Dr Ayman Kandeel

Los Angeles, California, US

"One of the people in charge of Fanarah Development is Kandeel. Egyptian-born businessman and economist Ayman Kandeel AK was sold to Inertia Developments in November 2018 for $680 million by Borak Capital Holding, which he created and oversaw. More than three-quarters of all AKREM investors made a profit. Dr. Kandeel created Fanarah Developments LLC in 2015 to develop Egypt's Mediterranean shore. Jefaira is now the name of the project. Dr. Kandeel co-founded Borak Capital Holdings and Arab African International Securities. Technology, real estate, entertainment, and finance have all profited from his knowledge. Comic books in English, Arabic, Greek, and Chinese are published by this company. The authors of AK Comics have a vision of a calm Middle East. Conspiracy theories are thwarted in a parallel Middle East. Numerous high-ranking politicians have crossed paths with him throughout the years. It is adored by Dr. Kandeel. Advertisement for Confounded Bonuses by JWT in 1995.