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Contemporary Fashion

TEAM 2012/2013

Clara Desirò Laura Parenti Elisabetta Cinquanta Michela Mascitelli MKSM1 Sez.2

‘Everything I see is dead and dark, anything dead and dark is ok for me’.

This is why the Dévastée brand, designed by a couple of young French designers.

She, Ophelie Klere, 26 years old, and he, Francois Alary, 27, are in their 9th collection, presented in Paris during the last fashion week. They did the quality leap in 2004, when they participated in the fashion contest d'Hyeres, excellent showcase for new talent.

Ophelie and Francois have grown in southern France, and they met in high school, when, thinking about the future, their common interests have bound them. Later they moved to Paris, where he studied at the fashion school Esmod. Ophelie and Francois have complementary talents, the model's vision and design the first, graphics and illustrations, the second, an unmistakable sign of the brand recognition. After graduation, in 2004, they have created their own brand, DĂŠvastĂŠe and in 2009 they organized their first fashion show, during which they were noticed by

the Chambre Syndical de la mode.

The name, DĂŠvastĂŠe (= devastated), reflects not only the style of their collections, but also a philosophy of life from black and white, from the drawings of skulls and tombstones recall laugh at everything and life. Dress, and dress up as serious, then unleash the laughter. It 'a funny disguise that hides a great irony by the two designers, which incorporates the bon ton of Chanel jackets and reinterprets them, associating members of pants bicolor stripes to large-soft wool shirts that do not define the forms, but the wrap with large volumes, never exaggerated, or ironic t-shirt.

Many of their collections are defined Avantgarde and their style is difficult to interpret. The leaders of the fantasies are inspired by the death and depression, occur of ghosts, gravestones images, crosses and skulls; you may think that their collections are based the sadness, but behind it all always harbors a spirit comic.



Despite initial economic failure, their talent was immediately recognized by celebrities.

Fall/Winter 2009-10

Spring/Summer 2010

Fall / Winter 2010/11 Mood / Style: gothic-punk: geometric patterns, zoomorphic and skeletons printed on clothing, Tshirts and pants, only black and white in color alternation. The collection offers a young, urban look, with rock accents and likes to mix different influences. Materials: wool, silk, cotton. Silhouettes : for soft minidress egg, curled skirts, short jackets, shirts, shorts, fitted pants.

Spring/Summer 2011 Mood / style: the collection is almost entirely played on the black and white combination. Solid colors are alternated to maxilines and floral patterns, irreverent prints that ironically on Gothic themes. All in a very Parisian chic spirit, made from easy and very wearable pieces like blouses, cardigans, wide trousers on the sides and soft chemises. Materials: silk, cotton, jersey, paint, lycra, lamĂŠ, Lurex, coated . Silhouettes : soft and wide, sometimes egg-shaped, with some wide trousers on the hips.

Fall / Winter 2011/2012 Mood / Style: a basic rock n 'roll with a touch gothic, a pinch of humor and a bit of inspiration that comes from Asia. Stand woolen tops that show urban landscapes, crosses with smiling faces, or graffiti hieroglyphics. In addition to the more daring pieces there are also some basic items. Materials: tweed, wool, silk and chiffon. Silhouettes : maxi pull a rounded shape. Long pants slightly flared at the ankle. Jackets from the longest and widest cut or, alternatively, a shorter model and skinny

Spring/Summer 2012 Mood / Style: rows are opposed to geometric images, lightened by transparency effects. Silhouettes: loose clothing, bag cutting, pants chiffon and triangular necklines. Color: black and white, tone on tone.

Fall / Winter 2012-13 Mood / Style: Gothic prints ironically playing mixarsi with those surreal and naive. Crosses, smiles, scissors, hands, birds skulls and shoots brocade effect draw knit tunics, oversized shirts and organza balloons. Materials: silk, chiffon, woolen cloth, woolen knit, satin, gauze, brocade, jersey, organza. ? Silhouettes: egg, straight, soft

During the creation of the collection Spring / Summer 2013 Ophelie and Francois have collaborated with CHLOE 'DELAUME, publishing a book of poems, titled PERCEPTIONS, flanked to your clothing.

Spring/Summer 2013 Mood / Style: the combination of black and white tells a story from strong graphic flavor through bold lines, images enclosed in frames, children's drawings and funny, beautiful landscapes and poetic messages. By tapping into the male wardrobe or reissuing the classic T-shirt cotton and making it richer in thick. Materiali: silk, satin, cotton, brocade. Silhouettes : straight, wide, soft

Fall/Winter 2013-14 Mood / Style: alternate gardens, crossword puzzles and games, falling leaves, villages who fall asleep and something cheerful and sweet. Silhouettes: soft, straight, oversize

In addition, a great success has also had micro-collection of DĂŠvastĂŠe called APRES LA MORT, with dresses in shades of dark gray with references to abandoned homes, snail shells and cemeteries. This is a unisex collection.

A key feature of the DĂŠvastĂŠe collections is the uniqueness of the drawings, designed and created by Francois.

"There is a real ideal Dévastée woman, is a vision of the mind." Ophelie says, "Often the Dévastée woman is confused as a 'punk woman', but rather it is a very beautiful and proud woman, almost ideal."

In the last period, Ophelie and Francois have also created a line of women's accessories and household, reproducing their own designs.

Today, after years of work, open a showroom in the heart of the Marais ...

... And conquer the interest of various magazines.


Although they are not yet widely known to the common people, they are well made in the fashion industry by demonstrating their talents. Thus we can say that today DĂŠvastĂŠe is a strong brand in constant evolution.

POLIMODA Contemporary Fashion DEVASTEE 2012/2013  

Contemporary Fashion DEVASTEE / history style and curiosities

POLIMODA Contemporary Fashion DEVASTEE 2012/2013  

Contemporary Fashion DEVASTEE / history style and curiosities