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Acting as a blocker for the roller derby team, April “Jax Kerowhack” Chastain, New Brighton, Pa., attempts to clear a path for her team’s jammer. The jammer was able to score a point during this play. Loribeth Reynolds

you can continue to stay active in it when you move on to bigger and brighter places. There are teams in or around most major cities throughout the country and even world-wide.”

Practice Time Mondays are referred to as Fresh-Meat Mondays by the team. This is a day that new members of the roller derby come to practice. Chosen members show skaters

the ropes of roller derby. A line of kids and adults snake around the rink as the leader, Brandi Gisik, Hutchinson, shouts, “Left knee.” The skaters drop down to their padded left knee in what looks like a game of Simon Says. “Right knee,” she said again, and the skaters dropped to their right knee. “Well, when I was living in Wichita, I fell in love with the ICT Roller girls. I tried to join, but I fell and broke my tailbone. I ended up moving back to Hutch and learned about the Central Kansas Roller Derby, I said, you only live once, so why not,” Gisik said. Members of the Central Kansas Roller Derby team stretch during a practice at the Hutchinson Skate Park. The team tried to roll up and down all the ramps at the park to work on different ground. Loribeth Reynolds

Taking down the jammer for the Wichita Havoc, Heather “Punch’er Down” Brown, Hutchinson, digs her breaks into the floor for leverage. Brown acted as the team’s blocker for play. Loribeth Reynolds


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