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The centers strive to remain active and visible in their communities both in Newton and McPherson. The McPherson center will be hosting a Chamber of Commerce coffee on October 20. “We like to host things like that in the community so that we can get more people here so that they can understand, I think when you are outside and you look at our storefront you don’t realize that we are a huge operation once you get in the door, so we like to host community events here,” Torgerson said. Jeffrey Sperry, engineering student from Newton, is taking advantage of getting his education where he wants it, when he wants it, and how he wants it. Being from Newton, it only made sense for Sperry to go to the outreach center to work towards his goal of transferring to Wichita State University. “I really like how easy it is to get help whenever you need anything. Usually you can find a teacher ‘cause they are just walking around some of the time, and everyone is happy to help which is really nice,” Sperry said. The personal feeling and atmosphere of the Newton Outreach Center is appealing to Sperry. The smaller class and campus size makes him feel like its not so overbearing and overloaded at Newton. Sperry said he appreciated the help from Karen Roth, Academic

Advisor, who has worked with him on transfer courses to WSU. “Karen Roth, she was a great help when it came to figuring out all the classes I need and figuring out what I need to do to transfer to WSU.” Sperry said. “They have people come in if you have trouble with your loans,” Sperry said. “There was some info that was messed up with my loans and they immediately had someone here that could help with that. It was nice to have that help.” Sperry plans finishing his associates degree at Newton and then transfer to WSU. “The HCC Outreach center has been a huge help for me when all the craziness of first starting out in college,” Sperry said. “I feel that it is a good starting point.” Wade Moore, 21, Inman, is another student who attends the Newton center. “I initially started as a fire science student,” said Moore. “I got my associates degree in fire science and then pretty much immediately after, I started my gen eds to come and do the paramedic program.” In a profession that often relies on the latest equipment to help save lives the Newton center does well in providing that equipment to its students.

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Students of the Paramedic program at Newton work in real life scenarios to become practitioners of the highest level of pre-hospital care. Newton also offers a technical education program. Jeff Leddy


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