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// SUMMER 2019

We remember Scott Milliken '73. Above: From The Lance: George Gebelein '73, Danny Moseley '73, and Scott. At right, top to bottom: Scott on his boat with his gal Maggie last summer / Attending the memorial service are, front, from left to right: Dan Moseley '73, Jim Dean '72, George Gebelein '73, Colin Wood '73. Rear, from left to right: Tony Graetzer '72, Matt Hyde '73, Tom Bullitt '73.

were commiserating about our love lives or playing fast-catch or arguing over who rode shotgun or what was real or who was superior at this or that. If you heard that laugh and weren’t a fool you loved him right away. If you elicited that laugh — oh man, best thing ever. His children — Luke, Nina and Molly — are beautiful, just like their dad. I love you, Scotty. I hope to see you again. —Col.


Michael H. Walsh, ■ Russell Long, who lives in San Francisco, was visiting the East Coast last summer (2018). He was here with his 13-year-old son, Rowan, showing him haunts from Russell’s past. Their first stop was New York City, where Russell grew up on the Upper East Side. They then drove up the coast, stopping off at his sister’s place in Niantic, Connecticut, (near New London) where he said he had a great visit with her and also got in a lunch with his old friend from St. George’s, Michael Newburg, who lives nearby in Essex. They then came to Newport for a night. He’d put the word out the week before via email that’d he’d like to meet up with anyone from our class and would take us all out to dinner. Jerry Kirby emailed back, “Michael,

Russell, I would love to catch up but I leave Saturday night for Italy to race in the Palermo to Monte Carlo race. Let’s have a rain check.” Sue Cohen Small called me back saying it was her husband’s birthday that night and they had dinner reservations in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Sue is going back to full-time teaching this year at Salve Regina University, teaching kids how to become teachers! Mary Gooding had a family cookout at her sister’s place in Little Compton and Beverly Joslin Muessel was on a boat over in Martha’s Vineyard. Russell was here for one night. We met up at the Clarke Cooke House down on the wharf where Russell was concerned about his

vegan diet and seemed to recognize certain sailboats on the wall from the days he spent in Newport sailing in the America’s Cup. It was cozy and Russell looks great, so thin and fit, “Well I run everyday and I do yoga.” We talked about the insane real estate prices in San Francisco and how much the cost of living is going up, up, up out there and then everywhere (even here in Newport). His son could not have been sweeter, a well-behaved, polite and wide-eyed kid. Russell took him up to SG and said it was a like a ghost town up there in the middle of the summer. Early the next morning they were off to Boston, Cambridge, and Harvard to take another walk down memory lane. It is always pleasant to see Russell and I loved meeting his son. He is so “up” provocative and progressive! ■ Mike Leonard called me out of nowhere, right on my birthday on Dec. 6 while I was driving to Boston. I thought his number was a telemarketer but I answered it anyway and to my surprise, “Hey Mike, its Mike Leonard.” He said he was on his way back to San Diego from Poland where he was doing some consulting work for the company he presently works for (secret military stuff). He was here to visit his folks who live on Cape Cod and then up to see his sister, who lives north of Boston. We kept going back and forth about meeting for lunch but our timelines did not coincide. I did get a lot of phone time in with Mike, and he sounds great. His voice on the phone is so calming and reassuring. We quickly blabbed about different things, including St. George’s, current events (Trump), and Keith Cornell’s fun wedding (of all things) that Mike attended way back when. Anyway, I always feel good about volunteering to rep our class for the Alumni Bulletin when I get a call from someone who lives far away like Mike Leonard. I am glad to know they have someone to call when they are in town! ■ For some odd reason I happened to be invited to the Flower Show in Portland, Maine, on opening night March 27. Someone had an extra ticket. Do I want to go? Sure. Why not? So, I’m at the show walking around looking at all the different venues, Maine style, garden displays with some great granite structures, bulb booths, apothecaries, homemade ice cream stands, to some weird woman who made brooms and was showing the

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