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HutchCC Reaches Out Continued from page 11 “Out here we have an availability of really good equipment,” said Moore. “They strive to have the best that they can get for us. And if something is wrong with the equipment they are on it really well.” He also likes the availability of the on site bookstore and its staff. “The outreach center is convenient that they spread it out like this,” said Moore. “Surrounding communities can come to a convenient work space. They have the computers you can use for your homework and for printing. It’s a positive learning environment.” His advisor is also his instructor. This supplies him with a valuable asset as well as support. While working for the McPherson EMS service, being a volunteer firefighte in Inman, and going to school to be a paramedic is sometimes challenging, the Newton center makes it a little easier, with its close proximity to both his hometown, and where he works. “It’s crazy. Massive amounts. Everything I do at work and everything I do right now I consider a studying opportunity or a learning opportunity.” “I think the paramedic program here is awesome. I really like it and I can tell that I am growing as an emergency provider.”



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