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3rd Thursday

Hutchinson Third Thursday attendees walk downtown. During the October Third Thursday, people participated in a Trick-Or-Treat. Megan Ryan

Downtown local event brings talent, culture, and creativity to Hutchinson since 2008. Strangers laugh and smile as they walk down Main Street, listening to music and seeing artists of all ages enjoy the freedom of playing at Third Thursday. The hard work and dedication to prepare for this monthly event takes time and patience. Jennifer Randall knows a little about that. She is a local artist whose medium is focused on painting. Originally from California, she brought some culture back to the heartland. “I have always been at my best when creating, so it was a very natural journey for me to make,” Randall said. Third Thursday started in August of 2008, Randall created the event to bring the community back to the downtown area. It allows businesses to see an increase in crowds on this particular night as well as musicians and artists. “I am an artist and I thrive on creating and collaboration in artistic endeavors. Hutchinson has had a very limited art scene and I wanted to be a solid supporter and creator of ways to fill the void and needs that both artists have and the community,” Randall said. Every month, Randal and volunteers come together to create a different theme for the e ent. “The reward has been in helping the community of artists by


providing a venue to exhibit art and play music,” Randall said. It allows artists and musicians to showcase their talents as well as encourages visitors to enjoy what the community has to offer. “Third Thursday has brought more people downtown than any other event in Hutchinson. In the busier months, thousands of people come downtown. People from all walks of life and socio economic dynamics can converge at the event. With the focus being on art and music, there is something for everyone to enjoy,” Randall said. Musicians such as 17-year-old Dominic Collins and 47-yearold Shawn Ryan, both from Hutchinson, have experienced Third Thursday firsthand. Collins is part of the band <smalltalk> and Ryan is in the band Staynlis. Third Thursday has helped these two musicians in similar ways, allowing both of their music to reach people who might not have heard of them before. “We always play basement shows. We wanted to reach out and show that we are a band. We want the community to know we exist,” Collins said. Both bands have to put time and dedication into their performance. Ryan works full time and attends school part time at Hutchinson


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