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New coffee shop among many restaurants to make an impression on Hutchinson.


hether it’s a craving for kung pao chicken, pasta and breadsticks, or fall off the bone ribs, Hutchinson probably has a restaurant to satisfy those cravings. Nearly every culture is represented in the restaurants here in town, but Becky Fallon, Hutchinson, thinks one thing is missing. “There could be some more ethnic foods, because we have a lot of American restaurants, Burger King, McDonalds, Braum’s, and we have Mexican restaurants, and Fazoli’s, but we really need some different types of ethnic foods,” said allon. Fallon came to Hutchinson Community College in pursuit of a food science degree, but has since changed her mind and switched to a degree in milling science, the study of grains. She has a connection to food and appreciates the variety of options Hutchinson has to offer, but said there might be a few too many restaurants crowding the streets. “I think, there’s a lot of options, but how many people do we have in town that can go work there and still make bank? Yeah, we have a lot of college kids, but not a lot of them are going to go out to eat every day. I’d say there’s too many [restaurants],” said Fallon. Even though there’s quite a few new fl vors in town, some students like Sydney Headrick, Mullinville, said some of them could stand to leave or even scale back their operation. “Dairy Queen, I don’t really go there and there’s like three of them here. And the one in the mall looks like it’s struggling,” said Headrick. On the other hand, Fallon has noticed a lapse in the quality at


one of Hutchinson’s many pizza places, Pizza Ranch. “Pizza Ranch. I just don’t think it’s very good. I mean, their chicken is good but other than that it’s just not good. And it’s located in Hays too, but I don’t know a lot of people that like to go eat there,” said Fallon. In the world of new restaurants, Scuttlebutts on north Main street has positioned itself in a competitive market. Although there are a few other coffee shops in town, owner Joe Young thinks Scuttlebutts might have an advantage over some of the rest. “There’s nothing up on north main. There was nothing here, and it was a good location, we wanted to make sure that if we opened up we had a place to do a drive thru. Basically it was all location,” said Young. Young recognizes that his store’s physical location offers him an advantage, considering there’s no other coffee shop nearby, and Starbucks is three miles away. But with Starbucks recently introducing alcoholic beverages in some of their stores, there’s a slim chance that Scuttlebutts and their bar might have to compete with Starbucks at some point in the future. “If it was apples to apples I’d say [our biggest competition is] probably Starbucks. Personally, Starbucks probably won’t come to this market with alcohol. They do it in towns where there’s multiple Starbucks in the same town, and where they’re trying to drive evening business,” said Young. “So I don’t really see Starbucks bringing alcohol to Hutchinson, maybe one store in Wichita though, two at the most.” Scuttlebutts got its unique name from a Navy slang term meaning “water cooler gossip,” and it’s certainly something to talk about. “My dad was in the military, in the Navy, and passed away a couple years ago so we were kind of reviewing names for this place and that came up. And we thought it was a great name. The water


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Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.

Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.