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Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic Is Offering Hair Transplant Using Follicular Unit Extraction Technique Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic is a well-known provider of effective hair transplant treatments using follicular unit extraction technique. Hair loss is a common occurrence in men and women and can be attributed to numerous reasons. Genetics, head injury, long-term medications and hormonal imbalances are just some of the reasons for hair loss and balding. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic welcomes all those wanting a complete recovery from hair loss. Offering efficient and successful hair transplant solutions, this hair treatment center reaches out to common folks through a huge network of clinics spread across Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, New Hampshire, Los Angeles, Maryland, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. One of the dermatologists at Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic stated, “Under the guidance and leadership of our founder Dr. Wesley, we offer a range of specialized hair transplant solutions. An alumnus of the Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Carlos Wesley is a brilliant dermatologist who has dedicated his entire career to the research and practice of hair recovery procedures. Due to his efforts and commitment, he has emerged as a prominent figure in the field of hair transplantation surgeries. In addition to his professional excellence, our proficient team with an unwavering resolve to offer nothing but the best hair transplant treatments has made us a popular and reliable hair treatment service provider.” Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s Hair Clinic enjoys a robust reputation for offering unmatched hair transplant treatments using complex hair restoration techniques. These effective treatments stops hair loss and bring back the lost confidence, peace, and happiness in the lives of people struggling with balding issues. Their consultants and seasoned dermatologists go overboard to gain insight into the individual cause and the type of hair loss problem, which enhances the efficacy of treatments. Depending on the individual requirements, the dermatologists offer a hair transplant treatment based either on the innovative Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique or on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. While shedding some light on the Follicular Unit Extraction technique, the dermatologist further added, “Using this technique, we carefully create each individual follicular unit directly from the scalp. A small, sharp cylindrical punch incises the skin around each hair follicle before taking out the hair follicle manually with forceps. The entire process requires no suturing and leads to minimal post-operative discomfort. Yet another quality that makes Follicular Unit Extraction technique so popular and reliable is that it leaves no linear scar in the donor area of the patient’s scalp.”

For those in need of follicular unit extraction Los Angeles, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s Hair Clinic can be an ideal source to rely on. The techniques provided leaves no permanent linear scar and offers a comfortable healing. Moreover, the treatment is useful for both - those who require limited number of grafts and poor healers as well. Yet another group of people who totally benefit from this technique are those who have pre-existing scarring. Transplanting FU directly into a scar, follicular unit extraction technique is a good way to camouflage or eliminate even a fine linear scar from a prior surgery. About Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic: With the base of operations in New York, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic specializes in advanced hair transplant treatments that even cure severe hair loss cases promptly and effectively. Therefore, those looking for reasonable hair transplant cost Pennsylvania can rely on Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic. Contact Information: Dr. Carlos K. Wesley’s Hair Clinic 1050 Fifth Avenue New York, 10028 Tel: 844-745-6362 Website:

Dr carlos k wesley's hair clinic is offering hair transplant using follicular unit extraction techni  

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's Hair Clinic is a well-known provider of effective hair transplant treatments using follicular unit extraction techniq...

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