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How Saint Patrick’s Day + Green Pancake Recipes = Secrets to MLM Success Saint Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us as the clock strikes March 17, with smiling leprechauns and a pancake recipe which reveals the secrets to MLM success. I’ll admit that the mention of St. Patrick’s Day is more likely to invoke thoughts of parades and corned beef cabbage than green pancakes…but it is within the magic of the green that the secrets to MLM success reside. A little background: Saint Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland, was born in the 4th century. He is known f or having used the shamrock to teach about the holy trinity and is loved and adored by f olks of the Emerald Isle. An interesting, but little known f act about St. Pat, is that he was known f or driving snakes out of Ireland. Some say that St. Patrick was very good at ridding the isle of snakes as there is nary a one to be f ound on in Ireland. Others suggest that perhaps this is so because there never were any snakes in Irelamd. It is a f act that there are no snakes in Ireland. T his means either that St. Patrick was very ef f ective in evicting snakes…or perhaps there were never any snakes in Ireland at all. You’ll have to make that determination yourself . Frankly, I don’t have the answer, but if you f ind out please let me know. Festivities on St. Patrick’s Day involves public parades, f ood and f un, including wearing of “the green” and perhps a bit of imbibing. Prohibitions against f ood and alcoholic beverages f or those that observe Lent are not enf orced on St. Pat’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is not a legal holiday in the United States, but has been happily celebrated nationwide since the late eighteenth century. St Pat’s Day Green Pancakes A lesser known but equally f un way to celebrate St. Pat’s Day is to start the day with a bit of the green… pancake style ! Promised to bring a smile to every true or once a year Irishman or lady, these tasty breakf ast cakes can be whipped up in f ar less time than traditional, later in the day meals, such as corn beef and cabbage. We love f ast, easy, tasty meals in our home..and here is a recipe that is easy as it can get :

Just add green gel food coloring to your favorite

Just add green gel food coloring to your favorite pancake recipe. Prepare as normal, pile them up and serve them to your hungry St Patrick’s Day revelers Helpf ul hint: Did you know that you can make pancakes ahead of time and f reeze them ?. St. Patrick’s Day is on a weekday this year. Why not prep, f reeze, microwave them f or two minutes and be ready to eat and enjoy ! We f ound this super simple recipe and hint at: thoughtf and love it !

g re e n.p anc ake s = s e c re ts to MLM s uc c e s s

Saint Patrick’s Day + Green Pancake Recipes = Secrets to MLM Success Without f urther delay, let me explain what St Patrick’s Day and Green Pancakes has to do with secrets to MLM success. It really is quite simple. St Patrick’s Day is one that is f ull of history and tradition yet is also a day of merriment and laughter. In MLM or network marketing, the savvy marketer will pay homage to historically proven and honored marketing axioms such as prompting products and services that you are passionate about and believe in. Marketing f or a company that is ethical in dealings both with customers and marketing members are also critical secrets to mlm success. BUT … the smart MLMer will want to utilize tools and methods that will help him/her to reach the widest audience. T his is mandatory if you truly and passionately believe in your MLM’s products and/or services and what they can do to improve the lives of others. T he best way to do that today is via the internet by blogging and telling your story, sharing successes with the product, interacting with prospects. Using the power of the internet is a powerf ul way to live and work..truly the best of any secrets to MLM success. Green pancakes can take a half morning to make f rom scratch. And unless you are a prof essionally trained cook, you are likely to end up with a messy kitchen, burned green disks that can be used as a Frisbee when playing with Fido, and a still hungry f amily. Same is true online. If you are not a tech whiz and marketing maven you may soon become f rustrated if you “go it alone” to build a blogging empire sans secrets to MLM success. A wordpress platf orm to blog on, updates, domain names, hosting, installation, plugins, graphics, content, indexing, search engine optimization, backlinks (you need a ton of these over a period of time), then a high rank to be visible on the search engines…get the idea? You can do it all yourself if you have tech AND marketing skills or hire a prof essional f or upwards of thousands of dollars. T hen….wait f or the indexing and hopef ully a solid place in the search results. T hat is why I LOVE the Green Pancake approach as the best of my secrets to MLM success Imagine a ready to go, highly ranked, f ully indexed, prof essionally designed and tested blog with massive backlinks in place on a seasoned and aged domain. T hen imagine that all you have to do is to post to your blog… share, teach, describe, interact, communicate, answer questions, book more business and enjoy our lif e.

And what if you could start blogging today f or just $25 on a blog like this instead of spending hundreds to $1,000.00s? It’s easy and f un, just like Green Pancakes that you can make in a f ew minutes and enjoy more than those that take all morning to ruin Two guys I know set up a blog just like that…and now you can have one too. It has become so popular that it is now one of the net’s most powerf ul and traf f icked sites online. T his powerf ul, prof itable platf orm alone is better than any unproven theories or worn out and saturated method, promising secrets to MLM success that I have ever heard of . I love St. Patricks Day and green pancakes. And I love even more the f act I learned how the secrets to MLM success that I can enjoy (by harnessing the power of the blog built by the 2 guys I mentioned) not only today, but into the f uture as well.

How saint patricks day green pancake recipes secrets to mlm success  
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