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Alive! Like a solar flare in the emptiness of the dark space, your eyes blazed through my soul, the room is full, but all I see is the angel in you, shattering my impenetrable defenses, Your eyes hold unfathomable sadness, Which your smile betrays not.

Thinking I have ever fell in love, a stretch, it is like the tsunami and a harmless wave the difference is mind numbing.

Your tidal waves keep battering against my heart like a battalion of soldiers fighting an infant child, my thumping heart rides on a runaway train, waking up as if free from death’s demonly grasp.

Your face casts a soft glow, invisible to normal perceptions, smile, like a million diamonds, free for the taking, hair, shining from the glow of the half submerged sun.

Hidden secrets, beneath the smartness

and humor, I want to unveil, others look through you, not sensing nor seeing the angel within.

When you rest your hands on my arm, a shiver from the depths of the abyss, runs through my veins, I blackout for what seems like an hour, but is only a few seconds, never before have I felt these emotions, so raw, unbridled, uncontrolled and euphoric, your soul sings to me.

Are you my soul mate or my personal hell on earth! As unexpected, it was, so was it threatening and tempting, a deep turmoil brew, inside of me.

I sit beside you, shifting nervously something inside stirring, like the bloodlust of an immortal, hungry vampire to warm blood, threatening to touch the smooth skin, Afraid to touch the smooth skin, Unable to leave you out of sight,


meaning of life


meaning of life