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Black Annealed Wire Products: Catchweight Coils - Not a Matter of Catch and Wait Steel seems to be just another normal part of everyday life. It is found in our knives as well as our houses. It is in our cars and dozens of imperceptible corners of the cities we live in. Yet, steel is not manufactured everywhere. Nor is it stored in every village and town. Instead, steel is held by stockholders in a few advantageous positions. From there, steel is shipped around the country, and around the world. However, steel is not the easiest material to store or transport, especially when cut into unusually large sheets, which means that highly specific precautions must be made for the health and safety of all who deal with it. For steel stockholders, strong wiring is required for safe storage and transport. And the preferred wire of most steel stockholders is black annealed wire. Black Annealed Wire Formers Image Courtesy of D R Baling Wire Manufacturers

Black Annealed Wire Wire itself is often made of steel which is pulled or drawn until it reaches the diameter required for use. Wire drawn in this way is referred to as “cold wire�. It does have some uses in this raw format; however, cold wire is typically coated with plastic for use in the market. Alternatively, it is either annealed or galvanised. As the wire is drawn, many of its ductile properties are lost. Not only that, but it is usually not resilient enough in cold form to withstand the elements and weights required to do the job in most industries. Annealing is a process of heating wire to a certain temperature and maintaining it there for a length of time. This allows the wire to regain the properties it has lost, and also provides it with the blackened finish that gives this wire its name. This process is decidedly different to the galvanisation process that is also a common method for treating cold wire. Galvanising is a method whereby steel, dipped into a molten bath of zinc (or zinc oxide) bonds with its metal coating, rendering it more resilient against oxygen and moisture. The Different Forms of Black Annealed Wire Not all black annealed wire is the same. It can vary in tensile strength, as well as length and diameter. However, it is sold differently, and the various bundles and coils

are the primary differences between forms of black annealed wire. Obviously, with something as specific as wire needs to be, there is an almost infinite number of forms and weights that black annealed wire can be sold, but there are a few key groupings.

Black Annealed Rewound Coils / Image Courtesy of D R Baling Wire Manufacturers

Rewound Coils – These are precision coils, wound and packaged for use with automated baling machines. They are normally sold as smaller coils, which are grouped together on a pallet for easy transport – and storage once they reach their destination.

Formers – These are larger coils. Although there made be an overlap with the diameters achieved with rewound coils, these are sold in much larger units; each former arriving with its own stand. Formers, including those wound from galvanised wire, are often used within the waste management and waste incineration industries.

Cut and Looped – These pre-cut lengths of wire are sold in bundles to industries that require manual baling and fastening of their products or waste material. The name of this form comes from the loop at one end of the cut length, which is wound around itself in order to facilitate manual fastening. These can also be sold as straight bars if a client does not require the looped end.

Cut and Looped Black Annealed Wire / Image Courtesy of D R baling Wire Manufacturers


Cut Bars – These are usually found in the galvanising industry, rather than for baling. Cut bars are used to hot-dip steel into zinc. Extreme precision is required in order to ensure the final product meets industry standards.

Catchweight Coils and Their Uses Catchweight coils are sold as larger coils than rewound coils; however, they are not typically wound around stands the way formers are. Instead, catchweight coils are left loose for easy manoeuvrability once they arrive at their final destination. The main reason for this is that they are predominantly used by steel stockholders, and they may require wires in many different areas of their property which can only be determined once an order is placed.

Catchweight coils are sold to meet customer demands, with diameters between 1mm and 5mm. Coils are typically sold with a minimum weight of 20 kilograms a piece. Black Annealed Catchweight Coils / Image Courtesy of D R Baling Wire Manufacturers

Once delivered, steel stockholders use black annealed wire for many purposes and primarily for the storage and transportation of their wares. This may include large bundles of smaller sheets, or smaller bales of larger sheets. And, when it comes to the transport of an order, precaution is a particular concern, as steel can present safety issues if it is not secured properly. Because steel is not held in every town, it often needs to be transported over long distances, and possibly using several different types of transport – from lorry to rail to ships. Resilience is a primary concern when bales are loaded and unloaded several times on their way to their final destination.Catchweight coils can be manually tied, or fed through a baling machine which assists steel stockholders and other clients to automate their processes. Catchweight coils, therefore, must be made with ultimate precision. Flaws, in any part of the wire, could lead to difficulties with the baling machine used. They can also present additional health and safety concerns. Ordering Catchweight Coils Established businesses that require catchweight coils will already know exactly what tensile strength, as well as diameter and length they require for optimum results. However, new companies and those that are expanding in different directions may want to book a consultation with their wire manufacturer. Whether it is a question of best practice, or determining order quantities that fulfil clients’ needs of both budget and available storage facilities, reputable wire manufacturers will always be there for their clients. D R Baling Wire Manufacturers are the UK's leading manufacturers of highquality, flawless baling wire products. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and order the baling wire that better suits them. You can reach us on 01226 766775 or visit our website to find out more about our black annealed wire products:

Black Annealed Wire Products Catchweight Coils  

Black annealed catchweight coils are mainly used by steel stockholders. Read this article to find out all there is about black annealed wire...

Black Annealed Wire Products Catchweight Coils  

Black annealed catchweight coils are mainly used by steel stockholders. Read this article to find out all there is about black annealed wire...