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Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic Offers Superior Hair Transplant Treatments in Los Angeles at Competitive Prices Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic, a renowned hair clinic, offers a safe and effective hair transplant at minimal charges for both men and women in Los Angeles and Maryland. A Receding hairline and or baldness have become common problems that require professional clinical solutions. Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic aims to provide competitively priced yet effective treatments for such problems. Led by Dr. Carlos K Wesley, a widely respected dermatologist, this clinic performs every procedure under the supervision of experts with the utmost care. Hundreds of patients visit this amazing clinic to receive aesthetic and natural looking hair transplants. Irrespective of gender, demographic, and age, the experts at Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic evaluate each patient and recommend the best treatment for them within their budget. Talking about the treatments available at Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic, one of its senior specialists recently mentioned, “We take pride in solving a wide range of hair problems using advanced technologies and procedures, such as Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplanting. With these superior surgical methods, we not just increase the hair density in affected areas but also create a natural and aesthetic look that suits the patients perfectly. The contemporary micro grafting techniques allows us to cause the least damage to the scalp and deliver faster results to patients. Utilizing appropriate donor hair, we restore hair on various facial regions such as the moustache, beard and even eyebrows.” Dr. Wesley usually treats baldness with either Follicular Unit Transplanting or Follicular Unit Extraction technique, depending on their particular need. In both cases, experts extract hair from the donor area and implant in the balding area with state of the art techniques. The surgeons at this clinic take special care to make sure that patients do not have any post surgical scars. This clinic always conducts various procedures under the supervision of experienced specialists. They give maximum attention to the convenience and comfort of all patients. Most importantly, patients get customized treatment based on their hair characteristics. Shedding more light on the treatments, the senior specialist further added, “At our clinic, both men and women undergo an in-depth consultation and physical examination of their hair characteristics with a qualified physician. The latest improvements in micro grafting techniques have increased the possibility of hair restoration among patients who are appropriate candidates for surgery. However, in cases where metabolic condition, dietary deficiency and dermatologic conditions are responsible for hair loss, we suggest medical therapy.”

The greatest benefit of micro grafting treatments conducted at Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s Hair Clinic is the increased endurance of even the tiniest transplanted hair follicles. With vast experience in designing hair patterns, Dr. Wesley exclusively uses micro-grafting surgical technique to restore hair that will look natural in both women and men for decades after surgery. Therefore, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s Hair Clinic can be an ideal clinic for hair transplant in Los Angeles. About Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic Based in New York, Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic has been helping people suffering from premature baldness and other hair problems with the latest surgical treatments. Hair transplanted with FUT and FUE techniques leave virtually undetectable scars. The clinic also provides aesthetic hair treatments using non-invasive surgical treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. Those looking for hair transplant in Maryland do not need to look any further than Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic. Contact Information Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s Hair Clinic 1050 Fifth Avenue New York, 10028 Tel: 844-745-6362 Website:

Dr carlos k wesley’s hair clinic offers superior hair transplant treatments in los angeles at compet  

Dr. Carlos K Wesley’s Hair Clinic, a renowned hair clinic, offers a safe and effective hair transplant at minimal charges for both men and w...

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