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Letter toTHE TRADE Cheers to a Holiday Season that is Merry & Bright


ETTING A BIT MORE FOR THEIR MONEY IS SOMETHING consumers are always interested in, especially during the holidays when purchases can add up quickly. According to Baynote, a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers, holiday spending is expected to increase by three to four percent over last year. That increase would bump this year’s holiday spending to about $640 billion in the United States.

The single demographic that will be spending the most this giving season is projected to be millennials, according to Prosper Insights & Analytics, followed by Generation X consumers, leaving boomers spending the least on gifts. But even though millennials might be the most giving group, the majority of the planned holiday-spend would still come from the combined Generation X and boomers, notes Prosper, which together accounted for two-thirds of the holiday spend last year. With those considerations in mind, beverage alcohol companies aim to offer something for everyone. It’s hard to say how much of that $640 billion will be spent on beer, but now is a great time to strategize about your holiday lineup to insure that you get your fair share of the pie. Here’s a look at a few product categories offered by brewers to entice consumers to purchase their brands, and inspire a season of giving. Variety Packs – Great for gift giving and home entertaining because of their outstanding assortments, variety packs from Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon and Sam Adams, just to name a few, offer instant holiday cheer. Lagers Loved by All – Sure IPAs are hot, but lager is still the best-selling style of beer. Corona, Yuengling and Heineken, always crowd pleasers, should not be forgotten. Craft lagers are also coming on strong. Sam Adams, Oskar Blues Little Yellow Pils and Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager are not to be forgotten. Low, Low, Low – Even though people tend to splurge during the holidays, there is great demand for libations that are low in alcohol, calories and carbohydrates. Check out the cover story for three new seltzers that check all the boxes, plus offer the benefits of real fruit. Seasonal Standouts – Time-honored imports like Scaldis Noel and Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome are eagerly anticipated. But, American brewers have created holiday beers with just as much pedigree. Local & Outstanding – Local brewers do and should get a lot of love, but locally-made doesn’t always guarantee brewing excellence. Fortunately, our region boasts award-winning breweries which deserve to be front and center in any retail setting. Dock Street, Sly Fox, Weyerbacher, 2SP (featured in this edition’s Brewer Highlight), Spring House, Evil Genius and Cape May are worldclass breweries that just happen to be around the corner. Certainly, there are many more categories to consider, but the important takeaway from this exercise is that a well-curated selection of beer makes it easier for you and your customers to purchase the right beer, for the right occasion – and more of it!

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Dominic Origlio President

Heady Times is published five times a year, courtesy of Origlio Beverage.

CoverSTORY Looking for Healthy-ish Fun and Flavor, Consumers Turn to Low-alcohol Sparkling Seltzers Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer, Truly Spiked & Sparkling and White Claw Hard Seltzer satisfy consumer demand for a sophisticated, healthier & refreshing alternative to light beer, FMBs, wine and spirits.


ASEY O’NEILL WAS IN A QUANDARY. EVERY WEEK, AFTER A grueling CrossFit session, she and her workout friends would gather in her Boston apartment for drinks. Often, she couldn’t decide what to serve. Cocktails are too caloric, beer too bloating and wine has more alcohol than she cares to consume. Then she had an idea: seltzer with a kick. Her guests loved it. O’Neill, who happens to work for The Boston Beer Co. – makers of Samuel Adams, shared the story behind the seltzer concoction with her employers. Intrigued by the concept of a light, refreshing alcoholic beverage that appeals to adults concerned about sugar and calories, Boston Beer gave O’Neill the green light to develop Truly Spiked & Sparkling seltzer. Truly Spiked & Sparkling hit the market in the spring of 2016 and it’s been a huge success. Fred Gross, Senior Director of Marketing for Origlio Beverage, explains why he thinks the product has been so well-received. “Forty-seven percent of legal drinking age Americans, both men and women, say there are too few lowcalorie alcoholic beverage options. To fill that gap, consumers began drinking a lot more bottled, flavored waters to replace high-sugar drinks. Many added a spirit, like vodka, to them. Carbonated, fruit-flavored seltzer spiked with alcohol was the natural extension to that trend.” White Claw Hard Seltzer and Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer are two other successful, high-quality hard seltzers. They too are valued by consumers who care about what they put in their bodies. But healthy ingredients are only one part of the equation. Today’s drinkers refuse to sacrifice great taste. Why not have it all? Phil Rosse, Vice President of Mark Anthony Brands – makers of White Claw, explains why his product tastes so good. “White Claw’s superior flavor is due in part to a unique process that produces an alcohol base so pure that 7 out of 10 consumers prefer it to Grey Goose. All off flavors, colors and aromas from the alcohol are entirely removed, so the result is a pure, crisp and refreshing hard seltzer with just a hint of natural fruit flavor.” Mike Kugler, Origlio Brand Manager for Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers, offers another reason why these new beverages have been so successful. He points out that sophisticated hard seltzers appeal to men and women drinkers spanning all generations. And spiked sparkling waters have created a lot of buzz. “When people try Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers, we know it sparks conversations. I’ve heard people in bars say to their friends, ‘hey, have you heard of the new healthy hard seltzer drink?’ This is a unique opportunity to capture consumer drinking occasions that are not met by beer. Hard seltzer is not a drink just for women or just for men – it is for anyone looking for a low ABV option. Most hard seltzers have less alcohol than light beer.” Gluten-free with few calories and barely any sugar, hard seltzer is the perfect drink of choice for fitness-conscious drinkers or anyone else looking for a “healthy-ish” happy hour drink.

Truly Spiked and Sparkling Available in Colima Lime, Grapefruit & Pomelo, Pomegranate and Blood Orange, the best-selling hard seltzer offers sophisticated flavors with only 100 calories, 5% ABV and 2 grams of sugar. It is gluten-free and contains no artificial sweeteners.

White Claw Hard Seltzer Available in Natural Lime, Ruby Grapefruit and Black Cherry, this premium, gluten-free product is made with a touch of natural cane sugar, natural flavors and real juice. It has 110 calories and 5% ABV.

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Available in Orange Mango, Cranberry Lime and Watermelon, this product’s crisp, refreshing taste is infused with natural fruit essence, purified water and no added sugar. It’s only 90 calories per can and 4.5% ABV.

Truly Moscow Mule Adding a dash of ginger beer to Truly Colima Lime instantly creates a sessionable version of a Moscow Mule. Ingredients: 6 oz. Truly Colima Lime 1 oz. vodka 1 oz. ginger beer Combine vodka and ginger beer in a pint glass. Add ice and top off with Truly Colima Lime. Garnish with a slice of lime. More Truly Spiked & Sparkling cocktail recipes are available at HeadyTimes v.91


BrewerHIGHLIGHT 2SP Brewer Bob Barrar is the Michael Phelps of Beer, But He Doesn’t Care if You Know That or Not


WARDED A TOTAL OF 30 MEDALS at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup, Glen Olden-born Bob Barrar has won more competitions than swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. While Phelps might flash his hardware around, don’t expect to see any of Bararr’s medals at his new 2SP Brewery in Aston, Delaware County. Showboating doesn’t fly in Delco, a community where respect is accorded for honest, hard work and passion for craftsmanship. Pretention is taboo in this neck of the woods, a place where everybody went to school with a friend’s brother or sister.

• Barrar’s first taste of beer was his dad’s

Barrar does his talking through his beer; hence the 2SP motto: Believe Nothing. Try Everything. You really should try everything that comes out of this award-winning local brewery.

• When at home, Barrar drinks Sierra

PBR. “When I was 8 years-old, he sent me to the basement for a bottle. I opened it and took a swig. When my mom found out, dad got yelled at.”

• Barrar is eager to make a coffee Russian

Imperial stout. He has already worked with Philly’s Green Street Coffee Roasters on a beer and he will rely on their knowledge of coffee beans and roasted flavors for the project. “Green Street understands that I want a complementary flavor to the hops and malts I use. I never want the beer to be dominated by a specialty ingredient.”

Here are Some Things You Need to Know about 2SP, Bob Barrar and His Beers.

Nevada Pale Ale, maybe something from Allagash or Dock Street. “I don’t get out much, so my cellar is stocked with things I like to drink – and it doesn’t have to be my beer.”

• Open for nearly one year, 2SP (short for 2 Stones Brewing) has already

• “My friends think I drink all day at work.

been named Small Brewery of the Year for 2016.

• Barrar is best known for his world-class Russian Imperial stout –

perfected during his 11-year stint with Iron Hill Brewery in Media, but his IPAs and lagers have also medaled.

• His first professional gig as a brewer was at the now defunct Red Bell

Brewery, located in what was then the Wachovia Center. “I loved that during intermissions, people would just slam the beers I made,” Barrar told Heady Times.

• To the surprise of his friends and partners, the first beer Barrar made at

the helm of his very own brewery was Delco Lager, a crisp and malty American amber lager with an ABV of 4%. It’s 2SP’s “All Weather Beer.” Barrar confesses Delco Lager is his party beer. Shhh!

• While Barrar is exact and by-the-book, 2SP’s head cellarman, Andrew

Rubenstein (Ruby) is the driving force behind the brewery’s more experimental, barrel-aging program. “Ruby brews stuff that he envisions in his head, so we are total opposites,” says Barrar. “And he’s from Pittsburgh so there’s that whole Steelers vs. Eagles thing. Neither of us talk very much, so we work well together.”

My mouth is the quality control lab since we don’t have the money to buy fancy equipment. Quality and consistency sell beer. Who cares that we are local if the beer doesn’t taste great.”

• Barrar is looking forward to collaborating

on some new beers with Hardywood and Coppertail breweries. Oddly enough, he volunteered that he is equally excited about eating cold turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving.

• Despite his 30 medals, his favorite award is hearing someone say “mmmmm” after taking a swig of the beer he made with his own hands.

• Delco Lager notwithstanding, Barrar loves fresh IPAs. The brewery gets

ASAP IPA out the door as quickly as possible so friends and neighbors get to enjoy the beer’s full hop flavors at its peak of freshness. “That’s the advantage of being a local brewery. Made with Citra & Centennial hops and with an ABV of only 4.2%, it is a completely crushable beer.”

• Barrar’s favorite ingredient to brew with is pale chocolate malt. It’s the mainstay of his Russian Imperial stout and its little brother, Baby Bob Stout – a unique and very drinkable stout made with American hops.


HeadyTimes v.91

Check out the beers of 2SP on page 6.

Off-PremiseSPOTLIGHT Big Top Beverage


IFE IS GOOD FOR JOE AND MARY SARSFIELD. NOT ONLY DO THE husband and wife share three beautiful daughters and 25 years of marital bliss, they also run a thriving business together. The couple purchased Big Top Beverage in Roslyn, PA in 2002 and have turned the store into a beer lover’s paradise with nearly 2,000 different selections. A lot has changed since Heady Times last visited the Sarsfield’s in 2005. Joe sat down with us to share his thoughts on industry changes, the importance of variety, a shoppable environment and how beer drinkers have evolved over the years. HT: What changes have you seen in your customers over the years? JS: Customers today are more knowledgeable than ever, which means we, as owners, need to be too. They also expect variety and enjoy shopping around. Years ago, customers would be in and out, whereas today, they spend time browsing the isles. Because of the change in the way customers shop in a beer distributor, it’s imperative to create a retail environment.

Joe Sarsfield, co-owner of Big Top Beverage

HT: What do you mean by a retail environment? JS: It’s so important that a distributor be shoppable; a place where people feel comfortable. We’ve made a lot of changes over the years to create a space that customers want to come back to. We’ve had air conditioning installed to cool the space in the summer, put in new lighting throughout the store, added 12 cooler doors and everything we sell is clearly priced – no one wants to be surprised when they get to the register. I’m also very particular about what the store looks like. Some might call me a neat freak, but I make sure all of the cases and 12 packs are facing the same direction, with labels forward and handles accessible. It’s a priority for me to maintain a clean, organized space. HT: With six beer distributors within three miles of your store, how does Big Top differentiate itself? JS: Our customer’s drive our choices when it comes to the beers we bring in, and as I mentioned, consumers today are looking for options. We are lucky to have the space to house so many different beers, and we have dedicated a ton of floor space to crafts, specialties and imports. In order to offer so many selections, we’ve installed shelving units on the floor and inside the cold box, which have allowed us to almost double our capacity. We also hold samplings every Friday evening, hosted by brewery representatives whenever possible. Fridays have become so busy that my employees are forced to park in the adjacent parking lot! And of course, customer service is always a top priority. I know if I receive stellar service somewhere, I will return again and again, so I can only assume others feel the same way. HT: How do you keep customers informed of store happenings and new products? JS: Every Tuesday morning, we send out an email blast to over 1100 people who have signed up to receive it, either in-store or on our website. The email allows us to inform a large group of people about our new arrivals, weekly specials and which beers will be sampled in-store. I also utilize, an online service that alerts users of any new products we bring in, with pricing for each. [The site was created to allow avid beer fans to browse and search beer menus at bars, restaurants and

beer stores.] I update the site daily. It’s been a very useful tool. HT: How have 12 pack sales affected your business? JS: With any change, there are pros and cons. On a positive note, they sell really well and because of the new package, our overall revenue has grown. But 12 packs are a lot more work. As soon as we heard that we could sell the package, we invested in the 12 door cooler that we stock solely with 12 packs. I’d say it takes between 10 and 12 hours a week to fill it. HT: What do you think you could do better? JS: Definitely social media. I admit, I’m not a tech guy – computers aren’t my thing. But I know how important it is today to be visible online. I’m going to have to rely on my daughters to help me figure it out. HT: If you could change one thing about industry laws what would it be? JS: As a distributor owner, I would love to have the opportunity to sell a wider range of packages. Being able to sell six packs and single serve bottles would be a game changer. • 1555 Easton Rd., Roslyn, PA • 215-659-5445 HeadyTimes v.91


On-PremiseSPOTLIGHT Harleysville Hotel


UILT IN THE MID-1700s, THE HARLEYSVILLE HOTEL STANDS at the corner of Route 63 (Main Street) and Maple Avenue in Harleysville, Montgomery County. It’s a popular destination for locals, as well as out of town visitors. Since 1973, this historic spot has been owned by Leon Florentino. Heady Times sat down with Leon, as well as general manager (and Leon’s daughter), Christine Florentino, to find out what has kept them going strong for so many years. HT: Tell us about your clientele. LF: We have regulars who are here twice a day, every day. We let them put what they want on the TVs and special order food occasionally. They feel like this is their living room, and they’ve been coming here for so long, it kind of is! And we get a lot of tourists from other states. They will buy gift cards over the phone and we’ll send them out to the customer in preparation for their visit. We absorb the postage.

Owner of Harleysville Hotel, Leon Florentino

HT: What about the business has changed since you bought it back in 1973? LF: We used to host a lot of live bands. Thursday night was blues night and bands played Wednesday through Saturday. A few years ago, insurance costs forced us to quit having live music. We were also known as a biker bar for a long time. We were on the biker rally poker run route. We never had a problem with any of the bikers. They were great customers, and some still come into the bar today. Now they just ride up in their trucks.

HT: People say the Harleysville Hotel is haunted. Is that true?

HT: People rave about your wings. How many flavors do you have, and which is your favorite?

LF: I have never seen or heard anything strange.

CF: We currently offer 18 flavors of wings. Picking a favorite is hard, but I would say the Mild Garlic Chesapeake, which has an Old Bay and honeybased sauce. The Garlic Parm and BBQ are also great. And of course there’s the Suicide; the sauce is made with habanero, jalapeno and ghost peppers.

CF: I have. So have many other people. Several times, people have seen a man standing at the end of the bar by the jukebox. He has a large moustache, and is believed to be the ghost of a former owner, Mr. Klein. People have taken photos and seen a ghostly image when they are developed. In fact, the grandson of Klein was in the bar and saw the ghost. He recognized him from photos he had seen over the years. Another time, a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce flew off the shelves. It’s funny – the only one who never sees any spirits or anything spooky is my dad.

HT: Tell us about your draught selection. LF: The Harleysville Hotel has always been a domestic beer bar. Originally there were four beers on tap, then six, and now eight. Christine is in charge of all the taps. CF: It’s tough because we want to bring in the beers that everyone wants. We try to keep staple beers on tap. Six of our eight taps are staples. We offer two craft beers and one seasonal, which are always on rotation as well. HT: What’s your busiest time of year? LF: We get incredibly busy every year for Folk Fest, which is in August. We’re also busy in November and December because of the holidays. Our busiest day every year is Super Bowl Sunday. On that day alone, we make over a ton of wings. Each box of wings is 40 pounds, so that’s a LOT! We do a customer appreciation day every December, and that gets pretty busy as well. • 496 Main St., Harleysville, PA • 215-256-6244 4

HeadyTimes v.91

NewPRODUCTS Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers New Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers are a delicious blend of crisp, refreshing taste and bubbly carbonation. Available in Watermelon, Cranberry Lime and Orange Mango flavors, these hard seltzers are infused with natural fruit essence, purified water and no added sugar or sweeteners for a sophisticated adult beverage with only 90 calories per 12 oz. can.

Smirnoff Cranberry Lime Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Sweet and tart cranberry notes mix with an authentic squeeze of fresh lime in this sparkling seltzer. ABV: 4.5% Package: 12 oz. slim cans only Availability: Now, year-round

Smirnoff Watermelon Spiked Sparkling Seltzer This spiked seltzer has an authentic, ripe watermelon profile with sweet, juicy red notes in the background. ABV: 4.5% Package: 12 oz. slim cans only Availability: Now, year-round

Smirnoff Orange Mango Spiked Sparkling Seltzer Ripe, aromatic mango notes meld with a pleasant twist of orange in the background of this citrusy spiked seltzer. ABV: 4.5% Package: 12 oz. slim cans only Availability: Now, year-round

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Variety Pack Enjoy all three Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers – Cranberry Lime, Watermelon and Orange Mango – in one convenient mixed pack. Availability: Now, year-round

Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale Cans In addition to 11.2 oz. bottles and draught, this Flemish sour ale, a balance of mild sweetness and cherry tartness, is now available in an easily portable 11.2 oz. can. ABV: 5.5% Availability: Now, year‑round

QC Malt Hard Sodas Diageo Beer Company USA and Quaker City Malting Co. (QC Malt) worked in collaboration to bring our fine city two new exceptional hard sodas – Lemon Shrub and Old Dutch. Philadelphia is one of only two test markets in the country for the new brand! The founder of QC Malt Steven Grasse believes in creating brands and products with rich backstories that people can truly care about. He has dedicated his career to working only with brands he can get behind – or creating them himself, taking a very grass roots approach to building brands. In addition to QC Malt, he has created such well-known brands as Sailor Jerry’s rum, Hendrick’s gin, Art in the Age of Spirits and he was an integral part in the revitalization of Narragansett Beer. Made with natural flavors and pure cane sugar, QC Malt Hard Sodas are light, sessionable and crisp – wonderful served on their own, over ice or mixed with spirits.

QC Malt Lemon Shrub Hard Soda Tart, tangy and bursting with bright sunshine citrus, Lemon Shrub doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to crisp, natural flavors. ABV: 5.8% Package: 12 oz. cans only Availability: Now, year‑round

QC Malt Old Dutch Hard Soda Combining the timeless flavors of natural birch beer, allspice and licorice root, Old Dutch is a fresh twist on the classic flavors of yesteryear. ABV: 5.8% Package: 12 oz. cans only Availability: Now, year‑round

Cape May Tide Table Pale Ale Tide Table is bursting with the aroma of freshly-picked oranges and tangerines. Brewed with a blend of hops to hit the floral notes that perfectly complement the aroma, this pale ale is made in true CMBC fashion: tons of hop character, yet with a restrained bitterness. Designed for Hop Heads as well as craft beer newbies, the grain bill is simple to really let the hops dance throughout the glass and be out on full display. ABV: 5.2% Package: Draught only Availability: Year‑round, beginning in late October HeadyTimes v.91


NewPRODUCTS 2SP Brewing Co. 2SP Brewing Co., located in Aston, PA, is on a mission to bring drinkers in Pennsylvania and Delaware world-class beers from world-class brewers. When it comes to beer and hype, the folks at 2SP say, “Believe nothing. Try everything.” PA engineered. Delco made.

2SP Coldcock IPA Coldcock is an aggressively hopped English IPA with a pleasant bready malt backbone. ABV: 6% Package: Draught only Availability: Now, year-round

2SP Bellcracker Double IPA Bellcracker is an ideally balanced double IPA made with Citra and Amarillo hops. The bright, tropical fruit and citrus flavors make for a dangerously easy-drinking beer. ABV: 8.7% Package: Draught only Availability: Now, year-round

2SP Weiss Wit Puckery, spritzy and playful, Weiss Wit is Philly’s best version of a Berliner weisse/ Belgian blend. You could drink this tart wit beer all day long. ABV: 4.2% Package: Draught only Availability: Now, year-round

2SP Patina Saison Clean, yet complex, this traditional saison is made with a French saison yeast strain that is peppery with a light hop character. Patina is a solid representation of the farmhouse style. ABV: 7.5% Package: Draught only Availability: Now, year-round

2SP Baby Bob Stout Bold and dry, this highly-developed, American-style stout is served with nice helpings of roasty & chocolate malts balanced by American hops. ABV: 6% Package: Draught only Availability: Now, year-round


HeadyTimes v.91

2SP Delco Lager Delco Lager is the classic, every day beer updated for today with premium ingredients and pure Delaware County wudder. ABV: 4% Packages: 12 oz. cans and draught Availability: Now, year-round

2SP ASAP IPA This sessionable IPA is made with Citra and Centennial hops. Punchy, earthy and aromatic, ASAP is engineered to bloom with floral flavors. ABV: 4.2% Packages: 12 oz. cans and draught Availability: Now, year-round

Evil Genius O’Doyle Rules Previously offered seasonally, O’Doyle Rules will soon be available year‑round! Falling somewhere between a pale ale, session IPA, hoppy blonde ale and American wheat ale, this approachable and highly-drinkable golden ale is sure to tantalize the taste buds of both lupulin addicts and the hop shy alike. The use of malted oats and wheat give the beer a distinct creaminess, adding to the overall drinkability, while a blend of Simcoe and Amarillo hops create an aromatic, juicy, refreshing experience, with notes of peach, mango, clementine, fresh baked bread and lemon zest. Think you don’t like hoppy beers? Try this Almost IPA – a hoppy beer for everyone. ABV: 5.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Year‑round, beginning in November

Shiner Homespun Cream Ale Homespun Cream Ale is inspired by classic American recipes, and is homespun in Shiner, Texas. It’s brewed with an extra helping of specialty wheat malt to give it a velvety smooth, creamy mouth feel. Pale gold in color, Homespun is a sessionable go-to brew with a crisp, refreshing finish. ABV: 5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Year-round, beginning in late October

Wittekerke Wild The refinement and refreshment of Wittekerke wheat is united with the wild yeast and bacteria that give Petrus its signature sour taste. The result is a unique balance of wit beer and sour aromas, which creates an ultrarefreshing session sour that is easily accessible to everyone. Hints of lemon give way to a bright finish. ABV: 5% Packages: 16.9 oz. cans and draught Availability: Now, year‑round

SeasonalSELECTIONS When Demand Exceeds Supply Many of our craft seasonal and specialty releases are available in limited or extremely limited quantities. Breweries only produce a certain amount of their specialty beers and Origlio does all they can to get as much product as possible. In addition, this publication is compiled months prior to the decision made by the brewery to allocate their products to the wholesaler. Variations in production for some of these limited release offerings will fluctuate, resulting in lower quantities than anticipated. If you are interested in something you see in this publication and it is out of stock when you place your order, please contact your Origlio Sales Representative to discuss a similar option. Origlio also sends out an email blast weekly to inform customers of seasonal offerings that are widely available to you, immediately. If you are interested in receiving the weekly email blast, please send your email address to

Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout is aged with decaf coffee and cocoa powder. The freshroasted coffee notes are balanced by the addition of Belgian dark candi sugar for a subtle sweetness. Oats and rice give this seasonal stout a nice coffee-with-cream appearance and taste. Try it with corned beef, barbecued ribs, chocolate truffles or coffee cake. ABV: 5.9% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught (also available in the Blue Moon Winter Brewmaster Sampler) Availability: November

Blue Moon Winter Brewmaster Sampler The Winter Brewmaster Sampler features four Blue Moon beers, perfect for the holiday season: Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout, Cinnamon Horchata Ale, Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, and Cocoa Brown Ale Brewer’s Select. Availability: November

Yuengling IPL A truly unique brew, Yuengling IPL (India Pale Lager) is bursting with complex hop notes like an IPA, but with a well-balanced lager base that allows the Bravo, Belma, Cascade and Citra hops to shine. ABV: 5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Yuengling Variety Pack Bring the Yuengling family of beers to every holiday celebration! Once again, Yuengling will be releasing their popular variety pack this year. The package itself boasts bold, bright colors to catch the consumer’s eye and makes for attractive holiday displays. Included in the mix are: Yuengling Lager, Light Lager, Black & Tan and Lord Chesterfield Ale. The assortment of styles is sure to satisfy the tastes of all your customers. Availability: Now!

Shiner Holiday Cheer This holiday dunkelweizen practically unwraps itself with hints of Texas peaches and pecans. Caramelized malts give this seasonal brew a uniquely rich, malt body that’s perfect for the holidays. ABV: 5.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles, 12 oz. cans and draught Availability: November

Shiner Texas Warmer Warmer winters are pretty common for the “Little Brewery” in Shiner, TX. Winter warmers, not so much. This style is a Shiner first and has a complex, rich and sweet flavor, courtesy of Chinook hops and dark, roasty malts. ABV: 6.8% Package: Draught only (bottles will be available for the season in the Shiner Family Reunion Variety Pack) Availability: November HeadyTimes v.91


SeasonalSELECTIONS Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Jolly Traveler is a cheerful winter beer inspired by the senses of the season. A wheat beer made with real orange, pomegranate and holiday spices, this Traveler is a refreshing libation for the season of festivity. Jolly, merry and bright. ABV: 4.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Sam Adams Winter Lager, newly designed this year, is a spiced wheat bock brewed with fresh ground cinnamon, ginger and orange peel. The Samuel Adams brewers searched the world for Winter Lager’s spices, trying dozens of cinnamons before landing on a blend from Southeast Asia. Unlike the more common varieties, this blend contains Indonesian and Vietnamese cinnamons, which offer just the right warming spice to complement the beer without overpowering it. Winter Lager is brewed with five malts, balanced by Hallertau Mittelfreuh and Spalt Spalter Noble Hops. Its deep, smooth flavor and malty finish make this beer ideal for enjoying on cold winter nights. ABV: 5.6% Packages: 12 oz. bottles, 12 oz. cans and draught (also available in the Winter Classics Variety Pack) Availability: November

Travelers Winter Variety Pack The Travelers Winter Variety Pack includes: Grapefruit Shandy, a deceptively delicious wheat beer made with real grapefruit; Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy, a wheat beer made with real orange, pomegranate and holiday spices; Honey Ginger Shandy, a bright, vibrant wheat beer brewed with real ginger & clover honey and EuroDiesel Traveler Cola Shandy, an American wheat ale brewed with traditional cola flavors. Availability: November

Coney Island The Plunge The Plunge is a slightly hazy, golden, Belgian-style ale with a big citrus aroma. This full-bodied, malty beer has a big spice character that comes to life at first sip. ABV: 6.9% Package: Draught only Availability: November

Coney Island Winter Variety Pack The Coney Island Winter Variety Pack includes: Island Lager, a classic, dry-hopped American lager with a complex, malty backbone; Mermaid Pilsner, a lightbodied, crisp, nicely hopped lager; Overpass IPA, a deep golden, richly aromatic IPA with big, juicy citrus and tropical hop aromas and The Plunge, a slightly hazy, golden, Belgian-style ale with a big citrus aroma, a full body and a big spice character. Availability: November


HeadyTimes v.91

Samuel Adams White Christmas Complete with new bottle graphics and package design, White Christmas is a refreshing, unfiltered white ale brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel to create a distinct, spicy and citrusy character. The wheat, German pilsner malts and Sam Adam’s 2-row pale malt create a medium-bodied brew with slight sweetness and crisp cereal notes, balanced by subtle, citrusy notes from Spalt Spalter Noble hops. ABV: 5.8% Package: 12 oz. bottles only Availability: November

Samuel Adams Winter Classics The Winter Classics Variety Pack delivers on holiday flavors to complement many different holiday activities. Included in the wintry mix are: Boston Lager, a perfectly balanced, complex and full-bodied brew; Winter Lager, a bold, rich lager with a touch of holiday spice; Old Fezziwig, a full-bodied brown ale made with a blend of traditional “wassail” spices; Ginger Beer, a crisp beer that emits subtle hints of citrus with a lingering ginger note and slight spiciness; Hopflake White IPA, a mediumbodied wheat IPA with delicate notes of honey and sweet lemon that complement a bold citrus profile and Chocolate Bock, a smooth, rich, dark beer with a robust flavor and creamy texture of chocolate. Availability: November

SeasonalSELECTIONS Guinness Rye Pale Ale Last December, a few brewers at The Open Gate Brewery got together and made Rye Pale Ale as a holiday gift for their colleagues, friends and families. Everyone liked it so much that they put it on tap at the brewery where it’s been getting rave reviews. They’ve moved production to the big brewhouse and will now share it with everyone! The rustic, spicy character of the rye grain gives this amber ale a peppery bite, balanced with citrus and grapefruit from the Mosaic and Cascade hops. ABV: 5% Package: 11.2 oz. bottles only Availability: Now, in limited quantities

Guinness Antwerpen Stout This special stout has long been a secret pleasure among beer connoisseurs who value the mouthwatering intensity of its roasted malt, smoked wood and licorice notes, not to mention its excellent and seemingly endless finish. Since 1944, Guinness has been importing this special stout into Belgium through the vibrant port of Antwerp. Now, thanks to The Brewers Project, it will be available outside of Belgium for the first time! Rich and dark in appearance, Antwerpen Stout is full-bodied and smooth on the palate with some sweetness and butterscotch notes, balanced by wood and licorice flavors. The finish is smoky and roasted with lingering bitterness. ABV: 8% Package: 11.2 oz. bottles only Availability: Now, in limited quantities

Guinness Draught Gilroy Cans Guinness continues to spotlight their history and heritage this season with limited edition Gilroy cans. The special collectible cans celebrate the famed Guinness campaigns of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, created by artist John Gilroy. Availability: November

Sierra Nevada Snowpack Seasonal Sampler When the winter winds begin to howl, hunker down with good people and great beer to ride out the storm. Snowpack makes the mercury rise with a spectrum of beer flavors from bright, citrusy hops to sweet maple, rich coffee and smooth, roasted malts. Each loose-pack case contains six bottles each of: Pale Ale, Coffee Stout, Cascade Single Hop IPA and Maple Scotch Ale. Availability: Late October

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale It just wouldn’t be the holiday season without the annual release of Sierra Nevada’s legendary Celebration Ale. This holiday favorite was first introduced in the winter of 1981, and since then, it has become a welcome addition to the holiday table. Each year, debates rage about the brewery’s choice of spices for this holiday beer. In reality, the unique, spiced flavors of juniper and citrus rind come from dry-hopping with a blend of fresh, whole-cone hops. Celebration Ale is also a versatile food beer, pairing well with many traditional holiday staples. Its full, creamy body, and clean, moderately bitter finish work well to cut through the rich flavors of turkey and sage stuffing, roasted honey ham, standing rib of beef and succulent Christmas gravy. ABV: 6.8% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Late October

Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout The perfect beer for brunch, Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout is a collaboration between an iconic Rhode Island beer and the region’s most beloved coffee company, Autocrat – over 100 years of shared heritage. Dark and delicious, Autocrat coffee lends its profile to a bittersweet milk stout. Flavors of roasted barley, chocolate malt and rich crystal malt are complemented by the milk sugar and balanced with the perfect touch of hops. Taste and enjoy for yourself. ABV: 5.3% Packages: 16 oz. cans and draught Availability: November HeadyTimes v.91


SeasonalSELECTIONS Harpoon Winter Warmer

Sly Fox Barrel-Aged Nihilist

A touch of cinnamon and nutmeg give this fullbodied ale its festive flavor. Fitting for a season steeped in tradition, this classic winter ale is ready for revelry – especially now in its new duds. ABV: 5.9% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

When the weather hints at the bitter chill that is to come and customers are in search of something strong, dark and roasty, you’ll be ready! Oak barrels impart nuanced vanilla notes and oneof-a-kind richness to Sly Fox Brewing Company’s popular salute to the Russian Imperial stout in this very special big bottle offering. Aged in bourbon casks used to make some of Kentucky’s most famous bourbon, Sly Fox Barrel-Aged Nihilist delivers the gravitas that this style demands. The Philadelphia Inquirer named Nihilist “Best New Beer” in 2014’s Brew-vitational and there is no doubt your customers will love this barrel-aged version even more. Dasvidaniya! ABV 9% Package: 750 ml bottles only Availability: November

Harpoon ’Tis the Seasonal Winter Mix Pack This holiday party in a box contains four Harpoon favorites: IPA, Sweet Spot, Winter Warmer (with a new look!) and Vanilla Bean Porter. Winter just got a little warmer! Availability: November

UFO Winter Blonde Whether skiing the snowy trails or enjoying a jovial game night, there’s nothing like capping off every winter adventure with UFO Winter Blonde, a delightfully refreshing, unfiltered wheat beer with a touch of vanilla sweetness and a subtle coffee aroma. ABV: 4.9% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

UFO Holiday Voyager Adventure through the wonders of winter with the UFO Holiday Voyager. This celebratory exploration includes: UFO White, UFO Hefeweizen, UFO R.A.Z. and UFO Winter Blonde. Happy winter adventuring! Availability: November

Mike’s Hard Chilled Cherry Lemonade Mike’s Hard Chilled Cherry Lemonade jumps off the shelf with its vivid red color and slightly cloudy appearance. Like all Mike’s Hard Lemonade flavors, Chilled Cherry has a very fresh and natural aroma. In this instance, it’s a sweet, cherry aroma with hints of almond and vanilla. The taste is clean, refreshing and very sessionable – not syrupy – with fresh, ripe cherry notes. ABV: 5% Package: 11.2 oz. bottles only Availability: October

10 HeadyTimes v.91

Sly Fox Christmas Ale What’s aluminum, green and red all over? The spicy and festive holiday offering from local favorite Sly Fox Brewing Company! The 2016 version of their much anticipated classic Christmas Ale delivers a subtle blend of cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice in a flavorful combination of caramel malt and holiday cheer. It is the perfect beer for celebrating or gift giving. The collectible cans and 750 ml bottles – with a handy gift tag included in the design – change annually and create joyous displays of seasonal color! ABV: 5.5% (cans and draught) 6.5% (bottles) Packages: 12 oz. cans, 750 ml bottles and draught Availability: November

Woodchuck Winter Chill The chill of winter sends some running for the mountains, while others prefer to stay cozy in the comfort of the great indoors. Whichever way you enjoy winter, this cider is built to get you through. Aged in premium French and traditional American oak, Winter Chill brings a rich depth of apple flavor with hints of vanilla and oak throughout. ABV: 5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Woodchuck Gumption Late Show Cinnaster Clown Step right up! The late show is open. Woodchuck’s mad genius Cider Makers present Cinnaster Clown, a mischievous prankster with spicy cinnamon notes and a bold finish. ABV: 5.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

SeasonalSELECTIONS Dogfish Head World Wide Stout World Wide Stout is dark, rich, roasty and complex, lingering somewhere beyond the limits of the average beer. WWS is brewed with a ridiculous amount of malted barley and a butt-load of roasted specialty malts. With tender love and care, this beer is fostered from smooth, sweet wort into the big, bad, blackened stout it always longed to be. With its bold port-like complexity, it goes great with (or as) dessert! ABV: 15-20% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Very limited quantities in November

Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter This porter is based on malt flavors of roasted nuts, crème brulee, cocoa and caramel, extracted from English and German roasted and caramel malts. Hotbox Roasters then crashes the party and infuses potent, cold-extracted coffee from Burundi and Ethiopian beans and deals out flavors and aromas of dark plums, chocolate and hints of blueberry. ABV: 6.4% Packages: 12 oz. cans and draught Availability: Now!

Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut

A spruce-infused pale ale, Pennsylvania Tuxedo pays homage to the flannel-suited hunters and gatherers who dwell deep in the backcountry of north central PA. Brewed in collaboration with family-run outdoor clothing company Woolrich, Pennsylvania Tuxedo has a grassy citrus kick complemented by the resinous conifer notes of fresh green spruce tips. A dry yet doughy malt backbone lets the hops and spruce shine, while still balancing out the bitterness, making this one an easy sipper. ABV: 8.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Intense, fresh cacao flavors swirl with popping coconut aromas, all supported by a semi-sweet porter made from loads of dark chocolate and extra dark caramel malt. This choconut goodness will have you yellin’ “Pass. Dash. Hit.” all winter long. ABV: 6.5% Packages: 12 oz. cans and draught Availability: Limited quantities in October

Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast This stout is tricked out with all sorts of breakfast ingredients including Guatemalan Antigua cold press coffee, maple syrup harvested from Western Massachusetts and for the quintessential Delaware breakfast touch – Rapa Scrapple and their secret blend of spices. 2-row Applewood smoked barley, Kiln coffee malt, flaked oats, roasted barley and caramel malt along with additions of molasses, milk sugars (lactose), brown sugar and roasted chicory, lay the foundation for this malty, breakfast-themed concoction. Enjoy huge notes of coffee in the nose and savory layers in the flavor. ABV: 7.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Oskar Blues Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy Aged through four seasons and from a blend of the top bourbons around, BarrelAged Ten Fidy has morphed into a monster of cranked up flavor. Espresso, burnt sugar, rich chocolate and caramel notes are now driving alongside the vanilla, oak and bourbon from the barrel and have been smoothed out during maturation. Even at 12.9% it is cool and drinkable, letting each sip add more and more complexity. ABV: 12.9% Packages: 19.2 oz. cans and draught Availability: December

Straub Groundhog Altbier Altbier is the perfect warmer against the winter cold. Copper in color with a pronounced malt flavor, Groundhog Altbier is brewed with imported German-style hops for a firm, bitter edge. Fermented with authentic German ale yeast, this brew will have you hoping for six more weeks of winter! ABV: 5.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: December HeadyTimes v.91 11

SeasonalSELECTIONS Lagunitas High West-ified Imperial Coffee Stout This purely barrel-aged beast couldn’t have been made without the High West Distillery in Park City, UT and Chicago’s Metropolis Coffee Co. This rich, malty Imperial stout is brewed with some Spice Island coffee beans, then barrel-aged in High West rye and bourbon barrels for 3, 6, and 12 months. Lagunitas says… it’s good to have friends. ABV: TBD Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: December

Lagunitas Sucks Ale Holiday Packaging Year-round favorite Lagunitas Sucks will be available for a limited time with a holiday label and 12 pack holiday packaging, complete with a to/from gift tag! Sucks is a ‘cereal medley’ of barley, rye, wheat and oats. It’s full of ‘complexishness’ from the four grains, then joyously dryhopped for that big aroma and resinous flavor. ABV: 8% Package: 12 oz. bottles only Availability: Holiday packaging is available in October

Allagash Hibernal Fluxus The name Fluxus is Latin for continuous change and every summer, Allagash brews a different recipe under the Fluxus name. This year, for the first time ever, they’re releasing Hibernal Fluxus: a winter sibling to the Fluxus tradition. This hearty, Belgian-style stout is brewed with Marris Otter, roasted barley, Midnight wheat, Special B, chocolate malt, oats and a healthy dose of figs. The beer is then hopped with Northern Brewer and Hallertau. Chocolate in color with a mocha foam, this ale’s aroma is a smoky mix of sugar plums, toffee and black treacle. The taste of Hibernal Fluxus straddles the rift between roasty and sweet with notes of bitter baking chocolate, espresso, biscuit malt and mocha – a chewy, creamy inauguration of a new tradition. In keeping with the Allagash “Give Where You Live” initiative, a portion of the proceeds from Hibernal Fluxus will help ensure that families in Maine have enough heat through the winter. ABV: 8% Packages: 750 ml bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November 12 HeadyTimes v.91

Sixpoint Global Warmer As the cycle continues, and storm clouds come rolling in, Global’s recipe has been updated. This year features a hazy, unfiltered version. Expect supremely intensified flavors – an imperial superstorm of a beer. ABV: 7% Packages: 12 oz. sleek cans and draught Availability: November

Evil Genius Santa!! I Know Him! Santa!! I Know Him! is a holiday saison brewed with rose hips, chamomile, black currants and dark Belgian candi syrup. Deep, complex and intriguing, this bone-dry, Belgian-style ale is sure to seduce you, or the one you’re with. Roses, chamomile and currants have long been considered powerful aphrodisiacs, so Evil Genius combined them with mysterious and beguiling Belgian saison yeast. The result is something very special and sure to help spice up nights spent at home during the cold winter months. ABV: 7.2% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Evil Genius Han Shot First Han Shot First is Evil Genius’s American double IPA hopped with Amarillo, Warrior and Chinook hops. This is their brightest, most intense, aromatic, hoppy beer to date. American 2-row barley and British malted oats provide a soft, clean, full-bodied mouth feel, allowing the hops to steal the show. Big, Graphic was not available bold, hoppy notes of mango, at the time of print lemon, fresh cut grass and peach shine through with almost no bitterness whatsoever. ABV: 8.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: December

Evil Genius I’ll Have What She’s Having An Imperial stout made with chocolate and hazelnut, I’ll Have What She’s Having is a strong, dark beer that only Evil Genius could create. This rich, creamy, over-the-top stout has layered flavors of roasted barley, molasses, chocolate, caramel and hazelnut. Not too heavy on the palate, and with a surprisingly dry finish, this sturdy, yet drinkable stout is perfect for the winter months. Note: Evil Genius is not responsible for any inappropriate orgasmic outbursts after drinking this beer. ABV: 9.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Late December

SeasonalSELECTIONS Coronado Snowy Plover

Alpine Pure Hoppiness

Like the San Diego shorebird flying in and out of the waves, you too will keep coming back for more of this hardy winter IPA. Medium-bodied and slightly red in color from the use of caramel malts, this IPA is filled with bright pine and citrus notes, balanced by a firm malt backbone. ABV: 6% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Alpine’s double IPA is mega-hopped in true West Coast style. They use hops in the boil, more hops in the hop-back and an absurd amount of dry-hopping to achieve the beer’s signature, cutting edge “hop bite.” Resinous with a pale golden hue and a bright white beer foam, the aroma presents pine notes that are dominated by sweet citrus with some perfume-like qualities. The bold hop character is balanced perfectly by the caramel malt sweetness. ABV: 5.2% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Weyerbacher QUAD Warming and full-bodied with a malt backbone and notes of raisin, fig, plum and caramel, this Belgian-style quadruple is elegant, dark and rich with complexity and flavor. ABV: 11.8% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Weyerbacher Heresy Heresy is Weyerbacher’s (retired) Old Heathen, aged in oak bourbon barrels. The aroma is filled with vanilla, cocoa and roasted coffee with notes of oak, whiskey, roasted barley and vanilla. ABV: 8% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Very limited quantities in December

Weyerbacher Berry Monks A variation of Weyerbacher’s classic Belgian triple Merry Monks, Berry Monks is brewed with cranberries, orange peel and ginger. This ale is ripe with apple and pear notes, which blend nicely with the tartness of the cranberries, the citrus twist of the orange peel and the touch of ginger. It’s great on its own or paired with your favorite holiday dish. ABV: 9.3% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November

Green Flash Baroque Belgique If Green Flash were founded in historical Belgium, Baroque Belgique would have been their flagship brew. A bold and complex layering of herbal hops finds delicate balance from traditional malts in this Brettconditioned, Belgian-style pale ale. Part of the brewery’s Cellar 3 series, Baroque Belgique is bone dry and palate cleansing. Bottle-conditioning with fresh ale yeast and Brettanomyces adds a funky finishing touch, creating a delightfully bright effervescence, dryness and continuously evolving character. This unique brew is available in champagne-style bottles that can hold the high volumes of CO2 that make Baroque Belgique so elegant. ABV: 7% Packages: 750 ml cork and caged bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in December

Unibroue Terrible Complete with new bottle graphics, this dark brown, abbey-style ale is terribly well balanced. Featuring rich and complex notes of fruits and spices that evolve into pleasant Madeira wine flavors, Terrible has a subtle, roasted malt finish. Perfect as an apertif of after dinner digestive, this special brew has a cellar life of ten years or longer. ABV: 10.5% Packages: 750 ml bottles and draught Availability: Very limited quantities in November

Graphic was not available at the time of print HeadyTimes v.91 13

SeasonalSELECTIONS Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale The 2016-2017 release of Winter Welcome is the 27th year for this classic – the first imported winter seasonal beer sold in the U.S. This year the label art is a couple pulling a holiday cracker or Christmas cracker (sometimes known as a bon-bon), a fun tradition that started in England over 150 years ago. Winter Welcome is honey-amber in color with a creamy head of small bubbles, a floral aroma, delicious caramel malt flavor with great finesse and a fruity note in the finish from fermentation in open-topped stone Yorkshire Squares. ABV: 6% Packages: 12 and 18.7 oz. bottles Availability: November

Samuel Smith’s Gift Box Samuel Smith’s Gift Box contains 18.7 oz. “Victorian Pint” bottles of: Oatmeal Stout, almost opaque deep brown color, this beer has a gentle roasted barley aroma, an unusually silky texture and a complex, medium-dry velvet palate with enticing fruitiness; India Ale, an authentic IPA from the nation that invented the style, India Ale has a restrained maltiness and an emphasis on the aroma and flavor of hops from England’s finest farms and Organic Chocolate Stout, a full-bodied stout with a roasted barley flavor and fruity notes from the Samuel Smith yeast strain – all supported by a lush chocolate aroma, taste and finish. Each case includes four gift boxes. Availability: November

Lindemans Gift Box New for 2016, the Lindemans Gift Box contains 25.4 oz. (750 ml) bottles of Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic, and Lindemans Pêche (Peach) Lambic – the beautiful wildfermented ales from Belgium’s Senne River Valley. Each bottle is embossed with the brewery logo and closed with a cork and crown, then finished with a foil capsule. Two gold-rimmed, stemmed flute glasses with color logos are also included in the set. The box is full color, with a big die-cut to show the bottles. Each case includes four gift boxes. Availability: November 14 HeadyTimes v.91

Avec les Bons Voeux From Brasserie Dupont, Avec les Bons Voeux (meaning “with best wishes” in English) is rich gold in color with a fragrant aroma of lemon, hints of pepper, banana and clove, thanks to the signature Dupont yeast. Considered by some to be the finest offering from the unparalleled Belgian brewery, Avec les Bons Voeux has a full, deep, malt richness that lingers on your tongue. ABV: 9.5% Packages: 25.4 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Scaldis Noël A bolder and stronger holiday version of Scaldis, Scaldis Noël from Brasserie Dubuisson has a burnished ruby-copper color and a spicy aroma with notes of caramel, marzipan and peach. The taste of this strong golden ale is round with hints of anise, leading to a long, warming finish. ABV: 12% Packages: 11.2 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November

Scaldis Noël Premium Scaldis Noël Premium from Brasserie Dubuisson is made with Scaldis Noël, refermented and bottle conditioned to give it a fuller body and more complex character. With beautiful lacing, a mahogany hue, overtones of plum, date and caramel and a cognac warming finish, Noël Premium has all the luxurious characteristics of a Belgian holiday beer. Choose it for a sparkling variation on New Year’s Eve or give a bottle as a holiday gift. ABV: 12% Package: 25.4 oz. bottles only Availability: Very limited quantities in November

The Hop Freshener Series Tropical & Juicy Tropical & Juicy is brewed with Eureka, Galaxy, Vic’s Secret and Citra hops, creating a bouquet of stone fruit, mango and tangerines. An initial burst of juiciness on the palate leads to a grapefruit bitterness and the slightest touch of biscuit. ABV: 8.5% Packages: 22 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

SeasonalSELECTIONS Spring House Kerplunk! Imperial Chocolate Stout

Heavy Seas Winter Storm Imperial Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Kerplunk! Imperial Chocolate Stout is named for the delicious sound made as large amounts of chocolate nibs and West Coast hops are added directly into the simmering brew kettle. This hefty, black, Imperial-style stout boasts a rich caramel sweetness, lavished by a robust, deep-roasted heartiness you can sink your two front teeth into. The bold flavors found in Kerplunk! are produced using a generous blend of roasted barley, crystal malts and locally-made chocolate. The resulting brew exhibits a deliciously complex and unique profile of subtle mocha coffee and intense chocolate, balanced nicely by the underlying roasted hop bitterness. ABV: 9% Packages: 20 oz. cans and draught Availability: November

Winter Storm may be Heavy Seas Founder Hugh Sisson’s favorite beer in the brewery’s portfolio. This winter ale draws on hops from the West Coast and the UK for its pronounced bitterness. A mix of pale and darker malts give it its tawny color and bigger body. True to the style, Winter Storm has an aroma of nutty malts and earthy hops. Due to its warming qualities, this is the perfect winter beer. ABV: 7.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Now!

Spring House The Martians Kidnap Santa! Egg Nog Stout The Martians Kidnap Santa! is an eggnog stout with a rich, creamy body and an extra dose of holiday cheer. ABV: 8.4% Package: Draught only Availability: November

Spring House Satan’s Bake Sale Mint Chocolate Chip Stout Smooth, dark, full-bodied and satisfyingly rich, this stout is aged on fresh peppermint leaves and dark Wilbur chocolate for a powerful aroma and a pronounced mint chocolate chip flavor. ABV: 8.4% Package: Draught only Availability: November

21st Amendment Lower De Boom Lower De Boom is a powerfully balanced, American-style barley wine. Packed with citrusy Pacific Northwest hops, this seasonal brew is chestnut brown in the glass with notes of toffee malt, fruitcake, toast, piney hops and more than a hint of alcohol. ABV: 11.5% Package: 8.4 oz. cans only Availability: Limited quantities in December

Heavy Seas Below Decks From the depths of the Heavy Seas ship comes Below Decks English-style barley wine. Aged for a full year in red wine barrels, this palate punisher has enough firepower to keep your crew satisfied for the duration of the winter excursion. The beer is opulently rich, malty and nuanced with notes of dried cherries and subtle oak. See why some of the greatest things come to those who wait. ABV: 10% Packages: 22 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November

Heavy Seas Partner Ships with Stone Brewing Imperial Brown IPA Brewed with Blackstrap molasses in the kettle, chewy malt character supports layers of American hop mayhem (they are playing with Stone after all). This is a burly, palateobliterating Imperial brown IPA! ABV: 9% Packages: 22 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November

Heavy Seas “21” Anniversary Ale To celebrate their 21st anniversary, Heavy Seas created a rye Imperial ESB brewed with imported UK malt, local Domino brown sugar, a powerful English ale yeast and a blend of herbaceous British hops (to the tune of 65 IBUs). 21 was aged for sixty days in locally sourced, singleuse, Sagamore Spirit rye whiskey barrels. ABV: 10.5% Packages: 22 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in December HeadyTimes v.91 15

SeasonalSELECTIONS Abita Christmas Ale

Stone Coffee Milk Stout

Each year Abita crafts a special dark ale for the holiday season. The recipe changes each year so that Abita Christmas Ale is always the perfect gift. ABV: TBD Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Instead of going for an Imperial, Stone Brewing set out to create a mellow java beer that would allow all of us to enjoy sip after sip, pour after pour, of a traditional, tasty, English-style milk stout. The mild bitterness of the roasted coffee is balanced out brilliantly by milk sugar for a touch of sweetness and creaminess to the stout’s smooth, easy-drinking texture. ABV: 5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: October

Stone Xocoveza Great Lakes Ohio City Oatmeal Stout Oh, what fun it is to ride through a flurry of flaked oats o’er a field of rich, roasted malt flavors! Smooth and creamy, this mediumbodied stout with soft, malty notes and a dry finish pairs perfectly with roast duck, spiced desserts and ugly Christmas sweaters. ABV: 5.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Great Lakes Christmas Ale Do not open ’til Christmas? Whoever coined that phrase obviously hasn’t tasted Great Lakes Christmas Ale’s fresh honey, cinnamon, and ginger flavors. A Yuletide’s worth of holiday spices and sweet honey will keep you a-wassailing all season long. ABV: 7.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Great Lakes Blackout Stout Pitch-dark and rich, Blackout Stout is kindled with black malt and roasted barley, and illuminated by flickers of bitter hops. ABV: 9% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

16 HeadyTimes v.91

Harmoniously layered with cocoa, Mostra coffee, peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and milk sugar, this beer is an insanely delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate. Thanks entirely to fan demand, it has gone from being an initial, onetime offering to a yearly tradition, too special to skip. This festive beer will age beautifully. ABV: 8.1% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: October

Stone Enjoy By 12.25.16 Unfiltered IPA By skipping a step and letting this devastatingly fresh, golden-hued double IPA go unfiltered, the beer takes on a hazy appearance and its peach and tropical fruit hop aroma are intensified. Like the other IPAs in this series, this version is brewed specifically NOT to last. So rip into this one now before the Christmas celebrations wrap up. ABV: 9.4% Packages: 12 and 22 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Stone Cabin Fever Mixed 2/12 Pack The arrival of cooler weather heralds when craft beer drinkers begin to find themselves hunkered down indoors with richer beers like milk stouts and porters. The new Stone Vanilla Bean Porter is packed for any such occasion alongside Coffee Milk Stout, Ruination Double IPA 2.0 and Delicious IPA in this seasonal variety pack. Availability: November

SeasonalSELECTIONS Saranac Year in Review Best of 2016 Variety Pack Part of Saranac’s 12 Beers series, the Year in Review Best of 2016 Variety Pack consists of four of Saranac’s best performing styles of 2016: Clementine Pale Ale, Cold Brew Coffee Lager, Hoppy Hour Hero and Bavarian Pils. Availability: November

Saranac Clementine Pale Ale A riff on Saranac Pale Ale, Clementine Pale Ale is brewed with clementine, citrus peel and tangerine. Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops complement the citrus flavors with their grapefruity and herbal characters. ABV: 5.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Saranac Caramel Porter This traditional, dark, English-style porter is brewed with real caramelized sugar, roasted barley, chocolate and caramel malts for a delectable brew that will surely satisfy your beer tooth. ABV: 5.4% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: November

Petrus Sour Quad From the innovators at Brouwerij De Brabandere comes Petrus Sour Quad, a blend of Belgian quadruple and 30% Petrus Aged Pale. This dark, complex, malty beer is made from five different malts, and the addition of Aged Pale gives this full-bodied quad a refreshing character. ABV: 10.5% Packages: 25.4 oz. cork and caged bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November

Cape May King Porter Stomp This medium-bodied, Baltic-style chocolate porter is creamy and chocolaty, due to the chocolate malts and natural chocolate flavoring. Try this brew on nitro for a creamy consistency, which complements the chocolate notes. ABV: 7.4% Package: Draught only Availability: November

Cape May Avalon Coffee Stout Bacon and eggs, burger and fries, spaghetti and meatballs – all perfect food pairings. One of the best culinary combinations? Coffee and stout. To make this coffee stout, Cape May’s slightly sweet and full-bodied stout is conditioned on locally-roasted coffee from Avalon Coffee. A complex grain bill of pilsner, carafa, caramunich, roasted barley and oats make up the heart of this beer, which pairs perfectly with the soft, nutty and cocoa notes of Avalon’s Latin American-leaning house blend. Whether consumed as a delightful dessert beer or an arousing breakfast beer, Avalon Coffee Stout will be a new fall favorite. ABV: 4.6% Package: Draught only Availability: November

Piraat Ale Aged in Rum Barrels For the first time ever, Piraat Golden Triple has been aged in rum barrels. The result is an added vanilla accent with a rounded, warming sensation that gives this already malty and spiced triple an extra bit of oomph! You’ll be trying to find your sea legs after a few of these beauties! ABV: 10.5% Packages: 25.4 oz. cork and caged bottles and draught Availability: Limited quantities in November

Gulden Draak Nitro Gulden Draak Nitro is coming to the U.S.! This new variant of Gulden Draak, available in draught only, makes the already superb balance and mouth feel of Gulden Draak richer and creamier than previously thought possible. ABV: 10.5% Package: Draught only Availability: Very limited quantities in December HeadyTimes v.91 17

SeasonalSELECTIONS Peak Organic Winter Session Ale This winter wheat beer uses dark malting to provide subtle, toasty notes. It is then singlehopped and dry-hopped with Citra hops from New England. Interesting pineapple notes from the Citra hop provide a stark contrast to the toasty notes in the body. This is an engaging and sessionable winter seasonal. ABV: 5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles, 12 oz. cans and draught Availability: November

Peak Organic Oak Aged Mocha Stout This is an extravagant, immoderate beer. Peak mixed together three of their favorite things – beer, chocolate and coffee. A rich stout serves as a backbone, with organic black malt and chocolate malt providing a luscious foundation. During the boil, artisan chocolate from Taza is added. During conditioning, Irving Farms coffee is added. Then, this concoction is oak-aged, resulting in soft vanilla notes. ABV: 8.4% Package: Draught only Availability: Limited quantities in December

Shipyard Chocolate Milk Stout Chocolate Milk Stout is a creamy, sessionable stout with notes of roasted chocolate malt and rich, dark chocolate sweetness contributed by the cocoa nibs. ABV: 5.4% Package: 12 oz. bottles only Availability: December

Dock Street Bubbly Wit A stronger-thanaverage Belgian-style wit beer brewed with 100% champagne yeast, Bubbly Wit has a smooth, clean malt profile with notes of citrus, coriander and exotic spice, along with prominent fruitiness lent by the yeast, which lingers long after the finish. High carbonation rounds out the profile of this special ale – the true Champagne of beers. In keeping with tradition, this wit is served with the yeast, lending an opaquely cloudy appearance. ABV: 7.75% Package: Draught only Availability: December

Dock Street Prince Myshkin’s Russian Imperial Stout Prince Myshkin pours a deep, opaque, midnight-black with a dense, milk-colored head. Brewed with a large percentage of roasted and chocolate malts, this huge beer is then aged on oak chips for added depth and complexity. Flavors are reminiscent of dark fruits, chocolate and sandalwood, making Prince Myshkin’s Stout perfect for dessert, or a dangerously smooth nightcap. But who is Prince Myshkin? He’s the idiot-savant from Dostoyevsky’s novel, The Idiot, who the Russian author described as “entirely positive... with an absolutely beautiful nature”. ABV: 9.5% Package: Draught only Availability: Limited quantities in December

Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin Shipyard Prelude Special Ale Prelude is a rich, nutty, full-bodied English ale with an inviting amber hue and a hoppy finish. ABV: 6.7% Package: 12 oz. bottles only Availability: November

18 HeadyTimes v.91

Velvet Merlin is a decadent oatmeal stout that will warm your innards on a cold winter night. It offers robust cocoa and espresso aromas with subtle American hop nuances. Rich, dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors accentuate a creamy mouth feel and dry finish to create perfect balance in this fullbodied stout. ABV: 5.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught Availability: Mid-October

Available Year-Round PERFECT FOR THE SEASON Red Bull and The Red Bull Editions More often than not, consumers are looking for beverages that do something for them. Energy drinks provide the functionality of an energy boost, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. Now that we live in a connected 24/7 world, the need for an energy boost is becoming even more important. Last year, six billion cans of Red Bull were consumed globally, two billion of those in the U.S. alone. Red Bull now offers the Red Bull Editions, providing the Wings of Red Bull with the tastes of cranberry (Red Edition), blueberry (Blue Edition), and tropical fruits (Yellow Edition) – a delicious flavor option for every palate. An 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a home-brewed cup of coffee. Red Bull is available in 170 countries worldwide and more than 40 billion cans have been consumed since Red Bull created the energy drink category 30 years ago. This holiday season, offers your customers a non-alcoholic option to serve at holiday events and parties.

Allagash Black Allagash Black is a Belgian-style stout brewed with 2-row barley, torrified wheat, oats, both roasted & chocolate malt and a generous portion of dark caramelized candi sugar. The silky mouth feel is a great balance to the roasted character, coffee and dark chocolate notes expressed throughout this beer. Try it with oatmeal raisin cookies this holiday season! ABV: 7.5% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught

Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout This full-bodied Imperial stout pours an opaque mahogany color with a tan head. Its smell is dominated by notes of roasted coffee beans, with a slight hint of chocolate, but Simcoe and Fuggles hops add complexity to the aroma. The roasted barley is detectable in the taste, and this complements the bitterness from the Warrior hops – balancing out the sweetness from the load of malts used in brewing. A creamy mouth feel makes this a smooth, utterly drinkable beer. Enjoy it with spicy chili when the temperature drops. ABV: 8% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught

Unibroue Trois Pistoles

Verdi Add a little sparkle to you holiday season with Verdi and Sparkletini.

Brewed with four selected malts and four exotic spices, this strong, dark ale beckons with a subtle sweetness that makes it surprisingly smooth and satisfying for a beer of such strength and complexity. The dark color and smooth taste of Trois Pistoles reveal a ripe, fruity aroma and lasting flavor, reminiscent of an aged port. Perfect for cooking or pairing with meals, it can also be served as an aperitif or a digestif. Trois Pistoles makes a great match for semi-soft, washed-rind and blue cheeses and is exquisite with chocolate desserts. Nothing’s better for warming up a cold winter night. ABV: 9% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught

Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot Blithering Idiot is brewed in the British tradition of balanced, hearty ales. A deep-copper ale with intense malty notes of date and fig, this barley wine, which ages quite well, has a warm and fruity finish that begs for the next sip. Enjoy this big brew in a brandy snifter by the fire. ABV: 11.1% Packages: 12 oz. bottles and draught HeadyTimes v.91 19

Programs Redd’s Holiday During the holiday season, occasions and parties with family and friends require a variety of beverage offerings. For Redd’s, ’tis the season to Pick Different. High ABV FMBs have been growing faster than any other drink segment in convenience stores and faster than almost every segment in general. Redd’s will feature holiday-themed POS materials for the season, including a holiday-bow pole topper. The brand is offering display instructions and guidelines featuring the holiday pole topper along with a “plus-up” option for the existing apple floor display.

Coors Light NBA Hoops Coors Light is the official partner of the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2016/2017 season. It is a beer that will be with 76ers fans all season long, supporting the excitement and potential heartbreak, game after game. Coors Light is fully integrated with the Sixers as they kick off one of their most exciting seasons yet. At halftime, Coors Light brings fans the notorious Sixers Halftime Concert Series featuring throwback artists, heritage activation and more. The Philadelphia 76ers partnership will be supported by out of home advertising, radio, TV and dualbranded merchandise as well as a full suite of retail tools for the on and off-premise.

Spread Holiday Cheer with Heineken This year, Heineken is celebrating the holidays by spreading cheer and sharing beer. Heineken has partnered with Shazam® to give consumers the opportunity to Shazam their Heineken and be entered to win Uber rides or gift cards. Consumers will also receive discounts on Heineken and witty, holiday-related tips and content that they can share with family and friends. This program will be backed by digital media and POS for the on and off-premise. Heineken is owning the “cheers” this season.

20 HeadyTimes v.91


Modelo Dia de los Muertos In 2015, the success of Modelo’s Dia de los Muertos program helped drive Modelo’s on-premise retail sales +36% versus the prior year, making it the #1 dollar share gainer in the industry during the promotional period. For 2016, Modelo is renewing its partnership with Dia de los Muertos artist Steve Simpson to create all new authentic POS elements for the on and off-premise channels such as altars, skulls and marigolds, making it a more intriguing and unique time to celebrate with Modelo Especial. Additionally, Modelo is engaging consumers through its @ModeloUSA social and digital channels, including a nation-wide custom Snapchat lens, launching on October 28th, which will allow consumers to adorn their faces with a sugar skull and traditional elements to authentically honor the lives of those who have passed on. And on November 1st, Modelo will have a Facebook Live event on its page, showcasing an ofrenda (a collection of objects placed on a ritual altar during a Dia de los Muertos celebration) coming to life for consumers nationwide to view and engage with the brand. Modelo’s fully integrated program is proving, one activation at a time, that this brand pays tribute to an important aspect of Mexican culture like no other beer can.

Corona Feliz Navidad Last year Corona shined bright and grew four times more than key competitors during the holiday promotional period. To amplify things this year, Corona is launching a new festive look for the iconic ‘Feliz Navidad’ campaign. With fresh photography that brings the beach celebration and social nature of the holiday front and center, materials will recruit new general market and Hispanic consumers to embrace, share and celebrate the carefree spirit of the holidays. To complement the new look, Corona will have media support featuring the Corona Extra “O Tannenpalm” ad which has been airing since 1990 (26 years!). Additional dedicated support includes social media, PR, festive POS and display enhancers. HeadyTimes v.91 21


Guinness Half & Halfs is a program that provides tools and support to help drive more sales and profit by giving customers delicious and greatlooking combinations. Throughout November, Guinness is encouraging bartenders and consumers to explore new possibilities by mixing Guinness with other best-selling/ local brews. Tools will be available to feature custom “Half & Halfs” as specials and/or during happy hour. Digital assets will allow you to create menus, custom posters and table tents to promote your Half & Halfs. Encourage your guests to make suggestions and “co-create” with your bartenders. Create names for your favorites to make them unique to your account.

Guinness will help commemorate all of the special bonds and traditions this holiday season by encouraging friends and family to “cheers” with an iconic Guinnessengraved pint glass. Thematic POS for off-premise accounts who display the Guinness portfolio, will encourage consumers to “claim” their own etched Guinness glass via text, which will also enter them for a chance to win a trip to Ireland! When consumers come together to enjoy the finer things this holiday season, enhance their celebrations with Guinness.

Catch the Christmas Ale Spirit with Great Lakes How do you get into the Christmas Ale spirit? Upload a picture of your festive preparations or tag it with #ChristmasAleSpirit on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to enter. Weekly presents will be gifted all season long from October 27th through December 31st. Learn more and submit a photo at ChristmasAleSpirit.

Oskar Blues Secret Stash at Powder Mountain This winter, one lucky grand prize winner and a guest will win a weekend of unlimited skiing and riding at Powder Mountain in Utah. With over 7,000 skiable acres, it’s bigger than Vail and gets more snow. Fans can enter to win at from November 1st through January 31st. The program will be supported by Icelantic skis, Never Summer snowboards, FlyLow gear, Smith Optics and Skiing magazine.

22 HeadyTimes v.91

Programs #YuenglingTraditions This holiday season, from November 1st through December 31st, Yuengling fans will be asked to share their #YuenglingTraditions for a chance to win their very own “Yuengling wish list”. Whether it’s an ugly sweater party or an afternoon of tree decorating, consumers can share their holiday traditions, through words or pictures, on social media for a chance to win a $500 gift card or a Yuengling mug gift set. Fans can enter to win on, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #YuenglingTraditions.

Yuengling IPL Untappd Sweepstakes This winter, Yuengling is running an IPL sweepstakes on Untappd (a social network for beer enthusiasts). Consumers will check in to IPL at an on-premise account in December and unlock a Yuengling IPL badge within the app. In January, if a fan checks in three times, while drinking an IPL, they will unlock Yuengling rewards!

Dogfish Head IPAs for the Holidays Dogfish Head knows that the holidays are times of celebration – gathering family, friends and loved ones to raise a glass of the good stuff, and the DFH family of continually-hopped IPAs are the perfect complement to any holiday party. Dogfish Head IPAs for the Holidays include: 60 Minute: A continually-hopped IPA loaded with citrusy hops, 60 Minute IPA is the session beer for hardcore enthusiasts. 90 Minute: “Perhaps the best IPA in America” according to Esquire, 90 Minute IPA has a malt backbone that stands up to the extreme hopping rate. Burton Baton: The marriage of an imperial IPA and an English strong ale, this high-gravity hop monster is tamed by oak and vanilla undercurrents. HeadyTimes v.91 23

RetailEDGE Seasonal Marketing By George Latella This article takes a closer look at seasonal marketing, including products, packaging, promotions and merchandising. Over the past 10 years, seasonal marketing has continued to drive incremental sales and profits for everyone in the food and beverage business. Pumpkin has become the king of seasonal flavors. Stores are selling everything from pumpkin spice coffee creamer to pumpkin-flavored Peeps. However, we have to be careful of overkill. More and more, food companies are introducing these products earlier each year. And they continue to add new items to the mix. You can now get pumpkin beer in July! It wasn’t too long ago that actual pumpkins were sold a few weeks before Halloween. Pumpkin pies showed up for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas, which followed the farming season for these products. Peppermint for the holidays, chocolate for Valentine’s Day, cherry pies for Washington’s Birthday, coconut for Easter, S’mores for summer barbeques etc. Fresh fruit and vegetables used to be seasonal as well, but thanks to technology and science, we can get all kinds of fresh produce year‑round. So what does this mean for you and your business? I do think the beer category has done a great job with seasonal and limited products. Besides the actual product, the promotions, merchandising/POS and advertising help create excitement and drive incremental

purchase, which is what we all want. Think about how you can create a “destination” by combining these programs with your own communications programs. I would rather be a few weeks short on the “season” rather than a few weeks late. This helps stimulate the demand by keeping to the “Limited Time Offer” nature that seasonal products should present to consumers. A holiday/special event should be special. Take a look at your sales by week for these items and make sure you are maximizing your storage space and shelf space. Set up your own seasonal calendar based on your sales. Create your own promotions. If you sell food, tie your menu to your seasonal beverages. Tie your seasonal menu items to your everyday beverages. If you have a social media presence, use that to your advantage by creating a contest or promotion to let people know, and take advantage of, the marketing opportunities that technology presents. Partner with complementary products/services to bundle promotions. You need to understand how your customers think about seasonal products and marketing, and how they can influence the behavior of others (what to drink, where to drink it, what day/time etc). Then, adjust your marketing and merchandising strategy based on this information. Whether you are on-premise or off-premise, you need to make sure that you understand YOUR consumers and build your seasonal products, merchandising and marketing programs around them. It will positively impact your bottom line!

George Latella teaches Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Food Marketing, the largest major at Saint Joe’s, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Latella is also a partner in Beacon Marketing Group which provides marketing planning, research and e-commerce/direct marketing communications for food and beverage companies. He can be reached at or 610-660-2254.

DeliveringSERVICE Find out more about Origlio’s Delivery Service Representatives

Alex (Aldo) McDermott How long have you been with Origlio Beverage? 30 years. What areas do you service? Primarily Philadelphia. Note: This year Aldo has delivered 5,400 tons of beer – over 10 million pounds! How do you provide the best service to customers? I make sure the order is accurate and work with the customer to service them as quickly as possible. What do you like to do when you’re not working? I love spending time with my new grandson, little Jackson. I also enjoy fishing and golfing – neither of which I’m good at. 24 HeadyTimes v.91

The BeerGUY A Million Reasons Why Beer Makes the Best Holiday Gift By Steve Hawk There are a million reasons why beer can be a great gift for the holidays. Okay… maybe not a million reasons, but beer as a present is truly a great idea. Depending what the giver selects, it can be an impressive gift, a sentimental gift, a clever gift and especially, a thoughtful gift. After consulting with a few industry insiders for their opinions, I offer the following suggestions about which beers to give… Beers that burst with holiday spirit Some beers have a specific taste or bottle design that are intended for the holiday season. These types of beer gifts are good for just about everyone on your list. They even make great Pollyanna and Secret Santa gifts, because they are as much about the “holiday” as they are about the beer. Selections like Great Lakes Christmas Ale, Shiner Holiday Cheer, Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration and Sly Fox Christmas Ale fit the design element of this category. Sly Fox Christmas Ale and Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome both have label designs that change every year, making them collectible as well. Great holiday-flavored beers like Sam Adams White Christmas and Evil Genius Santa!! I Know Him!, are both infused with delicious hints of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Special beers that someone is not likely to buy for themselves Many beer drinkers either purposely – or by habit – pass over beer selections that don’t fit into their normal beerbuying routine. It may be a beer from a brewery they’re not very familiar with; beers that are large in both bottle size and alcohol volume; or maybe one that is simply out of their

price range. These beers make great gifts to give… and to receive!

special beers, made in very limited quantities this time of year.

The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, California is known for producing legendary beers, many of which are rooted in Monastic and artistic Belgian brewing traditions. Any of their large format, cork and caged bottles would please even the most discerning beer drinker. The brewery’s holiday offering, Gift of the Magi, is brewed as a stronger biere de garde. This mediumbodied beer has a nutty, honey-like aroma with an initial malt sweetness that fades into a firm but subtle hop presence. An ideal match for a broad spectrum of foods, Gift of the Magi makes a wonderful accompaniment to any holiday table.

Beers that embrace the season

Belgian classics like Chimay and Rodenbach Grand Cru certainly hit the mark as high-end beers that most of our friends and family wouldn’t normally buy, but make fantastic presents. Examples of huge flavor/high ABV beers that are great for giving include any of the selections in the Sly Fox Big Bottle Series or Weyerbacher QUAD. Others included in this category have been staples in the industry for a long time. They may not have the allure of newer brands, but they provide both great flavor, as well as special memories from the past. The beers of Canadian brewery, Unibroue fit that bill perfectly. Each one of their beers are finely-crafted, world-class ales that taste just as amazing now as the first sip you had years ago. When I spoke with Bernard Johnson from Unibroue, he agreed, saying consistency is their trademark. The beers they produce have lasting appeal, while other trends come and go. Belgian brewery Brasserie Dubuisson also offers wonderful holiday selections. Scaldis Noël, a bolder and stronger holiday version of Scaldis and Scaldis Noël Premium, a refermented, bottle conditioned version of Scaldis Noël are quite

There are many beers that are perfect for holiday giving because they embrace the change in temperature that comes with the winter months. Beers that fit this category tend to be darker in color with higher ABVs and full of roasty flavors that keep you warm when the weather is cold. Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin is an oatmeal stout packed with dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors and Spring House The Martians Kidnap Santa! Egg Nog Stout is a rich, creamy stout that is just as tasty as it sounds. Variety packs are also a smart way to check off multiple names on a gift list with just one case. A few winter-centric variety packs to offer your customers would include: Blue Moon Winter Brewmaster Sampler, Samuel Adams Winter Classics, Sierra Nevada Snowpack, Saranac’s Best of 2016, Harpoon ’Tis the Seasonal Winter Mix Pack and UFO Holiday Voyager which all showcase four or more different beers that are perfect for the season. I hope these suggestions help you offer your customers the perfect beer gifts. The best gift of all, of course, is someone to drink it with, which is why your customers should buy beer for everyone they know and love! HeadyTimes v.91 25


3000 Meeting House Road Philadelphia, PA 19154

Harpoon Helps Spread Holiday Cheer This December, Harpoon Brewery’s community service program, Harpoon Helps, will be spreading holiday cheer throughout the East Coast with the 13th annual Harpoon Helps Spread Holiday Cheer event. Approximately 600 volunteers (a.k.a. “Harpoon Helpers”) will adorn 42 different spaces in shelters, soup kitchens and play spaces, in several cities, with holiday decorations including Christmas trees, lights, strands of garland and wreaths. Harpoon Helps volunteers will decorate locations in Philadelphia, Portland, Providence, Manchester, Hartford, the Upper Valley, Worcester, Albany and several locations in Boston.

UFO Winter White Out It’s always the right time for a weekend adventure and UFO White wants to give fans just that. A lucky winner and three friends will win a long weekend of skiing at Sugarbush Mountain in Warren, VT in March 2017 through a text-to-win program running from mid-November through mid-January. The fun-filled weekend will include lots of UFO and skiing at some of the best mountains New England has to offer!

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