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Striving for

Leadership for the Future of Industry “You Are What Your Record Says You Are” p.6

Political Advocacy Takes a Trip Back to “The Classics” p.12

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2013 UNITED CONTRACTORS BOARD OFFICERS Vice President/President-Elect................Kevin Albanese Secretary/Treasurer................................Kevin Albanese

6 UP Front

“You Are What Your Record Says You Are”

Secretary/Treasurer-Elect......................Bruce Daseking

UNITED CONTRACTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kevin Albanese, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.; Jim Alvey, Appian Engineering, Inc.; Jerry Condon, Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc.; Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester; Brian Gates, Top Grade Construction, A Goodfellow Bros. Company; Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction; Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.; Brett Kincaid, O’Grady Paving, Inc.; Bret Lawrence, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.; Rob Layne, O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc.; Jeff Prevost, Lockton Companies, LLC; Robert Purdy, RGW Construction, Inc.; Bob Rahebi, Redgwick Construction Company; Donna Rehrmann, Stomper Company, Inc.


Associates: Bret Lawrence (Associate Director), WoodruffSawyer & Co.; Jeff Prevost (Associate Director-Elect), Lockton Companies, LLC | Caltrans: Michael Ghilotti (Chairman), Ghilotti Bros., Inc. | Government Relations: Chris Young (Chairman), D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. | Safety & Insurance: Rick Seifert (Chairman), Preston Pipelines, Inc. and Level 10 Construction | Scholarship: Janice Lajoie (Chair), GE Capital


Mark Breslin, Chief Executive Officer; Leslie Lord, Deputy Director; Kelly Montes, Executive Assistant; Randy Ruby, Director of Labor Relations; Ruby Varnadore, Labor & Member Services Representative; Lucia Sbarro, Labor Relations & Member Services Assistant; Steve Geney, Labor Negotiations Consultant; Shelbie Tieman, Director of Finance & Administration; Terese Pollock, Finance Assistant; Kristina Knecht, Administrative Assistant; Stacy Anderson, Director Communications, Events & Education; Denise Ramirez, Online Services Manager; Joan O’Brien, Education Manager; Jenn Rogers, Event Manager; Marlo Fregulia, Event Assistant; Michelle Vejby, Publications Manager; Emily Cohen, Director of Government Relations; Mallori Spilker, Government Relations Assistant; Kevin Pedrotti, Legislative Advocate; Tony Dorsa, CARB Consultant

By Mark Breslin, UCON CEO

8 INSIDE the Capitol

New Laws That Will Affect Your Business By Janette G. Leonidou, Esq. and A. Robert Rosin, Esq., Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation



Leading Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

• •

Welcome 2013 UCON Board of Directors Get to Know UCON 2013 President

special feature

President...............................................Michael Ghilotti

By FMI Corporation






JA N U A RY 2 0 1 3 | I S S U E 1 / V O L U M E 2 1 9 W W W. U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Striving for

More Inside:

Leadership for the Future of Industry “You Are What Your Record Says You Are” p.6

Political Advocacy Takes a Trip Back to “The Classics” p.12

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By Mark Breslin, United Contractors CEO

“You are what your record says you are.”

How an association is governed and managed determines the quality of its reputation and staff.... If you are what your record says you are, you know everyone is looking at your box scores. All the time.

—Bill Parcells

Bill Parcells is reputed to be one of the toughest coaches to ever lead in the NFL. What his quote represents is a great lesson in leadership. Your organization is not what you want it to be. Or the story you tell to yourself or others. Or the best marketing or PR you can buy or sell. You are what your record says you are. No more. No less. Associations like UCON, although they may be non-profit organizations, cannot be judged any less honestly. In doing so, we have to look beyond opinions to UCON’s record to see how that fits with this month’s issue on industry leadership.

Near Zero Contractor Retention Escrow Rates? We Can Do Better -- Call Us.

...defined by the company we

Colleen Atkinson Senior Vice President 925 444 2931

Tom Park Executive Vice President 925 444 2936 Lafayette, California


Member FDIC

contractor members run on the ballot two and/or three times before being elected to our Board of Directors? Why do approximately 60% of our members vote in our annual contractor elections? Because to us, UCON governance is serious business.

Industry Leader: Union Contractor Representation UCON is the largest union affiliated contractors association for our industry west of the Mississippi. And also within the top ten nationally. Industry Leader: Service

How an association is governed and managed determines the quality of its reputation and staff. Good people want to work for good companies, and good contractors only want to serve on Boards where they see value, intelligence and opportunity. Good governance = good decisions for all contractors, large and small.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is noted by the Harvard Business Review as one of the most important measurements that a business can have as a prime indicator of future sales and growth. Hundreds of top companies across the U.S. and world now use it. Your NPS is the percentage of your existing client base who answer “yes” to the following question. “Would you recommend this organization to your friends and colleagues?”

Good governance also creates a desire to serve. Ask the members who had the courage to put their names up in an open election. Or better yet, ask the guy who ran for the Board three times before he got elected. And eventually went on to become the President. A sustainable, strategic and respected process is critical to long term success and results.

UCON Leadership: 99% of the contractor members responding to our 2012 survey1 answered yes. Industry Leader: Economic Impact

In 2012, UCON Contractors generated an average of 1.5 million union craft worker hours per month. Averaging the total wage and fringe package of the unions involved, that means UCON Contractors paid $60-70 million dollars a month in wages and fringe benefits. Annually, that equates to over $700 million in union wages and fringe benefits each year - in Northern California alone. Industry Leader: Organizational Governance Why does UCON have open and contested elections for our Board of Directors? Why have dozens of our 5.0



Industry Leader: Value If you are what your record says you are, you know everyone is looking at your box scores. All the time. Accountability is accepting what our members tell us we are. Even though these numbers are excellent, our goal in every area of service delivery is rising in 2013. Our members give us their talent, time, money and influence. And they expect leadership and accountability in return. We are what our record says we are. u 4.6

4.6 4.3




Overall Value

Contractor Membership Association Rating:


Very Good







______________________________________ 1

over 120 firms

Overall Member Satisfaction

Education & Training

Labor Relations/ Help Desk

Gov’t Relations AdvocacyFunding

Safety & Regulatory Services

Events & Networking

Overall Service & Responsiveness of Staff january 2013


United Contractors can help your business comply with these new laws. The association has recently updated most of the forms available to members, and it also has detailed memoranda discussing several of the new laws. The United Contractors Government Relations Committee is actively involved in monitoring proposed legislation and in advocating for increased and stabilized funding for the construction industry, improving the business environment for our members, strengthening our industry’s voice inside the Capitol, and providing grassroots advocacy on the issues that matter most to our members. u

The Capitol


By Janette G. Leonidou, Esq. and A. Robert Rosin, Esq., Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation

New Laws That Will Affect Your Business The Legislature has been very active over the past two sessions in passing laws that affect the construction industry. You may already know about some of these laws, such as SB 474, which will bar certain kinds of indemnity clauses. The following is a summary of some of the most significant of these new laws.

Changes in Preliminary Notice, Waiver and Release; and Lien, Stop Payment Notice and Bond Laws SB 189, which went into effect on July 1, 2012, renumbered and reorganized the Civil Code provisions governing mechanic’s liens, stop payment notices, and payment bond claims. The law also changed some of the language used in preliminary notices and waiver and release forms, and it modified the information that needs to be disclosed in contracts and in mechanic’s liens. As a consequence, since July 1, 2012, new forms have been needed for preliminary notices and conditional and unconditional waivers and releases on progress and final payment. There are also modified procedures for documenting service of preliminary notices and stop payment notices. SB 189 also required contract forms and mechanic’s liens to include some additional information. A prior law had already changed some of the procedures and forms for recording a mechanic’s lien. To address the changes that the Legislature enacted in SB 189, United Contractors now has updated forms available for preliminary notices, waivers and releases, mechanic’s liens, and stop payment notices.

New Indemnity Law - SB 474 On January 1, 2013, new legislation took effect that made sweeping changes in the law with regard to indemnity clauses in subcontracts and in private construction contracts. That legislation, SB 474, added a new Section 2782.05 to the Civil Code. United Contractors has new contract forms available that are drafted to comply with the restrictions and requirements mandated by SB 474. 8 WWW.UNITEDCONTRACTORS.ORG

Specifically, SB 474 states: 1. Construction contracts cannot require a subcontractor (including a lower tier subcontractor) to insure, indemnify, or pay a contractor, construction manager or another subcontractor for the cost of defending against: • the “active negligence” of a general contractor, construction manager, or another subcontractor, or any of their agents or subcontractors; • “defects in designs furnished by those persons” • claims “to the extent that the claims do not arise out of the scope of work of the subcontractor.” 2. The following rules will apply when a sub contractor is required to provide a defense to a general contractor or construction manager: • Duty to provide subcontractor with information: the subcontractor has no duty to provide or pay for a defense “unless and until the general contractor or construction manager provides a written tender of the claim, or portion thereof, to the subcontractor that includes the information” that the general contractor or construction manager has received as to “claims caused by that subcontractor’s scope of work.” • Subcontractor’s option to provide a defense or to pay for one: at the subcontractor’s option, the subcontractor must elect either: 1. To defend the claim with counsel of its choice, with the subcontractor to maintain control of the defense. The subcontractor must give notice of its decision to provide the defense within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 30 days, after it receives a written request to defend the general contractor or construction manager. 2. “Pay, within 30 days of receipt of an invoice from the general contractor or construction manager, no more than a reasonable allocated share of the general contractor’s or construction manager’s defense fees.” The general contractor or construction manager is required to allocate to itself a share of the costs

Photo courtesy W. Bradley Electric, Inc.,

to the extent that the claims “are alleged to be caused” by itself, as well as a share “to each subcontractor to the extent a claim or claims are alleged to be caused by the subcontractor’s work, actions, or omissions, regardless of whether the general contractor or construction manager actually tenders the claim to any particular subcontractor, and regardless of whether that subcontractor is participating in the defense.” Significantly, amounts not collected from one subcontractor may not be collected from any other subcontractor. 3. The statute also provides enforcement rights. If the subcontractor fails to provide a defense when requested to do so, or fails to pay for allocated defense costs, then the general contractor or construction manager who tendered its defense “shall have the right to pursue a claim against the subcontractor for any resulting compensatory damages, consequential damages, and reasonable attorney’s fees.” In the case of a failure to pay allocated defense costs, the subcontractor must pay interest at the rate of 2% per month on defense and indemnity costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees. If the subcontractor requests that the general contractor or construction manager “reallocate defense fees” paid by the subcontractor, and the general contractor or construction manager does not adjust the allocation of fees and reimburse the subcontractor to the extent that the claim defended against was one that the subcontractor should not have been required to defend under the statute, then the subcontractor shall have the right to pursue a claim against the general contractor or construction manager, for any resulting compensatory damages, and interest at 2% per month. Continued on next page january 2013


The Capitol


New Laws (cont.)

4. Existing Civil Code Section 2782(b), barring a public agency from shifting liability for its own active negligence, is now extended to protect subcontractors and suppliers. Section 2782(b) now provides that construction contracts that “purport to impose on any contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, or relieve the public agency from, liability for the active negligence of the public agency” are void and unenforceable. 5. A new subdivision (c) has been added to Civil Code Section 2782 that for the first time will bar private owners from shifting liability for their own active negligence. The new provision states that construction contracts with an owner of privately owned real property, and which “purport to impose” liability on any contractor, subcontractor,

or supplier of goods or services, or “to relieve the owner from liability” are unenforceable “to the extent of the active negligence” of the owner. Subdivision (b) of Section 2782, which applies to public agencies, has slightly different language.

Proposition 30 Tax Increases Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, amends the California Constitution to impose 1/4 cent sales and excise tax in addition to existing taxes. The sales tax applies to “gross receipts of any retailer from the sale of all personal property,” while the excise tax applies to “the storage, use, or other consumption” of “tangible personal property” that is “purchased from any retailer.” Proposition 30 also enacted higher income tax rates for taxpayers with taxable incomes over $250,000. The additional sales and excise taxes will apply to sales that occur on or after January 1, 2013 and before January 1, 2017, while the higher California income tax rates that Proposition 30 imposes will be retroactive to January 1, 2012. In the past, when sales tax rates have increased, the Legislature has exempted construction contracts from the increase “if the seller is obligated to furnish the property for a fixed price pursuant to a contract entered into” before the tax increase took effect. E.g., Rev. & Tax. Code §§ 6051 notes, 6201 notes, 6376, 6376.2. Unfortunately, the Governor and the Legislature did not allow for “grandfathering” when they drafted Proposition 30. u

Congratulations to United Contractors 2013 Board of Directors, and incoming President, Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. 10 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

This article is intended to provide general information about new legislation and should not be relied upon as legal advice. If you have questions about how these new laws will apply to your company, you should consult with your attorney or tax professional. Copyright 2012 Janette G. Leonidou, Esq., A. Robert Rosin, Esq., Patricia Walsh, Esq., and Roger Liu, Esq., Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation, (650) 691-2888.

january 2013


faces Over 280 construction industry leaders and guests took a trip back to “The Classics” at United Contractors 24th Annual Government Relations Dinner & Auction at the Craneway Pavilion in the Richmond Marina District. Guests were greeted with champagne and manhattans and a retro lounge that featured live musical entertainment. Before the excitement and competition of the live auction started, guests strolled the silent auction items, and viewed the classic cars, while taking in the breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. It was an exciting event, raising close to $70,000 for government relations and political advocacy.

“This was another fantastic event at a great location that my wife and I had never visited before. What a find.” — Jack Estill, Appian Engineering, Inc. “The event had a great energy to it. I had a good time and made some friends in the process.” — Jim Lenardon, Enterprise Fleet Management

12 W W W . UN I T E D C O N T RA C T O R S . O R G

JANUARY 2 0 1 3



UCON would like to recognize and thank the many sponsors who helped make the night a success!

Platinum Sponsors








Bronze Sponsors Dinner Wine Sponsors Cement Masons Local 400 A. Ruiz Construction Co. & Assoc., Inc. D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. Appian Engineering, Inc. GALLINA LLP Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc. Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc. Chrisp Company McInerney & Dillon PC Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. Moss Adams LLP Evans Brothers, Inc. Proven Management, Inc. O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Simpson, Garrity, Innes & Jacuzzi, P.C. United Rentals Trench Safety Travelers Bar Sponsors Friends of UCON Sponsors Operating Engineers Local No. 3 D’Arcy & Harty Construction Inc. Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. Hilti Pacific Boring, Inc. W. Bradley Electric, Inc. SPECIAL THANK YOU’S West Valley Construction Co., Inc. A special thank you to all of the AECE-affiliated Contractors who came together with their EUCA colleagues Ranger Pipelines, Inc. to make UCON a reality. Their generous support in dedicating a portion of their reserve funds has contributed to our Government Relations fundraising efforts (see page 29 for list of AECE Contractors). Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers (America) Inc. for donating their services to our event.

United Contractors thanks our Auction Sub-Committee for all your efforts: Chris Young, D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. (Chairman) Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester (Co-Chair) Rene Cameron, Moss Adams LLP Kevin Dern, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Debbie Ferrari, MAG Trucking Bret Lawrence, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. Christi Plum, P C & N Construction, Inc. Andrew Vasconi, A.J.Vasconi General Engineering

Government Relations Auction RATED out4.50 of 5.00 Overall event, rated 4.5 out of 5; Location of event rated 4.7 14 W W W . UN I T E D C O N T RA C T O R S . O R G

Auction Item Donors A. J. Vasconi General Engineering MAG Trucking Advanced Industrial Care McGuire and Hester All American Rentals MCK Services, Inc. American Industrial Care Merrill Lynch Amos & Andrews, Inc. Michels Tunneling Aon Construction Services Group NorCal Kenworth Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. BakerCorp O’Grady Paving, Inc. Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc. Preston Pipelines, Inc. Bridges Golf Club R & L Brosamer, Inc. Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc. R.E. Serrano, Inc. Cal-Vista Erosion Control Products Rachel Chloe Home Staging & Redesign Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc. Redgwick Construction Company Chrisp Company Republic Services, Inc. – Northern California Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. RGW Construction, Inc. D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. Robert A. Bothman, Inc. DeSilva Gates Construction Southern California Contractors Association GE Capital St. Francis Electric Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. Graniterock dba Pavex Construction Stella & Dot IronPlanet Stevenson Supply Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. UCON Past Presidents Lehigh Hanson West Coast Aggregates, Inc. Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation West Valley Construction Co., Inc.

january 2013


leadership special feature

By Kim Morton and Jake Appelman, FMI Corporation

Preparing to Lead Tomorrow’s Workforce Today As much as we would like to remain 35 forever, the reality is that the generations are aging and new leadership will be emerging. One of the most telling findings of talent development is that within the next ten years, approximately 76 percent of owners 50 years or older plan to retire (FMI Exit Strategies Survey). Putting the proper systems and processes in place has never been more important in order to train and develop the workforce of 2023 to lead. Four ways to prepare now for effective leadership in 2023 are:

1. Clarify Your Organizational Vision

Ghilotti Construction Company


It is easy to rationalize a short-term focus if you do not know what tomorrow’s changes will bring. It is considerably more difficult to plan and strategize for an ambiguous future. Senior leadership must define a vision for the next 15–20 years. This vision will help employees at all levels make decisions now without waiting for direction. This also empowers the next generation of leaders to begin testing the leadership waters during collaboration with others.

2. Build Strategic Partnerships Leaders today need to start building strategic partnerships with a diversified group of people such as other industry leaders, internal associations, competitors and future employees. As the current leaders transition out, they need to pass on these relationships. This will help promote diversity in thinking and worldview.

49er Stadium, Santa Clara Other Recent Projects Include: Regency Shopping Center, Petaluma, Tiburon Pipeline, Paragon Retail Center, Livermore

3. Think Ahead: Start Assembling Your 2023 Leadership Team


16 W W W . UN I T E D C O N T RA C T O R S . O R G

CSLB #644515


Successful 2023 leadership teams will be comprised of a diverse set of leaders who have a deep understanding of their business, customers, markets and internal talent. By performing a workforce planning exercise, potential 2023 leadership gaps can be determined for a variety of skills. Identifying specific skill sets that may be lacking by all of your candidates can provide guidance and clarity for what skills you may need to start developing or recruiting to fill now.

4. Develop Your 2023 Workforce

On the job experience is the best starting place. Tactics to consider are mentoring, coaching, taking personal assessments and giving stretch assignments. External training programs that develop cultural intelligence and build collaboration skills can also help employees adapt to their future work environment.

DRIVING THE CHANGE IN THE A/E/C WORKFORCE Research suggests that the critical formative years for young people are between the ages of roughly 11 and 13. During this time, adolescents try to make sense of a world that presents conflicting, confusing and chaotic signals. The 2023 leaders will have to contend with a client base and workforce whose formative years were during volatile times. Thirty-year olds will have a post 9/11 world as their formative backdrop, the 20-year olds will have today. Five contributing factors will influence the way the 2023 workforce behaves:

India and China (also known as BRIC countries) will be dominant economic influencers in the A/E/C industry, with their low-cost production, emerging technologies and diversified funding. Workers will no longer be able to view the marketplace only on a domestic level.

3. Changing U.S. Demographics

The millennial generation (born 1981-1999) will make up approximately 47% of the U.S. workforce Continued on next page


it s what we do.

1. The Great Recession

The events over the past four years profoundly shaped the way the next generation and future workforce will view the role of politics, economics, leadership and job security. It is likely that a generation bombarded by the uncertainty of terms such as “subprime crisis,” “underwater mortgage” and “government bailout” will be more skeptical of authority and the way it influences our thinking.

2. Globalization

There is increased competition on U.S.-based projects from large global firms. It is estimated that by 2023, Brazil, Russia,

Building Strong Relationships. Building Trust and Confidence. Building Protection and Value. Insurance, Risk Management and Employee Benefits Consulting Beyond the Ordinary. Please contact us today to learn more. Let’s build something great together. David Alvarado San Francisco 415.356.3990

Brian Quinn San Ramon 925.244.7702

Tim Rabbitt Irvine 949.293.4122

Patrick McCaleb Fresno 559.259.4550

CA License 0B29370 Edgewood Partners Insurance Center january 2013


leadership special feature

Leading Tomorrow’s Workforce (cont.) in 2014, and by 2023, it will be the vast majority. U.S. demographics are changing on another level. Latinos will make up more than 30% of the U.S. workforce. Sensitivity to the different ages and cultures will be pertinent for future leaders.

4. Shifting Technology

Forecasters see an impending skills shortage as many more construction industry jobs will require strategic thinking, decision making, problem solving, analysis and relationship building. Work is becoming a place to collaborate, exchange ideas and continuously communicate. We have already started to see this shift in BIM technology and cloud computing. In addition, social media, smartphones, email and video chat keep leaders and their employees constantly connected to each other.

MBI Midstate Barrier Inc

Stockton, CA CSLB # 529261

18 W W W . UN I T E D C O N T RA C T O R S . O R G

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Future talent often views organizations that implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs as more desirable places to work. Talent is further attracted by organizations that embed leadership development opportunities into their CSR programs. CSR will no longer be a nicety, but a musthave to attract the best of the best.

Given these factors, leaders must think strategically about how the industry can present itself in appealing ways to the next generation. To capture their interest, today’s leaders need to publicize the industry’s purpose and values, showing how the output of the industry is making societal differences, and create opportunities to network and build relationships.

THE CHARACTER PROFILE OF GREAT 2023 LEADERS Today’s leaders are required to have great business acumen, deep industry knowledge and lead a dynamic workforce. This profile is somewhat different from previous generations. In the same vein, the profile of the 2023 leader will evolve even further. When selecting and developing future superstar leaders, today’s leaders should look for four character traits:

1. Culturally Intelligent

Diversity in leadership provides fresh, innovative and strategic thinking. This is essential given the many foreign-born CEOs running major A/E/C organizations. With this globalization and increasing diversity, future leaders will need a broader worldview and range of cultural experiences. They

will also need a seemingly native ability to motivate, inspire and interact with others—despite cultural differences.

2. Innovative

The ability to experience significant changes and adjust to new situations is the new norm. Leaders of every workplace will need to be more adaptable and agile in their thinking, strategies and actions.

3. Technology Forward

The 2023 leaders will not only be motivated and driven by technology, but also dependent on it. In the Harvard Business Review blog on April 18, 2012, Tammy Erickson reports: • 50% of 11 year olds have their own cell phone • Children aged 11 to 14 spend, on average, 73 minutes a day texting • More than 25% of 2- to 5-year-olds, and 40% of 6- to 8-year-olds use the Internet • Amount of time children spend online daily has tripled in the past 10 years

4. Collaborative

The millennial generation, which will make up the majority of the workforce by 2023, is known for collaboration. This generation sees success in the work environment as a team contribution, more than citing individual achievement. The 2023 leaders will see collaboration as ways to brainstorm new ideas, network with others and get to know their employees better.

As the leader, you choose whether you will start preparing now, or if you wait and see how things turn out in the constantly shifting environment. Those who start strategically thinking about and planning for their future workforce will be the ones who make things happen. Those who choose to wait and see will be the ones who watch things happen. Are you prepared to lead and develop your workforce 2023? If not, what do you need to change in order to be ready? u Kim Morton is a consultant with FMI Corporation. She may be reached at 303.398.7262 or via email at Jake Appelman is a senior consultant with FMI. He may be reached at 303.398.4740 or via email at

983 University Avenue, Suite 104C Los Gatos, CA 95032-7637 (408) 356-3000 Fax (408) 354-8839

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leadership special feature

Welcome New 2013 Board of Directors

Thank you to GALLINA LLP for providing their services to tabulate the contractor and associate ballots for the 2013 Board of Director Elections.

Michael ghilotti 2013 President Ghilotti Bros., Inc. UCON Member, 18 Years

kevin albanese Vice-President/President-Elect Secretary/Treasurer Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. UCON Member, 10 Years

Secretary/Treasurer-Elect McGuire and Hester UCON Member, 23 Years

Rob Layne Past President 2011-2012 O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. UCON Member, 18 Years

bret Lawrence Associate Director Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. UCON Member, 19 Years

jim alvey Appian Engineering, Inc. UCON Member, 17 Years

jerry condon Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. UCON Member, 15 Years

brian gates Top Grade Construction, A Goodfellow Bros. Company UCON Member, 18 Years

rich gates DeSilva Gates Construction UCON Member, 19 Years

brett kincaid O’Grady Paving, Inc. UCON Member, 17 Years

jeff prevost Lockton Companies, LLC Associate Director-Elect UCON Member, 5 Years

robert purdy RGW Construction, Inc. UCON Member, 19 Years

bob rahebi Redgwick Construction Company UCON Member, 19 Years

donna rehrmann Stomper Company, Inc. UCON Member, 4 Years

bruce daseking

20 W W W . UN I T E D C O N T RA C T O R S . O R G

Get to Know United Contractors 2013 President, Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. How do you see your role as President for the Association? I see my role as President to be a leader that enables our members to set our vision & goals for the Association for the coming year, and facilitating our members to accomplish them. What is one of your primary goals for the year ahead? My primary goal for the year ahead is to foster an atmosphere where all members are fully engaged in the UCON experience and strive to both produce and receive value from the Association. Other volunteer activities/charities outside of UCON: Board Member on: CAJ (California Alliance for Jobs); FFC (Fair Foundation for Fair Contracting); Coach youth football and basketball; Board Member on Jimmy Doolittle Air & Space Museum; and, Boys & Girls Club of Marin. Business Banking | Corporate Banking | Wealth Management | Personal Banking

Technology Gadget that you can’t live without? I can live without any/all technology gadget(s)—but I wouldn’t get much work done… What is the industry’s biggest challenge(s)? Unfortunately, they are the same as in years’ past: 1) A stable funding source to meet the future needs of aging infrastructure. 2) Cost of union labor as impediment to competing with non-union companies. 3) To have a single voice and purpose representing the cumulative value of jobs and $$ resulting from the construction industry. Your perfect day? Sleeping in, making pancakes for the family, 11 a.m. Mass, outdoor basketball, family dinner. Most influential book: The Bible Inspired by (person): Mario Ghilotti (and James Ghilotti) I’m passionate about: Continuous improvement (personal and professional) Favorite escape: 7762 North Lake Blvd., Tahoe Vista, CA First wheels: 1972 Schwinn Stingray w/Sissy bar First job: Shoveling horse runs at the Marghi Arabian Horse Ranch Favorite restaurant: Marin Joes Favorite movie: (Tie): The Godfather & Gladiator Proudest moment: Yet to come!

You’re on the job. So are we. Nobody said it was going to be easy. That’s why you need a banker who is as committed to construction as you are in Northern California. We’ve been helping people like you build things since our founding. And you can count on us, every day, for the industry expertise and financial tools you need: • Operating Lines of Credit

• Term Loans

• Standby Letters of Credit

• Equipment loans and leasing

• Cash Management Services

• Customized Retention Solutions

It may be tough out there, but we’re ready to go to work for you to get the job done. Give us a call and we’ll show you how. San Francisco




Walnut Creek





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january 2013



shaping the future

United Contractors PMCA: Career Advancement for Tomorrow’s Industry Leaders

2012. Thirty-seven graduates from seventeen member companies received their certificates of completion at the final class, held at McNamara’s Steak and Chop House in Dublin, CA. The PMCA course is designed for construction industry professionals, where participants learn Palace of Fine Arts new information and skills that are Historic immediately applicable to their jobs. Restoration Program courses included: Negotiation  Lagoon Edge Skills; Team Building; Standards and Restoration Best Practices in Project Management/  Drainage Project Planning; Construction Insurance,  Landscape Bonding and Finance; No BS Leadership;  Grading Developing Your Personal Action  Irrigation Plan/Time Management; Construction  Architectural Contracts; Claims Documentation; and Concrete a Panel Discussion with Owners, where  Gravel-Lok owners of UCON member companies came to speak candidly and answer questions from students about their careers in the construction industry.

United Contractors (UCON) Project Management Career Advancement (PMCA) Program completed its nine week series of classes this year on November 13,


Specializing in Historic Restoration & New Construction Since 1982...  Including Parks, Trails, & Streetscapes   


Golden Gate Park Playground Carrousel Plaza

San Francisco Local Business Enterprise  LICENSE #372478 A, C‐27 

 Cobblestone Veneer  AC Paving  Landscape  Irrigation  Architectural Concrete  Precast Furnishings

1255 Battery St., Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94111  PH: 415‐447‐4800     FAX: 415‐447‐4258

22 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Instructors for the program included: Brad Warren of Bradley K. Warren and Associates, Inc.; Michael Riley of Team Building; Rick Reese, FMI Corporation; Janette Leonidou of Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation; Mark Breslin of UCON; Jake Concannon and Kevin Re of Gallagher Construction Services and Julian Xavier of Gallina LLP. UCON thanks all of you for making the PMCA program a great success. UCON would also like to thank all of our member companies that sent their employees through the PMCA program, investing in our leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations and thank you to the following 2012 PMCA Graduates for dedicating their time to attend and provide constructive feedback to help improve future programs:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Luis Arrequin, Bay Line Cutting & Coring, Inc. Anhan Bhavsar, Flatiron Construction Corp. Rhonda Borden, Mountain Cascade, Inc. Jesse Chagoya, California Drywall Co. Jamie Cochran, Flatiron Construction Corp. Dan Cox, California Drywall Co. Kjell Davila, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. David Espinoza, Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. Ruben Flores, Preston Pipelines, Inc. Kalloch Fox, Dixon Marine Services, Inc. Pete Fracchia, Dixon Marine Services, Inc. Jennifer Ghilotti, Team Ghilotti, Inc. Chris Haley, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Kris Hatton, Flatiron Construction Corp. Mike Hepner, RGW Construction, Inc. Kyle Kincaid, O’Grady Paving, Inc. Ryan Kredier, Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. Nicholas Lang, Preston Pipelines, Inc. Paul MacClanahan, Flatiron Construction Corp. Sam Maher, O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Ryan McDonald, Flatiron Construction Corp. Mark McGaffee, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Jonathan Morgan, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Darren Murphy, Preston Pipelines, Inc. Kyle Preston, Preston Pipelines, Inc. Chris Ramos, Preston Pipelines, Inc. Loren Rush, Sanco Pipelines, Inc. Jakob Schell, Silverado Contractors, Inc. Jennifer Scott, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Dan Smith, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Joe Spinella, T & S Construction Co., Inc. Art Spinella, T & S Construction Co., Inc. Tom Stanton, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Tina Swisher, Team Ghilotti, Inc. Danielle White, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Jack Wu, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

“I am glad I took this course, I have already begun to use the tools developed here in my everyday dealings at work.” — David Espinoza, Lewis & Tibbitts, Inc. “I found this course to be extremely useful to my future in the construction industry”. — Kyle Preston, Preston Pipelines, Inc. “UCON’s Project Management Advancement courses gave me several management gems that helped elevate my skill set to the next level.” — Chris Haley, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. “PMCA provides a huge learning opportunity for all participants and made each one of us a better employee/PM, PE etc.” — Hiromi Young, Moss Adams, LLP

UCON recognizes and would also like to thank Bruce Daseking, McGuire & Hester, Mike Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc., Brett Kincaid, O’Grady Paving, Inc., Bob McCarrick, Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc., Robert Purdy, RGW Construction, Inc., and Lisa de Freitas Sundberg, Platinum Pipeline, Inc. for volunteering their time to participate in the Panel Discussion with Owners class. UCON appreciates your commitment in the development of our member employees.

The next session of PMCA will begin February 26, 2013. Don’t miss out. Space is limited. Contact Joan O’Brien, (925) 362-7303,

Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation Trial and Arbitration Claims, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Bid Protests Collection Employment Counseling

|phone| 650.691.2888 |fax| 650.691.2889 |web| Contact: Janette G. Leonidou A. Robert Rosin

Leonidou & Rosin 777 cuesta drive | suite 200 mountain view, california 94040

j anuar y 2 0 1 3



Education & training

UCON’s Scholarship Awards Program is Going Green

Register now for these upcoming UCON University Classes:

United Contractors is proud to announce its annual Scholarship Awards Program. $19,500 in awards will be distributed on behalf of the association and its memorial scholarship award donors. Applications for 2013 will be available online February 1st.

Saturday, January 19, 8:00am-4:30pm Cost: $85 member; $110 non-member Location: UCON Executive Conference Room, San Ramon

UCON’s Scholarship Award Program is open to the following: • All United Contractor member affiliates (employees, spouses, dependents) enrolled as a part time or full time student at any accredited trade school, junior college, or 4 year college OR • California college students majoring in construction management or civil engineering Applications for 2013 can be submitted online, no mailing necessary. Visit our website,, for more information about the program. Deadline for all applications is Friday, April 26, 2013, 11:59PM PST. For more information, contact Denise Ramirez, Online Services Manager, at or (925) 362-7308 for more information.

24 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G


RATED out4.85 of 5.00 Cal/OSHA requires every jobsite to have a person who is certified in both First Aid and CPR. During this course, participants will gain an understanding of their roles as the “first responder” individual in their company’s response plan. They will also develop the ability to realize the need for additional resources and make appropriate decisions. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate and wallet card valid for two years.

EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATES/ Harassment Prevention Training

Thursday, January 24, 8:00am-12:00pm Location: UCON Executive Conference Room, San Ramon Cost: $35 per course or $60 for both courses member; $70/$130 non-member Employment Law Updates Course (8:00am - 10:00am) New employment laws are now affecting employers. The courts have also been busy in redefining employment law landscape. These legal changes will affect a wide range of employers’ policies and practices. This program will address these new laws and provide insight into implementing new requirements at your company. Topics covered include COBRA Subsidies, Disability Law Protections and more.

Harassment Prevention Course Outline (10:00am - 12:00pm) California law requires that companies with over 50 employees provide all supervisory staff with sexual harassment training. This training must be renewed every two years, and be given to any new managers within six months of their hiring date or promotion. Topics include: • How state and federal laws define “sexual harassment.” • The employers legal duty to take “prompt and corrective” action. • How to conduct an internal sexual harassment investigation to avoid liability. • How to develop a sexual harassment policy. • How to reduce your liability.

Stay in Compliance— Register Today:

Upcoming Compliance Classes– FREE for UCON Members CARB COMPLIANCE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 8:30am - 12:30pm Location: OSHA Training Center, 7600 Dublin Blvd., Suite 102A, Dublin



This course reviews the inspection process, discusses the consequences of non-compliance, and explains how to comply with the following programs/regulations: • Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Inspection Program • Periodic Smoke Inspection Program • Truck and Bus Regulation • Transport Refrigeration Unit ATCM • Drayage Truck Regulation • Tractor Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation • Public Agency and Utilities, Public Transit Agency, Solid Waste Vehicle Regulations • Off-Road Regulation

Contact Joan O’Brien, Education Manager at (925) 362-7303, or register by emailing Visit our website to make sure you have all the up to date information your company needs.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013 8:00am - 4:00pm Location: OSHA Training Center, 7600 Dublin Blvd., Suite 102A, Dublin


Portable Equipment Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) - This course is designed for the public as well as regulators and addresses the recent changes to the ATCM, and required deadline dates. Course outline covers information on the following: • What is PERP? • Eligibility requirements for both engines and equipment units • PERP requirements — identification, notification bookkeeping, etc., • ATCM requirements • PERP and ATCM compliance.

Oakland’s new Airport Connector

An investment in transportation is an investment in the future. Every dollar spent on transportation infrastructure generates five dollars in economic activity. As one of the leading infrastructure contractors in North America, Flatiron has delivered many successful transportation projects. In Oakland, Flatiron is designing and building the new automated people mover to carry passengers between BART’s Coliseum Station and the Oakland International Airport. Learn more online: A HOCHTIEF Company j anuar y 2 0 1 3



ucon events GET GREAT REVIEWS!

Over 3,000 industry members, leaders, and affiliates participated in UCON events in 2012 with an average rating of 4.4. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on these industry networking opportunities.


Installation of the Board of Directors Saturday, February 9th Palm Event Center, Pleasanton

Crab Feed

Thursday, March 7th Canyon View, San Ramon

Scholarship Fundraiser: Texas Hold’Em poker tournament Thursday, April 18th Bridges Golf Club, San Ramon

Napa R.E.D. Recharge / Engage / Develop May 16-17th Villagio Inn & Spa/Pine Ridge Vineyards

Annual BBQ

Thursday, August 1st Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton

Sal Rubino Golf Classic Friday, September 13th Black Horse Golf Club, Seaside

Government Relations Dinner & Auction

MEMBER RATING (2012) RATED out4.2 of 5.00 We are going back to the beautiful Palm Event Center. Most of you prefer the East Bay for this event and felt it was an ideal location, less stuffy, with an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

RATED out4.2 of 5.00 Last year you told us the space was too small and the parking was a hassle…NOW in a new location with plenty of space and parking!

RATED out4.5 of 5.00 This is a great way to make new contacts in a relaxed and fun environment. The sunset was beautiful but BLINDING, so that will be fixed this year (or we will give you sunglasses)! Brand new event you don’t want to miss! Formal wine cave dinner, strategic planning meeting, wine blending party, and priceless networking opportunities.

RATED out4.5 of 5.00 Over 900 registered and many of you told us it was the best BBQ ever. Get ready for the bull riding competition this year, and cash prize for the UCON Coyboy/girl!

RATED out4.4 of 5.00 Tradition trumps; why change a good thing? The event is named for Sal Rubino, an associate member who gave his ALL to the association. His sense of humor and tireless dedication are representative of those associate members who carry on his tradition today.

RATED out4.5 of 5.00

Saturday, November 2nd You loved the waterfront location, so we are going back. You Craneway Pavilion, Richmond Marina District suggested more silent items, and more vacations for live items— and you shall have them....and more! 26 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

1=poor, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=great, 5=excellent

United Contractors january member anniversaries United Contractors would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the following companies who are celebrating their anniversary of membership with our organization in January:

38 Years – 1975 Associate Member: R.C. Fischer & Co. Dennis Sewell

Associate Member: Jones, Henle & Schunck, CPAs Karl Schunck

32 Years – 1981

16 Years – 1997

Associate Member: Papé Machinery Steve Gross

30 Years – 1983

Associate Member: Trench Plate Rental Co. Jodie White

27 Years – 1986

Associate Members: Northwest Pipe Company Mike Dumitrache Road Machinery LLC Rick Dennis

26 Years – 1987 Associate Member: Compaction Rentals Craig Hobday

23 Years – 1990 Associate Members: Bay Area Barricade Service, Inc. Craig Songster Merrill Lynch Mike Rennels

7 Years – 2006

Contractor Members: Midstate Barrier, Inc. Clark Ebinger Robert A. Bothman, Inc. Brian Bothman

6 Years – 2007

Associate Member: Helix Industrial, LLC Doug Griffith

3 Years – 2010 Contractor Member: ABSL Construction Luis Allende

Associate Member: RMA Group, Inc. Jim Bishop

Associate Members: National Trench Safety, LLC Tom Hartman

5 Years – 2008

2 Year – 2011

Contractor Members: Fermin Sierra Construction, Inc. Francisco Sierra

Contractor Members: Pacific States Environmental SpenCon Construction, Inc. Steve Stahl Contractors, Inc. Bob McCarrick Associate Member: Old Republic Construction Viking Drillers, Inc. Program Group Sherry Montoya Dave Conway Associate Members: 4 Years – 2009 KriStar Enterprises, Inc. Contractor Member: Michelle Dunlop Graniterock dba Pavex Constrution Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Paul Cianciarulo (America) Inc. Mike Brenner

Contractor Members: Synergy Project Management Javad Mirsaidi

1 Years – 2012

Contractor Members: Anvil Builders Hien Tran Mozingo Construction, Inc. Doni Mozingo Associate Member: Sunbelt Rentals John Benetti

15 Years – 1998

Contractor Member: Viking Construction Company Randy Jenco

14 Years – 1999 Contractor Members: Farwest Safety, Inc. John Ashe

Performance Equipment, Inc. Chris Young

13 Years – 2000

Underground Contractor Products

Contractor Members: A.J. Vasconi General Engineering Andrew Vasconi

UNDERGROUND CONTRACTOR PRODUCTS Utility Sand | ¾" Drain Rock | 1½" Drain Rock Pea Gravel | Class II AB Class IV AB | Concrete | Slurry Mixes | Road Materials | Hotmix Asphalt Graniteseal | Granitepatch™

Associate Member: Jifco, Inc. Jay Forni

Ray’s Electric Greg Gruendl

TRANSPORTATION Graniterock offers a wide variety of high-quality delivered products.

19 Years – 1994

Contractor Member: Cleary Brothers Landcape, Inc. Mike Cleary

Union Sanitary District Rollie Arbolante

20 Years – 1993

Contractor Members: RGW Construction, Inc. Robert Purdy Talus Construction, Inc. Sharon Alberts

10 Years – 2003

9 Years – 2004

Contractor Member: Western Traffic Supply, LLC Ed Ibanez

EROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS Blankets | DI Protection | Geo-Synthetics | Silt Fences | Wattles RECYCLE YARDS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Recycled Baserock | Class II | Class IV | Engineered Fill | Recycling Mobile Crushing Services | Caltrans Class | Subbase Material ¾" Non-spec Drain Rock | ³⁄8" Fill Sand ¾" AC Baserock made on demand (minimum 5,000 ton orders) 3" Minus Course Material (for construction access areas) 888.ROCK.100 | j anuar y 2 0 1 3


United Contractors NEW CONTRACTOR MEMBERS: Anvil Builders 1475 Donner Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124 Hien Tran (415) 397-4925 Atkinson Construction 27422 Portola Parkway, Suite 250 Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 John Harrington (949) 855-9755 AVAR - SAS 47375 Fremont Blvd. Fremont , CA 94538 Michael Pagano (510) 354-2000 Brad Mitchell Excavating, Inc. 783 Angus Street Paso Robles, CA 93446 Brad Mitchell (805) 238-5896 Calex Engineering Company 23651 Pine Street Newhall, CA 91321 Ryan Seitz (661) 254-1866 Cazadores Construction, Inc. 3941 Park Dr. Suite 20-404 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 Jason Edwards (916) 792-7645 CJA-NCC Joint Venture 480 Roland Way Oakland , CA 94621 Jerry Condon (510) 636-2100 Compass Engineering Contractors, Inc. 120 Glenn Way, Suite 6 San Carlos, CA 94070 Mike Moore (650) 592-1419

Earth Construction & Mining 11542 Knott Street, Suite 10 Garden Grove, CA 92841 Charles Poss, III (714) 897-4326 Gilbertson Draglines, Inc. P.O. Box 365 Knights Landing, CA 95645 Jesse Gilbertson (530) 308-0469 Hooker Creek, Inc. 2150 Main Street, Suite 2 Red Bluff, CA 96080 Scott Shongood (530) 529-1030 M & M Foundation & Drilling, Inc. P.O. Box 1239 Pleasanton, CA 94566 Gregory Moeller (925) 249-9770 Marques Pipeline, Inc. 4009 Vista Park Court Sacramento, CA 95834 Jason Anderson (916) 923-3434 Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 1040 Lotus, CA 95651 Marcos Gomez (530) 626-4127

Welcome New 2012 Members Sequoia Construction & Development, Inc. 401 Green Street Martinez, CA 94553 Jim Martin (707) 328-3014 Stacy and Witbeck/ Herzog, a JV 1320 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 240 Alameda, CA 94502 Howard Klein (510) 748-1870 Trunxai Construction, Inc. 1030 Second Street, Suite A Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Monica Bourdens (707) 535-2000 Vulcan Construction & Maintenance, Inc. 130 S. West Avenue Fresno, CA 93706 Robert Flores, Jr. (559) 265-4711

NEW ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Cal-Sierra Pipe, LLC 3033 South Highway 99 Stockton, CA 94515 Steve Dunn (209) 466-0988

Chubb Surety 2603 Camino Ramon San Ramon, CA 94583 Mozingo Construction, Inc. Robert Walsh (925) 598-6000 751 Wakefield Court Oakdale , CA 95361 Commercial Credit Doni Mozingo Group, Inc. (209) 848-0160 3432 Gravina Place P & J Utility Company Pleasanton, CA 94566 41 Dorman Avenue, Suite 1 Kevin Libert San Francisco, CA 94124 (925) 596-5360 Dan Miller (415) 284-0307 FiveCubits, Inc. 6400 Shafer Court, Suite 150 Security Paving Rosemont, IL 60018 Company, Inc. Alex Moody 9050 Norris Avenue (925) 209-1879 Sun Valley, CA 91352 Mike Rodriguez (818) 767-8418

28 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

HD Supply Waterworks 4212 Bangs Avenue Modesto, CA 95356 Troy Old (209) 543-0786 McSherry & Hudson 160 West Santa Clara Street, Suite 715 San Jose, CA 95113 Chuck Griswold (408) 550-2130 Nevada Cement Company 8310 Jackson Road Sacramento, CA 95826 Gerard Hoppa (775) 575-2281 Summit Financial Group, LLC 2000 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 450 San Ramon, CA 94583 Don Ledoux (925) 866-7800 Sunbelt Rentals 4977 Southfront Road Livermore, CA 94551 John Benetti (510) 455-5710 Sunstate Equipment Co. 2115 Warm Springs Court Fremont, CA 94539 Tad Bowers (510) 623-2828 TPR Traffic Solutions 564 143rd Avenue San Leandro, CA 94578 Ron Allen (855) 351-1114 Trench Shoring Company 636 Rosecrans Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90059 Al Scappaticci (951) 232-2521 Valley Oil Company 785 Yuba Drive Mountain View, CA 94041 Jonathan Buck (650) 248-4596

Welcome AECE Contractors United Contractors would like to once again welcome our new contractor members, who joined us this year from our AECE consolidation: Anrak Corporation 5820 Mayhew Road Sacramento, CA 95827 Mark Anderson (916) 383-3000

Knife River Construction – Chico 1764 Skyway Chico, CA 95928 Rene Vercruyssen (530) 891-6555

Cleveland Wrecking Company 16525 Worthley Drive San Lorenzo, CA 94580 Bill Torres (510) 568-2626 Grade-Way Construction 550 Greenville Road Livermore, CA 94550 Dan Lowry (925) 606-2400

Knife River Construction – Stockton 655 W. Clay Street Stockton, CA 95206 Greg Silva (209) 948-0302 Lorang Brothers Construction, Inc. 1175 South Auburn Street Colfax, CA 95813 Michael Lorang (530) 346-8150



Pacific Excavation, Inc. 9796 Kent Street Elk Grove, CA 95624 Jim Paxin (916) 686-2800 R.A. Nemetz Construction Co. 690 Live Oak Avenue Galt, CA 95632 Rob Nemetz (209) 744-1001 R.M. Harris Company 1000 Howe Road, Suite 200 Martinez, CA 94553 David Harris (925) 335-3000

SpenCon Construction, Inc. P.O. Box 1220 Danville, CA 94526 Steve Stahl (925) 984-2581 Stevens Creek Quarry, Inc. 12100 Stevens Canyon Road Cupertino, CA 95014 Richard Voss (408) 253-2512 Viking Construction Company 11315 Sunrise Gold Circle, Suite A Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Randy Jenco (916) 852-5530

12:03:56 AM

First In Service Since 1979




First In Service – Since 1979 Los Angeles, CA N. LA/Ventura, CA Orange County, CA San Brndno/Rvrsd, CA

San Diego, CA 800/350-7528 800/821-4478 North S.F. Bay Area, CA 800/321-5550 877/246-4087 South S.F. Bay Area, CA 877/246-4086 800/772-8004 877/246-4085 website: email:

Sacramento, CA Reno, NV Las Vegas, NV Houston, TX

800/548-0688 877/809-6492 877/809-6493 866/247-9449



Our Members Our Purpose for Being Our Privilege to Serve

30 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G 32



Our Members. Our Purpose for Being. Our Privilege to Serve.

We ring this bell—loudly. It hangs in the center of our office. The sign below it reads: “Our Members. Our Purpose for Being. Our Privilege to Serve.” We mean every word of it, and we proudly ring the bell every time we get a new member. In 2012 the UCON bell has been noisy! And we like it that way. It was a record year in membership growth (see pp. 28-29 for our list of new members). In addition, in our office hangs our New Member board, which gets wiped clean every January 1. Our passion? To fill this board to overflow during the course of the year. We’ll write all over it, and all over the wall if we have to. Thank you — to our members for keeping the bell ringing and the board full!

Northern California Waterworks Team

COUNT ON US Last year was a momentous time in waterworks. We joined forces to give you a complete waterworks solution.

HYDRANTS. HDPE PIPE. PVC PIPE. VALVES/FITTINGS. There is one thing we supply that professionals have come to rely on again and again -- our people. ALL LOCATIONS Hayward Modesto

Fresno Santa Rosa Sacramento (2)

Bakersfield (2) Salinas Plant

Chico San Jose Clovis

FERGUSON.COM/WATERWORKS Nobody expects more from us than we do ® © 2012 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Redding Sparks, NV


36 % 0 Months


on All service Work At Peterson

Call Your Peterson Product Support Rep Today! Northern California


Oregon & Southern Washington

800.452.7676 Must meet minimum of $1000 parts and labor, using Genuine Cat parts. Offer requires Cat Financial Commercial Account, and subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply. Valid Sept. 1, 2012 - Jan. 31, 2013.

United Contractors January 2013: Leadership  

Leadership, 2013 Board of Directors, New laws affecting your business

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