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“war paint” watching — carefully, waiting for their turn to take the rink. “I start prepping myself mentally for a specific team a few days prior to each bout,” Shinliver said. “I go over what I know about each of the opposing players and think about how our team can exploit their weaknesses to make them our victories.” Being ready for a bout can cause some tension, but Shinliver has a pre-bout routine. “I have a routine that kind of chills me out and gives me time to reflect on all the components at hand,” she said. “I carefully apply my war paint, which generally consists of dark eyeliner, black lipstick and rainbow colored glitter. Then, I wear my bout face on my journey to the game, sometimes for hours in the car.” All of the practice and prep paid off that night. CRKD took home the win from that bout. Winters was very proud of the team that night. “You know, we are much like the skate,” he said. “We keep moving forward.”

51% 34% h c i h W adult s p o r t 28% do students find most appealing?

Swimming Kickball Roller Derby


Indoor Climbing

out of 144 HCC students surveyed


Frisbee Golf

Members of the roller derby perform a drill during a practice at Skateland. Matthew “Coach Kilt” Winters said the first step in roller derby is to learn how to use the saftey pads in order to fall safely.


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