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The Benefits Of Medical Voice Recognition Software Creating medical documentation isn’t fun. Every medical professional knows how tedious it is to document everything they address and treat; however, they also know how crucial it is to document all aspects of medical treatment. So, how can the transcription process of documents be enhanced or improved? Well, when people want solutions, they typically look to technology to solve the issue, and that’s occurred here. Technology specifically addresses the monotonous task of creating medical documentation through the development of voice recognition software—Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. Dragon Transcription, a medical solution provider, provides all the necessary resources to complete medical documentation efficiently and accurately. Let Dragon Transcription get you started with voice recognition technology for your medical practice. What is voice recognition: If you’ve used a smartphone, tablet or even most computers, then you’ve probably seen or heard of voice recognition technology. With this technology, people can dictate commands and specific messages that are recorded or initiate certain functions. Many people use voice recognition on their smartphones to create text messages and to call people. For the medical profession, medical voice recognition software is used to speed up the documentation process. Medical professionals can use voice recognition software to create and manage medical records easily and with increased speed. Everything is focused on speech and using it to command and prompt transcription software to generate documentation faster than you would by typing the information. It actually works and it works well. With proper instruction from specialists at Dragon Transcription, the software becomes up to 99% accurate for the user. The accuracy has surpassed that of its predecessors. How does it work for medical professionals: All a medical professional has to do is load the software to a computer and use the software in conjunction with regularly used programs—Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. The software allows the medical professional to dictate any type of documentation they wish to include in a document. To speed up the process, templates can be created, which allows the medical professional to command the software to open a template and then start entering information. All of this is conducted through voice commands, which Dragon Medical Practice Edition recognizes and interprets. Medical professionals can customize templates to suit all of their documentation. Templates reduce the need to create the same format continuously, which cuts down on repetitive work.

Once a template or empty document is selected, a medical professional can dictate anything they wish to be transcribed and Dragon Medical Practice Edition will interpret and create that specific text. This process improves documentation completely. Professionals will notice an increase in productivity with every document they create, along with reduced transcription costs because they aren’t using other materials to create documents. With combined productivity and reduced costs, medical practices will save considerable amounts of money over time when they use this type of software for medical transcription.

Beneftis of Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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