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How Does Voice Dictation Software Work? Are you new to medical dictation software? If you haven’t ever heard of it and want to learn more, then now is your chance. Dictation software is gaining more popularity in medical practices because of what it offers and how it enables practitioners to get more done in less time. Let’s cover the basics first so that you can learn more about dictation software, and more specifically, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. The Basics of Dragon Medical Practice Edition This particular voice recognition software is designed to help practitioners improve efficiency and productivity with medical documentation. Since typing every word in a document because tedious after the fifth or sixth time you do it, Dragon Medical Practice Edition offers a new solution by using your voice. • Through the use of a recorder, microphone or other recording device, you communicate directly with the software and tell the software what you want to create and where to create it. For example, you can create a new document for patient by commanding the software to create a new file and then insert text from your speech— it’s that easy. • Once you have the documentation the way you like it, you can save it to your databases and make it available for your staff to view and use for other medical purposes. • Why voice recognition software? Well typing takes quite a bit of time and not everyone types at the same speed. Speaking is more natural and occurs at a higher rate of speed than typing. People generally speak 3x faster than they type, which allows them to communicate more in less time. So developers to this idea and made it possible for medical practitioners to create the same documents they need but with their voice. • Dragon Medical Practice Edition also offers practitioners great flexibility through customizable options, so not every software is the same depending on the practice and the practitioner. Templates and commands can be customized to make it easy to insert text and other information directly into files. It’s perfect for creating documents fast and with increased quality. The Practice and Practitioner Everything is focused on the practice and the practitioner, and making the medical documentation process more simple. Using medical dictation software allows a practice to increase productivity by a much greater margin. Once that is increased, the staff is able to do more in less time, possibly see more patients and cut costs on other resources. Dragon Medical Practice Edition completely changes the way practitioners create and manage documents.

How Does Voice Dictation Software Work

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