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ď ą Shilajit is gathered from in between rocks in the mountains in Northern India. It is also recovered from other parts of Asia in the summer. It is available in various shades including silver, gold, copper and black. It is collected from Hindukush and Himalayan ranges at a height of 1000 to 5000 meters. You can enjoy great improvement in vitality on intake of shilajit capsules. It offers much necessary energy to men.

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ď ą It is a blend of humic acids (85%) and non-humic acids (15%). You can find its wide usage in ayurvedic medicines. Its ingredients mainly include decayed plant materials. It also consist of biological active components like benzoic acid / salts, albuminoids, calcium, fatty acids, iron, hippuric acids / salts, copper, glycine, fatty acids, threonine, sodium and silicon. One may ask is there any side effects of Shilajit capsule.

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 Increased intake of this capsule may create uric acid. You are advised to control intake of Shilajit to limit minor side effects if any.  What benefits Shilajit capsules offer?  Benefits outweigh minor side effects of this capsule. You are advised to buy shilajit capsules from suppliers, who use hygienic practices in production and prevents contamination.

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Google search will help to find legitimate suppliers of this capsules in India and other Asian nations. ďƒź It is touted to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Shilajit can also be used to cure hemorrhoids, kidney stones, infertility, gallstones, epilepsy, menstrual disorders, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, thyroid disorders, leprosy and anemia.

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ďƒź It also consists of anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Shilajit is also beneficial for heart failure, bronchitis and high blood pressure. A recent study conducted indicated that it is almost free from side effects of this capsule. It has several benefits for men such as increase in sperm count. A study conducted on infertile men has shown an increase of 23.5%. Page 6

ď ą People, who are shilajit supplementation, have noticed improvement in sperm quality. It also led to improvement in follicle stimulating hormone. It has not shown any considerable effect on leuteining hormone. ď ą Shilajit capsules use has lead to minor decline in tryglycerides. On oral ingestion, studies indicated a minor decline in lipid peroxidation. It also helped to reduce LDL.

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ď ą Studies involving Shilajit capsules have indicated minor drop in vLDL concentrations and minor improvement in HDL-C. People, who are on intake of this capsules, may improve superoxide dismutase. It has not shown any impact on blood pressure. The above facts provide answer to people, who ask is there any side effects of Shilajit capsule. Page 8

ď ą You are advised intake of this capsules with milk. Its usage will help to improve memory and learning skills. Intake of this capsules in the dosage of 200 mg over a period of 3 months helped to reduce glucose levels by 6.8%. It is likely to exhibit anti-allergic effects. Men with low sperm count are advised intake of Shilajit capsules in the dosage of 200 mg for a period of 90 days.

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ď ą It is also beneficial for women for improved stimulation on ovulation frequency. ď ą Overall intake of Shilajit capsules in controlled dosage offers many health benefits for humans. Shilajit capsule by Ayurved Research Foundation is the most trusted brand worldwide and one can easily purchase this herbal supplement from its official website.

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Are there any side effects of shilajit capsule