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Jerry Houchin, respiratory therapy clincal coordinator, demonstrates the uses of equipment to students. Allie Schweizer

A student in the nursing program practices on equipment in a lab course. The hands-on environment allowed students to become comfortable with tools they would use out in the field. Allie Schweizer

at Wesley Towers, echoes the strength of HCC’s reputation. “They are offering a high quality program and well prepared students,” Reade said. The students in the healthcare programs are equally comprised of high school graduates and returning students, which helps balance experience with excitement in the classrooms. The nursing and physical therapist programs are two of the more popular programs at HCC. “They are the most advertised, you always see commercials with nurses and physical therapists,” said Chastain. Even though Tighe was a late transfer from Kansas State University he still felt the interactions with the professors would be greatly beneficial as he moves on towards his nursing career. “I’m not sure if I will be heading directly to a four-year university directly after getting my Associate’s degree. Many hospitals offer

to help pay for classes after you are employed.” Michelle Nuss, healthcare marketer/career development coordinator, is on hand to assist students with planning their steps as the navigate classes and career student advisors are available to help build programs aimed at transferring credits and continuing educational opportunities. “My advisor has been helping lay out my education plan,” said Tighe. HCC partners with both Allied Health and and to facilitate students’ shift into the career field “Many high school students are looking to get an education and go right into the workforce, while other non-traditional students are returning to enhance their skills,” said Chastain. According to, health-

care is one of the highest growth industries in the world, continuing to grow even in times of an economic down turn. The Bureau of Labor Statistics show 14.3 million jobs currently in the healthcare field and estimate another 3.2 million jobs will be created in the next 8 years in the $200-billion-dollar industry. With graduation rates for ADN (Associate Degree - Nursing) and BSN (Bachelor of Science – Nursing) programs above 83%, higher than statewide rates for Kansas, and a projected job growth rate of 16% over the next 10 years makes this is an exciting time for the healthcare students at HCC opening up a world of possibilities in front of them.


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Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.

Dragon's Tale - Fall 2016 Issue  

This is a student magazine put together by students for students.