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Bose Headphones: A Brief History Bose headphones are a family of headphone products sold by the Bose Corporation. The company was a pioneer in the development of headphones that use active noise cancellation technology. Bose Corporation is a privately held organization, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, that specializes in audio equipment. The company operates 5 plants, 151 retail stores (as of 2006) and an automotive subsidiary at Stow, Massachusetts. The site dedicates a 6,500 square meter (70,000 square feet) building in Framingham for research, development, and engineering (RD&E) purposes with a minimum annual RD&E budget of $100 million. In 2004, Bose purchased an additional site from HP in Stow, Massachusetts, to house growing automotive and marketing divisions. With respect to sales in the U.S. For home audio retail and portable audio retail sales, Bose was ranked third for the period of November 2008 to April 2009. Bose is known for the 901 speaker series. The corporation develops and manufactures audio devices (including speakers, amplifiers, headphones, automotive sound systems for luxury cars), automotive suspension systems, and performs some general research, such as debunking cold fusion, in which company engineers built a precision calorimeter, began replicating prior experiments, and concluded that there was no net energy gain. The company was founded in 1964 by Amar G. Bose, a professor of electrical engineering (who retired in 2005) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bose has contracts with the U.S. Military (Navy, Air Force and Army) and NASA. He is still the Chairman and primary stockholder, and also holds the title of Technical Director. Below is a timeline of Bose Corporations headphones and headsets development. Noise cancelling headphones Bose makes noise-cancelling headphones that have been lauded for their performance, though they have been criticized by Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia, as costing "at least 50% too much for the musical value of the experience... However, if you're a frequent flyer, these are a no brainer". Bose makes noise-cancelling aviation headsets which have been used in the Space Shuttle, where the noise cancellation feature helps prevent astronauts from hearing damage. The headsets are also connected to a special communications system on the International Space Station so that astronauts can make phone calls to their families at home. According to Bose, the company started noise-cancellation involvement after Dr. Amar Bose went on a 1978 flight to Europe, utilized the headphones provided during the flight only to conclude that he couldn't really enjoy the sound with the roar of engines in the background. So in 1986, Bose applied their noise cancellation technology to develop headphones to protect the hearing of pilots participating in the first non-stop around the world flight. After about 10 years of research and development Bose released their first consumer level noise reducing headphones for pilots called the Aviation Headset, released in 1989. The current revision provides active equalization as well as active noise reduction. Like all such technology, it mixes an inverted sample of the ambient sound outside the headset with the sound that reaches the inside of the headset, partially cancelling out the noise. Active battery-powered noise cancellation is never perfect, and is better at low frequencies rather than at high frequencies, and with all active noise cancellation technologies, it requires a source of powera small battery inside the headsetto perform the cancellation and all Bose headphones are closed-air to provide passive noise reduction.

One of the Bose product lines is the Triport system. This system has an earcup structure with three miniature air ducts that allow the drivers to make larger excursions without resulting in distortion. The design was first used in the Bose Aviation Headset X "Magellan" released in 1998 and is now used in all of the company's headphone products. Bose product lines include: Bose TriPort Headphones AE2 Bose On-Ear (OE) Headphones IE2 Bose Mobile Headphones MIE2 MIE2i Bluetooth Headsets Bose Aviation Headset A20 Aviation Headset Bose Military Headsets Combat Vehicle Crewman Headset Triport Tactical Headset Bose QuietComfort Headphones Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones Awards 2000 to 2005 Aviation Headset X was voted #1 by Professional Pilot magazine's headset preference survey five years in a row 2006 QuietComfort 3 were the first headphones to receive a Sound & Vision Editor's Choice award 2006 Potentials Magazine Gold Star Award for the QuietComfort 3 2007 Red Dot Award for product design on QuietComfort 3 2008 Red Dot Award for product design - On-Ear Headphones Well that concludes my contribution to Bose and their quality line of headphones and headsets. I personally recommend this brand, as you have read previously, this company is very reputable and their heritage goes back some ways which to me only indicates a dedication to substance and quality.

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Please be aware, you are not obligated to purchase anything, but if you do purchase through this link I will be paid a small commission, which will be much appreciated. I feel that you have the right to know! Thank you all for spending your time to read my article and as always, I hope you take away from it something positive which will hopefully brighten up your day. Ok, thanks again for your time and lets speak soon. Rory Henning Follow Me @Prieforprook Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, Canada Those who do today what others wont | Will do tomorrow what others cant

bose headphones

Bose Headphones_ A Brief History  

to sales in the U.S. For home audio retail and portable audio retail sales, Bose was ranked third for

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