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HCC security is a continuous process of updates, improvements, and constant supervision.

While on patrol, Dylan Holt, student security officer from Hutchinson, radios his partners. Student security can be seen patroling in the evening.

From 2000 to 2013, the FBI reported 7 out of 10 mass shootings occurred at school or business locations. Preventing Hutchinson Community College from being one of those seven is the HCC security team. HCC security is relentless in their continued adaptations and innovations. Ranging from issues as seemingly minor as changing light bulbs on sidewalk lamps to developing detailed strategies for campus emergencies including bad weather, fires, and active shooters. There is no oversight, HCC is prepared for everything from cardiac arrests to minor cuts. With so many different aspects of campus security, there are also many people involved to make sure every scenario and consideration is examined. HCC has a Safety and Security Committee headed by Glenn Acheson. The committee considers campus security in the present as well as the future and prepares plans to adapt and stay current. “We go to great lengths to keep campus lit,” Steven Dunmire, lead security officer, sai This might include the installation of up-to-date cameras, or upgrading

outside lighting to L.E.D. bulbs, and even training that students and staff receive to keep them prepared for any situation. Being prepared for anything requires having two main components. First, having the tools needed to handle the situation, like first aid kits, defibrill tors or a fire extinguisher. The second is having the training and experience to properly use the tools provided and knowing what the proper action to take during the situation is. “Know where you are, where the safe zones are,” said Glenn Acheson, assistant director of IT Most buildings on campus have a defibrillator and stocked first aid kit. Every classroom has a posted packet detailing emergency procedures. To fulfill the second component, HCC keeps their staff trained and ready to respond to a variety of situations. In order to stay current with evolving threats, HCC held an active shooter scenario training in June. The event involved employees and students on campus as well as the Hutchinson Police Department.

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Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.

Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.