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“We always strive for consistency for our students at the outreach centers so that they can have access to services. How they access them might be a little bit different. Usually there is not anything that they can’t get. There are some specific program courses that they may need to go to Hutch for,” said Torgerson. The classes offered in the outreach centers vary. “Microbiology is a very expensive course to offer in terms of equipment but we will be offering it for the first time this spring, here at the McPherson center,” Torgerson said. Accessibility and quality are the two mainstays of the HCC Outreach Centers. “Just being able to provide those access points so that students can get classes when they need them, where they need them,” Torgerson said. “That’s kind of our motto a little bit.” In cities where the other education options are private, residential colleges, the outreach centers stand side by side with these institutions. McPherson has McPherson College as well as Central Christian College and Newton has Bethel College. A coexistence has formed between these colleges and HCC. Just like main campus, these sites offer many services to current and prospective students. “We have advising services at both locations,” said Torgerson. “We encourage students to come in, meet with advisors, and make a plan. We do tours when there are students who are trying to decide what to do. We work with all the area high schools. That’s a big thing that we support at all of our outreach centers is all of our service area wide high schools.” During the fall, shirts were distributed to students on main campus. According to Torgerson, the McPherson center also distributed hundreds of shirts to area high school students enrolled at HCC, to make them feel connected and identify with the college. Activities throughout the semester help outreach centers provide more of a college experience to students at theses sites such as student appreciation week where snacks, drinks, and door prizes are handed out In McPherson, they have a student life event called Subs and Success. Students can come in and sign up for a seminar on a variety of topics. These range from time management, to financial aid. The center provides this course to it’s students as well as sub sandwiches for the students to enjoy while attending. Other activities at the Outreach Centers include their own Red Ribbon Week and career fairs where local businesses looking to hire come to the center. They strive to do things that are appealing for their respective student population. “We have some uniqueness to each location and we try really hard to build up those uniquenesses as we market to prospective students,” said Torgerson.

Nursing Instructor Kimberly Folck teaches a class in trachelectomy care. Justin Phillips, Buhler, participated in the lab as part of the practical nursing program at the McPherson Outreach Center. Jeff Leddy

Jeffrey Sperry, Newton, attends HCC as an engineering student in the Newton Center. Sperry planned to transfer to Wichita State University. Jeff Leddy


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