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Superheroes metals and its uses. 1.Platinum: it’s resistant against chemical attacks. 2.Organic steel:it’s resistant and hard. 3.Magnetite (in fact, the metal has to be a magnetized metal or an ally of some of them, because magnetite is a mineral): for attracting metals and maybe for an electromagnetic protection. 4.Metallic glass: the kind I mean is stronger than steel and it can absorb magic for protection incantations (in fact it’s a good electric and heat conductor, and that’s why it has these magic properties in the film). 5.Titanium: it’s resistant against corrosive acids, isn’t a good heat and electric conductor and is light. 6.Gold: it’s resistant against heat, humidity and corrosive acids. 7.Steel: the kind used by superheroes is stainless, hard and resistant. 8.Iron: it’s hard and resistant. 9.Silver: it’s a good electric and heat conductor and it’s harder than gold. 10.Vibranium: it can absorb all vibration around it and it can block the effects of an strong physical impact. 11.Aluminium: it’s light and resistant against corrosive acids. 12.Mercury: it isn’t a good heat conductor. 13.Copper: it’s ductile and electric conductor. 14.Adamantinum: practically indestructible, it even could resist a nuclear attack. 15.Istico metal: it’s resistant and hard. 16.Mandalorian steel: is capable of holding the glass to the excitation of the atoms.


metal used by superheroes