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Profiles 2017

Hi! My name is Olivia Palmer and I'm 15 years old. I mainly use snapchat (olivy188) and text (my number: +1(415) 384-1264) but you can also reach me at my Instagram (oliviapalmer188) and email ( my emails kind of weird but I made it in sixth grade:

(Me on the end of the right with brown hair) I live in Mill Valley California in a medium/small two story house with a semi large family. I live with my mom- Toni, dad- Guy, my sister who's 18- Andrea and my grandma, Mary-Jane. I have one small dog named Doug and 5 cats I think. I only like one of my cats because all the rest are never home and her name is Whiskers and she is very fat and a little dumb but she is very sweet and friendly. There are two rooms downstairs for my sister and I and two more rooms upstairs. My sister will also most likely be at college by the time you come so there will probably be an extra small room. There is a patio and a kitchen and living room area and two bathrooms. My parents are pretty calm and relaxed and my mom especially loves to have fun. My sister is really nice, cool and funny and we get along well. Doug is our dog and he is currently 8 months old, he is a dachshund papillon mix and is very energetic, sweet and playful. Mill Valley is a nice town near San Francisco, very close to the mountain and with cute shops and a beautiful bay and city as the view. The classes that I take are honors advanced algebra, regular history, art history, art, AP Spanish, English, science and P.E. I run cross country in the fall and also have started taking karate classes this year. Hobbies that I have are running, drawing and painting, reading, walking, and movie watching. On the weekend I usually hang out with friends on Friday, usually go for a run on the mountain on Saturday morning and often times later go to the city to do something fun like shopping, ice skating, eating, doing some other cool activity and I usually just do whatever on Sunday maybe hang out with friends. I like to go running with my dad and play Xbox with him and I usually like going to the mall with my mom and sister, getting dinner and going to the movies. With my friends we usually just hang out in town or go shopping, or go to the city, or the movies and we usually just talk and have fun and be weird and be ourselves.

My name is Lara Herbermann. I'm 15. If you want to talk to me my email is, my Facebook name is Lara Herbermann, my Skype name is laraoherbermann and my snapchat is mochigania16. I have two sisters, one older and one younger. The older one is named Zoe and she's 17, the younger one is Talia and she's 13. I also live with my mom, Lisa and my two dogs, Bowie and Gus (everyone in my family is vegetarian except for Talia and the dogs).My house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. We also have a pool house that has a bed and bathroom. The house is two stories and has a backyard, deck, and pool. I live in San Rafael. It is usually pretty cold in the mornings and warm the rest of the day. There are lots of good places for hiking, shopping, and restaurants around. I run cross country in the fall and run track in the spring. During the winter I run also but not for a team, and year round I sail. I like art and cooking, even though I'm not the best at either one, and being outside. This year I'm taking Pre-Calculus, PE, Spanish 3-4, English, science, drama, and history. During the weekends I usually hang out with friends or have sports events. I like to go to movies and the beach with my family. You should know that me and my family are very open minded adventurous people that will be happy to do almost anything that you want to do.

I'm on the left, then it's Zoe, then Talia and on the right is my mom.

Keelin McGuinness 17 years old Snapchat: keelinmcg Facebook: Keelin McGuinness Instagram: keelinmcguinness

Hi! My name is Keelin McGuinness and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Drake High School in San Anselmo, California. I live with my Mom, Dad and brother, Justin who is 20 years old. I love to be with my friends and party and eat food. On the weekends we love to go to the beach and drive around in San Francisco and go shopping. I love listening to music and being around the people I love! This will be my 2nd time coming to Tahiti, and I am so excited to return!! I have also hosted twice and absolutely loved being able to show off my city to Elsa and Nanihi! I can't wait to talk to everyone and get to know you all â?¤

Bonjour, My name is ally Frans Kohn, and I am 15 years old, going to be 16 in late December. I am basically an only child, as I live with my mom Wiene and my dad Justin. My mom grew up in Belgium, and speaks French almost fluently. My older sister Zoe is a professional ballet dancer and is living in San Diego right now. My mom is a self employed accountant, and my dad is a professional stop-motion animator. We live in a house in the suburbs in San Anselmo, about a five minute walk from Drake and the Red Hill shopping center. We have a large yard, surrounded by an ivy fence, and we have lots of pets. We have one fat grey cat, and one small striped kitten. We also have chickens, and they live in their pen in the yard. We have one parakeet, and he lives in the house. I am not the most athletic person, and I do not consistently do sports, but I used to do lacrosse at drake. Right now I am taking kickboxing classes at a local place, and I really enjoy it. I love hanging out with my friends on weekends, and I love to go to mill valley (a neighboring town) a lot because I have close friends there. I go out to brunch and go shopping or drive somewhere and hike with my friends a lot. I also really enjoy things like reading and drawing. My mom is really artistic and so is my dad. We all try to watch an episode of a tv show every night together. Even though I am very extroverted, I also like to have some time by myself, to read a good book or watch Netflix. This year in school I have a geometry math class, an art class, a science class, a English class, a history class, a PE class, and a photography class. My favorite classes are art and my English/history classes. They are full of super nice people that I love to hang out with, and of course I love doing art. One thing is that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder) which means I have some difficulty focusing in class and staying on task. I am not allergic to anything, and am not vegetarian or gluten free or anything. I will eat almost anything, and I love food. Anyway, I am so excited to come to Tahiti to meet you! I can't wait to see the island and meet new people. I'll see you all in march, Ally Snapchat: allycatt361 Email: ​ Number: (415) 755-3438 This is a picture of me, my mom, my dad, my sister, and me. I'm on the far right, my mom is next to me, then it's my sister and my dad.

Hi my name is Betsy Woodward! I am a sophomore at drake high school and I am 15 years old! My Instagram is betsy.w, and facebook is betsy woodward and email is​. I would not mind hosting either boy or girl! My best friends are Perri, Bridget, Aila, and Hailey they are very nice and you will definitely meet them when you come! I have no siblings and a dog. I don't speak French but am excited to learn some. I live down the street from drake high school and on the border of San Anselmo and fairfax. I spend a lot of time hanging out and eating food with my friends downtown, or going on fun adventures and hiking. My favorite thing to do on weekends is surf, longboard, and hang out with my friends. I play lacrosse and do dance Monday and Wednesday at a studio in fairfax, I have 1 performance in December that is super fun! I love art and take art every year. When you come I will have my license and we can go surfing and go on adventures which I love! Can't wait to meet you and see you!

Hello, My name is Tivon Williams. I am going to be 16 in June. I have a brother, and my mom and dad. My brother’s name is Lachlan and he is 8. My mom works at home and her name is Laura, and my dad also works from home and his name is Rich. I have a dog, named Rocky, who is super awesome, weighing in at almost 100 pounds, who loves to get really muddy and then jump on the couch and go to sleep. The photos below are one of me, on a backpacking trip with my dad in the Desolation Wilderness near Tahoe, and the other is us in the car, coming back from a surf trip to Santa Cruz. My house is a single family home in the suburbs about 8 minutes from Drake High School, and 30-45 minutes away from the nearest surf. Here in San Anselmo, we have lots of nature access, and also lots of nice people. My favorite sport is water polo, and I am on the Drake team. I also surf, ski, and mountain bike, but out of those, I am only on a team for skiing. I enjoy going to a surf break in the town of Bolinas, and also one near the Golden Gate Bridge called Cronkite, or Cron for short. I like hanging out with my friends and my teammates, and really like going to away games during the water polo season, because that usually means long car rides to bond and have lots of fun. In school, I am taking 7/8 spanish, and am in a program called ROCK, which is more focused on the arts, like drawing, drama, and music. I am in Honors Geometry for math, and I take PE as well. My other four classes are within ROCK, and change on a daily basis. My family and I like to go the beach, the city, and the mountains together. I don’t have any allergies, and according to my brother, he doesn’t have any either (he kinda does). I am a little picky when it comes to eating, and my favorite foods are pizza, pizza, and pasta. I can’t wait to come to Tahiti to experience the culture and meet all of you!

See you in March! Tivon

Instagram: tivon_williams Snapchat: williams390 Email: t​

Hi! My name is Agatha Vance and I am 14 years old. I am excited to meet all of you in Tahiti! My house is located in San Anselmo. It's a small, cute town with excellent cafes and restaurants. My home has two stories. The upstairs has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Then we have a big backyard with trees and grass my dog Sofia likes to play. I also have two cats. The downstairs consists of the garage, a big bedroom with a bathroom, and a movie room with a huge movie where me and my friends watch movies. I live five minutes from Drake High School and very close to downtown. I live with my mom, my dad and my 16 year old brother. After school, four days a week I have ballet. Doing ballet for nine years already and I love it. But in my freetime, I like to go to the beach, surf, go to San Francisco and cook. Bolinas beach is about 30 minutes away from my house by car. When I spend time with my friends which is often, we like to shop, walk around, watch movies, etc. I love my best friends very much and I've known them forever! At school, my favorite subjects are art, french, and ceramics. I’ve always loved art. I like Drake High School a lot because everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I am sporty and outgoing and love to try new things. On the weekends I like cooking breakfast and then going to ballet. Afterwards I either hang out with my friends and go biking, go out to lunch, or go to the beach. Eventually I will finish up my homework. Sometimes I like making lunch or dinner for my family. I think cooking is super fun and I love pretty much all foods. When you come to visit us you will enjoy all the restaurants I'll take you to, plus my parents are very good cooks and will definitely spoil you! My facebook: Agatha Vance. My snapchat: aggie_fry8. My email: ​​. my instagram: agatha.vance. I will be hosting a girl.

Cassidy Bruner Instagram: cassidy.bruner Snapchat: cassidyb1919 Facebook: cassidy.bruner.19 Email:

Me dancing as the Snow Queen for my school’s annual performance.

Me playing on my High School Soccer team last year.

I am 15 years old and a sophomore at Sir Francis Drake High School. My favorite subjects in school are math, science, and french. I am very sporty and love to do many different activities. Currently I play soccer, but I used to play softball, volleyball, and swim. I also love to dance. I mainly dance ballet but I enjoy all styles of dance including, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, character, and latin/ballroom. Some of my other hobbies include hiking, cooking, shopping and spending time with friends. I have an older brother (17) and a younger sister (12). I like most food but I really dislike tomatoes, beans, and pickles for no reason at all. I always love trying new things whether it be new foods, new activities, meeting new people or going to and exploring new places!

Me and my siblings on vacation in New Jersey last summer. (sister on left, brother in middle, me on right)

. .

Me (left) and my friends on Halloween. Emma B. (right) is going to Tahiti too!

Me dancing bachata/salsa with a dance instructor before a show.

My name is Emma Fuller and I am a 15 year old that goes to Drake High School. I live in Marin county in a home with a family of 3 ( my mom and dad, 2 cats). My family is very generous, caring, and flexible. The town I live in is full of nice generous people. Everyone is always smiling. At my high school, I play lacrosse. It is only during the spring. On top of that I take private singing lessons at a local school. My number one sport is dance, i have been dancing ballet since i was 2 years old, but this past year I changed studios. Now, I do jazz, contemporary, and ballet. I am part of The Just Dance Academy Senior Competition Team. I love shopping with my friends and family. In school my favorite subject is math. My family is the most important thing. your email address: your facebook name: emma fuller facetime name: 1-415-847-9334 snapchat info: emmafulller

My name is Katie Kim, i'm 16 years old and the best way to reach me is by Instagram or Snapchat @kk17217 My email is : ​​ and my Facebook is ​​ (although i'm more active on instagram) I have no preference on gender of a host I live primarily with my mom in San Anselmo. My parents were separated when I was young so I’m less close to my father. I do, however, have two half brothers that live with my dad in Oakland (about a 35 minute drive away). I live in a two story-medium sized house with my mother. My house is cream colored with a red door and many trees nearby. It is within easy walking distance of my school which is great for an easy commute. My house is in a quieter neighborhood directly between the towns of San Anselmo and Fairfax. These are both small towns that are fun to walk to. I really enjoy walking to lunch, small shops, or the movies. My current classes are: English, History, Integrated Science, Psychology, French, and Advanced Algebra. My interest is more based in english and composition; however, I also enjoy social sciences a lot. I love drawing and painting, not only on my own but I also love learning looking at and learning about other art. I am also extremely interested in photography and music. I've never taken any formal photo classes, but I love going out with friends and taking photos of whatever is happening around me. I like all kinds of music from rap and R&B to jazz and classical and everything in between. As for physical activity I like to hike and run in the hills all around my house, go to the ocean or rock climb; I also do martial arts all year around (karate and taekwondo), and run track and field in the spring as well as skiing and surfing a bit. I spend my weekends with friends, we go to the city (San Francisco) and eat good food, shop and talk. I also love going to a friend's pool and enjoying the water. With my family I like to go to museums, shop in the city, go to outdoor markets and spend time at the beach. We also like to explore new places! With friends I mostly love to talk about almost anything. We discuss new music, new places to hangout or even politics and philosophy. When I hangout with friends it is most often at parks, coffee shops or other local spots. We often go to the beach and swim or surf (although it's quite cold). I don't have any pets but I love dogs ! I will eat any food - I like all of it, and I do not have any dietary restrictions.

Hi! My name is Kate Larsen, and I am 15 years old. My email address is ​​m, my facebook name is Kate Larsen, my snapchat is katelarsennn, and my instagram is katelarsennn. I am happy to host a boy or girl. I have one brother, who is 17 years old. He is a senior in high school. I also have a cat, a dog, and a gecko. My house is in Fairfax, which is about a ten minute drive to Drake High School. I have 4 bedrooms in my house. Downtown Fairfax is just a five minute walk from my house. It has many small stores to go shopping, and also has good restaurants and a really good ice cream shop. There is a really pretty place to go hiking very close to my house. I live about 40 minutes from the beach, and from San Francisco. I run crosscountry and track, I play soccer, I horseback ride, I surf, and I sail. In the fall I run cross country, in the winter I play soccer, and in the spring I run track. I surf, sail, and horseback ride all year long. My favorite subjects are geography, environmental science, and english. My favorite thing to do on the weekends is go surfing with friends. I also love taking the ferry into the city. I go on a lot of hikes and adventures with my friends and most Saturdays we go exploring and do something fun (such as go to the city or to the beach), and then get dinner out afterwards. Also, when you come here I will have my license, and be able to drive.

Lena Kyle

Email: Facebook: Lena Kyle Snapchat: Lenakylee Instagram: Lena.kyle Hello! My name is Lena Kyle and I am 15 years old. I don’t speak any french, but I am really looking forward to going to Tahiti to meet new people and experience living in a different country. I live with my parents, dog, and two cats who are all very sweet. I also have a 21 year old sister in college. I live in a two story house with a big forest behind it in a town called Woodacre. Woodacre is super close to a really cute town with a movie theater, lots of restaurants and cute shops as well. I’ve been playing soccer ever since I was 4 and I absolutely love it. I also enjoy going on random adventures and listening to music. During the weekends I like to go to the beach with family or friends and go swimming in the ocean or lay out on the sand. I also really love going to the city to shop and eat really good food. I’m a pretty easy going person and I love meeting new people and experiencing new things.

Hi! My name is Perri Russell and I am 15 years old. My email is ​​, my Facebook name is Perri Russell, my instagram is perri.russell, and my snapchat is perri.russell. I am willing to host a boy or a girl. My parents are divorced and I spend an equal amount of time at each house, but I would be hosting at my dad’s house. I have an older sister who went to Tahiti 4 years ago. She is 21 and will be back at college when you come to stay. I have one cat. I live 5 minutes away from Drake High School. There are two extra bedrooms in my house for you to chose from making four bedrooms in total and two bathrooms. I live in San Anselmo right at the edge of town next to Ross. Downtown San Anselmo is right around the corner and there are lots of shops and places to eat there. Around where I live there are lots of parks and places to go hiking and see the outdoors. We live about 30 minutes from San Francisco and 45 minutes from the beach. I do ballet and I know how to surf. I have done ballet since I was 2 years old and do ballet classes anywhere from 4-8 times a week. I perform 3 large performances each year and when you come I will be preparing for Nutcracker. I love dancing and spend lots of my time at my dance studio. Many of the friends I have, I met through ballet. I love ceramics. I have been doing it for 4 years. My favorite subjects are environmental science, math, and geography. I really like learning about the world and the efforts that I can take to make our Earth better. I spend my Saturdays at ballet in the morning but after I hang out with my friend and we go shopping, hiking, or go into San Francisco. On Sundays I do the same but at night I work on my homework for the week. I like to go out to dinner, cook, and go on hikes with my family when I have time and they are home. I like basically all foods. I am currently a pescetarian so the only meat I eat is fish but I am willing try new things on this trip. Food is my passion. I love all foods. When you come to America I will have my driver’s license and will be able to drive us around.

Emma   Barsky 

Age   ­  15  Email   Address   ­ E  Facebook   ­  Emmabarsky269  Snapchat   ­   Emmab296  Instagram   ­  Emmabarsky_    .   French   is   my   first   language   and   I  speak   it   at   home   with   my   family,   I  love   the   language   so   I  look  forward   to   speaking   it   in   Tahiti!   Anyways,   I  have   been   doing   dance   since   I  was   2  years   old   and  am   still   dancing   today.   I  mainly   focus   on   ballet   but   I  enjoy   contemporary,   modern,   tap   and   jazz,  and   hip   hop.   When   I  spend   time   with   my   family   over   the   weekend,   we   like   to   go   into   San  Francisco.   However,   ballet   and   preparing   for   performances   is   what   typically   takes   up   my  weekends.   I  also   used   to   be   on   the   swim   team   for   many   years   which   I  enjoyed.   I  also   have   been  playing   piano   for   11   years.   Other   hobbies   I  enjoy   include   hiking,   going   on   runs,   cooking,  exploring   different   places   with   friends,   I  love   to   travel...etc.    In   school,   my   favorite   subjects  include   english   and   science.   I  look   forward   to   exploring   and   experiencing   the   culture   in   Tahiti! 

My   sister   Sarah   (14)   is   on   the   far   left,   I  am   next   to   her,   and   then   my   parents! 

My name’s River Walker - I’m currently 15 years old, but I will be 16 by this spring. Snapchat + Instagram: @wasab.ii My email is : ​ Facebook : ​ Preference: none - boy or girl! I live with my mother, my sister, and our tabby cat in an apartment in downtown Fairfax near our movie theatre. Our apartment isn’t huge, but it’s a cute second floor duplex, with lots of windows to the trees outside! My mother and sister share a bedroom because my sister isn’t always here (she lives with my father half of the time), but I have my own room, and there is also a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, and a small yard with a garden. Fairfax is a small town with lots of coffee shops, mexican food, and sushi, as well as a plant and garden store. There are also lots of trails for running, bicycling which is a popular hobby here - and hiking. I don’t play any sports, but I go to martial arts classes a few times a week, and love hiking around our lakes and parks. I love drawing and painting outside of school, and want to be a tattoo artist, but I was not able to take an art course this year instead I take french and a leadership/counseling class, along with core classes like mathematics, english, history, and sciences. Next year I hope to take AP studio art, the most advanced drawing and painting art course our school offers! On weekends I love to hang out with friends in town, go hiking or to the beach, and paint. My mother is a teacher and works a lot, but sometimes we spend time in San Francisco - her boyfriend has an apartment near Haight St., so sometimes we hang out there or at the Panhandle. My friends and I like to paint and listen to music, go out to lunch, go to San Francisco, and go to the beach - my best friend likes to surf and I love to swim, even though the water here is very cold! Our tabby cat is allowed outside, so she is not always home, and she is a little bit shy - but she is so so sweet and still likes to fall asleep right on top of you sometimes.

From left to right, top to bottom; My mother Britton and her boyfriend Chris My twelve-year old sister, Mage My best friend Me, and my cat!

profile for tahiti lola mahaney 14 email: facebook: lolamahaney snapchat: lololoca I would like to host a girl. I live with my mom and my dad and my sister in a small house in fairfax. My sister is a junior and has gone to tahiti twice and hosted twice. The town that I live in is cute and small. It's about 10 minutes away from my high school. I am on my schools dance team and I also dance outside of school. Dance takes up most of my time. On weekends I like to hangout with friends or stay home and read and workout, do dance... I like to go out to eat with my family and go to San Francisco. When I hangout with friends we usually go to parks and talk about what we've been up too, eat food, go to football games,swim... I'm generally a very sarcastic person so beware so if you are sarcastic you will probably be a good person for me and we would have a lot of fun being sarcastic together. I have two dogs named Coco and Chanel. My favorite food is asian food, smoothies, pasta... I went to a french school until 7th grade and then I transferred to american school, so I'm basically fluent :)

My name is Mathieu Isanove, I’m 15. My mom and dad our married, my dad is always home because he works from home, he is from France, so I speak french, he draws comics for marvel. My mom works for Pixar, she is from Michigan and does not speak any french. I have a sister she did the Tahiti trip last year. My house is on top of a hill it's about a 30 minute walk from our high school. I enjoy playing sports, I play water polo, Lacrosse, and I wrestle. I like hanging out with my friends and drawing. I have a turtle named Mr.Neck, and a dog named Willow. I like all food except for onions. My instagram is Misanove, my email is​ and my facebook is Mathieu Isanove.

Maya Benson-Merron

My name is Maya Benson-Merron. I am 15 years old, and I am a high-school sophomore. I have a 26 year-old brother who currently lives in New York, and I have two amazing parents. My family really likes traveling, games, and music. Since my parents are divorced, I live in two houses. With my mom, I live in San Anselmo, which is also the town where I go to school, and with my dad, I live in San Rafael. At my mom’s house we have a cat named Phoebe, but we don’t have any pets at my dad’s house. Some of my hobbies include singing, dancing, acting, baking, and more. I really like animals, and I am also beginning to play lacrosse at school this year. I am currently taking science, English, history, drama, math, physical education, and French classes. This year I am in the French 5/6 class, and after school, I am taking dance classes. On the weekends, I like to hang out with my friends, see movies, go to amusement parks, go to baseball games, go to the city, etc. I am not a picky eater, so I like almost all foods, and I enjoy cooking and baking food, too.

Email Address​: ​ FaceBook​: Maya Benson-Merron

Hello, my name is Nicolette McIntosh, but most people call me Nico. I am 14 years old. My dad lives in Mill Valley, which is about a 25 minute drive from San Anselmo, where our high school is. My mom lives in San Anselmo, a walking distance from the high school and downtown San Anselmo as well as downtown Fairfax, two small towns with small shops. My dad’s house is up on a mountain, and has beautiful sunrises in the morning. I dance a lot, and have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I currently take hip-hop, jazz, modern, and ballet. I am planning on playing lacrosse in the spring. I also know how to play piano from 3 years of practice. I enjoy to read, to bake and to cook, and to take photos with my friends. I have been taking French for 3 years, but have been practicing for longer than that because my mom’s family lives in France. I love to visit them in Paris and the South of France. I also am currently taking art classes, as well as other regular classes such as History and English. During the weekend, sometimes I have dance classes, but most of the time I like to hang out with my friends. We will usually go shopping, go into San Francisco, go to the beach, go on hikes, or take photos. Snapchat: nicolettetdm Facebook: nicolettetdm


#2 Here are a few pictures of me and my family! #1: The first one is (from left to right) of my brother Julius (12,) myself, my mom Jill, my dog Toney (4), and my other brother Damian (9). #2: The second one is from our trip to Hawaii this summer, with my brothers again, my dad Doug in the white shirt, my stepmom Jackie in the blue dress, and my stepsister Haley (14,) in the black. I also have a cat named Dion, and a kitten named Marley.

Drake / Samuel Raapoto Exchange 2017  
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