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EXCLUSIVE TAPE RELEASE FROM JILK With this very limited edition pre issue of the Drawn zine, we’re giving a free music release from Jilk. This releases is a bit special though, as you’ve no doubt noticed. Yes, it’s on a cassette tape! Far out. You’ll have to try to locate a tape player now, because when someone puts this much effort into something, you have to at least give it the time of day don’t you? Sheer curiosity compels you to. This is what Jilk AKA Jon has to say about it:-

'I found the tapes at a street sale and they were marked with funny names - I asked the lady there if she knew anything about them, and she said an old woman used to make them for the kids in the street. She had some tape machines and would sample all this odd vinyl she'd collected during the 70s and 80s. I restored what I could from the tapes and found them quite compelling. The intended audience have grown up and gone their seperate ways into the world, yet here is a ghost from their past, a vague memory of a time when an old lady laboured with a record player and a tape machine to create a soundtrack to a moment in their lives.' Jilk

Rebecca Shepherd

Nick Denton

Welcome to the very limited edition pre issue 5 of the Drawn Zine. Another collection of art and writing from the Bristol back alleys. All printed on actual real paper. Stuff you can hold in your hand and thumb through the pages. There aren’t too many of these things in production these days, what with the internet now the preferred choice for the would be DIY creative. We however still cling hopelessly to the sinking ship of romantic nostalgia which is the printed document. Yeah, it’s home made, sure, it’s not a super sleek wordpress layout and yeah, there are probably a few spelling mistakes, but that’s part of it. This is DIY culture, printed and presented for posterity. There are no adverts and no charge. This may still be lying around in two or three years time, or longer, waiting for someone to pick it up and leaf through it’s pages. A little snapshot in time, captured and recorded in ink and paper.

Cover Art by Kyle Fox

Tom Newell

The Plight Of Life I can’t help but be conscious of how everything overtakes you. Time overtakes you, and in its trail leaves you realising how even the best-laid plans can fall by the wayside. A year will fly by in a shockingly short space of time. And then there’s complacency, possibly the cause of all of this. We are after all, our own worst enemies given that our very come-day go-day attitude paves the way of which we have become so accustomed. So what’s the answer? Devise a change of tactics? A new lifestyle perhaps? All this seems very plausible but when it comes down to it this is no more than another politician’s blame-passing speech, as likely to be embraced or believed as a charity funded space travel for under privileged yoghurts. Keep partying. Words by Petrospective

Nick Denton

Write the way you speak. It’s a brilliant tip that has doubtless improved the prose of thousands. The concept is simple: if you write the way you would speak to someone, the reader will feel they’re being personally addressed, the copy will flow, and all of this makes for good communication. Do you hear what I’m saying? Good. (See that? You can even imply answers with it, which is pretty neat.) A problem with write the way you speak is that you have to be able to speak well, otherwise your copy will suck as much as your speech does. If I wrote exactly the way I speak and tried to make an intelligent point, my writing would do the literary equivalent of: • Starting out but breaking eye contact immediately as I tried to gather my thoughts, • Stalling when I realised I should have gathered them before I opened my mouth, • Perhaps approaching something resembling coherence, but: • Trailing off at the end when I realised I didn’t have that killer punchline to contextualise the rest.

Write the way you’d like to speak then – the way you’d speak if you had time to write it down first and edit it. Of course, the good thing about writing is that we do have time to write it down first. We have the time to carve elaborate prose the likes of which we’d never say – perhaps longer words with beautiful sonority, or unusual ones with subtly different meanings from the more common ones we use in speech. And the audience often has time to read it. Trying to emulate speech on the page will probably improve dramatically the writing of most people. But let’s remember that this is an approach and not a hard and fast rule. If we stuck to write the way you speak if you had the time to write it down first and edit it religiously, and across all mediums in all situations, we’d end up with a literary world where flow and efficiency were the only things to strive for. It’d be a whole lot more boring as a result. Certainly if it’s written the way I speak. Chris Wickett

Sabella Tsiopani

Materia, known to his mum as Jan Warnstam is originally from Sweden, but now resides here in Briz. He’s travelled the world playing DJ sets and has released so many tunes over the past decade or so it’s hard to even keep track. It’s a lot, more then most bedroom producers would even dare hope for! He is part of the Crew that put on the Lost nights @ T2 and just in the last few days we’ve heard the news that his track ‘Response’ [Lowbit records] has been included in the newest mix album by the legendary Carl Cox. That’s CARL COX people! Full interview to follow in the full edition of issue 5, but for now... Your track Response has been included in the new Carl Cox mix album. Man that’s a strengthy look. How stoked are you? How stoked? :) About as stoked as I’ve ever been in my music career! It is a little bit insane to be included on the same album as Josh Wink, Eric Prydz, Octave One, Sebastian Leger... :D Still haven’t really understood it has happened! So what’s the deal? Did you know this was on the cards or did they just spring it on you? I have known it was a possibility for about two months but only a few days ago I learned that it had become reality! Full interview to follow...

Materia’s single ‘Razorball/Underfall’ will be dropping on Drawn Recordings September 12th Broken Beat/Future Garage/Foot Stompin’/BASS!!!!

Sabella Tsiopani

He stumbled gently from sleep to wakefulness, making the transition slowly and carrying shreds of dreamworld with him through the fog. The slow realisation that the move from dream to reality had happened brought with it a slight sense of loss, or grieving for something that could not quite be remembered. As he lay still trying to hang on to the fast disappearing shreds of his dream, he was aware of a strange sensation on the skin of his face. He instinctively lifted his hand to rub his eyes and explore the cause of the irritation, but to his bewilderment, he could not move his arm more then a few centimetres in any direction. And then only with an accompanying pain as if millions of tiny tacks where pinning his arm down, allowing only the movement afforded by the pliability of his skin. This quickly became unbearable but subsided when movement was not being attempted. The same was true for his entire body, and a dreadful realisation slowly dawned on him, creeping like a cold tide through his veins until he felt completely numb with terror at the knowledge that was forcing it’s way into his brain despite his best efforts at denial. They had got him! He could still move his eyes though, although maybe he would have been better off without that freedom. The light was bright and clinical, reflecting off all the shiny polished surfaces. Cold and sterile, slightly blue. The silence roared suddenly as his brain became aware that the normal din of existence was missing. It became deafening, hindering his ability to think. Panic started to flare up, which caused an instinctive movement to try and escape his confines, get away from this place. Of course he couldn’t. The movement, or attempted movement merely served to fire chemical shots of pain from the nerve endings to the brain, taking fractions of a second to do their work. He stopped trying to move. It was pointless, futile, in much the same way, it would now seem, that his whole life had been. Fractured and disjointed memories flitted quickly through his thoughts, an ice-cream on a summer’s evening at a beach somewhere, a parent throwing him in the air in a strong smelling room, the deep pile of a white carpet, the pacing of a lion in a zoo - bored, frustrated, turning mad. It’s funny he thought, how your own life seems to you in hindsight; so many wasted opportunities, potential never realised, but could you do it differently if you had another chance? Could you actually be a different person and do things differently without the luxury of hindsight? A door swung, they were coming. Well, here it was, nothing he could do about it now. He could hear the chink of metal as they approached. Gustave Savy

WHAT THE CRANES HAD TO SAY The first time I heard them, I was on my way home from the pub. The second time made me remember the first time. The third time, I stopped to listen but I didn’t grasp a thing. The next few times, I thought that with persistence, I would understand what they were saying. All the following times, I didn’t pay attention. They now don’t talk anymore. But did they ever talk?

Cecille Eschenauer

Drawn; Publishing small run zines for the good of mankind since 2009. This was a preview of our lastest issue. You can download back copies stored electronically on our website for the princely sum of nil pounds and nil pence. Check it out We release outstanding new music through our label ‘Drawn Recordings’, supporting grassroots talent and underground sounds.

Drawn Zine 5  
Drawn Zine 5  

The Drawn zine is a snapshot of underground creative culture in Bristol, UK by Drawn Recordings. Presenting art, photography and writing dir...