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Meet Your Chicagoland 21st Century Dental Implants Experts


hicago- “My Kind of Town” the city of big shoulders and the third largest city in the U.S. It is a city with important people, big names and outstanding people. In 1960, life expectancy was 70 years old. Today, in 2011, life expectancy is 78 years of age and getting higher. People are living longer and this is related to more people retaining their teeth. Some people have ill-fitting partials and dentures, while others have teeth beaten up with patch work dentistry. All of these people are ideal candidates for dental implants. They are tired of their partials and full dentures and haven’t been helped by their dentist in any way, shape or form. Edentulism (being toothless) is on the rise. Each year, 240 million people worldwide are missing one, few or all their teeth. In the U.S., 32 million people wear dentures and 20 million of them have possible fit, function and aesthetic problems with them. Implant dentistry is the fastest evolving field in the profession and with the evolution of it brings new 21st Century concepts to deliver care for total oral rehabilitation. With Indiana being the #11 edentulous state in the U.S., Dr. Atcha, who is Northwest Indiana’s resident, feels compelled to help restore his patients’ teeth so they can chew and smile again!

No One Should Die With Their Teeth In A Glass!

Not long ago dentists were doing extensive bone transplants, sinus lifts, hip bone grafts and 8-12 implants for total rehabilitation. Those days are gone, now with the 21st Century solutions much of the pain, timely and radical care is obsolete. The 21st Century dentists, like Dr. Atcha and his team, are using only four specially placed implants to restore a whole arch (upper or lower jaw) with the All-On-4™ concept. “We are able to restore a patient’s smile in less amount of time without bone grafting, less invasive and less costly,” said Dr. Atcha.

Dr. Atcha and his team understand that losing your teeth may not be an option but having missing teeth restored with 21st Century dental implant care with the right clinician and his team with experience and credentials IS an option. For residents of Northwest Indiana, going to The Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dyer, IN is like going to the Malo Clinic in New Jersey or Lisbon, Portugal for total oral rehabilitation. THERE IS NO OTHER CLINIC, LIKE THE Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry IN NORTHWEST INDIANA, THAT OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF 21ST CENTURY CARE TO THEIR PATIENTS. Fortunately, for Illinois and Chicago area residents, NO DENTURES CHICAGO Dental Implant Center (Dr. Atcha’s second clinic) is in the process of launching other surgery centers, NOT just consultation centers, in Downtown Chicago and suburbs. Many people from those areas come to Dyer, and now they will have other convenient locations to meet with Dr. Atcha, the owner, working with highly chosen doctors in those surgery centers for your care.  “After performing 1000’s of surgeries and over hundreds of total oral rehabilitation cases with the All-On-4™ dental implants, with a 97% success rate we can inform our patient with what works,” says Dr. Atcha. We feel that we need to answer some of the questions for public who are seeking full mouth dental implant care.


Back from Left: Tony Waznonis; Dr. Irfan Atcha DDS, DICOI, DADIA; Front from Left: Andrea; Cassie; Beverly EFDA; Jenn CDA, EFDA; Lelani

ORAL SURGEON – GENERAL DENTIST – IMPLANT CENTER Who is the best Doctor to place implants?

The ADA states “Implant placement is not a dental specialty. Often, a team of dentists – general dentists or specialists- will work together to provide different parts of the treatment. One dentist may perform the surgery to place the implant that goes into the bone. Another dentist may place the crown on top of the implant to complete the restoration. Some dentists are trained to perform all aspects of the treatment themselves.” This statement was prepared by the ADA Division of Communications, in cooperation with The Journal of the American Dental Association. This is why it is a huge advantage to find a dentist (owner is a bigger benefit) to perform all aspects of the treatment. The specialist only worries about what he needs to do and may neglect the restorative end, so the restorative dentist hands are tied and you will not get the BEST restoration you deserve like you do from the dentist performing all aspects of the treatment. At No Dentures Chicago, you have Dr. Irfan Atcha the owner, the surgeon, the restorative dentist; the dentist that will take care of you even after you care has been completed. Dr. Atcha has extensive postgraduate training on Dental Implants surgery, prosthetics, anesthesia and sedation.

MINI-IMPLANTS - STANDARD IMPLANTS How do you know which is best for YOU? Mini-Implants were designed in 1970 and were NOT considered “permanent” implant devices until 1999 when they were cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. A Mini-Implant can only help in retention where a Standard Implant also supports the restoration and gives full retention. Mini-Implants cannot be used for Teeth-in-a-Day or Teeth-in-an-Hour procedures.


How many surgeries will I need and how long will it take for my case to be completed?

One surgery is needed, but there are follow up or post-op appointments needed. The following day of your surgery, you should be seen and also a week after surgery. The total amount of post operation appointments may vary, but besides the next day and next week you should be seen at least once a month until your implants have integrated and you are ready to start your final restoration. Your final restoration appointments can take up to five visits. Since you have these post operation and final restoration appointments, it is important to know where you are going for all of these visits and how far you need to travel.

BIG CORPORATE CENTERS OR US! Why not go to big corporate centers? Unfortunately, people get swayed from savvy marketing ploys from corporate and franchised dental implant centers about the perception of the “team” approach to dental implant care. The mouth is a very personal area of your body, why would you want 5-6 providers involved and go to downtown Chicago when you can stay right here in Dyer, Indiana for your dental implant care with Dr. Atcha and his team. Having the owner personally involved in all parts of your care is a bigger plus, which you will not get at other corporate clinics. Corporate clinics have no owner involvement clinically. They have a high turnover of Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists. When looking at their websites, you will see that if an oral surgeon started out with one corporate clinic, that oral surgeon is not with them a year later. One clinic has changed its name in the last year for reasons they will never disclose to you. Why go downtown when you can stay right here in Dyer?

BONE LOSS AND BONE GRAFTING Do I need bone grafting and isn’t it painful? The All-on-4™ procedure is designed so you DO NOT have to bone graft, but there is a time when you may not have enough bone. Bone grafting can still be avoided by using a longer implant called the Zygoma implant. These implants are not used at most clinics because many of the surgeons are not trained or experienced in Zygomas like Dr. Atcha is.

IF I GET IMPLANTS, DO I GO HOME WITH TEETH OR NOT? I have to have teeth when I go home! Fortunately, residents of Northwest Indiana, have The Center for Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Irfan Atcha, the owner, will provide you with the All-On-4™ Dental implants and Zygomatic dental implants (long implants) with Teeth in One Day and even Teeth in an Hour concepts so you can go home with teeth and chew and smile again!

GUARANTEES AND WARRANTIES Do you provide a written lifetime guarantee for the implants and the implant-supported teeth? The dentist should stand behind his work. Nobel Biocare, the company that makes the implants (All-on-4™ and the Zygomatic Implants), gives you a lifetime guarantee. Be careful, when choosing where you will get the procedure done, many of these corporate clinics change their name, and as stated earlier, doctors leave from one clinic to another, so even if they write the guarantee down it can be nothing but a piece of paper. The paper can have a name of a clinic that has changed names or dentist that are no longer at the clinic. You should talk to the owner and see if he stands behind the procedure. Many owners do not or even cannot do the All-on-4™. They are only worried about the money! It is important to find a company that stands behind their work and there should not be a charge to repair a fractured bridge. If you do need to get it repaired “Where do you go? Who do you talk to? Who do you call?” If something goes wrong it is important you talk to a person who should be available 24 hours a day-7 days a week-365 days of the year. You do not want to try and reach someone by email; you need to talk to someone who will listen to you. All of Dr. Irfan Atcha’s patients get his mobile number directly. When we say “we treat you like family” is not just a slogan…we mean it!! Will you get this level of relationship with the owners of a corporate dental implant center?

CREDENTIALS & EXPERIENCE How many full mouth restorations have you performed?

The Center of Implants, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry has said “Experience Matters and Credentials Count”. Is the owner doing your full mouth restorations or a doctor that bounces from clinic to clinic? This is important because you may find out that the doctor has very few happy patients at the clinic because they have not been there long. Ask directly, “How many surgeries have you performed at this office?” Dr. Atcha has done over 1,000 surgeries and performed hundreds of full mouth All-on-4™ (surgery AND prosthetics) cases to date! Dr. Atcha is a Diplomate of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists which is the highest distinction attained in implant dentistry.

PATIENT TESTIMONIES Can I speak to some previous All-on-4™ patients?

This is your best proof source when making your decision. It is important to talk to patients from your area of residence so you know the whole experience they had. Many corporate clinics have you talk to someone, but they do not even live in the same state, let alone your town. We have patients here from Norhwest Indiana who will share the experiences of their care with you.

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Miracle of Dental Implants Seminar May 25, 2011 6-9PM  

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Miracle of Dental Implants Seminar May 25, 2011 6-9PM  

Come join us for our next Miracle of Dental Implants Seminar and a Life Without Dentures on May 25th 2011 from 6-9PM at our Center. Our last...