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is Spotlight? Spotlight is a marketing website and model that brings together great local businesses and the community. The aim of Spotlight is to help small local businesses grow. We build a local community audience to market small businesses. We use a combination of: Â

Local events information Local business offers Business reviews Blogs Email marketing Our own networking, expos and awards events Successful social media

to help local businesses make new connections, gain local exposure and brand awareness as well as offering marketing and business support.

We will help you build a community with facebook

choose Spotlight? After 6 years as a franchisee of a business that didn't have franchisee interests at heart, we set out to create more than just a franchise. We created Spotlight with the aim of replacing franchisees with true business partnerships. To achieve this we have created 3 areas of focus with specific aims:

Business Members Area Partners Spotlight (Us)

Business Members Spotlight must be cost-effective and deliver results.

Use Twitter to shout about your members

Area Partners Spotlight must be cost-effective and easy to use.  It should allow area partners to have input on how Spotlight moves forward and grows. We want our network to work together to build both their individual businesses and the brand going forward.

Spotlight (Us) We are about working together in a profitable and positive environment - this is key. We are not looking to build a lifestyle business, we are looking to build a selfsustaining vehicle for business growth for members, partners, and Us.

We will help you earn how to network on and off line

do you earn money?

We help you understand how to build valuable content into the website and social media channels, we show you our proven techniques to start finding businesses to work with. Packages range from

£39-£99+ per month.

The more clients you enlist and engage the more money you earn.

We can help you use Instagram for business

does a Spotlight Area Cost? We structure our fees in several different ways to allow you the flexibility to grow your business.

Your First Year There is a nominal license and a monthly hosting fee.  In the first year, the license fee will depend on the size of your Spotlight area (usually a County).

The hosting fee is

£10 a month per client for the

first 25 clients (per area). Once you exceed 25

no further charge. For example, with 50 clients you would still pay only £250 a clients there is

month (may be subject to VAT).

After the first year, we will renew the license for 1, 3, or 5 years depending on what suits us both best following one of two options:

We will help you build a database of local people

does a Spotlight Area Cost? Option 1 £12 a month per client for the first 25 clients (per area) once you exceed 25 clients there is no further charge, so after reaching 50 clients you would still only pay

£300 a month

(may be subject to VAT).

Option 2 A once a year payment of January (this saves

£3,000 due every

£600 once you hit 25 clients)

(may be subject to VAT).

We can help you use video for your clients

does a Spotlight Area Cost? It is possible to make your area 'cost neutral' by splitting your area and growing your own Spotlight team.

You can subdivide your area and sell cities and towns to others which you would oversee and lead.  Our model suggests:

£1,000 per Year Town Partner £500 per Year City partner

This means that you can easily cover the cost of your area, achieving a profit from day one. The Spotlight model means there are some limits to how much you can split your area and some associated costs which we can discuss.

Find out about our LoveLocalBuy Local Campaign

support do you get? Spotlight is a growing network and is constantly evolving and adapting. On joining Spotlight we give you access to our website and Partner's Facebook group which includes our technical manual and our partners manual which gives you all the information you will need to run your area successfully. We hold two partner video calls a month, one focusing on sales and growth and one focusing on technical implementation.  We also have 4 group partner meetings per year and all the marketing literature, templates and one to one training you need especially when you are starting out. As new partner's join network, our skillset grows to benefit the Spotlight community as a whole.

LoveLocalBuyLocal is designed to boost exposure

"We love being part of Spotlight. For us the satisfaction of helping local businesses grow was a great attraction to the business.  Being able to work from home, and having the flexibility to run the business around our lifestyle has been a huge bonus, along with the low startup costs.

The team at head office have been great – helping with graphic design work, ideas and strategies, support and training, as well as a great website, and innovative ideas to add extra income streams to grow our revenue.  We highly recommend Spotlight to anyone looking to set up a new business in this exciting industry."

Kate and Julian Lloyd

Spotlight Area Partners for Newport and Caerphilly

It's all about relationships


If Spotlight sounds like a good fit for you then its time for a conversation. Send the following information to Name

Email Phone Number Area/County you are interested in Best time to talk

email us

Become A Spotlight Area Partner  

This brochure gives information about becoming a Spotlight Area Partner.

Become A Spotlight Area Partner  

This brochure gives information about becoming a Spotlight Area Partner.