering Vessel Delivered a Special... New Member – Sea Cargo Logis cs Colombia New Service Provider – Port of Umeå, Sweden CLC Projects mee ng with Mr. Hannu Vuorinen... CLC Projects met with the managers at Finnish... CLC Projects met with Meriaura in Turku Finland CLC Projects met with the owner of Wiima Logis cs Liburnia Mari me Organized a Beach Cleanup via... Caucastransexpress Delivered Oversized Cargo from... Höegh Autoliners Carried a 31m Long Breakbulk Unit...

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Title Pan Logis cs Handled a Breakbulk Shipment from... Sino Projects Safely Loading Breakbulk by... Deendayal Port in Kandla Handled a Unique E-Ship... Sparber Handled 5 Full Air Charters from China... Tschudi Logis cs Transported Brewery Tanks on... Clark Spence Successfully Delivered Two Helicopters Lobo Logis cs and Thunderbolt Global Logis cs..... Video Interview - Höegh Autoliners - Global Video Interview - Liburnia Projects & Chartering... Oceanic Projects Shipped a FR from Port Klang to... Premier Global Logis cs Shipped an Excep onally... Wintop Heavy Li Shipped a Large Volume of... CLC Projects Network met with Mr. Piotr Dryglas... CLC Projects Network met with Mr. Sascha Bengel... CLC Projects Network met with Mr. Björn Garbe.... CLC Projects Network met with Ms. Sarah Schlueter CLC Projects Network mee ng with Mr. Juergen... CLC Projects Network met with Mr. Ole Paulus... CLC Projects Network met with Mr. Andreas... CLC Projects Network met with Mr. Sascha REX... Abnormal Load Services Organised the Transport... Aqua Global Logis cs Bahrain Handled the Export... Casper Chartering’s MV BERING with Tower... Caucastransexpress Handled 2 x 21mt Excavators... Comark Handled 19 x 40 by Rolltrailers from Port... Logis cs Plus Inc Shipped the First Batch of... NTC Logis cs Successfully Carried-out the Logis cs... Port of Karlshamn Service Between China and ... FREJA China A ended the World Breakbulk... ITM Projects Handled Automo ve Press... NTC Logis cs Transported a 10mt Bust of... Premier Global Logis cs Successfully Loaded a... Video – Sparber Group Shipped Wind Turbine... Cory Brothers Shared a Photo of Project Cargo... Liburnia Chartered & Loaded mv Eemsli Hendrika... New Service Provider – KWH Logis cs Case Study – FOX Brasil Project Logis cs... Gruber Logis cs Provided Reloca on Service from... ISS South Africa Loaded Project Cargo at Durban... Jeena Moved ~30 FRs from Various Chinese Ports... Manuport Logis cs Transported Electric Vans... Msharib Shipping & Logis cs Transported 550KV... Sparber Group Shipped Breakbulk and OOG Cargo... Uni-Freight Logis cs Successfully Completed... Video – RORO-berth at Port of Karlshamn Expans... Video – Rhenus Project Logis cs Switzerland... VTG AG and TransContainer Europe Cooperated... Comark Project Logis cs Delivered a Pipe System... ISS Global Forwarding Coordinated Several OOG... Liburnia Arranged the Loading, Discharging &... Table of Contents Page 03

Video Interview: Silvasti

Virve (Gustafsson) Hyytiäinen, Sales Manager at Silvasti was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Video Interview: Hapag-Lloyd

David Piel of Hapag Lloyd / Global Special Cargo / Hamburg was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Zaninoni IFA S.p.A – Bergamo, Italy

Interview with

Mr. Andrea Colombo Board Member

Could you elaborate on this history of Zaninoni and more importantly the ownership of the company? Zaninoni was founded in 1979, when my father Angelo and my grandfather Carlo, together with other two

Andrea, please tell us about your own career in shipping leading up to your current position in Zaninoni?

Cargo” was the most challenging and rewarding wing of the freight forwarding industry, and I hit the ground

OOG cargoes?

es. Is that still so, and if so, why do you think that is?


What would be good ways for our readers to get in touch with you?

Video Interview: SeaWorks BV, Far East & South East Asia / East Coast South America

Tjeerd Veldhuizen, Managing Director at SeaWorks BV was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Video Interview: Steveco Oy, Finland

Heikki Renlund, Sales Director at Steveco Oy & Tapio Mattila, Senior Vice President at Steveco Oy were interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Fevzi Gandur Shipping Agency – Istanbul, Turkey

Interview with

Ms. Bianca Namer Sales & Marketing Manager

Please tell our readers about the history of the Fevzi Gandur Shipping Agency and elaborate on the ownership. The Fevzi Gandur Group of companies has a long history as a shipping agency and in logistics. Our experiIzmir, Mersin, Gemlik and Bursa. Agency activities were extended to other neighbouring countries. We have the expertise in rendering our agency services to Container, Dry-Bulk, Tanker, Reefer and Cruise Operators/Owners. The Fevzi Gandur Shipping Agency is a member of Multiport, the largest Ship Agency Network. We have and still represent a number of world class and still are part of the following liners either as Agents or as JV; • Jugolinija / Croatia Lines (Break-Bulk & Container Agency) • Costa Container Lines (Container Agency) • United Arab Shipping Co (Container, JV) • China Shipping Container Lines (Container, JV) • Wan Hai Lines (Container Agency)

• Ecuadorian Line (Reefer, Agency) • Fred Olsen (Cruise, On Sight Excursion Agency) managed by his sons, Mr. Cemil Gandur and Mr. Ali Gandur. We are a family company with strong values, managed as a corporation with an excellent reputation in the marketplace.

Do you have experience in handling project cargoes? If so, could you provide us with a few examples?

Turkey has a huge number of both shipping agents and freight forwarders. How do you ensure that you stand out in the crowd as the one to be chosen? Over the last 25 years, we have added Freight Forwarding, Land Transportation, Logistics and Distribution activities to our existing Ship Agency services. These include: project cargo shipment; contract logistics; doparts for vessels; intermodal services to Europe; collection & warehouse services of export cargo via international haulage as FTL & LTL; import & export air cargo operations at the new Istanbul Airport Warehouse;

We have the full capability of moving cargo in every transportation mode: air, sea and land. We can combine and provide multimodal shipment to our customers from one supplier—which is us. Providing all these services separately or in combined form facilitates the customers job which eventually makes us a preferred carrier/service provider in the market. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and sophisticated IT systems that ensure customers will have constant and up-to-date information about their shipments.

Tell our readers about your main business currently. Actively, we provide our Agency Services to the following Owners: • ZPMC Heavy Lift and Semi-Submersible Vessels • Fred Olsen Cruise Lines • Various Navy Vessels and Tramp Owners Our NVOCC partners are: • Sarjak Container Lines (Shipment of out of Gauge Project Cargo in SOC 20ft, 40ft Special Equipment as Open Top, Hard Top, Flat Rack) • Bulkglobal Logistics (Shipment of Chemicals in 20ft Iso-tanks) • Nepal Shipping Lines • Fairmacs Multiline pvt

Can you provide services in all Turkish ports? How about transshipment to Iraq—is that also possible for you to arrange? Yes, we can provide agency services at all Turkish ports, including the transshipment to/fm Iraq via Mersin and Iskenderun, FTL as well as Project Cargo.

Turkey during this pandemic? We strongly believe that every crisis brings various opportunities, and within this aspect, we grow each day. Due to our IT backbone, we were already equipped to handle the sudden disruption in the business environ-

The current business environment in Turkey is slowly getting back to normal. We’ve seen a resumption of project cargo movements and a general increase in cargo movement across all modes of transport. The situation is still not 100% back to normal, especially due to disruption in liner services, huge increases in container year and the situation is getting better day by day.

What are your future plans? Logistics is in the midst of a technology-driven revolution. We believe that companies which have robust digital capabilities, keep up with the data collected at every phase of the shipment, and utilize these to manage cost control, quotation preparation and eventually keep the customers aware of their cargo whereabouts, will not only help to facilitate our job but customer satisfaction as well. Business online is essential to follow up; however keeping in close communication with the customers will always be a must. For this purpose, we are giving our utmost support to our IT and HR departments. Our focus is to be able to solve our customer’s supply chain requirements, and therefore, we will be expanding will be receiving special focus. We will keep on concentrating our extensive experience in dealing with variety of principals (Charterers, Owners, Operators), in both Turkey and International shipping which will enhance the Fevzi Gandur Shipping Agency to a high level of acknowledgement from a multitude of clients around the world within the aspect of Project Cargo Handling. How is it best for our readers to get in touch with you? We will be pleased to welcome inquiries regarding Shipments of Out of Gauge Cargo in 20ft, 40ft Special Equipment as Open Top, Hard Top, Flat Rack and also for Big Project Cargoes through: info@seahorsenet. com &

Get Shipping – Mauritania

Interview with

Ms Hayatt Zein Commercial Director First of all, Hayatt please tell our readers about the history and ownership of Get Shipping in Mauretania will you? At the beginning, I thank you for this opportunity to introduce my company to your readers. Get Shipping Mauritania is a group of four integrated companies, specializing in global logistics for both sea and air freight and vessel consignments in Mauritania. The Head manager is Mr Cheikh Baye Maham. He created both: Amina for IT and Telecommunications Services in 2012 and E.C.B.T Agency of Transit and Consignment with 30 years experience in customs clearance. Then, he bought the vast majority of the company ShipLog for Vessel Consignments in 2017. After that, in 2021, Mr. Maham formed Get SHIPPING SA for Handling, Warehousing and Storage, with a yard of 32,000 square meters in Port Nouakchott (PANPA).

In a short time, the Get Shipping Mauritania Group has become a provider of commercial trading services with a very huge relationship with Mauritanian businessmen. The Get Shipping Mauritania Group has a branch

Thus, with his great ambition, Mr. Maham succeeded in developing his networking through international

transit associations: CGLI, OOG, Priority Cargo Network, BIMCO in March 2021 IAPH, CLC Projects, ISSA, UFO, FIATA in April 2021 Get Shipping Mauritanian Group is a company located in Mauritania, specializing in Stevedore, Ship agency, Forwarding and all kinds of port operations. We have a well-trained team with good knowledge and long exa wide range of solutions. From the start, our most valuable assets are and will be the quality of our work. We tinuous training strategy has been put in place for real-time compliance with any changes and new regulations.

Get Shipping Mauritanian Group is providing the following services in both of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou Ports: Airfreight/Sea-freight; Bunkers Surveys; Cargo Tally Surveys; Clearing & Forwarding; Cruise Vessel doring – All Types of Cargo (Ctnr, Bagged Cargo and Bulk); Tally/Survey Cargo; Tramp Agency; Transport (Cargo Delivery to Warehouses); Warehousing.

Mauretania is a country and is less known to most in shipping. What can you tell us about the ports available in your country and what you can tell us about the natural resources of your country that impact shipping, etc.? The Port of Nouakchott PANPA The Port of Nouakchott PANPA is the port which represents one of the pillars of the national economy. It enjoys a privileged geographical position which predestines it to play a leading role in international trade. It with the rest of the world.


Groynes and protective dyke of more than 7000 m to the south The Port of Nouadhibou naturally protected against the swells of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a vector of the national economy in general transport.

The Port of N’Diago dering Saint-Louis in Senegal, will soon be operational. nian maritime border with Senegal. It is also a commercial port where goods can be unloaded to be transported to the interior of the country and even to the landlocked countries of West Africa by river, much cheaper and more secure than the waterway,

Mineral Port of SNIM Located on the Baie du Lévrier on the east coast of the Cap Blanc peninsula, the port of SNIM can accommo-

• A conveyor and storage circuit

what kind of rule of thumb could you inform our readers about if they have shipments to your country?

The customs nomenclature corresponds to the system harmonized by the OMC. All goods entering the territory are subject to a declaration. These are managed under the SYDONIA comwhich case they are reprocessed by the General Directorate of Customs. cars for which the minimum import value continues to be used.

particular those most needed. Customs duties are progressive, according to the level of processing of products. In addition to customs duties, seasonal duties. Exemptions and exemptions from customs duties and import taxes, as well as duty drawbacks are sometimes applied. The documents required for imports are as follows: • The commercial invoice with the name and address of the buyer and seller, the date and place where it was established, the method of transport, the quantity, the description of the goods and the terms of delivery and payment

imported goods. Importation of samples for commercial purposes is exempt from taxes. These goods must enter under an ATA carnet that can be obtained from the Council of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Which ship owners regularly call Mauritanian ports? The ship owners are: MAERSK LINE CMA CGM HAPPA COSCO SOGECO Mauritania being a big country in the western part of Africa but less known, could you tell our readers a bit about the history of the country and perhaps also about places that would be nice to visit as a tourist?


and rail transport.

Chile is a very, shall we say, extremely long country although narrow. This must mean logistical chal-


Tourism is a promising new sector for Mauritania whose potential remains little exploited. It mainly consists of Saharan tourism. The country has many tourist sites such as Chinguetti, Oualata, Ouadane or Tichitt, and in particular in the Adrar region. Mauritania to really launch the tourism market in the region.

Mauritania has, in addition to the desert, other considerable tourist potential such as the Banc d´Arguin nature reserve. Banc d´Arguin is a national park that has attracted many visitors since its inception. It conserves swampy areas and shallow coastal waters. The contrast between the marine biological richness and the austerity of the desert forms a formidable and captivating landscape. The place is one of the most important places in the world where nesting birds and migrating waders can be found. How is it possible for our readers to get in touch with you? We look forward to hearing from everyone:

Manuport Logistics – Chile

Interview with

Ms. Marisa Helena Lopes de Oliveira Branch Manager

First of all Marisa, could you tell our readers a little about your own career in logistics. What makes a

I am Brazilian and started my career in logistics long ago when I was young at Zim Israeli Lines in Santos,

– such an awesome experience. -


My email is

Video Interview: Protos Shipping, Canada

Video Interview: ATLAS Heavy Transport, United States


Project One Logistics – Houston, Texas, USA

Interview with

Ms. Anne Schaeddel Owner & Managing Director

Can you tell us a little about the history, background, and ownership of Project One. I founded Project One over 2 years ago, and I am the Owner & Managing Director of the company. My idea is to focus on the customer and their project needs with tailor-made supply chains. I have been working in logistics basically my whole life and have experience from the ship owner side as well as freight forwarding. Our area gives so many opportunities, and I love to put the entire project together – turnkey or door to door.

Our favorite tool for showing our project portfolio and the work we do is LinkedIn, where we share not only videos and pictures, but also informative links about the logistics industry.

We are working with several steel plants in the US importing heavy parts for their new plants and exporting coils worldwide. We also do Oil & Gas projects and transport LNG tanks, compressors, and steel structures for not share any information. Please follow us on LinkedIn to follow our current and upcoming projects: https://

Covid and the Supply Chain – how it changed the world and what’s to come.

network within the carriers. This is not sustainable, and hopefully, this will change next year.

Houston, especially, is a hub for project freight forwarding and surely, we have many great clients and vendors in town.

the spot. Our customers know we are very reliable and that what we say is what we do. We always stick to our word and ensure everything runs smoothly from A-Z.

works, and we are happy to be a part of them. We do know a lot of companies personally due our long-term, established relationships before joining these networks.

The biggest key to project logistics is preplanning, and we love to do it. Having the accurate dimensions, weight, drawings, TOS, lifting points, and sometimes pictures in hand, can give us the chance to plan as accurately as possible. We currently are experiencing a lack of trucks, and often, this has resulted in cancellations, headaches for our customers and that we are not leaving them in the dark. In the end, that’s our job, too. For oversized cargo, we pre-plan so much that usually the trucks, permits and any escorts we need to perform the job are already in place when the cargo is ready to move.

people and learn about their culture. I knew I could live anywhere in the world with this job, and every day is When our readers would like to contact Project One, what is the best way for them to do this? The best way to contact us is by email – Website:

R-Logistic – Monaco

Interview with

Mr. Joaquin Gomez Yanci Group Deputy CEO

First of all, Joaquin please tell us about the history of R-Logistic and the current ownership of the comit all? R-Logistic is a subsidiary of R-Logitech – the infrastructure & logistics division of Monaco Resources Group, an international specialist in natural resources with a strong presence on the African continent. R-Logistic saw its beginnings at the end of 2017 with the acquisition of some agencies resulting from the fall of Necotrans Group. This was a strategic action which consisted of stepping into a strategic group of countries from which we launched our solid expansion, already being present in 12 countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Republic of Congo, Senegal and Togo. R-Logitech also adds a presence in the domain of port activities via NECTAR, which is present in many Afadded value. Likewise, our sister company EUROPORTS, specialized in port management in Europe and China with more than 40 terminals under concession, has complemented our multimodal services force since 2019. Regarding our internal organization, we have articulated a genuine model little seen in the sector, consisting of two Co-CEOs based in the West (Senegal) and Centre (Togo) regions, so that decision-making power remains very close to where the bulk of our activities are carried out. This allows us to not only give an immediate

My role is subject to the deputy General Directorate with the pilotage of a team of support functions distributed between Paris and Monaco. We believe in a structure based on local potential. Our more than 600 employees are massively local personnel that we carefully select and take care of for a dynamization of the potential that this continent brings to the world.

handling cargoes to and from? The experience acquired thanks to the presence of the Group on the African continent allowed R-Logistic to set up innovative and integrated systems in terms of multimodal transport solutions, by supporting its customers in their core businesses. R-Logistic operates through a network of agencies on the African continent to establish innovative and integrated multimodal transport solutions, supporting its clients in their core businesses, including mining oil and gas, industrial, agricultural, commodity trading and military logistics support. The company provides services to diverse organisations including NGOs, retail, and energy sector businesses. The domination of Asian origins in terms of PROJECT CARGO is and will be predominant, with China, South Korea and India being the most common countries of origin for this type of cargo, especially in the Belgium, Italy and Spain is highly present. It should be noted, as a result of the events that occurred after COVID-19, that there is an increasingly present demand for goods from closer countries such as those in Europe due to the explosion in maritime freight

prices, an opportunity that our European partners are taking full advantage of. Let’s see for how long the feast will continue to be served!

Do you have experience in handling project cargoes, and if so could you elaborate for our readers by giving them a few examples of projects you have handled. After the acquisition of the aforementioned EX NECOTRANS agencies, the divisions of both PROJECTS in this regard, giving rise to a new organization located only in Africa and only for Africa, and turning our development plans to strategic partnerships not only with end customers but especially to intermediaries such logistical support for the development of their activities. In its recent history, R-LOGISTIC is becoming a standard in project management in Africa, supporting not cite are: • Project for the rehabilitation of hydraulic channels in Bamako (Mali), management of container and bulk • Malicounda (Senegal) 130 MW Power Plant Project, vessel agency and stevedoring for heavy lift pieces and machinery up to 250 tons/piece. 2020. Cotonou (Benin) to Bamako (Mali). 2019-2020. covering shipping, customs, and last mile deliveries including unloading on site. 2020-2021.

• Millenium Challenge Account power project in Cotonou (Benin), being awarded 2 out of 3 phases of the logistics on the ground including vessel agency, stevedoring, customs and delivery of bulk and containerized cargo, as well as 14 transformers up to foundation. 2020-2021. distinctions in Mauritania, Niger (from Cotonou (Benin) and from Lomé (Togo), Mali (from Dakar (Senegal), from Abidjan (Ivory Coast), from Cotonou (Benin) and from Lome (Togo) as well as Chad and Central Afri• Grant Tortue project in Mauritania as main marine agent for main BP subcontractors. 2020-2021.

uniform rules or is it more talk than real action and progress? Despite being, without any doubt, an initiative with great value for the entire African continent, I personally a continent of opportunities, one in which there is still room for inventiveness and ideas. Unfortunately, adlanguages used, and government systems that are still very young or lacking certain stability. It should be remembered that the “EUROPE of the 27” began only with a handful of states that had already gathered enough socio-economic ties to allow this link. I have implemented many processes throughout my professional life, and I believe that an exercise with a smaller number of countries could be the trigger for the addition of other states as the project evolves. As it happens in process implementations, it is necessary to go through a test phase. Trying to reach an agreement between more than 50 countries seems, to me, an exercise political and economic support of great economies, would open a great opportunity for this project.

why? For me there is really no better or worse. In each country, there are particularities, and if you propose to adapt, there will be no great challenges. Everything resides in your power of adaptability and management of expectations.

What makes R-Logistic stand out in your opinion? Why choose you?

always remain faithful to its vision: in Africa and for Africa. It is vitally important to mention again that R-LOGISTIC does not intend to be present in countries historically positioned in decision-making as far as projects

partner in the African continent, but also a partner that will never betray you by taking advantage of the information coming from the decision-making centres. I believe that many international groups have failed on this less on long-term partnerships. We believe that great stories are not written with just one hand and that unity is strength. Why choose us? We are developing a new project, giving opportunities to African potential, growing exponenbecome commercially. The fact of not being widely supported by agencies outside of Africa or of not counting selves until the last consequence.

We have seen a slowdown in maritime volumes caused by the exacerbated rise in freight rates, but this has visible. Secondly, due to our authentic positioning on the concept “the alternative” (since customers asked for something new and genuine, people with courage and new ideas) which has had a very positive impact on the conquest of saturated markets. Finally, but not least due to our rapid growth in projects related to peacekeeping

nent? Of course, the infrastructures have become very small with the exponential growth of large African cities and capitals. The investment is still far from what the continent really needs. Something similar happens with the material, and it is still very common to see special transport material being imported from time to time for

SALTOKI SA, a leading company in Spain in the construction materials market, a great school for what would was studying fpr my university and master’s degrees at the same time. In 2007, I had the great pride and privilege to start working for Maersk, undoubtedly the best logistics school in the world, to which I owe everything I am today. Since I was a child, my dream was always to know the world, and with Maersk, I was able to work in places such as Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco, Mauritania, India, Senegal, Burkina Faso and some other African countries, becoming a logistics specialist in Africa over time. of what they hoped would be the NEW ALTERNATIVE to African logistics. It was very hard to leave the MAERSK family, and in fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop being “BLUE” in my heart. Yet, in life, you have to have courage and follow your dreams. When you work in a large multinational, you live within to explore many more facets and be closer to the centre of decisions. The adventure continues!

When our readers need your services, how is it best to get in touch with you? My email is and I am quite reachable as many people around me know by now. Don’t hesitate to reach out whether it is business or other.

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Westdijk Sweden AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

Interview with

Mr. Roger Arvidsson Managing Director First of all, could you tell our readers about the history and current ownership of Westdijk? Why the name Westdijk?

Nico Westdijk, but it’s owner today is Tom Sijpkes. It is he who has made the Westdijk Group what it is today, companies owned by Tom Sijpkes, and there is a managing direction in each country.

Am I correct in my understanding that you are specialised in moving oversized cargo around Scandinavia and other European countries by truck (mainly)?

I heard from others in the market that EU policies concerning regulations and rules are messy in some readers about the current situation in the EU & Scandinavia regarding this, and if you’ve got some good rules of thumb for any potential customer. roughly 1-3 days. In Germany, it takes 2-3 weeks. Italy usually has processing times of 5-6 weeks. The more

In order to provide a quick quotation what do you need from a potential customer? Do you always need a drawing for example? ment. We must have all dimensions, the weight, and the center of gravity.

Can you elaborate on the equipment that you have or have access to?

best type for each job.

Could you provide our readers with a few examples of noticeable projects that you have carried? All overdimensioned/heavy colli items are a project for us, and we do several each day soo…. There can be one load in a project, or it can be 50 loads.

About yourself, Roger, how and when did you get into the shipping and transportation business? I started in my father’s company back in 1980. The company had its own excavators and trailers to move them. I became the owner of the transport company. This company mainly operates in the Scandinavian Countries. I

How is it best for our readers to get in touch with you? These mails are mainly answered by Billy Sandren ( and sometimes by myself. My mail is: All planning is handled by Fredrik Jörning, and his mail is or Fredrik.jorning@ Website:

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Sparber Dominicana Srl – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Interview with

Mr. Jon Arevalillo Urquiaga Branch Manager

First of all, what can you tell me about the Sparber Dominican Republic branch? When was it established? Is it wholly owned by Sparber Group in Spain? Sparber Dominicana was founded in 2001, continuing a plan designed by the owners to have their own strate-

Elaborate if you will on the ports available for import & export in your country, and could you point out to us which ports are generally most used for project and OOG cargoes?

customs clearance in the Dominican Republic?


I know that your group in Spain has extensive experience in handling project cargoes worldwide. Do you also have such experience in the Dominican Republic on a local scale, and could you provide us with some pictures of projects you’ve handled?


You “share” the island with Haiti. Is it possible to transport cargoes over land to Haiti from the Dominican Republic? How is the relationship between the two countries? Is it possible to tranship cargoes into Puerto Rico as well or other Caribbean islands via the Dominican Republic?


When did you start your own career in shipping & logistics?

Certainly, I cannot interview someone in the Dominican Republic without also asking about the country as a tourism destination. Which places would you recommend visiting when in your country? Any overlooked gems that are not overrun by tourists (non-COVID times of course)?

When our readers want to get in touch with you, what is the best way for them to do that? or using my company phone number +1

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