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his year’s DRAM Suppliers Guide is our most comprehensive publication ever. From licensing information to brand details, this guide fills you in on what’s what in the Scottish licensed trade. 2012 is going to be a challenging year and it will be more important than ever to have all the relevant information you need to run your businesses at your fingertips. That’s why some licensees call this publication ‘the bible’. If you are looking to refurbish your outlet then some of Scotland’s best design companies are featured here. If you are looking for a particular spirit or brand, you will find contact details in our dial-a-brand section, and if you want to know who owns what? We have that information too. All the sections are designed to give you the maximum information possible. I’m sure you’ll find this years guide an essential tool for your business. You can also find it online at and an added feature this year allows you to click through to company and brand websites.


Susan Young Publisher


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Liquor Licensing in Scotland

THE STATE OF PLAY NOW Licensing has changed over the course of the last few years. The first new legislation turned licensing on its head in the form of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the many regulations which must be read alongside the Act. Then we have the Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Act 2010 and the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, both of which also have an increasing number of regulations attached to them. This means there are changes almost constantly to licensing and the obligations on operators from display of alcohol, promotion and ID. If in doubt, take advice on issues. By Joanna Brynes, Young & Partners LLP. PROMOTIONS Promotions are an area which were dealt with in the original Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 but have been changed with the recent legislation. There are also new mandatory conditions in place. These are part of the licensing documentation and have been sent out by almost all the boards in Scotland so every licence holder should now be displaying these. These regulate the promotions which can be carried out. Premises can still have drinks promotions but must be careful they do not breach the mandatory conditions. It can be difficult to give a definitive answer to whether or not specific promotions are going to be acceptable or not. Each board area and their respective Licensing Standards Officers can apply slightly different views and interpretations to promotions so it is better to take advice on these before going ahead. A “promotion” can be anything that encourages people to buy alcohol. A ‘promotion’ does not have to be advertising a specific product or brand. The Guidance for licensing boards which accompanies the new legislation states that even a sign saying ‘Cold Beer Sold Here’ would be considered a promotion. This suggests that any reference to alcohol can be classed as a ‘promotion’. Things to think about include discounts and special offers. Alcohol cannot be given away free. Offers such as ‘three for £10’ are no longer acceptable. A single unit cannot be sold for more than a multi-pack price. Multi-buy discounts are still allowed but operators must be very clear and very careful. The basic rule is that if you sell a product individually – for example a single 500ml can of lager for off sale premises or a vodka and coke for on sale premises. If three cans or three vodka and coke’s are sold, the price for the three must be at least three times the price of the individual drinks. A single vodka and coke is sold at £1 therefore three vodkas and coke must be at least £3. You can no longer offer: buy one, get one free; three for the price of two/five for the price of four and so on; cheapest free; buy six (or another quantity) and get 20% off. 6

The rule only applies if operators are selling single units of an individual product. This tends to apply less to on sale operators as it is rare that they would not sell a single unit, such as a single measure or one vodka and coke. For off sale operators, if the can of beer referred to above is not offered in their premises as a single can but only as part of a multi-pack, there is nothing to stop the operator selling four 500ml cans for any price they wish. Off sale premises can have 2 alcohol display areas – one public area and a secure area (i.e. an area inaccessible to the public). In on sales premises, some boards do not require off sales areas to be shown. If you operate an on sales premises, but your licence allows you to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, you may have to show your display areas such as behind the bar, wine fridges and similar on your plans. Changes to these areas may need a variation application so be very careful and take advice before going ahead with proposed changes. Alcohol and other goods can be displayed but there are restrictions on mixing displays of alcohol and non-alcoholic goods. These apply only to the public areas – not the secure areas, which are normally behind a counter or bar. Alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks or anything which is packaged with alcohol can be displayed. Branded, non-alcoholic products in this area may now be displayed in this area, such as a sporting items bearing the logo of a drinks company, or clothing with a drink’s brand name. Newspapers, magazines and other publications can also be displayed. No alcohol can be displayed outwith the alcohol display areas. Even if there are cheese and wine or similar packages, these must be located within the alcohol display area (as agreed in terms of the premises licence). Also worth noting for off sales is that any free newspaper, magazine or other publication which contains promotion of alcohol, cannot be displayed in the main store unless the space devoted to alcohol is less than 50% of the total space. Aside from the regulations on the actual promotions, the way they are advertised are also regulated. This includes SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

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LICENSING not only the wording (and sometimes images) on posters, displays and leaflets but also ‘A boards’ on the street, window graphics and in-store magazines. A window display for an off sale premises which is outwith its alcohol display area, may not be used for alcohol promotions. If the window display is inside the authorised display area, Government guidance states there is no reason why you cannot have an alcohol promotion in the window facing out. Drinks promotions cannot be run within 200 metres from the boundary of the premises. The boundary is shown on the layout plan which is attached to the premises licence. Anything distributed within the 200 metre zone must not be a “drinks promotion”. The current guidance states that flyers that contain less than 50% of material promoting alcohol can be distributed. Bus stops and passing buses were also a concern – how can premises be held responsible for promotions which are within 200 metres of their premises but are not associated with nor controlled by the premises. New regulations confirmed that operators can only be responsible for promotions which are in connection with the premises and you have some control over them. Even in-store tannoy announcements and radio cannot carry alcohol promotions, unless these can somehow be restricted to being heard only in the alcohol display area. If the store is a dedicated off sales then that may not be such an issue but for a general convenience store or supermarket, that is likely to be difficult, if not impossible. Promotional material is also an issue particularly where it is sponsored by drinks companies. If these are for display only then there is no difficulty. If they are being linked to alcohol promotions, they must be displayed in the authorised alcohol areas only. If these items are for sale and do not constitute a drinks promotion, they can be displayed anywhere in the premises. Operators must be careful not to run promotions, such as five pints and you get a free hat or ball. That would not be acceptable. Instead if there are promotions being run in conjunction with sports events or other events, such as Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and so on, advice should be taken on how to incorporate the promotional goods without breaching the conditions. When applying for a new licence or transfer, the police, LSO and board could always look at the applicant and ‘connected persons’. Connected person are people like directors in a limited company, partners in a partnership, trustee in a charity and so on. The Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 introduced a new category called ‘interested parties’. A person is an interested party in relation to licensed premises if the person is not the holder of the premises licence nor the premises manager in respect of the premises but has an interest in the premises DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

as an owner or tenant, or has management and control over the premises or the business carried on in the premises. This definition is very wide and will involve other parties such as owners, landlords and similar who were not previously considered. DISPLAY OF LICENCE – DISPLAY AND DOCUMENTS The licence comes in 2 parts – the summary and the main licence. The summary has to be ‘prominently’ displayed in the premises. This means it should be able to be seen by members of the public who are in the premises at all times. That means it should not be behind a counter or in an office – but should be accessible to the public. It is an offence not to display this properly. The main licence should not be displayed but should be kept in the premises. The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 states it should be kept under the control of the licence holder or the premises manager. Again, it is an offence not to be able to produce the licence when asked for it by the LSO or police. To avoid lost licences, a certified copy can be displayed and stored in the premises and the original kept in a safe location. Only the Clerk to a board or a solicitor can certify copy licences at present. If the principal licence is lost stolen, this is serious and you must report that to the police. They will give you a reference number. To get a new principal premises licence certificate, an application must be made to the relevant licensing board. They are likely to ask for a note of the police reference number. Without that reference number, the board may refuse to issue you a new licence. PREMISES MANAGER – TIME SCALES FOR CHANGE If the designated premises manager resigns, dies or ceases to act as premises manager for any other reason, the relevant licensing board must be notified within 7 days. That is 7 days – not 7 working days. This is a very tight time scale. If this is missed, premises can be forced to stop trading until an application to change the premises manager is lodged. As long as the 7 day notification time is met, from the date of the change to the premises manager there is a 6 week period available in which to lodge an application with the relevant board to change those details. It does not have to be granted within 6 weeks, just lodged. The 6 week countdown begins on the date the change happens. For example, the 6 week period for a change of manager on Saturday 1st January 2011 would expire on Friday 11th February 2011. If the 7 day deadline is missed, the premises would not properly be able to trade until the new manager appointment was lodged. This can be deemed to be granted as soon as it is lodged with the relevant board. 7

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LICENSING If the 6 week deadline is missed, premises would have no designated premises manager on the premises licence until an application to name a new manager is lodged. That may mean the premises have to cease selling alcohol until then. It is important these time scales are met. If there is a change to the name or address of the premises licence holder or premises manager, the relevant licensing board must be notified within 1 month of the change. OCCASIONAL LICENCES AND EXTENDED HOURS Occasional licenses and extended hours often caused problems because they could not be obtained at short notice. This particularly caused problems for funerals which cannot generally be booked with any notice. Also for public halls and other buildings where a function may have been arranged at less than 4 to 6 weeks notice required by most boards. Now, where the Licensing Board is satisfied that the application requires to be dealt with quickly the occasional licence can be advertised for less than 21 days to any period of not less than 24 hours. It is up to the Board to determine how short a period between 24 hours and 21 days. Extended hours to allow later opening at the start or end of a day are also given the same reduced periods, this time between 24 hours and 10 days. PERSONAL LICENCE APPLICATIONS Personal licence applications have been made a little more

We provide legal advice on Alcohol Licensing to a wide variety of clients including hotels, public houses, national off-sales retail chains, educational institutions, clubs and individual traders. For more information please contact Sara Grewar, Head of Licensing, 0131 270 5360 1 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH3 8EY and 6th Floor, Lomond House, 9 George Square, Glasgow G2 1DY 8

difficult only because the applicant must sign the application and it cannot be signed by a solicitor or agent. On the plus side, this avoids operators or managers signing applications for staff and means all staff are therefore aware of what information has been included in any application for personal licence. LICENSING STANDARD OFFICERS Licensing Standards Officers have more powers introduced by the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010. They now have powers to enter, inspect and seize items. They can take copies of documents or entries in documents found on the premises and can seize and remove any substances, articles or documents found on the premises. They now also have the power to require any document which is stored in electronic form to be produced in a legible format. You are not required to produce a document if you could refuse to produce that document in any proceedings in any court on the grounds of confidentiality of communications. You can also refuse to produce it if to do so would incriminate that person, that person’s spouse or civil partner. Where a LSO seizes any substance, article or document, they must leave a notice on the premises stating what was seized and explaining why it was seized. AGE RELATED SALES – AGE VERIFICATION POLICY Age related sales are a big issue for on and off sale alike. Test purchasing has resulted in a number of reviews over the periods from 2009 when this new law came in to force and now there are further requirements in the 2010 Acts and their regulations. Premises must operate an age verification policy. The minimum legal age is still 18 – this has not changed. Premises must have a policy for checking they are not selling alcohol to persons under 18. The age verification policy requires that, if anyone serving believes a customer may be less than 25 years old, steps must be taken to verify the customer’s age. It is essential that all staff involved in the sale of alcohol are made aware of this policy. All staff should receive training and regular reminders. Posters and notices in staff areas and in the main shop are useful. Till prompts should be considered. All of this will help if a staff member fails to ask for ID from someone who is clearly under 25 years old and a test purchase failure is brought to the courts or to the licensing board’s attention. Detailed records should be kept of everything and a refusals book should be in place. If a sale is refused, this should be recorded. It is sensible to record as much information as possible, such as where ID is requested and produced. This shows a pattern of requesting ID. While that can be a challenge at a busy bar or till, the more information the better is the general rule. The policy held by each premises must be in writing and it should be checked and updated regularly. If a style is needed, please contact us and we can provide one. SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

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LICENSING Acceptable ID is: passport, EU (photographic) driving licence; photographic ID card approved by the PASS scheme. No other ID is currently acceptable although the Scottish Executive are looking at other countries’ national ID cards and Armed Forces ID and similar. Make sure that staff know what genuine driving licences and ID cards look like – there are many fake and look alike cards in circulation. If they are in any doubt, they should ask another staff member for a second opinion or refuse. Having this policy in place is a mandatory condition of all premises licences and must be adhered to. It is no longer voluntary. LIABILITY OF OPERATORS/EMPLOYERS Your licence can be revoked or suspended as a result of a mistake made by your staff. If a staff member sells alcohol to someone under 18, you, as licence holder, can be prosecuted as well as your employee. It is not enough that all your staff have 2 hours training, although if they are involved in the service, delivery or sale of alcohol that is a requirement. It is not even enough that they are personal licence holders. There have been so many changes over the last few years (and new regulations are still expected). The law makes clear that it is your responsibility to make sure that your staff are fully up-todate and made aware of the changes and their obligations.

All of the rules about promotions are conditions of your licence. If they are breached, your licence could be suspended or even revoked. It would be recommended to carry out refresher training for staff at least every six months. If something goes wrong, the more information and training records you have the better. You should be able to show that you have a good system in place to prevent a breach of the law. Training is very important and keeping that training refreshed and up to date is just as important. Record all training – internal to the premises and that carried out by external training providers. Keep clear records and make sure these are updated and available for inspection on the premises by police or LSO’s. You are not required to do training all by yourself but make sure if you delegate this to managers that you check it is being regularly updated and that they are recording the training and keeping the records in the premises. Also make sure those doing the training are allowed to under the legislation. For the 2 hours training, the trainer must be a personal licence holder. Even if your staff have been with you a long time and you trust them, always remember as an operator you need to protect your livelihood.

By Joanna Brynes, Young & Partners LLP Please contact us for advice on:

We live and breathe licensing.

Our outlook is modern, our values traditional - the provision of a quality service providing value for money.

Herbert House, 22 Herbert Street, Glasgow G20 6NB Tel: 0141 337 1199 7 & 9 Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh G84 8AN Tel: 01436 675454 Email:


Our specialist licensing and gambling team is the largest in Scotland, our experience is second to none. We offer a range of services and appear at licensing boards all over the country. Clients value our excellent service and our proactive approach. Caroline Loudon T: 0131 656 5753 E: Stephen McGowan T: 0141 302 8414 E: John Batters T: 0141 302 8415 E:

• Premises Licences • Variations • Review of your Licence • Personal Licences • Transfers • Appeals • One-off Events • Weights and Measures • Security Law • Taxi, Street Trader, Market Operator and Public Entertainment Licensing • Marriage, Cinema and Theatre Licensing 9

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• Anderson Strathern LLP 1 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH3 8EY 6th Floor, Lomond House, 9 George Square, Glasgow G1 1DG Contact Sara Grewar, Head of Licensing, Tel: 0131 270 5360 Email: Alcohol licensing is a highly specialised area of law which has undergone radical changes in recent years as a result of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and Alcohol etc (Scotland) Act 2010. We provide legal advice in this field to a wide variety of clients including hotels, public houses, national off-sales retail chains, educational institutions, clubs and individual traders. Our licensing team appear before licensing boards throughout Scotland. We work closely with our clients to achieve the best outcome possible. We also provide accredited training for those wishing to obtain a personal licence qualification.

We’ll always point you in the right direction To find out how our Licensing team can help you, please contact: Audrey Ferrie, Head of Licensing Tel +44 (0) 141 567 8636 DRIVEN BY BUSINESS. Powered by people

• Brunton Miller 22 Herbert Street, Glasgow Tel: 0141 337 1199

Miller Hendry’s licensing and property team work closely together to provide our clients who operate in the food, licensed trade, leisure and hospitality sector with assistance which meets their needs.

The myriad of changes which have taken place within the licensing laws means that licensed trade clients need proper up to date advice. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the licensing laws together with regular appearances at Licensing Boards means we are able to meet our clients needs. Contact Alan Matthew Tel: 01382 200 000 or 01738 637 311 Email:

Dundee Office: 13 Ward Road, Dundee DD1 1LU Perth Office: 10 Blackfriars Street, Perth PH1 5NS Crieff Office: 14 Comrie Street, Crieff PH7 4AZ 10

7-9 Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh Tel: 01436 675454 Email: Our outlook is modern, our values traditional - the provision of a quality service providing value for money. Our clients range from the operator of the local corner shop to some of the biggest and best known names in the licensed trade. We are ranked as a Top Tier Firm in The Legal 500 2011 and ranked as a Leading Firm in Chambers 2012. Archie Maciver, one of our partners, is ranked as a “Star Individual” in Chambers 2012. Douglas Dalgleish, our senior partner, is ranked as a “Senior Statesman” in Chambers 2012. Says it all really, doesn’t it? Why don’t you give us a call?

• Janet Hood Consulting Kirkton of Balfour Farmhouse, Edzell, Brechin DD9 7X4 Tel: 07718882837 Email: SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

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• Lindsays

• Miller Hendry

Caledonian Exchange, 19A Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8HE Tel: 0131 229 1212

13 Ward Road, Dundee DD1 1LU

Offices also at: Edinburgh, Glasgow, North Berwick and Jedburgh. Email: Lindsays live and breathe licensing. Our team is Scotland’s largest and most experienced, we appear at every licensing board personally for our clients, who respond to our practical, hands on experience. We are praised for not just knowing the law, but how the trade works at the coal face. We offer value, expertise, enthusiasm and personality. What can we do for you?

• Macdonald Licensing Limited 21a Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BB Tel: 0131 229 6181 Email:

10 Blackfriars Street, Perth PH1 5NS 14 Comrie Street, Crieff PH7 4AZ Tel: 01382 200 000 or 01738 637 311 Email: With offices in Dundee, Perth and Crieff we regularly appear for clients at the Dundee, Perth and Kinross, Angus and Fife Licensing Boards. We find that by being involved at an early stage we are able to identify (and resolve) potential obstacles which our experience shows can arise. Our clients can then concentrate on their business rather than on unforeseen licensing technicalities The current commercial property market is very much a “tenants’ market” and our property lawyers can help tenants negotiate favourable terms. We can also help avoid tenants entering into unfavourable leases which will prove extremely expensive in the long run. For new ventures we are happy to offer an free initial interview (with no obligation) to talk through the issues which arise and estimate likely costs.

• McGrigors LLP 141 BothwellStreet, Glasgow G2 7EQ Tel: 0141 567 8400 Email: Our licensing team has a wealth of experience in advising clients in the alcohol and gambling sectors. We provide a full range of services from portfolio management and advisory work to advocacy. We represent clients before licensing authorities and appeal bodies in relation to the grant, review, revocation, transfer and renewal of licences. We also act on behalf of clients in respect of statutory prosecutions arising from purported breaches of the licensing legislation. We have excellent relationships with local licensing authorities and agencies as well as court officials. These relationships are crucial in providing our clients with efficient and focused service. The McGrigors Licensing team, as part of a full service UK firm, and sitting as it does in the Litigation and Disputes Resolution team, with many years' experience in regulatory matters, is well placed to support clients in all these areas. DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

• Young & Partners 126 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 2BH Tel: 0141 222 5792, Mob: 07747 653417 Contact: Joanna Brynes Email: 1 George Square, Castle Brae, Dunfermline, Fife KY11 8QF Tel: 01383 721621 Contact: Tom Johnston Email: We are a niche firm of business lawyers. Operating from offices in Glasgow and Dunfermline, we provide legal services throughout the UK and beyond. Unlike most lawyers, we give practical advice, not academic answers; unlike most lawyers, we have a sound knowledge of the businesses we advise. As we apply modern commercial principles in running our own practice, we can help you to develop your business whichever way you want to go. 11

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Ayrshire (North)

Clerk: Jane Maceachran Depute Clerk: Eric Anderson The Townhouse, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AQ Tel 01224 522000 Fax 01224 522491

Clerk: Patrick Boyle Depute Clerk: William O’Brien Town House, 66 High Street, Irvine KA12 0AZ Tel 01294 311998 Fax 01294 312170


Ayrshire (South)

This board has three divisions. Clerk: Karen Wiles

Clerk: Valerie Andrews Licensing Services, 29 New Bridge Street, Ayr, KA7 1JX Tel 01292 617687 Fax 01292 283695

Aberdeenshire (Central) Depute Clerks: Sandy Munro, Jill Joss Gordon House, Blackhall Road, Inverurie AB51 3WA Tel 01467 628205 Fax 01467 623329 Aberdeenshire (North) Depute Clerk: Fiona Stewart St Leonards, Sandyhill Road, Bamff AB45 1BH Tel 01261 813200 Fax 01261 815664

Clackmannanshire Clerk: David Thomson Depute: Mark Easton Greenfield, Alloa FK10 2AD Tel 01259 450000 Fax 01259 452021 Dumfries and Galloway Clerk to the Board: Alex Haswell

Aberdeenshire (South)

Annandale and Eskdale

Depute Clerk: Caroline Tough Viewmount, Arduthie Road, StonehavenAB39 2DQ Tel 01569 762001 Fax 01569 768259

Depute: William P Taylor Dumfries and Galloway Council, High Street, Annan BG12 6AQ Tel 01461 203311 Fax 01461 207029



Clerk: Sheona C. Hunter Angus House, Orchard Bank Business Park, Forfar DD8 1AN Tel 01307 461460 Fax 01307 464834

Depute: William P Taylor Dumfries and Galloway Council, Municipal Chambers, Buccleuch Street, Dumfries DG1 2AD Tel 01387 253166 Fax 01387 252978

Argyll and Bute

Stewarty and Wigtown

Clerk: Charles Reppke Depute Clerk: Peter Robertson Kilmory Castle, Lochgilphead, Argyll PA31 8RT Tel: 01546 602127 Fax: 01546 604373

Depute: William P Taylor Dumfries and Galloway Council, Kirkcudbright Council Offices, Sun Street, Stranraer DG9 7JJ Tel 0303 3333000 Fax 01776 704819

Ayrshire (East)

Dunbartonshire (East)

Clerk: David Mitchell Depute Clerk: Stuart McCall London Rd, Kilmarnock KA3 7BU Tel 01563 576000 Fax 01563 576179

Clerk: Alistair Crighton Tom Johnston House, PO Box 4, Civic Way, Kirkintilloch G66 4TJ Tel 0141 578 8000 Fax 0141 578 8468



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LICENSING BOARD INFORMATION Dunbartonshire (West) Clerk: Andrew Fraser West Dunbartonshire Council, Garshake Road, Dumbarton G82 3PU Tel 01389 737000 Fax 01389 737870

Clerk: Alaisdair MacKenzie Council Offices, Town House, Inverness, IV1 1JJ Tel: 01463 724265 Fax 01463 724302 Inverclyde

Dundee, City Clerk: Patricia Mcilquham 21 City Square, Dundee DD1 3BY Tel 01382 43400 Fax 01382 434077

Clerk: Elaine Paterson Depute: Fraser Jarvie Municipal Buildings, 24 Clyde Square, Greenock PA15 1LY Tel 01475 717171 Fax 01475 712181

Edinburgh, City

Lanarkshire (North)

Clerk: Carol Campbell City of Edinburgh Council, 249 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ Tel 0131 200 2000 Fax 0131 529 4207

Clerk: June Murray Motherwell Civic Centre, Windmill Hill Street, Motherwell ML1 1AB Tel 01698 302222 Fax 01698 302211

Falkirk Lanarkshire (South) Clerk: Rosemary Glackin Depute: Colin Moodie Municipal Buildings, West Bridge Street, Falkirk FK1 5RS Tel 01324 506070 Fax 01324 506071 Fife Clerk: Iain Matheson Depute: Ian Grant 3rd Floor, Fife House, North Street, Glenrothes, KY7 5LT Tel 0845 1550000 Fax 01592 583155

Head of Services for the four divsions is Teresa Stone (Div 1) Clydesdale Council Offices, South Vennel, Lanark ML11 7JT Tel: 0845 740 6080 Fax 01555 673262 (Div 2) East Kilbride Civic Centre, East Kilbride G74 1AB Tel: 0845 740 6080 Fax 01355 806183 (Div 3) Hamilton Almada Street, Hamilton ML3 0AA Tel: 0845 740 6080 Fax 01698 459894

Glasgow, City Clerk: Mairi Millar City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow G2 1DU Tel 0141 287 2000 Fax 0141 287 5509

(Div 4) Rutherglen/Cambuslang 139 Main Street, Rutherglen G73 2HJ Tel: 0845 740 6080 Fax 0141 613 5734 Lothian (East)

Highland Council The newly formed Highland Licensing Board now oversees the three admin areas: Caithness, Sutherland and Easter-ross. Inverness, Badenoch and Strathspey. Ross, Skye, Lochaber. DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

Clerk: Keith MacConnachie Deputes: Morag Ferguson and Kirsty MacNeill John Muir House, Haddington, East Lothian EH41 3HA Tel 01620 827827 Fax 01620 827438 13

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 20/12/2011 14:54 Page 14


Renfrewshire (East)

Clerk: Julie Whitelaw Depute: Angela Hughes West Lothian Council, West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 6FF Tel 01506 775000 Fax 01506 777249

Clerk: Joseph Abrami East Renfrewshire Council, Eastwood Park, Giffnock G46 6UG Tel 0141 577 3001 Fax 0141 577 3834

Midlothian Clerk: Alan Turpie Midlothian House, Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith EH22 1DN Tel 0131 270 7500 Fax 0131 271 3050 Moray Clerk: (Acting) Sean Hoath High Street, Elgin, Morayshire IV30 1BX Tel 01343 543451 Fax 01343 540183 Orkney Islands Clerk: (Acting) Michael Scott Orkney Islands Council, School Place, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1NY Tel 01856 873535 Fax 01856 876941

Shetland Islands Clerk: Jan Riise Depute: Brian Hill 4 Markey Street, Lerwick ZE1 0JN Tel 01595 744550 Fax 01595 744585 Scottish Borders Clerk: Ian Wilkie Depute: Anne Isles Scottish Borders Council, Paton Street, Galashiels T01 3AS Tel 01896 662725 Fax 01896 662711 Stirling Clerk: Peter Farquhar Stirling Council, Corn Exchange Road, Stirling FK8 2HU Tel 01786 443294 Fax 01786 432203 Western Isles Clerk: Mairi Matheson Western Isles Council, Sandwick Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2BW Tel: 01851 703773 Fax: 01851 705349

Perth and Kinross Clerk Ian Innes Depute: Colin Elliot Perth and Kinross Council, 2 High Street, Perth PH1 5PH Tel 01738 475000 Fax 01738 475189 Renfrewshire Clerk: Kenneth Graham Depute: Morag Leck Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley PA1 1TT Tel 0141 840 3442 Fax 0141 840 3566 14

Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this list, the publishers cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

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Wells & Young’s are delighted to announce the addition of McEwan’s to our already impressive ale portfolio. We are passionately committed to preserving this iconic Scottish ale’s heritage and leading the brand to its rightful place as Scotland’s favourite ale.

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McEWAN’S McEwan’s is an iconic Scottish brand with a heritage dating back over 150 years to 1856 when William McEwan first opened his brewery in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh. Today the McEwan’s brand of ales are still much loved by Scottish drinkers with McEwans 80/- and McEwan’s Export the two most popular premium draught ales in Scotland*. In October 2011 McEwan’s was purchased by the UK’s largest independent family-owned brewer Wells and Young’s, where it became the largest brand in their portfolio. Although based in Bedford, Wells and Young’s are keen McEwan’s retains strong links to its Scottish roots and all draught ale will continue to be brewed in Edinburgh at the Caledonian brewery. The brand’s recent ‘Aye!’ marketing campaign recognised Scots’ fondness for using ‘aye’ in everyday conversation by adopting the colloquialism as its own message. In 2012, Wells & Young’s aims to build on brand awareness with heavyweight investment in this iconic Scottish brand through innovation and exploiting its export potential. The business has a strong track record in investing in brands such as Bombardier and Courage and will adopt a similar approach with McEwan’s. *CGA Oct 2011 CALEDONIA BEST


Tennent’s has put the cat among the pigeons by setting its sights on Scotland’s ale crown, launching Caledonia Best last year - a direct competitor to Scotland’s top selling ale, Belhaven Best. Caledonia Best will donate 5p from every pint sold in the six months following its launch, to create a “seed fund” to help sustain Scottish brewing and farming. C&C say that Caledonia Best is set to have a strong presence in pubs across Scotland throughout 2012, with its ‘striking brand identity’.

Belhaven remains the top selling ale in Scotland and continues to align itself with sports, running a series of short and snappy ads either side of the STV Sports News. These will continue in 2012. The Belhaven Best Scottish Club Handicap Championship, now in its 13th year, is Scotland’s biggest participation golf event with over 25,000 people taking part every year. Belhaven Best will also support licensees at an outlet level with point of sale kits. DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

JOHN SMITH’S Heineken–owned John Smith’s remains the UK’s number one selling ale, sponsoring the Grand National in a deal that will last until 2013, and Scottish licensees will receive in-bar kits in support of this. John Smith’s is also the official sponsor of Scottish racing, and is the pouring draught ale at all seven Scottish racecourses. The brand continues to put its weight behind the No Nonsense races, of which there are 90 spread across the UK, including the John Smith’s Scottish Borders National at Keslo. 17

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• Arran Brewing

• Far North Brewery

Cladach, Brodick Isle of Arran Tel: 0770 302353

Keoltag Drive, Reay Caithness KW14 7SD

• Harviestoun Brewery Ltd • Black Isle Brewery Old Allangrange, Munlochy, Ross-shire IV8 8NZ Tel: 01463 811871

Alva Industrial Estate Alva FK2 5DQ Tel: 01259 769100

• Houston Brewing • Belhaven Brewery Spott Road, Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1RS Tel: 01368 862 734

South Street, Houston Johnstone PA6 7EN Tel: 01505 612620

• The Innis & Gunn • Broughton Ales Ltd

Brewing Company Ltd

Broughton, Biggar ML12 6HQ Tel: 01899 830 345 Email:

6 Randolph Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7TH Tel: 0131 220 7230 Email:

Broughton Ales is a small independent brewery situated in the beautiful village of Broughton in the Scottish Borders. Broughton lies between the towns of Biggar and Peebles on the A701 about 25 miles south of Edinburgh. Drawing on this local history and legend, and using the finest malts and hops blended with pure Scottish water, Broughton now produce 10 different bottled beers, including an organic beer and an organic lager. As well as this, Broughton Ales produce 6 permanent and 12 seasonal cask ales. Broughton also produces a mixed gas keg beer, Broughton Best. These products are distributed throughout the UK as well as to a number of export markets across the world.

Innis & Gunn is Scotland's best-loved independent brewer, producing an award-winning range of hand-crafted oakaged beers, which are enjoyed the world over by drinkers who seek depth of flavour above all else. Our portfolio of packaged product comprises the multi-award-winning Original (6.6%), matured over the finest American oak heartwood to produce a balanced, mellow and beautifully complex flavour; the equally celebrated Rum Cask (7.4%), a warm character bursting with fruit and spiciness, and Blonde (6.0%), a delicate and sophisticated beer. Original is now also widely available to the on-trade in Scotland in draught format.

• Madcap Brewing • The Caledonian Brewing Co Ltd 42 Slateford Road, Edinburgh EH11 1PH Tel: 0131 337 1286

Annan DG12 6ER Tel: 01461 203495

• Moulin Brewing • Cairngorm Brewery Unit 12, Dalfaber Industrial Estate, Aviemore, Inverness-shire PH22 1PY Tel: 01479 812222 18

Kirkmichael Road Pitlochry Perthshire PH16 5EW Tel: 01796 472196 SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

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• The Orkney Brewery

• Stewart Brewing

Head office: Sinclair Breweries Ltd Cawdor, Nairn IV12 5XP Tel: 01667 404 555 Email:

Unit 5, 42 Dryden Road Bilston Glen Industrial Estate Loanhead EH20 9LZ Tel: 0131 440 2442

• Tempest Brewing Company The Orkney Brewery completed a major expansion programme a couple of years ago, to cope with the demand for its world class cask and bottled ales and last year all the hard work paid off when it took the top spot with Dark Island Reserve at the World Beer Awards, after having achieved three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards and been voted Champion Strong Dark Ale of Europe. The Orkney brewery which is housed in the former schoolhouse in Quoyloo a mile from Skara Brae in the heart of Neolithic Orkney. The unrushed culture with its traditional values influences the way the company makes its beer.

• The Plockton Brewery 5 Bank Street, Plockton Ross-shire IV52 8TP Tel: 01599 544276

• Sulwath Brewers Ltd The Brewery 209 King Street Castle Douglas Kirkcudbrightshire DG7 1DT Tel: 01556 504525 Email: The brewery was established in 1996 and takes great pride in the production of its products which are brewed traditionally, with no concentrates, colourings or extract. . By using traditional brewing methods, allied to their passion for natural ingredients; it is not surprising that its beers are now being supplied to markets as far away as Devon in the south and Aberdeen in the north. Its beers have made it to the finals of the various national competitions including the finals of the Champion Beer of Great Britain, a great achievement for any small brewery. Its’ beer range includes Criffel Ale, Cuil Hill, Knockendoch, Galloway Gold, The Black Galloway and John Paul Jones.


Winchester row Kelso TD5 7DT Tel: 01573 229664 Email: info

• Traquair House Traquair House Innerleithen, Peebleshire EH44 6PW Tel: 01896 830323

• Strathaven Ales Craigmill Brewery Strathaven ML10 6PB Tel: 01357 520 419 Email: Strathaven Ales was started in late 2005. The brewery itself is the historic Craigmill Brewery on the River Avon used previously by Heather Ales and restored with the help of Historic Scotland. The buildings now house a 10 barrel brewing plant. A somewhat unique feature of the brewery is a stone-clad brewing kettle of eighteenth century design. The brewery now brews 2 to 3 times a week distributing to the Central area of Scotland as well as in England. In total we produce14 different ales. The names of these are influenced by the strong Covenanting history closely associated with the Strathaven area. They are available primarily in cask format although bottled versions are available. The brewery visitor centre welcomes the public and select ales can be bought and sampled in the tap room.

• West Brewery Building 4, Templeton Building Glasgow Green, Glasgow G40 1AW Tel: 0141 550 0135 Email: 19

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Sweden’s original premium fruit cider brand Kopparberg Ciders are fermented and bottled in the family owned brewery in the town of Kopparberg using the finest fruits and naturally occurring soft water, which is sourced in the town itself. Semi-sweet to taste, the range includes Kopparberg Pear Cider; Scotland’s best selling pear cider brand, Kopparberg Apple Cider, Kopparberg Mixed Fruit; Scotland’s Number 1 fruit cider brand, the recently launched Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime and the truly special Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime. Now in its seventh year in the UK market, Kopparberg is the Number 1 Packaged Cider brand in the Scottish On-Trade and continues to pioneer the development of the fruit cider category. Join Kopparberg’s 85,000 fans on its UK Facebook site at or find out more at

REKORDERLIG Chilli Marketing is still the power behind this Swedish cider brand, with much of the marketing leaning on its Scandinavian heritage with the strap line ‘Beautifully Swedish’. At the tail end of last year, a winter cider was launched infused with essence of vanilla and cinnamon, with customers encouraged to enjoy it served hot, which savvy publicans are serving in a special heated urn.



Owners C&C launched a new range of blended ciders towards the end of last year, which feature both Magners Original cider and Magners Pear cider. It is called The Magners Specials range and comprises of Pear and Ginger, Spiced Apple and Honey and Spiced Apple and Rhubarb flavours, It is pitched at consumers looking for a ‘more indulgent’ drink.

Owners Heineken UK kicked off a multi-million pound marketing campaign last year that included inbar promotional activity to coincide with the launch of Bulmers No17 and the new look packaging that was rolled out last May across the range of Bulmers ciders, which includes Bulmers Original, Bulmers Pear and Bulmers Crisp Blend, the latest in a series of limited edition flavour variants.



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• Beam Inc

• Global Brands Ltd.

310 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G2 5QR Tel: 0141 243 2323

Furnace Hill, Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9NF Tel: 01246 868900

• Brown-Forman Beverages UK Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TS Tel: 020 7478 1300

• Bruichladdich Distillery

• Gordon & MacPhail George House, Boroughbriggs Road, Elgin, Morayshire IV30 1JY Tel: 01343 545111 Email:

Stonehouse Farm, Ashby Road, Woodville, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 7BP Tel: 01283 217703

Since it's establishment in 1898,Gordon & MacPhail has remained proudly independent and family owned, and has grown into one of Scotland's leading independent whisky specialists through wholesaling, bottling and its own distillery in nearby Forres. As well as the single malt business, Gordon & MacPhail wholesale wines, spirits and beers. Distributing over 4,500 product lines from their centre in Elgin to a wide spectrum of trade customers throughout the UK. The portfolio includes more than 800 wines and an extensive selection of spirits and UK specialist beers and ciders.

• Chilli Marketing

• William Grant & Sons Ltd

Unit 30, Ducie House, Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JW Tel: 0870 2424 608

Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, Lanarkshire ML4 3AN Tel: 01698 843843

Isle of Islay, Argyll PA49 7UN Tel: 01496 850 917

• Cellar Trends

• Diageo

• Halewood International Ltd

5 Lochside Way, Edinburgh EH12 9DT Tel: 0131 519 2000

The Sovereign Distillery, Wilson Road Huyton Business Park, Liverpool L36 6AD Tel: 0151 480 8800

• The Edrington Group

• Heineken UK

2500 Great Western Road, Glasgow G15 6RW Tel: 0141 940 4000

Broadway Park, South Gyle Broadway, Edinburgh EH12 9JZ Tel: 0131 528 1000

• First Drinks Brands Ltd

• Inverhouse Distillers

Form One, 17 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook RG27 9XA Tel: 01256 748100

Moffat Distillery Airdrie, Lanarkshire ML6 8PL Tel: 01236 769 377

• Glenmorangie

• KC Brands

The Cube, 45 Leith Street, Edinburgh EH1 3AT Tel: 0131 603 8888

30 McDonald Place, Edinburgh EH7 4NH Tel: 0131 557 5350



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• Kopparberg Breweries A.B. / C.O.S Brands 91 Peterborough Road, London SW6 3BU Tel: 0207 384 6318. Kopparberg Breweries A.B. is a family owned business based in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden. Managed by brothers Peter and Dan-Anders Bronsman, Kopparberg Breweries is Sweden’s leading brewing company and also its oldest, dating back to 1882. A subsidiary of Kopparberg Breweries, C.O.S Brands was established in 2005 to market and distribute Kopparberg Cider in the UK market.

• Marblehead Brand Development 17 Station Road, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 8PG Tel: 0141 955 9091

• Maxxium UK Maxxium House, Castle Business Park, Stirling FK9 4RT Tel: 01786 430500

• Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd Russell House, Dunnet Way, Broxburn EH52 5BU Tel: 01506 852205

• Miller Brands (UK) Ltd SAB Miller House, Church Street West, Woking, Surrey GU21 6HS Tel: 01483 264100 • Moet Hennessy UK Ltd 13 Grosvenor Crescent, London SW1X 7EE Tel: 020 7235 9411

• Molson Coors Brewers Ltd. Stadium House, Alderstone Road, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7DN Tel: 01506 602 516 DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

• Morgenrot Group plc Unit 2, Canary Way, Agecroft Commerce Park, Swinton, Manchester M27 8AW Tel: 0845 070 4310

• Pernod Ricard UK Central House, 3, Lampton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 1HY Tel: 020 8538 4484

• Red Bull Company Limited 155-171 Tooley Street London SE1 2JP Tel: 020 3117 2000

• Spencerfield Spirit Co Inverkeithing KY119LA Tel: 01383 412144

• Tennent’s (now owned by C&C) 161 Duke Street, Glasgow G31 1JD Tel: 0141 552 6552

• VC2 Brands Unit 7c Bandeath Industrial Estate, Throsk, Stirling FK7 7NP Tel: 0800 073 0901

• Wells & Young’s Brewing Ltd The Brewery, Havelock Street, Bedford MK40 4LU Tel: 01234 272 766

• Whyte & Mackay Dalmore House, 310 St Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5RG Tel: 0141 248 5771

• J Wray and Nephew 82 St. John Street, London EC1M 4JN Tel: 0207 953 3808 23

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• Circa Signs & Design Crofthead Industrial Estate Lochlibo Road, Neilston Glasgow G78 3LA Tel: 0141 881 3088 Email: Circa Signs are based in Neilston near Paisley and have been working with designers and specifiers throughout Scotland to provide innovative and eye catching signing solutions since 2005. The company’s managing director Alan Mould has worked in the Sign business for over 35 years and accumulated a wealth of knowledge which helps in our mission to provide, well engineered and designed, effective signs for our diverse customer base. Our in house capability involves sign making from a wide variety of materials , including metals, plastics, glass & wood using the latest computer controlled Equipment for engraving, routing and printing.

• CM Design The Design Studio, 211 Dumbarton Road Glasgow G11 6AA Tel: 0141 341 0343 Design consultancy specialising in creating hotels, bars, restaurants and retail interiors. Includes portfolio of recent projects and a client list.

• Creative Upholstery CREATIVE UPHOLSTERY offers upholstery solutions for both modern and traditional premises.

We have experienced tradesmen who can manufacture bespoke wall seating, or simply redesign and recover your old seating/chairs, to suit your needs and budget.

We have worked throughout the country in hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, often out of hours to minimise loss of trade.

A wide range of fabrics/vinyls and leather available.

Tel: 01738 638 918 Online Shop Opening Early 2011


Unit 13, Lower Friarton Industrial Estate Friarton Road, Perth PH2 8DJ Tel: 01738 638918 Mob: 07736 360703 Email: Creative Upholstery offers outstanding upholstery and total interior solutions for the modern business. We have a huge range of experience in creating stunning interior experiences for a range of clubs, pubs and restaurants. From fixed seating to bar stools we can offer a solution that will leave you delighted and your customers amazed. We have done the business for a wide range of clients. We're sure that you'll be impressed with our work. Have a look at our portfolio online to see the results for yourself, • Interiors by Dominic Paul 38/12, Ferguslie, Paisley, Renfrewshire PA1 2QT Tel: 07960 117 035 Email: SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

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• Hugh Stirling Ltd

• Wired

Contact Angus Alston or Jamie Stewart, Tel: 0141 420 1666

539 Lawmoor Street, Dixons Blazes Industrial Estate, Glasgow G5 OTT Tel: 0141 429 3334 Email:

Hugh Stirling Limited are an all trades shopfitting contractor, and specialise in the refurbishment and fit out of pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants in and around Scotland With inhouse joiner manufacturing workshop, finishing spraybooth and steel/metalwork fabrication facilities, complimenting our all trades, fast track approach, we can provide a “one stop shopâ€? service which can include interior design if required. We would be happy to discuss your future requirements, be it full refurbishment or alteration, some minor improvements or simply some new fitments or bar. • Target Furniture Ltd Studland Road, , Kingsthorpe, Northampton MN2 6PZ Tel: 0604 792929 Email: For many years now, Target Furniture have supplied our products throughout the UK, and have been particularly successful in Scotland, where our Largs based Sales Manager Colin Scott, has been largely instrumental. Target have worked with most of the leading design and architectural practices north of the border, and directly with hoteliers and restaurateurs. A quick visit to, will give you an insight into several recently completed projects. To support Colin further, in conjunction with Foley Steen Design, we have now opened a small showroom in Glasgow. A genuine British manufacturer, only too pleased to provide the quality, flexibility and service that you deserve.










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Serve a full, cold can over your bar. After all, that’s what your customers want and when other people see the can, they’ll be up at the bar asking for the same.

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Red Bull is Scotland’s best selling energy drink. It reported growth in its volumes in the UK on-trade by 10% in 2011, in a category up 7% with, say the company, the managed pub sector driving energy drinks sales. The CGA figures also reported that Red Bull sells 45% more over a year in managed pubs than its nearest competitor. Red Bull Racing F1 team won the Constructor Championship titles in 2011, and the team also produced world champion driver of 2011, Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull also sponsors more than 500 athletes in 97 sports—100 of them in the U.S. But Red Bull doesn't offer its athletes contracts, just a verbal agreement to ‘support’ them. Footballer Thierry Henry and snowboarder Shaun White are among them. Launched by Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz in 1987, Red Bull has employees in 161 countries, but most of the major decisions still get made either at Red Bull's headquarters in Fuschl, an Austrian village of 1,500.

DUNNS ENERGY DRINK This gun dispense energy drink began to make waves at the end of 2011 with, say the company, a lot interest in what is a more convenient option to a can in the energy drinks sector. Dunns Food & Drinks also reported an uplift in sales in the same period, and they are optimistic about growing the brand in 2012. Dunns have begun targeting late night venues and the feedback from consumers, say the company, has been encouraging. ROCKSTAR


A.G Barr distributes the Rockstar energy drinks range which they say is worth around £12.5m in the UK. Last year, A.G Barr extended the range with, what they believe is the is the first low-calorie (10) energy drink aimed at the female market and called it Rockstar Pink. According to the marketing team at the point we went to press there were no plans for any Scotlandspecific on-trade activity for the brand.

Kick Ultra is marketed and distributed by Global Brands. It is a concentrated energy shot in a 70cl bottle, designed to fit on speed rail or amongst syrups and modifyers. It contains 28 serves, equivalent to 14 cans of Kick Energy, thus maximising space. Kick Ultra enhances existing serves and is designed to give the consumer a boost of energy for all social occasions.



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The Botanist, is a small-batch, artisanal Islay gin that uses nine of the classic gin aromatics – orris root, cassia bark, coriander seed, etc – and augment these with a heady harvest of 22 wild, native island botanicals, hand-picked by our expert foraging team from the windswept hills, peat bogs and atlantic shores of the Hebridean island of Islay. This truly seasonal and exotic cocktail is then slow "simmer" distilled in its unique and cherished lomond pot-still, "ugly betty". Betty prefers to work at low-pressure and won’t be rushed. So its precious botanicals are slowly and gently coaxed into releasing their complex, signature aromatics. This was a unique project for head distiller, Jim McEwan. Jim says he had to "learn a new dance" with Betty, and its first distillation took 17 hours. The result was a highly distinctive, complex, floral gin with outstanding finish and impeccable provenance. In an age of re-badged industrial gins, the Botanist stands out as a truly artisanal, small-batch, hand-crafted labor of love and distiller's art. A breath of botanical Islay in every glass.

MILLER’S Owned and distributed by the Reformed Spirits Group, Martin Miller’s gin last year launched its first ever social media-driven cocktail competition called ‘Trade Up’ inviting mixologists to put a contemporary spin on ‘80s cocktails. And the Great Wigtown Face Off in the Scottish town of the same name, hosted a taste test between Scottish and English gins, with those of Scottish provenance coming out tops. GORDON’S


The First Drink campaign for Gordon’s gin will continue in 2012, capitalising on the up sell opportunity for licensees, pushing a Gordon’s and Tonic as the perfect 'first drink' of the evening. Brand owners Diageo will also be running extensive press, TV and cinema advertising to support this, starring actors Philip Glenister and Emelia Fox, replacing Gordon Ramsay, who was last year dropped as the face of the brand.

Caorunn is a Single Batch Distilled Scottish Gin, produced at Inver House's Balmenach Distillery in Speyside. It has, says Inver House Distillers, continued to gain new accounts in 2011, and the on-trade sector will continue to be a strong focus area for the brand in 2012. It also plans to continue its brand education and support programme into 2012, pushing ‘the perfect serve’ with a slice of apple, and this will be supported with various items of on-trade-focused point of sale material.



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Heineken in the UK’s flagship lager is a true premium brand, available in almost every country on the planet. This recognition is coupled with creative marketing communications and sponsorships to build Heineken's reputation with discriminating licensees and popularity with discerning consumers. Sponsorship plays a very important role in Heineken’s worldwide marketing strategy and focuses on three platforms – film, music and sport. The brand enjoys long standing relationships with Hollywood blockbusters, including the James Bond series, and sponsors over 200 live music events. Heineken’s profile remains high through ongoing sports sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, the Rugby World Cup, and the Heineken Cup. This glittering portfolio is further enhanced by the announcement that Heineken is the official lager of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. Heineken in the UK will be using these platforms to build the brand's reputation as the premium lager of choice and a ‘must stock’ for the right pubs and bars. Heineken in the UK offers the Scottish On Trade a superb range of draught and packaged lagers, and ales and ciders.” FOSTER’S


‘Pourtal’ the new Foster’s fount will be rolled out in 2012 and in-bar activity in support of the launch will include giving customer’s the opportunity to use the new system to pour their own pints. Foster’s Funny Live will also continue to support comedy shows across the UK, including the Edinburgh Comedy Awards. The Brad and Dan TV and press ads will run in 2012, with some new executions in the pipeline. Foster’s also sponsors The Scottish Amateur Cup, and the Foster’s Highland League.

Music and football continue to be the brand’s main marketing domains, with T in the Park and the continuation of the three -year deal support deal of the Old Firm. These are momentous years for the clubs – the 40th anniversary of Rangers winning the European Cup Winners Cup in Barcelona and Celtic celebrating its 125th anniversary. C&C promise more activity for the brand in 2012 along the lines of the ‘regional glass’ campaign that put the words of consumers onto a uniquely crafted glass in 2011. DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

CARLING Carling’s sports sponsorships, include the Scottish National Football team, The William Hill Scottish Cup, and its status as official beer supplier at both Hampden and Murrayfield Stadiums. These will continue in 2012. There will also be new developments in 2012 at the point of purchase in the on-trade with new Carling glassware and new fonts to sit alongside the new Carling aluminium bottles and Carling Chrome, launched in 2011. 31

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• Belhaven Pubs

• Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group

1 Logie Road, Causewayhead, Stirling FK9 5JU Tel: 01786 476221

21 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AJ Tel: 0141 248 4443

• BME Group Ltd

Mario Gizzi and Tony Conetta, own Scotland’s most successful restaurant group.

193 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4HU Tel: 0141 332 6333

• FullerThomson

• Brown Taylor Ltd

13 Brown Street, Dundee DD1 5EG

12 Picardy Place, Edinburgh EH1 3JT Tel: 0131 557 0952

265 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3 6TT Tel: 0141 332 8332

• Buzzworks Group

• Kingdom Taverns

132 Main Street, Prestwick, Ayrshire KA9 1PB Tel: 01292 670190

191 Nicol Street Dean House, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1PF Tel: 01592 200033

The Blairs, Colin, Kenny and Alison, are behind – Scotts and Lido in Troon, and Elliots and the Treehouse in Prestiwck as well as Scotts at the Regatta in Troon and Scotts at Largs.

• Heigh Row Ltd

• Lisini Pub Co 114 Main Street, Uddingston G71 7HZ Tel: 01698 812106

• Caledonian Heritable 4 Hope Street, Edinburgh EH2 4DB Tel: 0131 220 5511

This group now has various outlets to its name include The Parkville in Blantyre, Angels in Uddingston, The Castle Rooms, and The Croft. They took over Dalziel Park in 2011 and have refurbished it.

Kevin Doyle owns one of Scotland’s largest independently owned pub companies.

• Lynnet Leisure

• CentreGlobal Ltd

23 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AJ Tel: 0141 225 5610

6 Shore Road, Perth PH2 8BW Tel: 01738 506144 This Perth pub and restaurant group is run by entrepreneur John Bryden.

The Mortimer family are behind this group, which includes Hamilton Palace, Rogano, 29, One Up, Karbon, The Wee Chippy Doon the Lane.

• Citti Holdings

• Maclay Inns Ltd

396 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Tel: 0141 332 9052

The E-Centre, Cooperage Way Business Village, Alloa FK10 3LP Tel: 01259 272087

• CPL Entertainment Group Ltd Third Floor, 48 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BP Tel: 0141 572 1120 32

• Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd 29 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh EH2 4QS Tel: 0131 226 1370 SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012 DRAM

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 21/12/2011 14:49 Page 33


• Punch

• Signature Pubs Ltd

The Touch Stables, Buchanan Court, Stirling FK8 3AQ Tel: 01786 470684 or 01283 501991

51 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2DJ Tel: 0131 221 9978

• PBDev Co 15 Summer Street, Aberdeen AB10 1SB Tel: 01224 626888

• Rosemount Taverns

Nick and Garreth Wood now own The Rutland, the Black Bull, Element, The Queens Arms and The Golf Tavern in Edinburgh and The Paramount and The Illicit Still in Aberdeen.

• SimpsInns

5 Fitzroy Place, Glasgow G3 7RH Tel: 0141 221 7799

The Gailes Hotel Marine Drive, Gailes, Irvine KA 5AE Tel: 01294 204040

• Renaissance Ecosse

• Skerryvore Ltd

17 The High Street, South Queensferry, Edinburgh EH30 9PP Tel: 0870 118 1664

Oran Mor, Top of Byres Road, Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 8Q Tel: 0141 576 6200

This group is owned by Peter Wilson, Eleanor Cooke and Grant Manson.

• Saltire Taverns Ltd 16 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PF Tel: 0131 270 3900 Saltire Taverns, is owned by Billy Lowe. Last year he sold his remaining Frankenstein outlets and bought The Hudson Hotel.

• Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company Broadway Park, South Gyle Broadway, Edinburgh EH12 9JZ Tel: 0500 94 95 96

• Suburban Taverns 232 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G11 6TU Tel: 0141 576 0018

Colin Beattie is the man behind Skerryvore, the group which owns one of Glasgow’s flagship outlets. The group owns various bars and restaurants in Glasgow and Clydebank, some of which are leased out.

• Townhouse Restaurants The Boathouse, Auchinstarry Marina, Kilsyth G65 9SG Tel: 01236 829 200

• The Epic Group (Scotland) Ltd Victoria House, 259 Union Street, Aberdeen Tel: 01224 560515

• Trust Inns Trust Inns Limited, Blenheim House, Foxhole Road, Ackhurst Park, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 1NY Tel: 0800 085 3232

• SK & B Inns 661 Dumbarton Road, Clydebank G81 4HD Tel: 0141 952 6744 DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012


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Neil Connolly, Moskito, Glasgow, pictured with David Urquhart, Joint Managing Director of Gordon & Macphail

WINNER: Owner/Operator: Neil Connolly, Moskito, Glasgow.




Colin Clydesdale and Carol Wright, Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow with David Urquhart, Joint Managing Director of Gordon & Macphail

WINNER: Multiple Operator: Ubiquitous Chip Ltd, Glasgow


Lauren Meldrum and Georgina Spacey, The Balmoral, Edinburgh with Alice Cardwell Hodges, BII Client Development Director

Siobhan Edwards and Lisa Wishart from Lisini Pub Co pictured with Jim Rowan, Managing Director of Dunns Food and Drink

WINNER: The Balmoral, Edinburgh

WINNER: Lisini Pub Company, Uddingston



Staff from the Birds and the Bees, with Martin Cassidy, Sales Manager, Dram Magazine

WINNER: The Birds and the Bees, Stirling 34



Neil Aitken, Business Development Manager Europe for Glenmorangie, with Gary and Anne Little and Duncan Stewart from WHISKI and Maya Jethwa of Glenmorangie.


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The Kraken Hunter, left, pictured with Graham Swankie from Bath Street Pony and Dave Steward, Director of Marblehead Brand Development

Andy Gemmell of Mixxit, left with Niall Webster of Bramble and Huw Pennell, Managing Director of Maxxium UK.

WINNER: Bath Street Pony, Glasgow

WINNER: Niall Webster, Bramble, Edinburgh



Colin Blair from Buzzworks left, with Alisdair Hamilton, On Trade Sales Director Scotland, Molson Coors UK

Craig Fraser and his team from The Loft, pictured here with Captain Morgan, centre and David McGowan, far right, National Commercial Development Manager for Diageo GB.

WINNER: Colin Blair, Buzzworks

WINNER: The Loft, Perth



Colin Blair, Buzzworks pictured here with Fiona Brown, Key Account Manager for Scotland for Chilli Marketing and Fraser McIlwraith.

Dennis Forsyth, pictured centre with his team from Cheers and from Repertoire, Lynn Kelly.

WINNER: Scotts, Largs

WINNER: Cheers Café Bar and Tavern, Fraserburgh



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Garreth Wood and his team from The Illicit Still with Louise Maclean, Regional Sales Manager of Tennent’s.

WINNER: The Illicit Still, Aberdeen



Gemma Ross pictured with Denis Laird from The Mint, Coatbridge and John Gemmell (right) Regional Director of Heineken UK.

ttie Colin Bea

WINNER: Gemma Ross & Denis Laird, The Mint, Coatbridge



Denis McCann and David Taylor with John Glenday, Publisher of Urban Realm pictured right.

Bruce Waddell, Editor-in-chief of the Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail pictured here with Sharon McGurn, Sandy Gourley and David Ogston.

WINNER: Limelight, Glasgow

WINNER: OranMor, Glasgow



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I’ve been “A thoroughly enjoyable evening. the first raving about the food from dard fare mouthful, as it wasn’t the stan great was it and ts, even e thes at you get ager Man the up pick hter ???? to see my daug s Year, award along with Deni the of ???? teamwork (Laird). It’s really down to the tting the they have together and not forge fantastic A . them with staff that work Taverns.” night was had by all at Navan Pat Ross, Navan Taverns




???? are a vanguard “The DRAM awards they represent in the industry – as ion. If we as irat asp and ur glamo ward and put for k loo ’t don operators quality and on sis more empha ial outlets, we delivering extra-spec ter. The DRAM are all dead in the wa future of the the ent res awards rep ensely proud imm are trade, and we egories.” to have won in two cat Colin Blair, Buzzworks, Ayrshire


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J<IM<@:<:FC;   See our websites: and For all UK enquiries

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 21/12/2011 12:58 Page 39

LIQUEURS JÄGERMEISTER Jägermeister, a German Herbal Liqueur, is a secret blend of 56 herbs, blossoms roots and spices that is consumed as a ICE COLD shot. Jägermeister has become one of the fastest growing shot brands in the UK (CGA, 2011) and is the success story of the UK On Trade. Jägermeister’s investments in the inhouse promotion teams, Jägermusic and Events have all contributed to the growth of the brand in the On Trade. In addition to this, the Jägermeister Tap Machines that dispense ICE COLD shots with accompanying APP has been proven to triple sales in accounts (CGA, 2010) which could add up to an extra £466 per month! Jägermeister should be consumed ICE COLD as a shot or alternatively as a mixer with energy drink, cola or tonic. Please visit for all Jägermeister news.



CHAMBORD The third annual Chambord Rendezvous will take place on 18th September 2012. Last year, it happened at One Mayfair in London and bartenders put forward hundreds of different cocktail recipes using Chambord. This year’s venue is still to be confirmed. Chambord also sponsors DRAM’s sister publication, Critics’ Choice magazine.

Drambuie launched its a Taste of the Extraordinary campaign at the tail end of 2011, and it will be rolled out globally in 2012, including at the Rockness Festival in Inverness and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The campaign will be backed up with a social media presence and consumer activities. No specific brand plans had been put down at the time we went to press, but they have promised ‘expanded on-trade activity in Scotland in 2012.’ In 2011, Drambuie also launched its first new product in ten years, Drambuie 15 Year Old.


BAILEYS The world’s best selling liqueur brand for over 30 years has now been overshadowed by the Jägermeister phenomenon. Its marketing has certainly been a lot more focused on the off trade rather than the on in the last few years, which could be an opportunity missed. Baileys Biscotti, for example, would be a fantastic fit for Italian restaurants in Scotland. However, Baileys can still hold its head up high as the world’s number two best selling liqueur. 39

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I know you’re distracted by the beer. After all, you’re only human. It seems more and more of us are looking for a premium beer and Birra Moretti is just that. We’re on trend and growing fast – sales up 31%*. We’re also a top 100 brand (UK CGA data source) and included in the Morning Advertisers’ ‘Hot to Stock’. Call your Heineken UK sales manager for more details.

*Internal data source (HUK): year to date (Jan-Oct 10 v Jan-Oct 11)

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 21/12/2011 12:55 Page 41

PPL BIRRA MORETTI Birra Moretti is a premium Italian beer, part of Heineken UK’s world lager portfolio. First brewed in 1859, only the finest ingredients are used to make Birra Moretti, including a blend of high quality hops which give it a unique aroma and enhance its well balanced bitterness. The lager, at 4.6% ABV, has a very fine texture, fragrance of barley malt and delicate honey tone. These characteristics mean that Birra Moretti is an ideal accompaniment or enhancement to a number of classic Italian dishes, such as risottos and pasta, white meat main courses and delicately flavoured cheese. In Italy, Birra Moretti has a long association of working with top Italian cookery schools and chefs, leading to the creation of recipes in which beer is an ingredient and not just a drink to accompany a dish. With its unique heritage and taste Birra Moretti offers the chance for customers in pubs and restaurants to experience the essence of Italy in the UK, both by cooking with the brand and offering it as an accompaniment to Italian dishes. Interested in stocking the brand or would like more information please call 01506 471 085.


Now marketed by Molson Coors, Corona Extra is one of the world’s top five beer brands, and this is borne out by Scottish licensees with the brand named as one of DRAM’s Iconic Scottish brands. Corona Extra brought the £5m ‘a taste of Ibiza spirit’ campaign to 5,000 pubs in the UK last year, and in October DJs from all over Scotland were given the opportunity to enter a competition to win the chance to perform a set in Ibiza at the Movida Corona Party. MILLER


MGD is still the number one PPL in Scotland’s on-trade and as of January 2012, it will benefit from a red-design in the form of a black label that harks back to the bottle’s heritage and creating a global identity for the brand. ILast year, Miller Brands sponsored the Halloween event on Glasgow’s Ashton Lane called Creatures of the Night, one of Scotland’s largest street festivals.

There seems to be little in the way of movement for Tiger in Scotland. It continues to be distributed in Scotland by Heineken UK, but just like last year, there appears to be little in the way of Scotland-specific marketing. Its latest campaign, ‘Know The Not Known’ in conjunction with Empire magazine, centres around unearthing old and forgotten films that are then screened publicly. However, this is entirely confined to London.



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RUM O.V.D. O.V.D is Scotland’s number one premium dark rum brand and remains a firm favourite with Scottish rum drinkers. O.V.D remains the number one premium dark rum in terms of share and value sales in both the on* and off-trade**. The brand continues to be supported to maintain its number one position in Scotland through highly visible marketing activity like its annual Sweet Spot campaign. This marketing programme is designed to further raise the brand’s profile and to support the on and off-trade in Scotland. O.V.D is set to continue to thrive and benefit from further trade investment in 2012. Kick starting in spring 2012, O.V.D’s Sweet Spot campaign will include press and radio advertising, local media promotions and PR. Building on the success of the 2011 radio competitions and themed pub quizzes, plans for next year include further sponsorship of pub quizzes and a number of on-trade sampling events across the country. For more information on O.V.D, please visit

THE KRAKEN Distributed by Marblehead, the team behind this brand are passionate about it, and are passing this enthusiasm on to customers. They claim that it’s the first dark rum to break the mould and the people at Marblehead are confident that it will play a pivotal role in redefining the rum category in the UK. Last year was a huge success at T in the Park. It certainly is one to watch.

Last year, the brand name changed, as did the design of the bottle, resulting in an uplift in sales. Captain Morgan’s Spiced grew its MAT value share of the golden rum market in the Scottish on-trade from 75.3% to 84.1% in the period to the 1st October 2011. In 2012, Diageo will be supporting the brand with, say the company, more in the way of localised appearances by Captain Morgan himself, in conjunction with support packages and point of sale materials for licensees. The brand will also be sponsoring a category at this year’s DRAM awards.




HAVANA CLUB Pernod Ricard hadn’t signed off any activity around the brand for 2012, but here’s hoping that when they do, that there’s a lot more focus on Scotland than there as been in recent years. It’s fair to say that things have been pretty quiet on the marketing front.


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TEQUILA JOSE CUERVO Jose Cuervo is the original tequila from tequila! Over 200 years ago Jose Antonio de Cuervo acquired land in the rich lava fields of the tequila volcano – his purpose was to create a fine, unique spirit from the indigenous blue agave: Tequila Cuervo. Today, at the same distillery the Cuervo family continues to produce its unique range of tequilas, enjoyed the world over. Cuervo remains the number 1 tequila in Scotland with over 80% share (ref CGA ontrade to 03/09/11). The priority for Cuervo in 2011-12 is winning in the shots category through the Cuervo ICE COLD serve plus supporting brand investment of £1.5m. Building on a successful experiential campaign in London during the summer, Cuervo is now rolling out its largest ever UK-wide floor selling campaign with 350 events in key ontrade outlets, supported by equipment and messaging to drive consumption of Cuervo ICE COLD including bespoke Cuervo freezers and permanent point of sale materials. Cuervo Especial Reposado, aged in oak barrels, contains all the magic of the Blue Agave. Cuervo Especial Silver has a lighter, crisper taste. Both are best enjoyed ICE COLD




MONTE ALBAN A drink may only be labeled tequila if it is produced in Jalisco, Mexico. It is made from the Agave Tequilana Weber, commonly known as "blue agave," and the process is regulated quite strictly. Mezcal on the other hand, is made in different areas of Mexico and from different types of agave. Mezcal also boasts a worm! And putting the worm in the spotlight this year is Monte Alban, from Hi Spirits. Look out for the iconic worm in a free miniatures for your customers.

Olmeca has an European-wide digital and social media campaign which includes online videos on YouTube about Mexican tequila culture. The brand also hosts The Tahona Society, an online global community of more than 300 bartenders. The brand is targeting international clubbers with a Ferry Corsten Tour, DJ School and app. The new initiative kicks off a wave of social media, experiential, online and mobile activity targeting a young adult audience – clubbers and music fans – across the international dance music scene.

SAUZA Last year, Sauza Tequila rebranded its range to focus on its Mexican Heritage. You may have thought that with the brand rebranding its Blanco and Hacienda Resposada – Sauza Silver and Sauza respectively, and putting new redesigned lables on the bottles, they might have embarked on some UK promotional activity. But no, and according to distributors Maxxium UK, there are no plans for marketing in the near future in the UK. 45

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 20/12/2011 17:54 Page 46

Freephone 0800 444 236 for more information

Also available in price-marked packs

Smoking kills

For trade use only

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TOBACCO PALL MALL As the lowest out of pocket priced international brand in the UK market, Pall Mall is on track to complete a 1% growth rate in 2011 alone!* Pall Mall offers great value, combining a Virginia tobacco blend designed specifically for the UK market with its attractive price positioning and a range of Pall Mall variants to offer choice to the price-conscious consumer. With one in three adult smokers now shopping in the value segment, Pall Mall is a must-stock for retailers in 2012! 2012 is set to be an eventful year for Pall Mall including featuring at ‘T In The Park’ in July 2012. Already a top brand in the UK market with plans to add even more value for adult smokers in the year ahead, Pall Mall will continue to focus on delivering a quality product from an established brand at an affordable price. Source: AC Nielsen Oct 11’



Regal is an Imperial Tobacco brand, and, say the company, the brand has approximately half a million adult smokers in the UK. The brand sells best in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, with sister brand Embassy being more popular in the south of England.



Silk Cut is a low tar cigarette from Japan Tobacco International, and is a premium cigarette brand. Although Silk Cut doesn’t sell high volumes in Scotland, the brand is maintaining its market share against a backdrop of falling premium cigarette sales in the UK.

Marlboro is the world’s biggestselling cigarette brand, made for the UK market for Philip Morris International. The brand is known for its sponsorship of motor racing and last year extended its Scuderia Ferrari collaboration until 2015.



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VODKA STOLICHNAYA A true pioneer among premium vodkas, Stolichnaya is widely renowned for its passion and expertise in crafting one of the most distinctive vodkas in the world. Stolichnaya® Premium vodka, with its iconic image of the Moscow Hotel and provenance dating back over a century, is made using to the same exacting standards as it ever has been. Produced in state-of-the-art facilities in Riga, the spirit is four times distilled and four times filtered from rich grain under the highest quality conditions – preserving a centuries-old production method unique to Stolichnaya. The result is a superior taste unlike any other, unparalleled in smoothness and character. From the very first line of premium flavoured vodkas first created in 1962 to the first super premium vodka Stolichnaya® Gold and the creation of the ultra-luxury elit™ by Stolichnaya®, Stolichnaya’s pedigree of originality and innovation has revolutionised spirits and cocktail culture and continues to do so. It is this marriage of vision, artistry and craft that makes Stolichnaya the world’s most original vodka, enjoyed by the world’s most original people.



Russian Standard vodka is owned by billionaire banker Roustam Tariko. The Russian premium vodka could get a push in Scotland in 2012 now that Whyte & Mackay has taken over the distribution. The full handover happens in January 2012, so there were no details of what the marketing and advertising activity will entail in 2012 when DRAM went to press.



Smirnoff remains Scotland’s most popular vodka. In the year to October 2011, Smirnoff’s MAT value share grew from 65.8% to 68.6% in Scotland’s on-trade, and taking in all its flavoured variants, it went from 66.1% to 70.2% in the same period. So it looks as if the £10m budget Smirnoff earmarked for promotion of Flavours last year is beginning to pay off. Smirnoff’s Finish Drinks Initiative, Night Life Exchange Programme, plus its TV and press advertising in support of both, will continue in 2012.

This Polish vodka from Marblehead last year saw a big summer push of its Frisky Bison cocktail which was featured in DRAM’s Summer Cocktail book 2011. There was also extensive tasting activity in Scotland. Marblehead say that they will continue to push the provenance of the brand, educating consumers in Scotland via in-bar activity in 2012.



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WHISKY - MALTS BENROMACH 10 YO Established in 1898, Benromach is Speyside smallest working distillery where just two men hand-craft our whisky using the finest Scottish barley and purest spring water from the nearby Romach Hills. Only when it has matured to our high quality standards, do we bottle the whisky and proudly label it Benromach. 2011 has been an award winning year for Benromach. Benromach 30 Years Old was described as “magnificent, one of the outstanding malts of the year”, scoring 95.5 points out of 100, in Jim Murray’s 2012 Whisky Bible. Benromach 10 Years Old was awarded a two-star Gold in the 2011 Great Taste Awards and a Best in Class Silver medal in the prestigious 2011 International Wine and Spirit Competition. The “boutique-style” Benromach range has a whisky for every occasion, including Benromach Cask Strength (launched in 2011), Benromach Peat Smoke, Benromach Organic, Benromach Wood Finish and older expressions such as 25YO and Benromach Vintage. In 2012 look out for a new Benromach website, a new Benromach advertising campaign, increase PR activity and further investment in social media. For more information please visit To stock Benromach please call 01343545111 or email BRUICHLADDICH ‘THE LADDIE’

This malt was chosen by consumers at last year’s Whisky Speed Tastings as being their favourite malt. More than 100 people voted for their favourite and Bowmore Darkest 15, which was released in 2007, won. This award winning malt is matured in Oloroso sherry casks and has a rich, creamy toffee and malt taste. Other awards include a Silver at the International Wine and Spirit Competition and a Gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition. DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

GLENMORANGIE Glenmorangie whiskies have now won a staggering total of eighteen ‘Gold Best in Class’ medals over the past five years at the IWSC, the most internationally recognised awards body. Glenmorangie is therefore the best awarded single malt Scotch whisky. New expressions, such as the Finealta, create interest in the brand and have also been well received. As well a receiving awards Glenmorangie also gave out an award for Best Whisky Bar of the year at the 2011 DRAM awards. 51



As well as winning the ‘Blind Tasting’ category at last year’s Oran Mor Whisky Awards, The Laddie 10 year old was nominated by customers of Loch Fyne Whiskies as being their favourite whisky too. The Laddie, which was launched in September of last year, is the first 10 year old whisky to be wholly distilled, aged and bottled by Bruichladdich's new owners, and it is certainly off to a good start. Expect to see more from the brand in 2012.

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Calm kitchen. Thousands of meals delivered on time. Happy customers. What can a Stannah service lift do for you? ‘W’ Hotel Proj ect: ‘W’ Project: Leicester Square Square Location: Leicester Location: 00kg M icrolift dumbwaiters dumbwaiters and 1 L ifts: 2 Lifts: 2xx 1 100kg Microlift 1xx 2 250kg Trolleylift 50kg T rolleylift Located side-by-side, side-by-side, the lifts ar Fu nction: Located e deliver ing dis creet, Function: are delivering discreet, service to hotel guests, guests, LLondon efficient dining service ondon rresidents esidents and vis visitors itors fr from om far and wide. O Operating perating between the g ground-floor round-floor kkitchen itchen and the 1st 1st floor W Lounge Lounge and W LLounge Bar, ounge B arr, the lifts ferry ferry food and dining dining-ware -ware over a dis distance tance of 3 3540mm. 540mm. R Result: esult: Guests Guests are are enjoying über-swish über-swish service service w

Meet Me et the the family family

Passenger Lifts

Escalators and Moving Walkways

Platform Lifts

Goods and Service Lifts

Lift Refurbishment

Bespoke Lifts

Lift Service and Repair

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 21/12/2011 18:14 Page 53


• ACR Retail Systems

• Hubbard Products Ltd

570 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 2PF Tel: 0141 424 0558 Email:

Hillview, Church Road, Otley, Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 9NP Tel: 01473 892289 Email:

• BOC Sureserve

• MAJIsign Ltd

Customer Service Centre, Priestley Road, Worsley, Manchester M28 2UT Tel: 0845 7302302 Email:

66 Eastern Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7AB Tel: 0800 78 35 887

• CryoService Limited Warndon Business Park, Worcester WR4 9RH Tel: 01905 758200 From its inception in 1970, CryoService have embraced innovation and new technology to produce a World Class solution to the supply of specialist gases. CryoService's Accellarate and CarboStore systems provide the ultimate solution for drinks dispense with CO2 and mixed gas. However, smaller users may require cylinder deliveries and this can be facilitated within CryoService's Managed Gas concept.

• Bellmatic 10/12 Boswell Square, Hillington G52 4BQ Tel: 0844 736 5828

• Chalkpens Tel: 0141 636 5414

• Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd

• Open Ear Music 1103 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8ND Tel: 0141 248 6006 Email: Open Ear is a music design and promotions company based in Glasgow, UK. It provide a a music design service to bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, studios and websites who want their business to stand out from the crowd. Its range of streamed and download services cater to businesses both large and small and are designed to help you harness the power of music to enhance your customers' experience.

• Pressley Electrical Ltd Unit 2, Telford Place, Lenziemill Industrial Estate, Cumbernauld G67 2NH Tel: 01236 898636

• RS100 56 Park Road, Glasgow, Glasgow G4 9JF Tel: 0871 288 5060

• Sims Automatics 46 Dalsholm Road, Glasgow G20 0TB Tel: 0141 946 0444

10 Carron Place, Kelvin Industrial Estate East Kilbridge Glasgow G75 0YL Tel: 01355 244000

Sims Automatics is the biggest independent operator of gaming, amusement and leisure equipment in Scotland. Established for forty-one years, we have an in-depth knowledge of the leisure machine industry and can offer customers advice on a wide range of equipment to ensure maximum income generated. Our products are as follows: gaming machines, skill games, pool tables, music, CCTV and plasma screens. We have an ongoing commitment to investing in the very latest products backed up with a fast, efficient service team to ensure we provide a very personal service to our wide range of customers.



Easting Close, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 8NQ Tel: 01903 202151

• Jack Hogan

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• Stannah Microlifts Ltd Caxton Close, East Portway, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3QN Tel: 01264 351922 Email: We are here to help with our range of dumb waiters, larger service lifts and goods lifts carrying from 50kg to 3000kg. Many of our lift products are available ex-stock and can be installed in just a few days. With more than 20,000 installs around the UK, we know our customers rely on us everyday. That’s why our nationwide network of service branches provide local support to keep your business moving. If you are looking for a lift solution outside our standard product range - look no further. Simply call us to discuss your needs. We know we can help.

• Victor Manufacturing Lonsdale Works, Gibson Street, Bradford BD3 9TF Tel: 01274 722125 Email:



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DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 21/12/2011 18:23 Page 56


• abv Training

• Blueprint Training Solutions

Conference House, 152 Morrison Street, The Exchange, Edinburgh EH3 8EB Tel: 0800 061 2981 Email:

349 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 AA Tel: 0844 8080 999 Email:

• Belendon Hospitality Services

• CPL Training Ltd

21 Sidehead Road, Stonehouse, Larkhall ML9 3EX Tel: 01698 791259/Mob: 07740 949424 Email:

Egerton House, 2 Tower Road, Birkenhead, Wirral CH41 1FN Tel: 0151 650 6910

Need training? We deliver British Institute of Innkeeping Qualifications as well as bespoke training programmes, operational support and practical help with the licensed trade and hospitality industry.

• BII Scotland c/o Wessex House, 80 Park Street, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3PT Tel: 01276 684449

• FLOW Hospitality Training Ltd. 5 Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4QZ Tel: 0844 445 7119 Email:

• Hospitality Training Suite 6, Westhill Shopping Centre, Old Skene Road, Westhill, Aberdeen AB32 6RL Tel: 01224 749100 Email:

• Licensing Training Services Ltd CPL Training is the biggest provider of training for the licensed retail sector in the UK, and the biggest provider of SCPLH training in Scotland. We have monthly scheduled courses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Ayr and Dundee. In addition, for groups of 8 or more we’ll come to you!

21a Rutland Square Edinburgh EH1 2BB Tel: 0131 229 6181 Email:

And don’t forget the statutory training for bar staff. We created SALPS - Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff - this is available as a handbook and PowerPoint for delivery by personal licence holders to their staff, or by e-learning online. Over 43,000 licensed premises staff have taken SALPS with us!

5 Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4QZ Tel: 0844 445 7119

Tel: 0141 357 5659 or 0845 833 1835 Email: 56

• PLH Online

• Servewise 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 2LW Tel: 0141 572 6703


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UK Wide

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have staff let the team down

ONE STOP SHOP all training needs       for    your     

Licensed Premises are being closed with insufficient staff training cited as a factor Receive the best accredited training in Scotland

Need a personal Licence?                 s "))!"3COTTISH#ERTIlCATEFOR0ERSONAL,ICENCE (OLDERS3#0,( 



Legal and Compliance 



PHL Staff Trainers


more.... Plus much


0141 572 6703



ILA funding accepted



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• Alldrinks

• Enotria Winecellars Ltd.

89 Seaward Street, Glasgow G41 1HJ Tel: 0141 891 8999 Email:

48 Chandos Park Estate, Chandos Road, London NW10 6NF Contact: Les Sommerville, Sales Manager (Scotland), Mobile: 07771 87 87 20 Email:

• Allson Wholesale Station Road, Buckhaven, Fife KY8 1JH Tel: 01592715545 Email:

• Ben Shaws Unit 11, Imex Business Centre, Craig Leith Road, Stirling FK7 7LQ Tel: 01786 450 001

• Forth Wines Ltd Crawford Place, Milnathort, Kinross-shire KY13 7XF Tel: 01577 863668 Email:

172 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DF Tel: 0131 556 5864

Independently owned drinks company based in Central Scotland. We have a range of over 1000 wines sourced from around the globe - almost all by passionate, independent growers and producers dedicated to quality, individuality and value. Our buyers travel the world and select the range to meet today's market place. Quality is paramount, as is the commercial offering to meet our customers (and their customers) demanding requirements. Add this to our market leading and Premium Spirit range, our specially selected beers and our wine training and support packages. Forth can provide an unrivaled offer.

• Corney & Barrow

• JW Filshill Ltd

Whigams of Ayr, 8 Academy Street, Ayr KA7 1HT Tel: 01292 267000

Hillington Road Glasgow G52 4HE Tel: 0141 883 7071 Email:

• Cadenheads Whisky Shop

• Costco Wholesale UK Ltd Hartspring Lane, Watford, Herts WD25 8JS Tel: 01923 213113

• Gordon & MacPhail

• Dunns Food and Drinks

George House, Borough Briggs Road, Elgin, Morayshire IV30 1AP Tel: 01343 545111 Email:

32 Glasgow Road, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0JY Tel: 01698 727700 Email:

Gordon & MacPhail is one of the UK's leading independent wholesalers, stocking an extensive range of whiskies, wines and other spirits. It is the official UK distributor for many products including Amrut Indian Whisky and The English Whisky Company. It is also the company behind Benromach.



DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012_Layout 1 21/12/2011 18:31 Page 59


• Gourmet Classic Ltd Peartree Business Centre, Cobhan Road, Ferndown Industrial Estate, Dorset BH21 7PT Tel: 01202 863 040

UK Survey 2010 further confirms our passion for the ontrade. To find out what our award winning services can offer you, contact us on 0141 429 0888 or visit us at

• W.M Morton Ltd

Gourmet Classic invented a new foodservice category. Cooking Wine as a branded product did not exist until 1998, when a legal loophole was found in the UK tax and excise system.10 years later and Gourmet Classic has built its UK business by around 30% year-on-year. They now sell millions of litres to kitchens across the country. All the UK’s chefs’ associations endorse and use Gourmet Classic products knowing they are achieving up to 30% savings on bottled equivalents. The brand has extended to include Fortified Cooking Wines, Cooking Spirits, Cooking Liqueurs and the intriguing Cooking Eaux De Vie range. Chefs are already seeing the potential to revitalise their menus, adding value whenever a Gourmet Classic product is used in a dish.

(from Feb 2012 it may be known as Inverarity-Morton following last year’s take-over of Inverarity.) 137 Shawbridge Street, Glasgow G43 1QQ Tel: 0141 649 9881

• Kwik Keg

• Robbie’s Drams

59a Southcroft Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G73 1UG Tel: 0800 3280508

3 Sandgate, Ayr, South Ayrshire KA7 1BG Tel: 01292 262135 (shop) / 01292 284279 Email:

• Matthew Clark 577 Lawmoor Street, Dixons Blazes Industrial Estate, Glasgow G5 0TL Tel: 0141 429 4711, Email: We are an award winning drinks supplier who offer our nationwide customer base of hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs an unrivalled range of over 4,000 drink and products supported by unique on-trade expertise. Voted Best Drinks Supplier at the Restaurant Magazine Chefs’ Choice Awards 2011 and ranked top UK wine distributor in the Wine Business Solution’s Wine On-Premise

• Pierhead Purchasing Unit 1 & 2, The Paddocks Wood Street Swanley Village, Kent BR8 7PA Tel: 01322 662377

• Strachans Ltd 54 Windmill Street, Peterhead AB42 1UE Tel: 01779 485300 Email:

• United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd 110 Easter Queenslie Road, Queenslie Industrial Estate, Glasgow G33 4UL Tel: 0141 781 6600

For all your Imported Beers contact us, DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012


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You may be eligible for Costco Membership...

• Wallace's Express Crompton Way, North Newmoor Industrial Estate, Irvine Ayrshire KA11 4HU Tel: 01294 203000 Email:

For further information, please contact our Membership Team at Costco Glasgow on,

Wallaces Express is Scotland’s largest independent wholesaler. We pride ourselves on our high service levels and flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements. We can provide a tailored supply solution to suit any customer, from pubs and hotels to Social Clubs and Nightclubs and Restaurants. We have a dedicated Sales Force and an office based telesales operation to provide a complete service to our customers. This includes offering competitive pricing, a prompt and efficient delivery service, an extensive product range, as well as monthly promotions.

0141 553 2200 or email,

or visit,

• Waverley TBS Limited Level 13, The Broadgate Tower, Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EW Tel: 0844 556 2520

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• Spirits • Eaux De Vie • Liqueurs • Fortified Wines Visit and discover how Gourmet Classic can make a difference to your menu today. Join us on Facebook, search for Gourmet Classic Ltd.



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• 3663 First for Foodservice

• Fresh Food Company

Unit K, Lochlands Business Park, Larbert, Stirlingshire FK5 3NS Tel: 01324 402100

Unit D16 Glasgow Fruit Market Blochairn Road Glasgow G21 2DU Tel: 0141 548 6989

• Duncans Foodservices Ltd 32 Glasgow Road, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0JY Tel: 01698 727777 Email:

• Failte Foods East Warehouse, Glasgow Fruit Market Blochairn Road, Glasgow G21 2SW Tel: 0141 548 6170

• Forteith Food Service Glengallan Road, Glenshellach, Oban PA34 4HG Tel: 01631 569100 Email:

• JB Foods (Scotland) Ltd Edgefield Industrial Estate, Edgefield Road, Loanhead EH20 9TB Tel: 0131 448 2888 Email:

• Reids Food Services Bridgend House, Bridgend Industrial Estate Dalry KA24 4LR Tel: 01294 833001

FRUIT & VEG • HD Caulfield 171 High Street, Dumbarton West Dunbartonshire G82 1NW Tel: 01389 762095

• Forsyth Produce Direct James Forsyth Coatbridge Ltd, Kirkstyle, Old Monklands, Coatbridge Lanarkshire ML5 5AJ Tel: 01236 628007 DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

• Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd Unit 2 Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Midlothian EH28 8PJ Tel: 0131 335 3040 Email:

MEAT AND GAME SUPPLIERS • Campbell Brothers/Buccleuch Sherwood Industrial Estate, Bonnyrigg, MidlothianEH19 3LW Tel: 0131 654 0060

• Simon Howie Foods Findony, Muckhart Road, Dunning, Perthshire PH2 0RA Tel: 01764 684 332, Email:

• Rodgers Butchers 103 Sylvania Way Clyde Shopping Centre Clydebank G81 2RR Tel: 0141 952 9558

• W.W. Wales Ltd. Unit 4, Glencairn Industrial Estate, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 4BD Tel: 01563 535689

FISH AND SEAFOOD • MacCallums of Troon 71 Houldsworth Street, Glasgow G3 8ED Tel: 0141 204 4456


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DIAL-A-BRAND This comprehensive product listing gives a contact number for brands available in Scotland. In most cases the number given is the brand owner, in some others the distributor, or a wholesaler. Brand owning companies will always be able to tell you where you can get their brands.

Beer (Ale/Stout) 1488 Whisky Ale Traditional Scottish Ales Abbot Ale Belhaven Arran Ale Arran Brewery Arran Blonde Arran Brewery Bannockburn Ale Traditional Scottish Ales Bass Ale AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Bear Ale Traquair Brewery Belhaven 80/Belhaven Belhaven Best Belhaven Belhaven Best Extra Cold Belhaven Belhaven Fruit Beer Belhaven Belhaven IPA Belhaven Ben Nevis 80/Traditional Scottish Ales Black Cuillin Isle of Skye Brewing Black & Tan Houston Brewery Blaven Isle of Skye Brewing Blonde Bombshell Houston Brewery Boddingtons AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Bombadier Wells & Young’s Border Gold Organic Broughton Ales Brewers Passion Caledonian Brewery Broughton Best Broughton Ales Broughton Special BitterBroughton Ales Burton Cask Ale Carlsberg Burns Ale Belhaven Caffrey’s Irish Ale Molson Coors Calder's range of ales Carlsberg Caledonia Best Tennent’s Caledonian 80/Caledonian Brewery Cairngorm Gold Cairngorm Brewery Clipper IPA Broughton Ales Courage Best Heineken (First Point) Criffel Ale Sulwath Brewers Cuillen Beast Isle of Skye Brewing Dark Island Reserve Orkney/Sinclair Deuchars IPA Caledonian Brewery Dragonhead Orkney/Sinclair 62

01786 817000 01368 862323 01770 302353 01770 302353 01786 817000 0845 6015959 01896 830323 01368 862323 01368 862323 01368 862323 01368 862323 01368 862323 01786 817000 01470 542477 01505 612620 01470 542477 01505 612620 0845 6015959 01234 272766 01899 830345 0131 346 2603 01899 830345 01899 830345 08457 820820 01368 862323 0845 600888 08457 820820 0845 6015959 0131 346 2603 01479 812222 01899 830345 01506 471001 01556 504525 01470 542477 01667 404555 0131 346 2603 01667 404555

Cuil Hill Sulwath Brewers William Bros Brewing Ebulum Ale Tennent’s Ember Light Broughton Ales Exiseman 80/Edinburgh Strong Ale Caledonian Brewery Fraoch Heather Ale William Bros Brewing Galloway Gold Sulwath Brewers Black Isle Brewery Golden Eagle Glencoe Wild Oat Traditional Scottish Ales Greenmantle Broughton Ales Golden Promise Caledonian Brewery Greene King IPA Belhaven Green King Export Belhaven Guinness Diageo Guinness Extra Cold Diageo Harvieston Bitter & Twisted Tennent’s Hebridean Gold Isle of Skye Brewing Highland IPA Cairngorm Brewery Independence Ale Inveralmond Brewery Jacobite Ale Traquair Brewery John Smith’s Heineken (First Point) John Smith’s Cask Heineken (First Point) John Smith’s Extra Cold Heineken (First Point) John Smith’s Extra Smooth Heineken (First Point) Joker IPA Tennent’s Kelpie Seaweed Ale William Bros Brewing Killelan Houston Brewery Knockendoch Sulwath Brewers Lia Fail Inveralmond Brewery Lord of the Ales Isle of Skye Brewing Maclachlans Molson Coors McEwan’s 70/ Wells & Young’s McEwan’s 80/Wells & Young’s McEwan’s Export Wells & Young’s McEwan’s Pale Ale Wells & Young’s Merlin’s Ale Broughton Ales Murphy’s Heineken (First Point) Nessie’s Monster Mash Cairngorm Brewery Newcastle Brown Ale Heineken (First Point) Newcastle Exhibition Heineken (First Point) Northern Light Orkney/Sinclair Old Jock Broughton Ales Old Sea Dog Caledonian Brewery Old Speckled Hen Belhaven Orkney Red MacGregor Orkney/Sinclair Orkney Dark Island Tennent’s

01556 504525 01259 725511 0845 6015959 01899 830345 0131 3371286 01259 725511 01556 504525 01463 811871 01786 817000 01899 830345 0131 346 2603 01368 862323 01368 862323 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 0845 6015959 01470 542477 01479 812222 01738 449448 01896 830323 01506 471001 01506 471001 01506 471001 01506 471001 0845 6015959 01259 725511 01505 612620 01556 504525 01738 449448 01470 542477 0845 600888 01234 272766 01234 272766 01234 272766 01234 272766 01899 830345 01506 471001 01479 812222 01506 471001 01506 471001 01667 404555 01899 830345 0131 346 2603 01368 862323 01667 404555 0845 6015959


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DIAL-A-BRAND Orkney/Sinclair Orkney Skullsplitter Orkney/Sinclair Orkney Raven Ale Ossian’s Ale Inveralmond Brewery Oyster Stout Isle of Skye Brewing Peter’s Well Houston Brewery Red Cuillin Isle of Skye Brewing Ruddles Country Belhaven Ruthven Brew Cairngorm Brewery Schiehallion Tennent’s Skye’s Grand Isle of Skye Brewing Skye Light Isle of Skye Brewing Sheepshagger/Gold Cairngorm Brewery Stag Cairngorm Brewery Stones Molson Coors St Andrews Ale Belhaven Stirling Bitter Traditional Scottish Ales Stirling Brig Traditional Scottish Ales Tartan Special Heineken (First Point) Tartan Terror Houston Brewery Tennent’s Light Tennent’s Tennent’s Ember Tennent’s Tennent’s Extra Tennent’s Tennent’s Special Ale Tennent’s Tetley's Cask Ale Carlsberg Tetley's Original Carlsberg Tetley's Smoothflow Carlsberg Texas Houston Brewery Theakstons Heineken (First Point) Timothy Taylor Waverley TBS The Match Ale Broughton Ales The Reiver Broughton Ales Thrappledouser Inveralmond Brewery Three Sisters 4.2% Ale Orkney/Sinclair Traquair House Ale Traquair Brewery Thrappledowser Inveralmond Brewery Twisted Thistle Belhaven Wagtail Black Isle Brewery Warlock Stout Houston Brewery Worthingtons Molson Coors Wildcat Cairngorm Brewery Young Pretender Isle of Skye Brewing Younger’s Tartan Special Heineken (First Point) Youngs Waggledance Waverley TBS

01667 404555 01667 404555 01738 449448 01470 542477 01505 612620 01470 542477 01368 862323 01479 812222 0845 6015959 01470 542477 01470 542477 01479 812222 01479 812222 0845 600888 01368 862323 01786 817000 01786 817000 01506 471001 01505 612620 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 08457 820820 08457 820820 08457 820820 01505 612620 01506 471001 0844 5563492 01899 830345 01899 830345 01738 449448 01667 404555 01896 830323 01738 449448 01368 862323 01463 811871 01505 612620 0845 600888 01479 812222 01470 542477 01506 471001 0844 5563492


Imported Beers / Premium Packaged Lager / Draught Lager Amstel Heineken (First Point) Global Brands Amigos Beer Animee Molson Coors Asahi Waverley TBS Baltika No.3 Carlsberg AB-InBev/Tennent’s Brahma Becks Bier AB-InBev/Tennent’s Becks Vier AB-InBev/Tennent’s Becks Blue AB-InBev/Tennent’s Birra Poretti Carlsberg Birra Moretti Heineken (First Point) Bitburger Belhaven Blue Moon Molson Coors Bohemia Beer Global Brands Budvar Tennent’s Budweiser AB-InBev Bud Ice AB-InBev Budweiser 66 AB-InBev Caffreys Molson Coors Carling Crome Molson Coors Carling Molson Coors Carling Extra Cold Molson Coors Carlsberg Export Carlsberg UK Carlsberg Carlsberg UK Castle Lager Miller Brands Chang InterBev Chili Pierhead Chimay Pierhead Cobra Molson Coors Coors Light Molson Coors Corona Molson Coors Cruzcampo Morgenrot Group Cusquena Chilli Marketing De Koninck Belhaven Doom Bar Molson Coors Dos Equis Heineken (First Point) Duvel Belhaven Elephant Beer Carlsberg Erdinger Weissbier Belhaven Foster’s Range Heineken (First Point) Furstenberg Export Branded Drinks Furstenberg Alcohol FreeBranded Drinks Grolsch Molson Coors Grolsch Blonde Molson Coors

01506 471001 01246 216013 0845 600888 0844 5563492 08457 820820 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 08457 820820 01506 471001 01368 862323 0845 600888 01246 216013 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 600888 0845 600888 0845 600888 0845 600888 08457 820820 08457 820820 01483 264118 01236 769377 01322 662377 01322 662377 0845 600888 0845 600888 0845 600888 0845 0704310 0870 2424608 01368 862323 0845 600888 01506 471001 01368 862323 08457 820820 01368 862323 01506 471001 01594 810261 01594 810261 0845 600888 0845 600888 63

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DIAL-A-BRAND Grolsch Weizen Molson Coors Heineken (First Point) Heineken Hoegaarden AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Holsten Carlsberg Holsten Alcohol Free Carlsberg James Boag’s Premuim Pierhead Kingfisher Waverley TBS Kirin Beer Belhaven Kozel Belhaven Krombacher Morgenrot Group Kronenbourg 1664 Heineken (First Point) Kronenbourg Premier CruHeineken (First Point) Krosovice Lager Wm. Morton La Trappe Range Pierhead Labatt Family AB-InBev/Tennent’s Leffe AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Leffe Brun AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Liefmanns Frambozen Belhaven Lowenbrau AB-InBev McEwan’s Lager Wells & Young’s Miller Genuine Draft Miller Brands Moosehead Pierhead Negro Pacifico Molson Coors Modelo Especial Molson Coors Peroni Nastro Azzurro Miller Brands Pilsner Urquell Miller Brands Quilmes Morgenrot Group Red Stripe Diageo San Miquel Carlsberg UK Sagres Heineken (First Point) Singha Molson Coors Sol Heineken (First Point) Staropramen AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Stella Artois AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Stella Artois 4% AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Stella Artois Black AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Tecate Heineken (First Point) Tennent’s Ice Tennent’s Tennent’s Lager Tennent’s Tennent’s Special Tennent’s Tennent’s Light Tennent’s Tiger Beer Heineken (First Point) Tsingtao Halewood Tuborg Carlsberg Viru Beer Global Brands Weihenstephan Branded Drinks Windhoek Lager Diageo 64

0845 600888 01506 471001 0845 6015959 08457 820820 08457 820820 01322 662377 0844 5563492 01368 862323 01368 862323 0845 0704310 01506 471001 01506 471001 0141 6499881 01322 662377 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 01368 862323 0845 6015959 01234 272766 01483 264118 01322 662377 0845 600888 0845 600888 01483 264118 01483 264118 0845 0704310 0845 7515101 08457 820820 01506 471001 0845 600888 01506 471001 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 01506 471001 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 01506 471001 0845 6000666 08457 820820 01246 216013 01594 810261 0845 7515101

Worthington Zatec

Molson Coors Molson Coors

0845 600888 0845 600888

Champagnes Cattier Champagne Bollinger Dom Perignon Charles Ellner Gosset Krug Laurent Perrier Joseph Perrier Moet Chandon Mumm Piper Heidsieck Reynier Veuve Cliquot Tattinger

Cellar Trends Wine Importers Moet Hennessy Gordon & MacPhail Gordon & MacPhail Moet Hennessy Waverley TBS Wine Importers Moet Hennessy PR Brands First Drinks Brands Waverley TBS Moet Hennessy Waverley TBS

01283 217703 01506 468900 01506 819158 01343 545111 01343 545111 01506 819158 0844 5563492 0131 334 0958 01506 819158 0800 3765550 02380 312000 0844 5563492 01506 819158 0844 5563492

Ciders Addlestone’s Tennent’s Bulmers Heineken (First Point) Blackthorn Tennent’s Cidre AB-Inbev/Tennent’s Gaymers Tennent’s Jacques Heineken (First Point) Kopparberg Cider of Sweden Magners Golden Draught Tennent’s Magners Irish Cider Tennent’s Rekorderlig Chilli Marketing St. Helier IC Brands Scrumpy Jack Heineken (First Point) Strongbow Heineken (First Point) Thistly Cross Gordon & MacPhail Woodpecker Heineken (First Point)

0845 6015959 01506 471001 0141 5526552 0845 6015959 0141 5526552 01506 471001 02890 668901 0845 6015959 0845 6015959 0870 2424608 01423 872747 01506 471001 01506 471001 01343 545111 01506 471001

Absinthe Hills Absinth La Fee Absinthe Sebor Absinth Hapsburg

Wm Morton Cellar Trends Hi Spirits Blavod Drinks

0141 6499881 01283 217703 01932 252100 020 73522096


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DIAL-A-BRAND Apéritifs Aperol Campari Cinzano Dubonnet Lillet Noilly Prat

Cellar Trends Cellar Trends Cellar Trends PR Brands Marblehead First Drinks Brands

01283 217703 01283 217703 01283 217703 0800 3765550 0141 9559091 02380 312000

Brandy, Cognac & other brown spirits Asbach Uralt Waverley TBS Courvoisier Maxxium UK Calvados Boulard Cellar Trends Calvados Chateau du Breuil Gordon & MacPhail Hennessy range Moet Hennessy Jean Fillioux Cognacs Gordon & MacPhail Mandarin Napoleon Cellar Trends Martell PR Brands Metaxa Cellar Trends Remy Martin First Drinks Brands Remy Martin Grand Cru First Drinks Brands

0844 5563492 01786 430500 01283 217703 01343 545111 01506 819158 01343 545111 01283 217703 0800 3765550 01283 217703 02380 312000 02380 312000

Digestifs / Bitters Angostura Bitters Fernet Branca Peychaud’s Bitters

Burns Stewart Blavod Drinks Hi-Spirits

01355 270328 02073522096 01932 252100

Gin Beefeater PR Brands Boe Gin VC2 Brands Bombay Sapphire Bacardi Brown - Forman Blackwood Gin Blavod Drinks The Botanist Gordon & MacPhail Gordon’s Diageo Gordon’s Sloe Gin Diageo Gonzalez Byass Gin Gonzalez Byass Hendrick’s Gin First Drinks Brands Hogarth Halewood London Hill Ian MacLeod Martin Miller’s Gin Reformed Spirits No 3 London Dry Gin Global Brands/Inspirit Plymouth Gin PR Brands Seagrams Extra Dry Gin Marblehead

0800 3765550 0800 0730901 01962 762100 020 73522096 01343 545111 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01707 274790 02380 312000 0151 4808800 01506 852205 020 73528697 01246 216013 0800 3765550 0141 955 9091


Tanqueray Tanqueray 10 Zephyr

Diageo Diageo Marblehead

0845 7515101 0845 7515101 0141 955 9091

Liqueurs / Speciality Aftershock Maxxium UK Alize J Wray & Nephew Amarula Cellar Trends Aperol Cellar Trends Archers Diageo Baileys Diageo Benedictine First Drinks Brands Berentzen Fruit Schnapps Gordon & MacPhail Blue Curacao Gordon & MacPhail Bols Maxxium UK Carolans First Drinks Brands Chambord Bacardi Brown-Forman Chartreuse Green/Yellow Wine Importers Cherry Brandy Gordon & MacPhail Cointreau First Drinks Brands Corky’s Global Brands Crème de Cassis Gordon & MacPhail De Kuyper range First Drinks Brands Disaronno Amaretto First Drinks Brands Dooleys Toffee Liqueur J Wray & Nephew Drambuie Bacardi Brown - Forman Dunkeld Atholl Brose Gordon & MacPhail Frangelico Cellar Trends Galliano Maxxium UK Glayva Whyte & MacKay Goldschlager Global Brands/Inspirit Grand Marnier Diageo Hypnotiq Blavod Drinks Illyquore Cellar Trends Irish Mist Cellar Trends Jagermeister Cellar Trends Jago Blavod Drinks Kings Ginger Global Brands/Inspirit Kahlua PR Brands Kummel Wolfschmidt Malcolm Cowen Licor 43 J Wray & Nephew Luxardo Sambuca range Cellar Trends Amaretto Cellar Trends Malibu PR Brands Mandarin Napoleon Cellar Trends Mickey Finn Blavod Drinks

01786 430500 0207 9533808 01283 217703 01283 217703 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 02380 312000 01343 545111 01343 545111 01786 430500 02380 312000 01962 762100 0131 334 0958 01343 545111 02380 312000 01246 216013 01343 545111 02380 312000 02380 312000 0207 9533808 01962 762100 01343 545111 01283 217703 01786 430500 0141 2485771 01246 216013 0845 7515101 020 73522096 01283 217703 01283 217703 01283 217703 020 73522096 01246 216013 0800 3765550 0208 9651937 0207 9533808 01283 217703 01283 217703 0800 3765550 01283 217703 020 73522096 65

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DIAL-A-BRAND Midori Molinari Sambuca Opal Nero Sambucca Ouzo 12 Pama Passoa Pimm’s Range Ricard Romana Sambuca Rumpel Minze Sheridans Southern Comfort Sourz Stiffy’s Shots Strega Teichenne Schnapps Tia Maria Triple Sec Tuaca Warninks Advocaat

Cellar Trends Blavod Drinks Global Brands/Inspirit Cellar Trends Blavod Drinks First Drinks Brands Diageo PR Brands Diageo Diageo Diageo Bacardi Brown-Forman Maxxium UK VC2 Brands Matthew Clark Global Brands/Inspirit First Drinks Brands Gordon & MacPhail Bacardi Brown-Forman First Drinks Brands

01283 217703 020 73522096 01246 216013 01283 217703 020 73522096 02380 312000 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01962 762100 01786 430500 0800 0730901 0141 4290888 01246 216013 02380 312000 01343 545111 01962 762100 02380 312000

Ready to drink (Premium Packaged Spirits, Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages) The vast majority of the products are available from good wholesalers and brewers. Babycham Bacardi Breezer Bacardi Originals Caribbean Kick Red Square Smirnoff Ice VK range WKD range

Matthew Clark Bacardi Brown - Forman Bacardi Brown - Forman IC Brands Halewood Diageo Global Brands/Inspirit Beverage Brands

0141 4290888 01962 762100 01962 762100 01423 872747 0151 480 8800 0845 7515101 01246 216013 0800 9173450

Port Cockburns Dows Taylor’s Warre’s Vintage W&J Graham

Fells Gordon & MacPhail Forth Wines Wine Importers Wine Importers

01442 870900 01343 545111 01577 862513 0131 334 0958 0131 334 0958

Rum / Cachaca Appleton range Bacardi Range Boca Loca Cachaca Brugal Rum Bundaberg Rum Captain Morgan Spiced Cruzan Rum El Dorado Gosling’s Rum Havana Range Koko Kanu Kraken Rum Lambs Navy Rum Mount Gay Mount Gilboa Myer’s Rum OVD Pampero Pusser’s Rum Ron Zacapa Sailor Jerry Sagatiba Skipper Rum Watsons Demerara Woods 100

0207 9533808 01962 762100 01343 545111 01786 430500 01246 216013 0845 7515101 01786 430500 01246 216013 020 75019630 0800 3765550 0207 9533808 0141 9559091 0844 5563492 02380 312000 01246 216013 01246 216013 02380 312000 0845 7515101 01283 217703 0845 7515101 02380 312000 01283 217703 0141 9559091 01506 852205 02380 312000

Soft Drinks Allson Wholesale Ben Shaws Dunns Food & Drinks

01592 715545 01509 674915 01698 727777

Soft Drinks - Energy Kick Energy Monster Red Bull Rock Star Irn Bru 32 Relentless

Global Brands Coca Cola Red Bull AG Barr AG Barr Coca-Cola

01246 216013 0800 580580 0845 3660022 01204 664200 01942 886688 0800 580580

Blavod Drinks Bacardi Brown-Forman

020 73522096 01962 762100

Tequila Arrete Blanco Cazadores Tequila


J Wray & Nephew Bacardi Brown-Forman Gordon & MacPhail Maxxium UK Global Brands/Inspirit Diageo Maxxium UK Global Brands/Inspirit Love Drinks Ltd PR Brands J Wray & Nephew Marblehead Waverley TBS First Drinks Brands Global Brands/Inspirit Global Brands/Inspirit First Drinks Brands Diageo Cellar Trends Diageo First Drinks Brands Cellar Trends Marblehead Ian MacLeod First Drinks Brands


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DIAL-A-BRAND Corralego Reposada Jose Cuervo Mezcal Lajita (worm) Monte Alban Olmeca Olmeca Tezon Patron Sauza

Gordon & MacPhail Diageo Wine & Spirit Int Hi Spirits PR Brands Marblehead Cellar Trends Maxxium UK

01343 545111 0845 7515101 0208 9751023 01932 252100 0800 3765550 0141 955 9091 01283 217703 01786 430500

Cellar Trends Bacardi Brown-Forman

01283 217703 01962 762100

Bacardi Brown-Forman PR Brands Blavod Drinks Blavod Drinks Moet Hennessy Blavod Drinks Moet Hennessy Diageo Bacardi Brown-Forman Bacardi Brown-Forman Glen Catrine Bacardi Brown-Forman Marblehead Diageo Diageo PR Brands Marblehead VC2 Brands Marblehead Halewood Whyte & MacKay Global Brands/Inspirit Cellar Trends Diageo Diageo Diageo Maxxium UK Cellar Trends Global Brands/Inspirit Whyte & MacKay PR Brands Marblehead

01962 762100 0800 3765550 0207 3522096 0207 3522096 01506 819158 0207 3522096 01506 819158 0845 7515101 01962 762100 01962 762100 01290 551211 01962 762100 0141 9559091 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 0141 9559091 0800 0730901 0141 955 9091 0151 4808800 0141 2485771 01246 216013 01283 217703 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01786 430500 01283 217703 01246 216013 0141 2485771 0800 3765550 0141 9559091

Vermouths Cinzano Martini range

Vodka 42 BELOW ABSOLUT (flavour range) Aivy Blavod Belvedere Cariel Vanilla Vodka Chopin Ciroc Eristoff Finlandia range Glen’s Vodka Grey Goose Vodka Hangar One Ketel One Ketel Citron Level Luksusowa Vodka Paris Rose Polska Vodka Red Square Russian Standard Sobieski Vodka Skyy Smirnoff Black Label Smirnoff Red Label Smirnoff Flavours Stolichnaya Ultimat VK Pure Vladivar Wodka Wyborowa Zubrowka Wodka


Whiskey - American / Irish / Bourbon Blanton’s Gold Buffalo Trace Bulleit Bushmills Irish Whiskey Canadian Club Canadian Gold Four Roses Jack Daniel’s Jeremiah Weed Jamesons Jim Beam Knob Creek Maker’s Mark Sazerac Rye Woodford Reserve Wild Turkey

Matthew Clark Hi Spirits Diageo Diageo Maxxium UK Halewood Global Brands/Inspirit Bacardi Brown-Forman Diageo PR Brands Maxxium UK Maxxium UK Maxxium UK Hi Spirits Bacardi Brown-Forman PR Brands

0141 429 0888 01932 252100 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01786 430500 0151 4808800 01246 216013 01962 762100 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 01786 430500 01786 430500 01786 430500 01932 252100 01962 762100 0800 3765550

Blended Whisky Ballantine’s PR Brands Bailie Nichol Jarvie Moet Hennessy Bell’s Original Diageo Black Bottle Burns Stewart Chivas Regal PR Brands Clan Campbell PR Brands Clan MacGregor First Drinks Brands Cutty Sark Maxxium UK Dewars Bacardi Brown - Forman Duncan Taylor Duncan Taylor Dimple Diageo Famous Grouse Maxxium UK Glen Alba Duncan Taylor Glen Calder Gordon & MacPhail Grant’s Family Reserve First Drinks Brands Haig Gold Label Diageo Highland Queen Moet Hennessy Isle of Skye Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd J&B Rare Diageo Johnnie Walker Red, Black & Blue Label Diageo Langs Supreme PR Brands Monsters Choice Gordon & MacPhail Old Orkney 8 Year Old Gordon & MacPhail Passport PR Brands Pig’s Nose Gordon & MacPhail Queen Anne PR Brands Royal Salute PR Brands

0800 3765550 01506 819158 0845 7515101 01355 270328 0800 3765550 0800 3765550 02380 312000 01786 430500 01962 762100 01466 794055 0845 7515101 01786 430500 01466 794055 01343 545111 02380 312000 0845 7515101 01506 819158 01506 852205 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 01343 545111 01343 545111 0800 3765550 01343 545111 0800 3765550 0800 3765550 67

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DIAL-A-BRAND Burns Stewart Scottish Leader Stewart’s Cream of Barley PR Brands Something Special PR Brands Teacher’s Maxxium UK Te Bheag Praban Na Linne Vat 69 Diageo White Heather PR Brands White Horse Diageo Whyte & MacKay Whyte & Mackay

01355 270328 0800 3765550 0800 3765550 01786 430500 01471 833496 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 0845 7515101 0141 2485771

Malt Aberlour Amrut An Cnoc Ardmore Ardbeg Arran Auchentoshan Auchroisk Aultmore Balblair Balmenach Balvenie Ben Nevis Ben Riach Benromach Blair Athol Bladnoch Bowmore Bruichladdich Bunnahabhain Caol lla Cardhu Clynelish Connoisseurs Choice Cragganmore Craigellachie Dailuaine Dalmore Dalwhinnie Deanston Dufftown Edradour Fettercairn Glenburgie Glen Deveron Glendronnach Glendullan 68

PR Brands Gordon & MacPhail InterBev Maxxium UK Moet Hennessy Blavod Cellar Trends Diageo Gordon & MacPhail InterBev InterBev First Drinks Brands Ben Nevis Distillery Gordon & MacPhail Gordon & MacPhail Diageo Wallaces Express Cellar Trends Blavod Burns Stewart Gordon & MacPhail / Diageo Diageo Diageo Gordon & MacPhail Diageo Gordon & MacPhail Diageo Whyte & MacKay Diageo Burns Stewart Diageo Signatory Gordon & MacPhail Gordon & MacPhail Gordon & Macphail Gordon & Macphail Diageo

0800 3765550 01343 545111 01343 545111 01786 430500 01506 819158 020 73522096 01283 217703 0845 7515101 01343 545111 01343 545111 01343 545111 02380 312000 01397 702476 01343 545111 01343 545111 0845 7515101 01294 203000 01283 217703 020 73522096 01355 270328 01343 545111 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01343 545111 0845 7515101 01343 545111 0845 7515101 0141 248 5771 0845 7515101 01355 270328 0845 7515101 0131 5554988 01343 545111 01343 545111 01343 545111 01292 262135 0845 7515101

Glenelgin Glenfiddich Glengoyne Glen Garioch Glen Grant Glen Keith Glenkinchie Glenlivet Glenmorangie Glen Ord Glenrothes Glentauchers Glenturret Highland Park (range) Inchgower Inchmurrin Isle of Jura range Knockando Lagavulin Laphroaig Linkwood Longmorn Macallan Miltonduff Mortlach Oban Old Pulteney Royal Brackla Royal Lochnagar Scapa Singleton Springbank Strathisla Malt Talisker Tamdhu Tobermory Tomintoul Tormore

Diageo First Drinks Brands Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd Cellar Trends Cellar Trends PR Brands Diageo PR Brands Moet Hennessy Diageo Maxxium UK Gordon & MacPhail Gordon & MacPhail Maxxium UK Diageo Glen Catrine Whyte & MacKay Diageo Diageo Maxxium UK Diageo PR Brands Maxxium UK Gordon MacPhail Diageo Diageo InterBev Gordon & MacPhail Diageo PR Brands Diageo Springbank Distillers PR Brands Diageo Gordon & MacPhail Burns Stewart Gordon & MacPhail PR Brands

0845 7515101 02380 312000 01506 852205 01292 262135 01283 217703 0800 3765550 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 01506 819158 0845 7515101 01786 430500 01343 545111 01343 545111 01786 430500 0845 7515101 01290 551211 01294 203000 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01786 430500 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 01786 430500 01343 545111 0845 7515101 0845 7515101 01343 545111 01343 545111 0845 7515101 0800 3765550 0845 7515101 01586 552009 0800 3765550 0845 7515101 01343 545111 01355 270328 01294 203000 0800 3765550

Blended Malts Auld Reekie Hankey Bannister J Walker Green Label Monkey Shoulder Sheep Dip Six Isles

Duncan Taylor InterBev Diageo First Drinks Brands Spencerfield Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd

01466 794055 01343 545111 0845 7515101 02380 312000 01383 412144 01506 852205



GREAT TASTE THAT MATTERS Mateus Rosé Original has a very appealing, lively and bright, pink rosé shade and the unique vibrancy of young wines. Mateus Rosé Original is a fresh and fragrant wine with a good aromatic intensity and the refreshing feeling and taste of young fruits, all combining to create a very well-balanced and tempting mouth complemented by a smooth yet pétillant finish.

First Drinks Brands Ltd Form One, 17 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook RG27 9XA Tel: 01256 748100

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• A-B Inbev UK Bass Ale Beck’s Beck’s Vier Beck’s Blue Boddingtons Budweiser Brahma Hoegaarden Leffe Staropramen Stella Artois Stella Artois 4% Stella Artois Black Stella Artois Cidre

• Bacardi Brown-Forman Aberfeldy Aultmore 42 Below Bacardi Bacardi Breezer Bombay Sapphire Cazadores Tequila Chambord Dewars Eristoff Vodka Finlandia Vodka Grey Goose Jack Daniels Martini Vermouth Martini Sparkling Wine Noilly Pratt Southern Comfort Tuaca Woodford Reserve

Burns Ale Fruit Beer Greene King IPA Greene King Export Old Speckled Hen Ruddles Country Twisted Thistle St Andrews Ale

• Blavod Drinks Arran Malt Whisky Blavod Black vodka Blackwood’s Gin Blackwood’s Vodka Bruichladdich Whisky Cariel Fernet Branca Hapsburg Absinthe Hypnotiq Jago’s Vanilla Vodka Limoncello Di Capri Mickey Finn Molinari Sambuca Pama

• Burn Stewart Black Bottle Bunnahabhain Deanston Ledaig Scottish Leader Tobermory

• Branded Drinks Weihenstephan Furstenberg

• C&C/Tennent’s • Belhaven/Greene King Abbot Ale Belhaven Best Belhaven Extra cold Belhaven 80/Belhaven IPA

Addlestone’s Blackthorn Cider Caledonia Best Gaymers Original Gaymers Pear Gaymers Old English


Magners Original Magners Golden Draught Tennent’s Lager Tennent’s Ice Cold Tennent’s Special Tennent’s Light Tennent’s Ember 80/-

• Carlsberg UK Carlsberg Pilsner Carlsberg Export Carlsberg Special Brew Holsten Tetley’s Original Tetley Smoothflow Baltika Tuborg Green

• Cellar Trends Aperol Amarula Auchentoshan Bowmore Calvados Boulard Campari Cattier Champagne Cinzano Cynar Faustino Frangelico Glen Garioch Glen Grant Illyquore Irish Mist Jagermeister Kwai Feh La Fee Absinthe Luxardo Amaretto Luxardo Sambuca Mandarin Napolean Metaxa Midori Neigh Apple Ice Wine Ouzo Patron Spirits Co 71

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DISTRIBUTORS, OWNERS AND BRANDS Pusser’s Rum Pyrat Rum Sagatiba Skyy Vodka Suntory Ultimat Vodka Wild Turkey

• Chilli Marketing Cusquena Rekorderlig Range

• Diageo Archers Baileys Baileys Flavours Bell's Buchanan’s Bulleit Bourbon Bundaberg Rum Bushmills Irish Whiskey Captain Morgan’s Captain Morgan’s Spiced Cardhu Ciroc Caol Ila Clynelish Cragganmore Dalwhinnie Dimple Don Julio Gilbey's Gin Glenkinchie Glen Elgin Glen Ord Gordon's Gin Gordon’s Sloe Gin Grand Marnier Guinness Harp Jeremiah Weed Brews J&B Whisky Johnnie Walker José Cuervo Justerini & Brooks Wines 72

Kaliber Ketel One Kilkenny Knockando Lagavulin Oban Pampero Rum Piat d'Or Pimm's Red Stripe Romana Sambuca Royal Lochnager Ron Zacapa Rum Rumple Minze Singleton of Dufftown Smirnoff Smirnoff Flavours Smirnoff Ice Smirnoff Black Talisker Tanqueray Tanqueray Ten VAT 69 White Horse Windhoek Lager

• Global Brands incorporating Inspirit Amigos beer Bohemia Beer Bundaberg Rum Corky’s Crystal Vodka El Dorado Rum Four Roses Bourbon Fratello Hazelnut Liqueur Goldschläger No.3 London Dry Gin. Kick Energy Kick Ultra Kings Ginger Liqueur Myers’s Rum Opal Nera Black Sambuca Opal Bianca White Sambuca Sobieski Vodka

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur Teichenné Schnapps Viru Beer VK, VK Mojito Ypioca Cacacha

• Gordon & Macphail Amrut Indian Malt Whisky Aultmore Babich, New Zealand Wine Benromach (range) Barbadillo Sherries Blandy's Madeira Benriach Botanist Gin Connoisseurs Choice Malt range Dunkeld Atholl Brose Dow’s Port Eller Champagne English Whisky Co. Glendeveron Glendronach Glenglassaugh Glenturret Gosset Champagne Kilchoman Single Malt Whisky KWV , South African Wine Laborie, South African Wine Royal Brackla Tempest Two The Westie, New Zealand

• Halewood International Caribbean Twist Crabbies Ginger Beer Crabbie’s Green Ginger Wine Highland Gold Whisky Hogarth Gin Lambrini Lambs Navy Rum Maguires Red Alert


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DISTRIBUTORS, OWNERS AND BRANDS Red Square Reloaded Red Square Vodka Sidekick Tsingtao VS

Savanna Schnapps Sambuxo Soiree Amaretto

• Inver House Distillers / interbev

• Heineken UK Amstel Birra Moretti Bulmers Caledonian Deuchars Dos Equis Foster’s Heineken Jacques Cider John Smith’s Kronenbourg 1664 range Newcastle Brown Ale Sagres Scrumpy Jack Sol Strongbow Tiger Beer Theakstons Woodpecker

• Ian Macleod Distillers As We Get It Chieftain’s Range Glengoyne Isle of Skye Langs London Hill Gin Rostov Vodka Smokehead The Six Isles Watson’s Demerara & Trawler Rums

• IC Brands

anCnoc Balblair Catto’s Caorunn Gin Chang Hankey Bannister Heather Cream Mekong Old Pulteney Old Pulteney Liqueur Speyburn

• Kopparberg Breweries A.B. / C.O.S Brands Kopparberg Cider UK Range: Kopparberg Pear Cider Kopparberg Apple Cider Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider

• Marblehead Hanger One Vodka Kraken Krupnik Lillet Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila Polska Vodka Seagrams Extra Dry Gin Skipper Rum Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka

Cactus Jack’s Schnapps CJ’s Pre-mix cocktails St. Heliers Pear Cider Rozel Rose Cider DRAM SUPPLIERS GUIDE 2012

• Maxxium UK Ardmore Aftershock Black Grouse Brugal Bols Liqueurs Canadian Club Courvoisier Cruzan Famous Grouse Galliano Harvey’s Bristol Cream Highland Park Jim Beam Jim Beam Red Stag Knob Creek® Laphroaig® Maker's Mark Sauza Sourz® Stolichnaya Teacher's The Glenrothes The Macallan

• Moet Hennessy Ardbeg Belvedere Vodka Chopin Dom Perignon Glenmorangie Hennessy Krug Moet & Chandon Mercier Ruinart Veuve Clicquot

• Miller Brands Peroni Nastro Azzuro Pilsner Urquell Miller Genuine Draft Lech Tyskie 73

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• Molson Coors Animee Blue Moon Caffrey’s Carling Carling Chrome Cobra Coors Light Corono Extra Doom Bar Grolsh Grolsch Blond Grolsch Weizen MacLachlans Modelo Especial Negro Pacifico Singha Stones Worthington’s Creamflow

• Pernod Ricard 100 Pipers Aberlour Absolut Altai Ballantine’s Beefeater Gin Brancott Estate Wines Campo Viejo Chivas Regal Dubonnet Glendronach Havana Club Jacobs Creek

Cointreau De Kuyper Disaronno Amaretto Glenfiddich Grant’s Family Reserve Hendricks Gin Irish Mist Mateus Rose Mount Gay Rum Monkey Shoulder OVD Passoa Piper Heidseick Charles Heidseick Remy Martin Sailor Jerry Taboo Tia Maria Three Barrels Brandy The Balvenie Tullamore Dew Warnicks Advocaat Wood’s Old Navy

Jameson Kahlua Level vodka Long John Luksusowa Malibu Martell Montana Mumm Olmeca Pernod Perrier-Jouët Plymouth Gin Ricard Royal Salute Sandeman Port Scapa Strathisla The Glenlivet Tormore Wyborowa

• Red Bull UK Red Bull Red Bull Cola Red Bull Light

• Whyte & Mackay

• Wells & Young Bombadier McEwan’s Family

• Wm Grants/First Drinks Benedictine Carolans DRAM

Cockspur Rum Glayva Isle of Jura Pinky Vodka Russian Standard Snow Leopard The Dalmore Vladivar Vnc Cocktails Whyte & Mackay


PUBLISHED BY MEDIA WORLD LIMITED / UPPER FLOOR / FINNIESTON HOUSE 1 THE STABLES YARD / 1103 ARGYLE STREET / GLASGOW / G3 8ND T: 0141 221 6965 E: W: Editor Susan Young • Production Jennifer Kelly Editorial Jason Caddy • Advertising Martin Cassidy, Emma McDonald Subscriptions: DRAM is available by subscription to all other qualified persons involved in the Scottish Licensed Trade at the rate of £52 per annum including the DRAM Yearbook.



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For more information please contact Gordon and MacPhail Email: PH: 01343 545 111 Web:

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DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012  

The DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012 is the only fully comprehensive guide to the drinks industry in Scotland. As well as showcasing individual dr...

DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012  

The DRAM Suppliers Guide 2012 is the only fully comprehensive guide to the drinks industry in Scotland. As well as showcasing individual dr...