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Sound design transcends function. It is an extension of the conversation between movement + relationship, between people + their environment. Creating a sense of place that is efďŹ cient, sculptural, and powerful, while allowing for a true relationship with the environment and context – this is the character worthy of striving toward within our work. In creating engaged places, enlivened through form, function becomes an integral piece of a much larger puzzle. These are the spaces that stand the test of time. The most sustainable buildings are those that last, offsetting their footprint, and creating resilient form by resisting trends, and inspiring throughout its life cycle.



adaptive reuse study. revit plan.

With the broad education we receive as designers along with the commission to inform the built world, it is our responsibility to take on the roles of contributors and leaders within the community, to seek social equity for those that cannot speak up in a meaningful way, and to give back by pouring into those in need. The value of this role is not only in the consumption of information and application of systems, but also in using this knowledge base to better the world through sound design. It is my great desire to improve lives as a strong contributor to a powerful team.

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bridging ecological systems. illustrator (left), sketchup (right).

living eugene, oregon

length of light perspective. sketchup.

extant steam plant on industrial site.

Issue: Suiting an existing master plan with the adaptive reuse of a disused steam plant on a former industrial site in Eugene, Oregon. The plan makes no use of the adjacent high-walled electrical substation, and dismisses a bridge across the river in sensitivity to the opposing riparian edge. Solution: Symbiotic bridges. The bridging of the river subtley arches to move through the crown of the riparian edge and land beyond the sensitive ecology. As an anchor for the site, it also creates a hub within the city, inviting an inux of users. The perpendicular length-oflight becomes the focus of life, art, and education as it bridges the green roofed substation and an open air museum, which houses layered local ecosystems. Embodying Eugene, the bridges symbiotically draw together the urban and the natural landscapes.

dwelling on the river. photoshop.

district planning, Bridge, museum

+ retail. adaptive reuse. a dialogue of Bridged ecosYstems.

river’s edge. sketchup.

extant steam plant on industrial site. sketchup.

living eugene, oregon

length of light section perspective. sketchup.

crown level plan. sketchup.

social crown. sketchup.

crown corridor. sketchup.

context investigation. sketchup.

multiframe load path model.

rhino model axon.

urban scale civic space.

sKY train station

steel cantilever + extant reinforcing. Issue: Adapting the Broadway + Commercial Sky Train Station in Vancouver, BC that is no longer able to handle the growing number of mass transit riders via the existing center platform. The current proposal is for a single side platform addition which will prove inefďŹ cient for circulation and only resolves the issue at one time of day. Solution: Demolish the extant central platform to allow daylight and life between the rail lines. The addition of two opposing platforms with cantilever overhangs will allow for ease of circulation, and an additional twenty-ďŹ ve percent more riders than the current proposal.

structure of cantilever on torsion tube.

mass transit infrastructure. adaptive reuse. structural modeling

+ engineering.

subtle, sensitive play of shadow + light.

site circulation. new + extant. ink.

site plan. marker.

revit model site axon.

visitor’s information center. revit.

cultural museum

historic synagogue. ink. Issue: Maintaining historical accuracy of the period regional architecture museum in Sanok, Poland while increasing visitor attendance. Charged with master planning through the deploying of new entry sequence of buildings and the addition of a period Jewish district. Solution: Making the museum a tourist destination by moving beyond the traditional direct representational building form. Retail and local civic spaces at the entry to focus circulation and generate income. The new Jewish district maintains a historically accurate facade upon approach, until the core of the district reveals itself as a jewel by allowing visitors immediate access to the way of life otherwise hidden on the interior.

synagogue revealed. revit model in marker + color pencil.

vernacular architecture museum. master planning. destination, education

+ faith.

narrow column arcade. revit model.

teen hang out. marker.

west elevation. ink.


site plan. ink.

+ girls cluB

parti. ink. Issue: Adapting a crumbling ‘cookie-cutter’ super-market in Springfield, Oregon for use as a Boys + Girls Club. New construction required to handle programmatic needs. Solution: Use of extant structure as the points of invitation and dynamic connective tissue. Existing truss system facilitates open air garden to interactively educate kids on food processes. New construction dedicated to large areas with controlled access.

core of hope. marker.

Youth recreation. adaptive reuse. a safe place to learn

+ grow.

south elevation. ink.

teen space. marker.

enlivened edge. sketchup + artlantis.

cafe corner. sketchup + artlantis.

passive heating + cooling redesign of residential above. original design below. sketchup.

universitY store

courtyard sketchup section. Issue: On the site of the existing “Duck Storeâ€? in Eugene, Oregon provide for future growth of university retail stores and create rental income via commercial, ofďŹ ce, and residential leasing. Solution: Retain the essence of the historic covered street edge while drawing pedestrians toward the building, retail, and interior courtyard. The courtyard provides additional store frontage, light and air to the form. Vertical stacking allows additional program within the limited footprint. Pulling that verticality away from the street maintains an approachable scale and maximizes light within the courtyard.

grand corner. sketchup + artlantis.

commercial mixed-use. new construction. the retail

+ campus connection.

courtyard. sketchup + artlantis.

wood rainscreen at slab. ink.

cantilever roof detail. ink.

terra cotta wall window sill. autocad.


window wall at floor. autocad.

widow wall at roof. autocad.

+ structure design

glazed facade section. Issue: In context of the “Building Enclosures” course, which is exclusive to the University of Oregon, the proposed building program, basic form, and structural materials are given, while the envelope itself must be designed.

canted exposed steel column. partnered design. ink.

Solution: Creative connections, sourced systems, and innovations that allow for higher building performance.

creative design of envelope, structure

+ connections.

parapet at terra cotta wall with mounted pv array + green roof.

southeast elevation. sketchup.

west elevation. sketchup.

roof plan. sketchup.

connecting beneath the falls. sketchup.

Beijing green visitor’s center

green belt site map.

Issue: Develop a Visitor’s Center for the green belt of the Beijing Future Science + Technology City, on the north-east edge of Beijing, China. The program required an information center and restrooms. The restrooms required views of a rain garden, but without allowing views to the public or through their counterpart’s apertures. The entire roof rain catchment must feed into the rain garden. Solution: Public invited through grand roof gesture that displays rain catchment and implies the exclusive rain garden courtyard. Aperture placement, careful sight lines, and wall thickness grant views to the courtyard while protecting privacy.

plan of visitor’s center, public restrooms + rain garden courtyard.

civic infrastructure. new construction. an invitation

+ a private experience in a puBlic place.

public invitation.

north edge perspective. sketchup.

zhejian pavilion

group analysis.

Issue: Propose for competition a pavilion as the destination point for an island on a lake in the Zhejian, China park. Solution: A sculptural canopy over a light steel structure which directs views to the water and creates opportunities for prospect and refuge within the landscape. The water is directly accessible through a daring pedestal thrust forward and a harnessed arena pulled in.

southern island perspective. sketchup.

civic recreation infrastructure. new construction. destination point, prospect

+ refuge.

prospect + refuge.

installation. steel rod. mesh.

color pencil. paper.

installation. plaster. steel.

charcoal. paper.

charcoal. paper.

charcoal. paper.


installation concept study. charcoal. paper. Drawn to the arts, particularly where the human and built forms meet, there is a natural investigation that can only take place through creative expression. The history of that expression includes stories of charcoal portraiture, oil paints, the stage, and crafted wood, plaster + steel installations.

acrylic on canvas.


+ three dimensional imagerY. giving thought form.

color pencil. paper.

“tectonics”. acrylic + chalk.

contact cell 310.490.2270 847 catherine ave san marcos, ca 92069

JMoore architecture 2013  

design internship + academic studio architecture