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Wanted: Bad Teeth & Embarrassing Smiles! For a New Cosmetic Dentistry Research Study “For the first time in over 20 years, I can be in public without fear of someone noticing how horrible my teeth look. You can’t believe how much of a difference life is when you can speak in public and socialize without being concerned. Yes, fear had led to many of my problems. The dental procedure was extensive and yet free from pain. The sedation was truly amazing, treatment went flawlessly and the follow-up dental care has been terrific! I have never been as comfortable going to a Dentist as I have been with Dr. Atcha!!” As Seen in

— Bob Falker, 59, Crown Point

Do your teeth embarrass you in public? Are you hiding your smile due to years of wear and tear or discoloration? If so, here’s some great news. Patients are needed for a new cosmetic dental research study that creates beautiful smiles with new types of dental porcelain. You’ll never think twice before flashing your winning smile whenever you want. Maybe you’ll get a better job, bigger salary, go on more dates, or simply have more sex! “We literally have new cosmetic dentistry methods available right now to give you back the comfortable chewing and smile you deserve” Dr. Ivan Atcha. To find out about this exciting study, contact Dr. Atcha, Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana cosmetic dental expert. For those with anxiety, in-office IV sedation guarantees comfort. The best news is that if you qualify, your care will be provided at a reduced cost. Call immediately because appointments are limited and on a 1st come basis.

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