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19 microscope, late 1800s st. george’s school

A possession of science teacher Edward Sturtevant (SG Faculty 1898-1939), this instrument was sold with a wooden case and accessories by Benjamin Pike’s Son Opticians in New York.

the lance, 1908

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The first edition of the school yearbook featured a pen and ink drawing of St. George.


library register, 1914

Books acquired for the library were recorded by Headmaster’s Secretary and School Registrar Julia Sheldon. This page lists authors of books acquired March-May 1914.


processional cross, 1919

Mathematics teacher the Rev. Arthur Newton Peaslee donated this elaborately painted cross, which honors members of the school community killed in WWI. It is still used in services today.


brass bell, c. 1937

For many years this bell was used as the official morning alarm clock. No snooze button to press! Before his retirement, employee Bill Holmes recounted to a Red and White reporter that some of the boys had been heavy sleepers. He would ring this bell within a few inches of their heads. “When they woke up, there sure were fireworks,” he said.


Binney Cup, 1903

These days, the Binney Cup is awarded on Prize Day to the student with the highest academic average in the sixth form. From 1903 through 1997, both fifth- and sixthformers competed for the Binney Cup, though just one winner was chosen. Marian Guyon Purchas Smith ’76, whose name is engraved on the base of the cup, was the first female to earn the prize. Indeed 1976 was a banner year for women on the Hilltop. Rian’s classmate Addie Dix was the first female senior prefect at St. George’s, showing women made their mark at the school very soon after coeducation began in 1971.

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