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Dragon Transcription Clerical tasks within the medical field are tedious and time consuming. All medical professionals know those tasks they dread and wish they didn’t have to do, or wish they had more efficient processes for. The great news for medical professionals is that those clerical tasks are being considered by technological professionals and being improved with the use of technology. Tasks are becoming less of a hassle and becoming more efficient and productive with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition With the growth of computers comes the growth of software programs. While software is great for many professions, it hasn’t truly reached the medical field in a great capacity, especially for doctors and nurses. However, software is now reaching doctors and nurses, to help them complete tasks faster than ever, but in an efficient process. Software has entered the medical field like never before and professionals are starting to take notice and use the tools offered. So, what software tools are being offered? At the moment, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is making a breakthrough in the medical field. Why? Because it reduces time and cost for transcription of medical documentation. Those tasks that everyone dislikes— dictation software targets those and makes them easier than ever. Dragon Medical Practice Edition helps by allowing medical professionals to speak documentation rather than writing it. Immediately, it reduces the strain on the body to write so much in one day for several patients. Medical professionals can use small microphones to speak documentation into the software while it collects the speech and writes it in a file for the professional. It’s quick, easy and natural. Speaking is easier than writing, so why not do what’s easiest and use it to complete tasks? That’s what dictation targets. The amount of time and money saved is worth noting with this software. When you start saving small chunks of time with each patient, you have more time to see other patients or complete other tasks in the office that you otherwise couldn’t get around to. Also, when you reduce the amount of paper and supplies you use in traditional documentation, you begin to save money. While the returns may be small in the beginning, you do get a return in savings and any portion adds up over time. So, if you can cut costs and save time, wouldn’t you consider dictation software as an addition to your medical practice? Professionals around the globe are considering it as a great tool for their daily tasks. It enables productivity to thrive and genuine interaction between doctors and patients to occur. Dragon Medical Practice Edition—a small step forward in the medical field with big benefits.

Dragon Transcription