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Dale Conard: A dedicated teacher

From inside his office, Dale Conard, arigculture diesel instructor, speaks with Jeff Freppon, agriculture instructor. Conard was recently recognized for 40 years of teaching at HutchCC. Loribeth Reynolds

Instructor invests 40 years in the argiculture program at Hutchinson Community College


n the middle of a workshop located at south campus is Dale Conard’s office For the last 40 years he has taught the Agriculture Diesel Program for Hutchinson Community College. He built the program from the ground up when he was hired in 1976 at age 26. Conard graduated from Kansas State University and landed his first teaching job at Arkansas City.

“I decided not to teach anymore, so I quit that job,” he said. “It was too much work. Then I applied for a job at a John Deere dealership and started working there.” There was no way for Conrad to know that the green tractors he was selling would supply the slow forward movement that would take him back into teaching. His time in the dealership became a pivotal aspect of his appeal to Hutchinson Community College. “The college called me on a hot July day and asked if I would fill this position,” Conard said. “That was back in 1975, and I declined. I really didn’t want to move to Hutch.” The ag diesel program was just a thought at that time and the shop was nothing but a shell. “After Christmas that year they called back and wanted me to reconsider,” he said. “They really wanted someone with a college degree, teaching experience and experience working at a dealership.” Conard accepted. He worked on curriculum for the program for six months in the year of 1976. He also helped lay out the workspace inside of the shop and by August of that year the program was ready. “Of course, I’ve revised and added to the curriculum since then,” Conard said. “Keeping up with technology can be difficult but that Conard laughs while saying this is the original desk he started out with. He joked that he had not seen the top of his desk since 1976. Loribeth Reynolds



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