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Voice Recognition For Mac Users There was a day when Apple users were in the dark with software programs—that day has passed. Now, Apple leads the way in the computer market and software programs are developed for both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. So if you are a Mac user, then you live in a day when software programs finally favor Apple products as well. Certain software programs improve the way we interact with our computers and complete tasks and work. Voice transcription software is one of those programs, and it’s available on Apple products. Dragon Transcription, a dedicated supplier of voice recognition software, offers a tremendous line of dictation technology for all uses. Whether you’re a medical practitioner or the average computer user, a dictation software program exists for you. MacSpeech Dictate Medical 1.5 For medical practitioners who use Apple products, here is a software program that will change the way you create medical records. MacSpeech Dictate Medical provides options and functions to create medical documents through the use of dictation technology. All the practitioner has to do is speak and speech is recorded directly as text that can be placed in an EHR or application of your choice—Safari, Mail, Keynote, iChat and more. The purpose of this software is to improve the documentation process for practitioners so they aren’t constantly typing all day, but instead they have a faster way of generating medical documents. Dragon Dictate 3 Avid Apple computer users, for whatever reason, can use Dragon Dictate 3 to command so much on the computer. Take any of your favorite applications and you can command them through dictation controls. You can send an email or search online without ever touching your mouse or keyboard. This is extremely useful for people who need to multitask. Dragon Dictate 3 offers tremendous accuracy that users need, which allows the software to interpret, understand and correct text faster. Not only is the software advanced, but it allows integration with other Apple products, such as the iPad and iPhone. Use these devices to communicate with the software and experience your computer like never before. Dragon Dictate 3 helps users get more done while providing the opportunity to multitask and complete other tasks on the side. What other programs? Dragon Transcription also offers voice recognition software for legal professionals and people who speak a variety of languages. These programs resemble the other Dragon programs listed above, and make computers extremely easy to use in a revolutionary way. So whatever you do or whatever language you speak—there is a program for it.

Voice Recognition For Mac Users

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