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HCC denies Ellsworth a touchdown by stopping the pile. HCC held off Ellsworth for all four downs even though Ellsworth was inches away from a touchdown. Allie Schweizer

Tyler Harris, Andover, kicks off the Garden City game. Tyler’s first college catch was a touchdown. Allie Schweizer

Otis Williams, Tampa, Fla., runs the ball in the first play of game. Otis had two touchdown runs during the game. Allie Schweizer

The scoreboard has had its ups and downs since the first game. “We look forward to the end of the season and we need to focus on all the little steps in each game,” Johnson said. One of the biggest highlights of the season so far was the Iowa Western game. Quen Head, Fordyce, Ga., said it was a big win for the team. They came up with wins against Iowa Central and Kansas Wesleyan, both games were a shutout, 38-0 and 64-0 respectively. “It takes a great team effort these days to have a shutout in the game. So, I was really proud of our guys for the two shut-outs in a row,” Rhoades said. With three games to go, the Blue Dragons must win one of the three to proceed to the Salt City Bowl on Dec. 3. The team continues to take the small steps with hopes of making it to the bowl game to finish the season

Josh Reynolds, Topeka, catches a pass in the end zone gaining another HCC touchdown. This was Josh’s second touchdown of the season. Allie Schweizer


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