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cooler was where you went and met your friends after a weekend or something like that. You’d get something to drink, and catch up on the weekend,” said Young. Young’s years of experience in the coffee industry has given North Main a fresh new face, one characterized by maritime design influences, a funky name, and fresh baked goods, as well as a commitment to customer service. “We get to know our customers, and I think the quality of fresh-baked pastries, locally roasted coffee, fresh deli type sandwiches, it’s just something that’s unique enough. A bakery by itself couldn’t survive. The demographics of people that want to buy fresh-baked goods on a daily basis, they’re just not here,” Young said. “Coffee shops by themsel es really don’t have enough sales to probably make it by themselves. And if you were to just do a sandwich shop, sandwich shops do alright, but can you do something that’s actually different? Put the three together and you’ve got a pretty good combination and a good draw, and things that compliment each other.” Despite how frequently new restaurants seem to be popping up

“It looked like a military zone out there,” -Joe Young, owner of Scuttlebutts

across town, Young noted that it wasn’t as easy of a process as he had initially thought. “It was the most difficul thing I’ve ever done. I had two years to prepare, to try and figure out what it was gonna take to open up. And you think you’ve run through every case scenario that you can run through, and things to prepare to make sure you’ve got cost in a line, how many employees you think you’re gonna need, licensing, there’s just so much that’s encompassed in all that. And so when you actually physically start to do it, that’s when it all starts coming out of the woodwork. Things you didn’t even know about and they all start coming out,” said Young. Throughout the building process, there was an ongoing struggle with the road construction that was happening just at the edge of the property. Young had never expected to deal with a problem this size, but ended up making the best of it. “It looked like a military zone out there,” said Young. “They started a week after we signed the lease and they did not complete it, it took one year. So they had the entire road tore up, they had drains tore up, they were parked in front of the store for weeks, yeah,” Young said. “It was horrible. You cannot prepare for that, there’s no way.” Some students are lookng for a new taste here in town. Could Scuttlebutts or the Chik-Fil-A that’s under construction fill the void in students’ stomachs?

Tyler Korb, Hutchinson, has worked for Scuttlebutts since opening day. He split his time between the main store and the coffee shop at the hospital. Megan Ryan

Cindy Countryman,Oklahoma City, Okla., warms up coffee cake for a customer. She served as a shift leader at both Scuttlebutt locations. Megan Ryan


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Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.

Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.